Color of Child
Date of Birth Name Sex Condition Place of Birth Name of Father or Owner of Child Maiden Name of Mother White Mulatto Black Residence of Parent Remarks
June 13, 1853 Walter A Nickell male alive Carter Co KY Joseph Nickell Lexy Collins  / ~~~~~~ Carter Co K Sarah Morwin MW
Feb 4 ^^ Amanda S Day Female   ^^    ^^ John W Day Mary Day  /   ^^ Feraby Nickell ^^
Apl 23 ^^ Grace Ellen Goodan    " Philip W Goodan Sidney Day  / Polly Goodan
Oct 31 ^^ Lewis Cafs Day Male   ^^ John L Day Eliza Richards  /   "        "
May 5 ^^ Wm A Blanton    "   ^^ George Blanton Tabitha Lansdown  /   "     Underwood^^
March 31 ^^ Susan D Henderson F   ^^ Alexander Henderson Lucinda Reeves  / Elizabeth Setter
Feb 5 ^^ Winfield Scott M James Scott Jane Garvin  /       "       Flaugher^^
Nov 29 ^^ James F Rice   " Albert H Rice Julina J Rice  / Sally Rice^^
Sept 29 ^^ ~~~~~ James F   ^^ George James Sarah Smith  /    "      "
Feb 3 ^^ Mary A Williams   "  ^^ Silas Williams Emly James  / Sarah Williams
March 22 ^^ Remathy Ann Williams   "   " Mailon Williams Lovina A James  / Sarah James
June 20 ^^ Moses S Riggs M   " George Riggs Delila Kibby  / Fanny Wooton^^
Apl 21 ^^ Frank Crawford   " Benj F Crawford Elizabeth Burks  / Sarah Bradford^^
November 12th Tolney H Elliott M alive Morgan Co KY Ephraim B Elliott Susan E Henry  / Carter Co KY Hiram Daley, Dr
      A few notes:
1.  Ditto marks, as we know them today, were not consistent in this
document, so I created marks to simulate what they look like on the page.
In the last column, they were not used at all; the last letter of the name
was extended into a line that ran off the page.
2.  The child born Sept 29 was unnamed (line 9), there is a long line where
a first name should appear and then the last name James.
3.  Where handwriting was difficult to decipher, I made the best guess
4.  The very last entry is very faded and was quite difficult to read.
apparently the child was born while out of the county and added later.
5.  The last column, titled remarks, seems to contain the names of the
midwives who assisted in the delivery of the child.  Or, I think that is
what MW stands for at the end of the first line.

    If you have any other questions, let me know.
Gail Rice Farmer
(descended from James F. Rice and Albert G.H Rice)

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