Rosella Harlen

Jan 14, 2008


JC:  You say your sister's girls are...

Rosella:  Into it.  Ya. 

JC:  Who are they?

Rosella:  One of them is Pam Stone.  I'm not sure whether the others are into it, but I'm sure Pam is.

JC:  Which of your sisters is she?

Rosella:  Irene Fultz. 

JC:  Ok, Irene Fultz, so her daughter Pam Stone is working on the family tree.

Rosella:  I think she is.  I know they're working on it.  I think she is one of em. 

JC:  When were you born?

Rosella:  August 31, 1914.

JC:  1914.  Your dad was Tom Hall, and your mom was...

Rosella:  Nora Bailey

JC:  Tom Hall & Nora Bailey.  How many brothers and sisters did you have?

Rosella:  There was 11 of us.

JC:  11 kids

Rosella:  7 girls and 4 boys.  The first two little boys, one died at 2 and the other was going to be 6.   Now I was the oldest, then we had a little brother, and there was 6 girls before they had a boy. 

JC:  Is that right?  And you were the oldest child.  You've got brothers here in Marion.

Rosella:  Larry is here, but Don lives in Florida. 

JC:  Oh he does?

Rosella:  He comes home in the summer time, stays most of the summer.  And he just recently married a woman from Swayzee.

JC:  Oh really.

Rosella:  Just last Saturday, no Saturday a week ago.

JC: Now Larry, is he one of the youngest kids?

Rosella:  He is the youngest.

JC:  How old is he, or when was he born?

Rosella:  He was born in 28 (she meant 1938)

JC:  He doesn't even look that old.

Rosella:  He doesn't does he?  He'll be 70 the first day of March. (2:45)