Carter County, Kentucky

Submitted by Bonnie Tabor Carver

"This Baker Cemetery is on the old James Henderson Baker farm. This farm was owned by Carmel Baker but has been sold to someone in Cincinnati. It is on a hill behind a brick house, before you get to James Chapel. There was several gates to go thru because of the cattle when I was there. Carsel Baker (Tackett's Furniture Store, Olive Hill) called Carmel Baker and he opened them for me. I don't know if you can get into this Cemetery now."

Take Rt. 1025 from Rt. 60 in Olive Hill, go approx. 3 1/2 to 4 mi. Farm & Cemetery are on the left side of the road. "This Cemetery was very well taken care of when I was there. It was mowed, no weeds anywhere. I know it wasn't very far from James Chapel because I went on to James Chapel. My Aunt Opal said that she and my Dad, Ralph A. Tabor went to school there."

(1) Martha Baker 1897-1935 (was married to Leonard Lee Tabor)

(2) James H. Baker B. May 24,1855 D. May 16,1910

(3) Rachel "McKinney" Baker B. Jan. 20, 1855 D. May 25, 1910

(4) Yurie Baker 1907-1914

(5) Nathan Baker B. Apr. 22, 1884 D. Sept. 24, 1923

(6) G. Wash Baker B. Feb. 7, 1890 D. Nov. 29, 1976

(7) Lucy Baker B. Mar. 4, 1892 D. Oct. 24, 1918

(8) Cleo P. Baker B. Oct. 12, 1916 D. Oct. 21, 1917

(9) Garnet Baker (only one date) Dec. 16, 1916

(10) Iva Baker B. 1908 (no date for death)

(11) Stephen Baker B. July 15, 1887 D. Oct. 7, 1921

(12) Laura Bell Baker B. Feb. 29, 1889 D. May 6, 1954

(13) Ora Baker 1911-1987

There are also two creek rocks used as tombstones. The dates for my Grandmother, Martha Baker Tabor are B. Feb. 21, 1897 D. Jan. 23, 1936.

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