href="Florence Williams Interview with JC Porter_files/filelist.xml"> JC Porter interview with FLORENCE WILLIAMS, daughter of John C

JC Porter interview with FLORENCE WILLIAMS, daughter of John C. Porter, son of Andrew J. Porter

May 15, 1980Wheelersburg, Ohio

Transcribed by JC Porter Jan 2007

Tape 19side 2


JC:How old are you now?

Florence:Oh, about 77.What was your grandfatherís name?

JC:My grandpa is Everett Porter who lives in Globe, KY.His dad was Jasper Porter.He would be your first cousin.Youíve heard of Jasper?

F: Ya, Iíve heard of him.Iíve got away from all of them.

JC: Could I ask you some questions about your family?

F: If I know anything to tell you.

JC: Well letís see.Were you born in Carter county?

F: Ya.

JC: And when were you married?

F: Oh, about 1920, I believe.

JC: In Carter county?

F: Yes.

JC: Well, why donít you tell me about your family.

F: Well, thereís not to much.Have you talked to my brother Jim?Itís just me and him living now.Iím the smallest {youngest}one, and I donít know too much to tell you.My sisterís boy MOODY [NICKLES] from Illinois sent me the pictures.Did you see those little old pictures?Old fashioned.

JC: Of the family?

F; No, It was of a woman and a man.Had on real old time little old hats, you know

JC: Who were they?
F: I donít know.I donít know where he got them at.

JC: Were they related?

F: He said they was.He said they was Porters, but he didnít know what their names were.Did you get in touch with, now I have some sisterís children out in Illinois.