Affidavit Of Descent 






RONALD DAVID JOHNSON says that he is a resident of the County of Carter, State of Kentucky, 
and that he is an heir at law of EUGENE CLINE JOHNSON who died intestate on the 1st day of May, 1997, 
a resident of Carter County in the State of Kentucky, and that at the time of death of EUGENE CLINE JOHNSON, 
he left surviving him the following persons as his only heirs at law, to-wit:


Name				  Age		Address    Relation		Share
Michael Johnson 		Over 18	 	Ohio		Son		 1/5
Ronald David Johnson		Over 18		Kentucky	Son		 1/5
Elizabeth Ann Johnson Vernon	Over 18	 	Ohio		Daughter	 1/5
Melvin Ray Johnson		Over 18		Kentucky	Son		 1/5
Lisa Gail Johnson Jarvis	Over 18		Kentucky	Daughter	 1/5

AFFIANT, RONALD DAVID JOHNSON, further states that the said decedent left no other child or children or descendent of any children, 
or by adoption, other than above mentioned.

 IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, RONALD DAVID JOHNSON, hereunto subscribe my name this 29TH day of January, 1998.

                                                {signed} Ronald David Johnson


                                                RONALD DAVID JOHNSON

Submitted by  Sherry Lowe

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