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NOTE: The school journal of Dovie Hazlett is in the possession of Robert Steele McGlothlin, 21415 Jacks Fork, Rush, KY 41168.

The school year began August 31, 1896, with a half-day session. Dovie Hazlett was a member of the faculty. Her journal shows 23 males and 22 females enrolled on the first day. During the second week, enrollment peaked with 75 students then began dropping to average in the 40's for several seeks. As the weather began to become less desirable, attendance dropped into the 20's.

Miss Hazlett's journal recorded her class and ages as follows:

GIRLS: Nora Adams 7

Lucy Adams 5

Kathleen Strother 7

Ida Bailey 9

Laura Cook 11

Hattie Grounds 6

Murl Adams 7 died Nov. 27, 1896

Ethel Porter 7 died Nov. 10, 1896

Bessie Hall 6

Cricket Johnson 10

Mary Sparks 7

Amanda Kelley 9

Amy Kelley 8

Viola Riffe 10

Pearl Martin 6

Florence Womack 9

Rachel Brannum 10

Mousie Bailey 11

Hattie Stewart 14

Della Cook 9

Lillie McGuire 14

Edith Keyes 7


Brighton Womack 6

Frank Cain 6

James Grounds 8

George Keyes 5

Herbert Keyes 9

Howard Bellew 5

Elmer Bellew 8

Frank Scott 12

Hoadley Womack 12

Crate Clay 9

Warren Failen 11

Robert Bailey 12

Joseph Penley 8

Eddie Stewart 12

Walter Perry 8

Denver Webb 6

Lafayette Ison 12

Willie Frisby 10

Pearn Frisby 7

Charles Lunsford 8


Fannie Reeves 8

Martha Meenach 8

Durrie Failen 7


John Ison 11

Walter Meenach 12

Fred Hall 8

Edward Penley 6

Johnnie Williams 8

Frank Meenach 11

Mortica Meenach 6

Luther Perry 6

Charley Reeves 10

James Ison 15

Newton Cook 7

James Campbell 7

Robert Frisby 16

Freddie Ramey 4


Essie Whitely 8

Nellie Bunch 6

Minnie 5

Bessie Cook 6

Tillie Mullins 11

Pearlie Mullins 7

Ida Johnson 8

Sarah Haney 12

Ella Bradley 6

Dova/Dora Crum 10

Adella Thomas 11

Anna Thomas 10

Rebecca Lyons 7

Kate Johnson 13

Laura Jacobs 12

Jane Johnson 12

Mattie McGuire 11


Willie McCoy 9

Fred Brannum 7

Willie Lyons 9

John Jacobs 12

O Johnson 12

John Lyons 10

Burley Lyons 6

Tom Bradley 9

Jesse Johnson 8

Charley Johnson 7

John Lyons Jr. 13

Joseph Lyon 9

George Banfield 12

Logan Frazier 11

Harrison Frazier 8

Elmer Riffe 14

Miss Hazlett's lesson plans for the year included American History, Presidents Washington and John Adams, geography of Russia and Norway, reading of two groups and arithmetic. Her sample arithmetic problems were 8 digits multiplied by 4 digits.

The students gave two programs that year. Recitation of poems and singing were noted for October and February 22nd.

The week of January 25-29 was very cold with sleet on February 1st and 2nd. Only 7 students were in attendance on those days. March 15th ended the school year with 15 students.

Miss Hazlett later married J. Chat McGlothlin of Bolts Fork and leaves Denton High School. During the early 1930's her future daughter-in-law, Laura Steele, served as teacher and principal. Miss Steele then became Superintendent of Carter County Schools from 1932-34.




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