Carter County, Kentucky

Submitted by Pat Myers

"This cemetery is off Kentucky 3297 just east of Grayson. There is a subdivision named "The Plantations". Within the subdivision we made a few turns and went to the top of a hill and went down a private driveway into trees where the cemetery was located. There were about 15 graves. This area was pretty well maintained."

Carrie 1881-1939       Denver B.  1874-1950
G. W. (George Washington) 9-24-1833  1-12-1918    Emma Roberts  12-15-1842  2-15-1918
James Clarke 8-10-1888
Charles A. (I assume Everman) son of G. W. 2 - 1870   18??
Polly W.  1814  1887
Ann Coley  3-18-1759   8-2-1838   (I really question the validity of that note)
Willis Hord Clark   10-3-1879   7-19-1880
Caroline B Banfield and baby
J. C. McDonald son of A. J. and M. E.    7-23-1866   10-27- ??
Polly Buckner Hord  2-16-1778    1865
Frank J. Hord  1856  1936
John N. Hord 2-3-1806  1878 aged 72 years   Ann Lewis Beckwith  12-31-1857  42 years
Lewis Beckwith Hord so of J. N. and A. L. Hord  10-6-1856  age 26 years
Mary Willis Hord daughter of J. N. and A. L. 10-1-1856  25 years ? mos. 27 days
Bainton Matilda Hord wife of W. C. Mitchell  11-8-1880 45 years 3 mo. 17 days
John W. Hord  1844 -1927   Edith M. Hord 4-8-1870   9-7-1952
Matilda wife of Lewis Beckwith  5 1955   6? years
Arthur Almerin Hord son of J. N. and A. L. Hord 10-8-1856  18 years 5 mos. 29 days.
(John Nicholas Hord and Ann Lewis Beckwith had several children who died within days of each other in 1856. )
I have listed as their children :

Lewis Beckwith Hord
Mary Willis Hord
Bainton Matilda Hord
Arthur Almerin Hord
John Willis Hord
William Thomas Taylor Hord
Frank Joyce Hord

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