The Weingart, Weingarten, Weingartner and Weingardner DNA Project

My DNA indicates that my 2nd great grandfather, Jacob Albert Grace (1866-1947), was the son of a Winegardner father.

A Winegardner famiy was a neighbor of Jacob's family, and Jacob's mother, Amanda Jane (Hart) Grace, had
a cousin, John Preston Hart, who married Susannah Wiengarner in 1866.

So, DNA evidence and historical circumstances indicate that I belong to "Lineage 4, Johannes Harbard Winegardner".

FamilyTreeDNA The Weingart, Weingarten, Weingartner and Weingardner Project

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I have recently been in contact with another individual, George Allen Telford, who is a genetic distance of 0 at the 37 marker level
He has not yet added his test results to this project, so they are not reflected here.

My GedMatch kit number is T972811

As confirmation of the my conclusion, I found no genetic matches among the Grace DNA Project participants

Weingarner DNA Inheritance Analysis

In this section I'm making my first attempt at determining the sequence of mutations in my inheritance line.

Below is the Weingart, Weingarten and Weingartner DNA Project chart as of 4/2/2016, the one I used for the analysis.

I reformated the above chart in an attempt to deduce DNA STR mutation inheritance.