Mary Jane Walk MidDoctor Records

Mary Lou Bowman found a record book that belonged to her grandmother, Mary Jane Hale Walk Fuller. In this book were several records of children delivered by Dr. Walk, and Mary Lou has been kind enough to submit scanned images of the pages. She and I have both attempted to decipher the writing the best we can - each page is listed below by the child's name (as best as we can determine.) Mary Lou also writes the following regarding her grandmother:

"My grandmother was a licensed mid-doctor in and around Grayson, Ky and Carter Co. and I have made copies of her original book of Physicians Records. The names above may not all be correct but I wrote them the way they look as I can't decipher the old way of writing. I have copied them onto my computer and will e-mail to anyone interested. There are a lot of different names in here.
My grandmother was Mary Jane Hale Walk Fuller. She was born abt 1861 in Carter Co. Ky and married my grandfather Martin Walk born abt 1828, on November 26, 1879 in Carter Co. Later she married someone named Fuller and is buried at the old Fuller homestead around Grayson, Lindsay Church."

Here is the list:

Get all pages as one zip file here - Warning BIG FILE 2.8MB!!
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