Aden Section

Photos of the Fultz - Aden - Grahn Trail Segment

The first three photos in the Aden Section were taken in what is now called the community of Aden.
The CSX Railroad line did not pass through the present Aden.

The fourth photo in the Aden Segment is of a broad meadow that is near the eastern end of the CSX right-of-way now owned by Alice Joy Binion.
From that point, the photos guide the viewer in a generally westerly direction toward Grahn. 
The two ponds are in a very natural state, one with a back-drop of rock walls. 
There are many fine healthy looking fish, and a handsome hawk glided overhead while I was photographing there. 

About one quarter of the Binion-owned ROW is to the east of their farm, and three quarters (or more) is west of their farm. I only photographed
the western part to a point just past Needles Eye (Aden) Tunnel. Photos "Aden_100" through "Aden_105" 
were taken in the immediate area of the Binion farm house.
Their portion of the ROW runs for about four miles, between the communities of Fultz and Grahn.

Access to the Aden Tunnel is quite restricted and hazardous. It may be visited only with the permission of the Binion family. 
There are ponds below both entrances to the tunnel and gaining access to the entrances requires a fair amount of climbing. 

I spent an enjoyable four hours walking the old Aden CSX ROW and visiting with the Binions, a very kind and hospitable family.

I hope you enjoy these photos. Note the photo image file name in the upper left corner. 
I gave some of the photos names that explain the subject of the photo (eg. the memorial marker).

Here's an interesting story about a flash flood at Aden. Some of the places mentioned are in the photos. Note that the original location of Aden (as referred to in the story), is not the place in the first three photographs. In 1961, Aden was located about a half mile west of where the photos below were taken. The Binion family home is across the road from the site of of the old Aden train depot. Old photos show a depot superintendent's home and several other buildings in the area. All are now gone, except for the Binion home, which is reportedly over 100 years old.

Submitted by: John W. Grace