JOHNSON-related  Carter Co., KY Births
Taken from microfile # " V158-4" KY Vital Records 
1852-1862 Birth place in Carter co. KY unless otherwise stated.
Submitted by: JoAnn Cantrell
Surname Given name Date born Place b. Father Mother misc. info.
JOHNSON, Drusella Emily 17 Mar. 1852 Tygarts Cr. James JOHNSON   Emily KNAPP Polly Underwood  midwife
JOHNSON,   female 8 July 1852 Big Sinking Phillip JOHNSON   Thurzy JONES Child is Sarah M.   ( Nethrcutt m.w.).
JOHNSTON, Nancy 4 May 1852 Sandy .Little Fork Jessee JOHNSTON   Polly BOGGS Nancy Bogs midwife
JOHNSON, Joseph Green 23 May 1852 Sandy. .Little Fork Lyette JOHNSON   Mary ROBERTSON Joseph d. 1853
WELLS, A. Frances 8 Mar.1852 Sandy, Little Fork Zachariah WELLS Lucinda JOHNSON Anna Fields midwife
BURCHET, John E. 3 Oct. 1852 Stinson Creek John H. BURCHET Caroline JOHNSON Mary Ann Waddle midwife
WALLACE, Geo.Washington 1 Aug. 1852 Little Sandy George WALLACE Nancy JOHNSON Phebe Bailey midwife
LITTLETON, Wm. R. 26 Oct. 1853   George LITTLETON Mary JOHNSTON
WADDLE, no name 14 June 1853 Alfred WADDLE Anna JOHNSTON Anna Fields midwofe
ROE, Eliza Ann 6 Sept. 1853 James ROE Margaret JOHNSTON Becca Nethercutt midwife
JOHNSON, Phillip 19 June 1854 Pleasant JOHNSON   Malinda ROE
WALLACE, Nancy 27 July 1854 Little Sandy George WALLACE Nancy JOHNSON
ALEXANDER, Pauline 11 Feb. 1854 Johnson co. ILL Wm ALEXANDER Sally P. JOHNSON  resided Tygar Creek Carter Co. KY
BURCHET, Sarah 21 July 1854 Stinson Creek John H. BURCHET Caroline JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Elizabeth 20 Apr. 1854 Little Fork Lyttle JOHNSON Margaret ROBERTSON
JOHNSON,  Hiram J. 9 Feb. 1855 State Road James JOHNSON Emily KNAPP
JOHNSON, Jeremiah 29 Oct. 1855 Bare Creek John JOHNSON Minerva SLOAN
JOHNSON, Clarinda 14 Jan 1856 Wm. JOHNSON Levisa WILLIAMS resided in Lewis co. KY in 1860
JOHNSON, George W. 20 Nov. 1856 Little Fork Lytte JOHNSON Margaret ROBINSON
JOHNSON, Castara (female) 29 June 1856 Bare Creek Elijah JOHNSON Prescilla VANBIBES
WADDLE, Wm. P. 10 Nov. 1856 Little Fork Alfred WADDLE Anna JOHNSON
ANDERSON, Leyana 2 Feb. 1856 Johnson co.KY Wm. ANDERSON Elizabeth JOHNSON
BEAR Rebecca J. 24 Aug.1857 Cany Elias BEAR Laney JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Cynthia A. 8 Mar. 1857 State Road James JOHNSON Emily KNAP resided Tiger Creek
JOHNSON, Alexander Benj. 8 Nov. 1857 Little Fork James JOHNSON Rebecca J. PORTER
LAMBERT, Mary E. 10 Aug. 1857 Clarks Branch John W. LAMBERT Sarah JOHNSON
BURCHET, Aann 22 Oct.1857 Hinson James H. BURCHET Caroline JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Rufus 19 Sept. 1857 Little Fork Ellington JOHNSON Amanda M. CLARK
THOMPSON, James J. 19 Feb. 1857 Grayson James W. THOMPSON Sarah JOHNSON
ANDERSON, Mary E. ___Dec. 1857 Wm's Creek Wm. ANDERSON Elizabeth JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Lafayette 7 Dec. 1858 Little Fork Litwell JOHNSON Margaret ROBERTSON
JOHNSON, Sydney 3 June 1858 Big Sinking Pleasant JOHNSON Malinda ROE
ROE, Mary 8 Feb. 1858 Little Sinking James ROE Martha JOHNSON
RAYBURN, Henry R. 12 July 1858 Tigert Creek Benjamine RAYBURN Martha Jane JOHNSON
LANDSDOWN, Olive 5 Feb.1858 Triplet Creek Wm. A. LANDSDOWN Sarah JOHNSON resided Rowan co. KY
JOHNSON, George W. 7 June 1859 Little Creek Wm JOHNSON Lucinda WHITLEY
JOHNSON, Sarah E. 14 Dec. 1859 Big Sinking Pleasant JOHNSON Malinda ROE
JOHNSON, Wm. 15 Nov. 1859 Ellington's Bare Cr. none listed Sarah JOHNSON
WADDLE, Marinda 26 June 1859 Sandy Creek Alfred WADDLE Ann JOHNSON
WHITLEY, Elizabeth 18 Jan. 1859 Little Creek Hiram WHITTLE Polly JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Sarah E. 26 Apr. 1859 Little Creek James JOHNSON Rebecca PORTER
JOHNSON, Mary Emeline 16 June 1861 Carter co. KY Pleasant JOHNSON Malinda ROE
Pleasant b. Russel co. VA Malinda b. Carter co. KY
ROE, Elijah 21 Dec. 1861 Carter co. KY James ROE Margaret JOHNSON all three b. Carter co. KY
JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth 5  Feb. 1861 Morgan co. KY Zachariah JOHNSON Mary C. JOHNSON all three b. Morgan co. KY
LANDOWN, Turner 13 Mar. 1962 Carter co. KY Wm. R. LANDOWN Sarah JOHNSON all three b. Carter co. KY

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