Brown Family Bible record

Submitted by:  Linda Cheeks Pittano





This Bible is in the possession of Maggie Brown Davis. She allowed

me to copy it in 1999.






NAME                                             NAME                                  DATE       

Ethel Brown                                     Orville Caudill                     "July 13,1936"     

Roy Brown                                       Eva Caudill                          22-May-37      

Watt Brown                                      Ruby Johnson                       "Feb. 17,1934"     

Lizzie Brown                                  Cecil Hanshaw                      "July 26,1929"      

Maggie Brown                                 Clarence Davis                      "Aug. 6, 1940"     

Opal Stone                                      Therman Scaggs                     Jul-46     

Flora Stone                                     Dayton Ridgeway                  "Oct. 31,1946"     

Edward Stone                                  Lola Hanshaw                        "Jan. 10,1947"     

Milton Haywood                     Sallie Binion                          "Jan. 14,1947"     

Edna Cline                                      Lowell Gearhart                     "Jan. 11, 1947"    

Jim Brown                                       Jewell Boggs                          "Jan. 2, 1948"     

Lizzie Brown Hanshaw                Joseph Wagoner                 "Nov.22, 1947"     

Haskel Wagoner                      Katherine Parish                    "Jan. 14, 1950"    





NAME                                        DATE                                  BURIAL PLACE       

Roscoe Cline                                "Feb. 9, 1947"                        Brown Cem.     

Hiram Haywood                     "Feb. 14, 1950"                     Haywood Cem.       

Sarah H. Haywood                     1944                                  Haywood Cem.       

James Clay                                  "Sept. 2, 1932"                     Clay Cem.      

Amanda C. Haywood               "Mar. 10, 1966"                   Haywood Cem.       

James Haywood                     "Oct. 25, 1962"                     Haywood Cem.       

Thomas J. Haywood                     "Jan. 27, 1925"                     Haywood Cem.       

Mary Tomlin Haywood             "Apr. 15, 1951"                    Haywood Cem.       

Tobe(y) Haywood                     "Nov. 17, 1898"                     Haywood Cem.       

Robert Haywood                     "June 18, 1930"                     Haywood Cem.       

Isom Haywood                                "Sept. 4, 1927"                       Haywood Cem.       

John Henry Haywood              "June 26,1885"                      Haywood Cem.       

Cora Mae Haywood                "Mar. 23, 1889"                     Haywood Cem.       



Name                                       Date               

Milton Haywood                     "Jan. 4, 1893" 


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