ARMSTRONG CEMETERY Cemetery located north north east of the end of Dehart Road July 14 2013 Except for William and Sarah McClave and Chester Arthur Sammons, no burials have identifying markers. In the past week I have added a sign listing the names of all individuals known to be buried in this cemetery. Somewhat confusingly, Clark Cemetery near the intersection of Route 2 and I-64 is also sometimes referred to as "Armstrong Cemetery" on individual Death Certificates. This Clark Cemetery is on the north side of I-64 from an area known as Armstrong Hill. There are several Armstrongs buried in Clark Cemetery.

This sign is my first attempt at wood burning. Creating a sign like this is a cost-effective alternative to a multi-thousand dollar stone monument large enough to contain a dozen names and accompanying information.

Many burials are marked by an 6-12 inch field stone, or perhaps as in this case, a piece of broken concrete block. Known burials are all characterized by noticeable depressions in the ground. This is evidence of a collapsed wood coffin. A couple of the burials appear to have been quite shallow, perhaps only 3-4 feet to the bottom of the grave. I am bringing in flat stones to more clearly mark the location of all known (or apparent) burials.

Little attention has been given to this small cemetery over the past 40 - 50 years and yet after I removed a dense over-growth of bug-infested weeds I found these old lilies. Once exposed to full sunshine after many years of neglect, they are thriving in the summer rain showers. Another cleared area along the eastern fence line also contains newly re-exposed lilies. These should be quite lovely if they bloom next spring.

These are two un-named Sexton children who were buried to the left of the present gate. When I started restoration work about a month ago, these graves were actually outside the cemetery fence.

"Chester Arthur son of E. and Ada Sammons"