Olive Hill Trail Development

Trail Status as of September 22, 2012





Trail development east of the Olive Hill Depot


In recent weeks I have been exploring alternative routings for this trail. A trail directly across Tygarts Creek following the original C&O right of way may not be feasible. The property owner on the east side of the creek, James Mosbey, has a barbed wire fence across the right of way. I hope to meet with him next week to see if he is willing to replace the fence with a gate.


Alternatively, I have been researching other property boundaries on the east side of the creek. Mountain Enterprises (the major quarry operator in this area) owns a small parcel that fronts on the creeek as well as the old C&O right of way. I have found a useable routing leading from the old quarry next to the Shrine Park, across the creek and connecting to the C&O right of way. The trail link would intersect with the railroad bed via an old county road directly across from the now abandoned quarry south of the right of way.


I have spoken to the Regional Manager for Mountain Enterprises and he gave us verbal authority to cross their property with a trail. He is, however, reluctant to offer us a formal easement or lease.


The trail finishing work on the top of east bank of the Tygart is not difficult. There would be some grading necessary where the horses enter and exit the creek, but it seems that 3-4 mandays with hand tools could give us a useable trail.


This trail segment is easily accessible from the Shrine Park or from the C&O right of way (east of the Olive Hill sewage plant) which is now owned by Fred Collins. Opening up this trail gives us another link to the established “Blue Trail” down Squire Lick to the airport, as well as a clear trail all the way to Cory. There are some issues getting through the Cory area, but they are not insurmountable and a trail all the way to Grahn seems like a possible within the next 12 months.


I have also been exploring the possibility of an alternative routing for this trail which would avoid the Olive Hill sewage treatment plant. The trail could be routed down Chile St. to where the Tygart cut was made in the 1960’s. There is easy entry into the creek there, and riders could use the creek bed as a way to access the proposed trail up the east bank of the creek to the C&O right of way. This would involve several hundred yards of creek bed riding, but it looks feasible.





Tick Ridge Trail extension


Mr. Hanshaw attended our January 20 meeting. He very generously offered his 100 acre property for trail use. I have not discussed with him in detail how we would move forward, but I did drive out to the area today. According to Mr. Hanshaw, his property may be accessed by continuing straight ahead where the established trail turns to the left on Tick Ridge to the Tark Hill area. I’m still not exactly sure where his property is, but it is a very lovely area, and as he describes it, could give us better access to the Limestone – Lawton area. As you may know, once we have a trail in that area, we’re very close to a linkup with the Jenny Wiley Trail, the Sheltowee Trail and the proposed trail coming east from Morehead. This has exciting possibilities!!