Howard Family Bible record

Submitted by:  Bob Blankenship


Among the records of a Thomas Howard who moved in to Carter

from Bath County.  The actual Bible is somewhere in Missouri or Kansas.


A note attached to the record reads:

“The top sheet shows the exact copy that came to me several years ago.  By who it was copied I don’t know.  I understood it was done by a descendant who was researching the family and went to Ralls Co., MO, where my g.g.g. gfr. Thomas Howard’s son Thomas J. Howard came about 1851.  The old record was last known to be in the hands of a later descendant living in Ralls County.

“I typed an exact copy and added all additional information that I had gathered on the family.  Isn’t it too bad that the person who copied the original record did not add the date copied, some reference to the old book, etc.  That would have added the necessary authenticity that we need for a proof source.”



Typed as submitted:


FROM AN OLD FAMILY BIBLE from Ireland printed MDCCLIV (1754)


James HOWARD                                b. 3 May 1755 Cork Ireland

Martha HOWARD                               b. 25 Apr 1760

David FRAME                                     b. 25 Aug 1730

Elizabeth FRAME                                b. 5 Apr 1740

James HOWARD                                b. 10 Jun 1774

Mary HOWARD                                 b. 25 Feb 1781

Elizabeth HOWARD                            b. 31 Jan 1783

James HOWARD                                b. 7 Mar 1785

Sarah HOWARD                                 b. 26 Feb 1878

Thomas HOWARD                              b. 24 Feb 1789

David HOWARD                                 b. 15 Sep 1791

Jane HOWARD                                   b. 7 Nov 1793

Margaret HOWARD                            b. 4 Oct 1795

Henry HOWARD                                b. 26 Sep 1797

Andrew HOWARD                             b. 3 May 1800

Abel HOWARD                                  b. 26 Dec 1802

George HOWARD                              b. 10 Oct 1808

Martha Jane HOWARD                       b. 18 Oct 1822

Lucinda HOWARD                              b. 5 Oct 1824

Lydia Ann HOWARD                          b. 29 Aug 1827

Thomas Jefferson HOWARD               b. 2 Feb 1819

James Thomas HOWARD                   b. 3 Aug 1852





John BRISCOE / Jane DELASHMUTT                       m. 5 May 1795

Thomas Jefferson HOWARD / Jane DeLashmutt INLOW        m. 9 Oct 1851

James Thomas HOWARD / Martha Ann GRIFFIN      m. 28 Sep 1871

                                                Martha d.         Aug 1897

James Thomas HOWARD / Nellie Mae SMITH           m. 27 Dec 1905




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