The Louisville Fire Brick Section

This segment of the old C&O right-of-way was purchased in 1991 by Mr. Bill Shuck, owner the Louisville Fire Brick Company in Grahn, Ky. 
The western end of the Louisville Fire Brick section is about 1.5 mile west of Grahn, where Cory Road crosses the old C&O ROW.

The photos series begins at the western end of the property and proceeds east toward Grahn.

The section of the old C&O right-of-way shown in these photographs has the potential to be one of the most wonderful walking/biking trails in North America. 
Every few yards the eye is drawn to spectacular rock formations, quiet meadows, caverns and water falls. These photos cannot nearly
convey the inspirational beauty of this area. As one walks, the air is heavy with the smell of Honey Suckle and wild flowers of a dozen varieties.
Song birds and butterflies greet the walker at every turn. The sun is filtered through the leaves and reflected from the rocks to delight the eye.

I hope these photos inspire you to explore once more the natural beauties of our wonderful Carter County.

Link to the Louisvile Fire Brick section photos

Submitted by: John W. Grace