Sammons Hollow to Dehart Rd

Sammons Hollow - Collins - Lykins Trail Map

The yellow line is the routing of the main trail connecting Chile St. with Sammons Hollow Rd.
Parcel 53 is the Donnie Lykins parcel, pacels 50 and 51 are the Steve Collins parcels. Parcel 47 is a Kuper parcel, 49 and 49.01 are Mosbey parcels.

The trail uses an existing road which is reached from Chile St. and which passes across the
Lykins bottoms, climbs a ridge and eventually leads to the Lykins home. A branch off the Lykins road becomes a trail which
passes along the approximate line between the two Collins parcels and eventually becomes part of an
abandoned county road which runs between one of the Mosbey parcels and Kuper and Mountain Enterprises ("48") parcels.

Acording to the deed, the southern boundary of Mosbey parcel 49.01 is in error as drwn on this PVA map. The actual Mosbey property line
lies to the north side of the trail/road we intend to follow. There appears to be some dispute as to whether it actually falls within
the metes and bounds of any of the Kuper deeds (or any other deed).

The blue line approximates the trail connection to Dehart Rd.

This is a plat based on the metes and bounds specified in the Mosbey deeds:

At this point I proceeded east to follow the trail toward Dehart Rd. and points south.

The trail of more immediate interest follows the fence line between the Donnie Lykins and Steve Collins properties, south to Ben's Run Road/Chile Street.
The relevant photos (which may be viewed at the following link) are numbered 1 - 20, viewed in reverse order.

Link to photos of the Steve Collins property trail.

Following Dehart Road south leads to the Square Lick (originally "Squire Lick") Road trails.

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