Carter County Cemetery Index

"One of the sure ways to tell whether someone is from the mountains, or someone is a modern middle class American is to ask,
'Do you know where you're going to be buried?
Many mountain people know where they're going to be buried.
They're going to be buried back in the family cemetery."
- "The Appalachians" documentary, 2005

The Rattlesnake Ridge Genealogy Club has updated their CD documenting Carter County Cemeteries.
The 2005 CD is now available and contains information on over 550 cemeteries, including
names, dates, epitaph, relationship information and more. They have also included directions to each cemetery
and an index. This is an essential resource for every Carter County researcher.

Click here to view the list of cemeteries (as of the 2005 CD).

Click here to view burial name index "A" (as of the 2005 CD).

Click here to view Adkins 1 Cemetery (as of the 2005 CD).

To purchase the 2005 CD, mail $25 to:

Rattlesnake Ridge Genealogy Group
8028 Grahn Rd.,
Olive Hill, KY 41164.

Price includes shipping.

Proceeds on the sales of the cd goes toward future RRGC genealogy projects. This would make a wonderful gift!"

Offered by: Vicki Gilbert

Every-name alphabetical index

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Compiled by Charles Crawford

Contributed by Don Meenach

Cemetery Indexes, Directions and/or Photos

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Cemetery name
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General location & Comments
Adams (1) Located near Rt. 1, mouth of Johns Run.
Adkins Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Adkins Cemetery on Everman Creek (GPS: 38 degrees, 22.195 minutes N; 83 degrees, 00.572 minutes W, 685 feet elevation)--Stewart Road intersects Everman Creek Road from the left as one drives up Everman Creek Road. Almost directly across from this intersection, Adkins Cemetery lies on a slope on the right side of Everman Creek Road. It lies within 75 feet or so of Everman Creek Road and is easily visible from the road. Map
Adams (2) Located near head of Little Fork.
Arms-Nolty Smith's Creek & Rt. 474
Arms Photos
Armstrong Photos & maps
Ash Route 59
Ash-Qualls Link to Tombstone Central
Bailey Church Ridge Road
Baker Place Located on Tygart's Creek near Carter Caves State Park.
Baker (2) Prater Road and follow it to Dr. Lewis's farm.
Baker (3) On the old James Henderson Baker farm.
Barnhill on Black Branch or Wilson Creek Road.
Barnhill Photos
Barnhill-Blanton Wilson Creek Road, on the east side of Jackson Hill.
Barnhill/Campbell/Suttles/Hall between I-64 westbound rest area at Grayson on the south and the Walter Campbell farm on the north ridge
Barnhill-Scott On the left near the end of Hannah Lane at Pactolus.
Logan Bays Cemetery Wells Road near Grayson, Ky.
Biggs Biggs Road
Bishop Dry Fork Rd., at the top of the hill, on the old Bishop Place
Blankenship .
Blevins Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Blevins Cemetery on Route 7 (GPS: 38 degrees, 23.498 minutes N; 82 degrees, 58.858 minutes W, 916 feet elevation)--Blevins Hollow lies on the north side (or the on the right going away from Grayson) of Route 7 and is just across Route 7 from Everman Creek Church. Don’t be confused; we’re talking about a different Everman Creek than that mentioned above. This would be maybe 6 so miles from Route 7s intersection with Routes 1 & 7. Follow Blevins Hollow all the way to the head of the hollow. Joann Blevins & husband own the property where the cemetery lies. It might be good to advise them of intent to visit the cemetery. The road narrows and turns 90 or more degrees to the left at the far end of the mobile home. Follow the road all the way to the top of the hill. The cemetery is at the end of the road. Map
Boggs Roe Lane
Boggs-Kennedy None available
Bond Off Rt. 773, take Glancy Fork Rd (Denton) to Hogshead.
Bowen Chapel U.S. 60 West about 6 miles west of Olive Hill
Bowen Behind the office of the Limestone Plant, Rock Crusher Curve (US 60), Olive Hill
Bowen Chapel East Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Bowen Chapel West Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Bradley Hargett Lane
Bradley Photos
Brinegar Off US Rt. 64
Brown Mushroom Rd. near Lawton
Brown, William Near Pleasant Valley
Brown Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Burchett-Daily Cemetery Link to Tombstone Central
Burchett - Plummer Photos contributed by Donald Meenach
Burnett Tygarts Creek Road
Burnett at Iron Hill Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Burnett Cemetery at Iron Hill (GPS: 38 degrees, 24.494 minutes N; 83 degrees 01.580 minutes W, 752 feet elevation)--Follow the AA Highway northwest away from Grayson. The AA roughly follows Route 7 in places. Just before reaching the left turn for Iron Hill Road you’ll see on your right a straight portion of old Route 7. Tygarts Creek Road exits to the right off this and old 7 ends at a gate just beyond the turn for Tygarts Creek Road. Drive through the gate and follow the gravel road to the top of the hill. The cemetery is at the end of the road.
Burnett Photos
Burton Farm Greasy Creek Rd.
Burton at Lower Stinson Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Burton Cemetery on Lower Stinson (GPS: 38 degrees, 20.249 minutes N; 82 degrees, 53.058 minutes W, 746 feet elevation)--The cemetery is approximately 4 miles east of Grayson on US 60. You’ll pass the old Grayson JCs fairgrounds on your left. Approximately ½ mile farther you’ll pass Stinson Community Church on the hillside on your right. Approximately another ½ mile you’ll pass Stinson Church of Christ on your left just across Stinson Creek. Approximately 1/8 mile further you’ll see Dean Green’s junkyard on the right. Directly on the east side of Dean’s, on the right, there’s a very narrow paved road that climbs the hill. You will see the cemetery on your left before you reach the house. Map
Burton on Canoe Run Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Burton Cemetery on Canoe Run (GPS: 38 degrees, 18.644 minutes N; 82 degrees, 53.309 minutes W, 752 feet elevation)--This cemetery is on Canoe Run just off Upper Stinson Road. Upper Stinson Road is perhaps 2.5 miles east of Grayson on US 60. It turns to the right, just after the bridge, and just before you’d come to the old Grayson JCs fairgrounds. Canoe Run is on the right perhaps 2 miles up Upper Stinson Road. As soon as Canoe Run crosses Stinson Creek and begins to climb the hill, turn to the left through the metal gate. There is a concrete angel on the left side of the drive just inside the gate. Take the first right and climb to the top of the hill. The cemetery is atop the hill. Map
Carroll Near Grahn, Ky.
Carter on Carter Branch Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Carter Cemetery on Carter Branch (Beckwith Branch Road) (GPS: 38 degrees, 20.414 minutes N; 82 degrees, 53.983 minutes W, 621 feet elevation)--Approximately three miles east of Grayson on US 60, Stinson Community Church lies on the hillside on the right. Just beyond the church, on the left, turn onto Beckwith Branch Road and cross Stinson Creek. Approximately ¼ mile up Beckwith Branch Road you’ll pass a barn on your left. Just after the barn the road will rise slightly and you’ll pass a driveway for a house on the top of the hill on your right. Just after this drive, on your right, you will see the Carter Cemetery on the slope. Follow the cemetery drive and take the left fork. Map
Church-Gollihue Photos contributed by Michelle Gollihue
Clark Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Clark (Smokey Valley) Photos contributed by Jolinda Belcher
Clark (Smokey Valley) Listing of existing and reported burials
Clay Rt. 955
Clay Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Click Located on Phillip Holbrook farm, Tick Ridge
Colley US 60 between Grayson and entrance to Carter Caves State Park
Collingworth off State Highway 1662, near Flat Fork Church
Conley On Wilson Creek Road on the old Jimmy Wilburn farm
Count-Reid .
William Counts Leon, Ky.
Creech-Cline Mitchell Rd.
Cribbs Hill The Cribbs Hill Cemetery is located on US 60 East of Grayson at the top of Cribbs Hill. Formerly known as the Carroway Cemetery. Mary Littleton
Crisp Soldier-Brinegar Rd.
Curry Family Cemetery Link to Milanese and Ratcliff site
Damron Damron Branch Rd. - Photos
Damron Damron Branch Rd., south of Grayson
Deal Hill Located off Rt. 1 between Johns Run and Rt.1.
Dean Cole Rd. near Enterprise
Dean Burial Listing
Debord Route 986, turn on Mauk Cemetery Road.
Ducan 64 West almost to mile marker 160
Eagle Hall Eagle Hall Rd.
Eagle Hall Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Easterling P'Simer Ridge
Eifort Next to the Olive Hill United Methodist Church
Eifort Listing of existing and reported burials
Ellenburg Star Hill
Enix - Sloan Link to Logan - Van Bibber site
Erwin Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Oscar L. Erwin Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Otto Evans Family Cemetery Old Wilson Creek Road
Everman Everman Cemetery at Gregoryville, Ky.
Fields Head of left fork of Fields Branch
Fields, Rebecca Mouth of Little Fork
Fitch Cemetery Located at Charlotte Furnace, near Salem
Flat Fork ..
Forrest On the old Forrest Place on Rockhouse Road
Joseph Fultz Cemetery Route 2
Fultz, Barney Timberwood Lane
Joseph Fultz Cemetery Photos
Garvin Ridge Photos contributed by Janet Barras and Susan Wells Copple
Gearhart-Carpenter Tar Kiln (Often called, incorrectly, Tark Hill)
Gearhart Tick Ridge Rd.
Gee Mocabee Creek Rd.
Gee recorded by Lorraine Littleton ca 1984-86
Gilbert Big Sinking Road
Gill Falls Branch Rd., Pactolus
Goble on River Road .
Goebel on I-64 between I-64 westbound rest area at Grayson on the south and the Walter Campbell farm on the north ridge
Gollihue Link to site
Gollihue Photos contributed by Michelle Gollihue
Grayson Memorial Gardens Landsdown St., behind KCU
Green Link to Tombstone Central
Gregoryville-Everman approximately 3 miles west of Grayson on US 60
Gullett Old Wilson Creek Road
Hale Rose Ridge Road
Hall Rt. 1654 [Williams Creek] near Kilgore
Ham By Fleming Fork, in western Carter Co
Haney - Ferguson 4.5 miles East of Grayson on Star Hill.
Haney - Ferguson Photos.
Hannah On Hannah Lane, Pactolas
Hanshaw at the end of Henderson Ridge Rd. then best part of a mile by foot
Hanshaw Corrections
Hargett Hargett Lane
Hayward Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Haywood Mushroom Rd.
Haywood Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Henderson (1) None available
Henderson (2) None available
Henderson Branch off old Rt. 2, in Henderson Branch
Henderson Route. 59 (Link to Tombstone Central)
Hignite Past entrance to Carter Caves,on Sutton Road
Hillcrest On a hill behind Kentucky Christian College in Grayson.
Hollingsworth Goose Creek Road
Hollingsworth Photos
Hord near Grayson, Ky.
Horsley - aka Rock Springs Cemetery Route 7
Alamander Howard Cemetery Wilson Creek Rd. on the old Alamander Howard farm
Huffman Davis Road & Tygart's Creek Road
Iron Hill Rt. 7 north of Grayson
Ison - aka Wolford 4 Mile Creek Rd. near Grayson
Ison (partial) Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Jacobs Located, Rte 174 to Highway 955 to Greenbriar Rd. Turn on Greenbriar Rd. Go to Jacobs Cem. Rd. (per James R. Ellis)
James-Lee James drive way, between Pleasant Valley and Grahn
Jimmy Hill off Route 854 at the top of Rush Hill.
Jimmy Hill Photos
Johnson, Joe On Mushroom Hill
Jones Greenbrier Rd.
Kennedy, George Filmore About 2 miles from Willard, KY, on Little Fork (SR 1496).
Kibbey McGlone Creek (Rt. 182 North)
Kilgore (1) Rt. 504.
Kilgore (2) Kilgore Rd.
King Located off Fultz Rd. near Grayson
King, Thomas Rose Ridge Road
John Kinney near Olive Hill
Kiser Globe, KY
S. C. Kiser Cemetery Route 474
Kiser-Gilliam Kiser Fork Road near Olive Hill
Kitchen (new PDF) .
Kitchen (old PDF) .
Kitchen Leon, Ky
Kitchen Willard, Ky
Leadingham, Peter & Sarah Rt. 1122 near Grayson Lake
Lemaster, Henry Soldier-Brinegar Rd.
Lemaster, Willie (Bill) None available.
Leon Starting from Grayson, go East on US-60/E Main St toward Hillview St. Turn Right onto KY7/Railroad St. Continue to follow KY-7 Turn Right onto E K Railroad Dr.End at Leon.The cemetery is on the hill behind the Leon Christian church. There is an access road up the hill to the cemetery, on the right, just before you get to the church. The cemetery is on the property of Mrs. Loraine Hudgins Peffer.
Limestone Rt. 60 from Olive Hill to 174 West going toward Lawton. 3/10 mile past Limestone Apostolic Church to Triangle Lane on right. Cemetery is through the steel gate, at the top of the hill.
Limestone Large images.
Limestone Name index
Lindsey Chapel near Pactoulus Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
Lindsey Chapel/Pactolus Cemetery on Route 7 (GPS: 38 degrees, 21.806 minutes N; 82 degrees 57.311 minutes W, 618 feet elevation)--Route 7 diverges to the left from Routes 1 & 7 north of Grayson. Take Route 7 toward South Shore. Within 1.5 miles Route 1959 will intersect Route 7 on your left. Just to the right you will see Lindsey Chapel and the cemetery beside it. Map
Littleton (1) Approximately 6 miles west of Grayson on US Rt 60
Littleton (2) -
Littleton-Carroll -
Locker Off Rt. 1024 near Globe
Logan Rose Ridge Road
Lowell Lambert Farm Lowell Lambert farm on Greenbriar in western Carter Co.
Lyon Rt. 1620
Maddix Big Sinking Road
Maggard Maggard Cemetery Road of Route 955
Maggard Photos contributed by John Cooper
Manning Chapel Mocabee Creek Rd.
Manning #2 GPS: N 38 13.35 - W 83 16.22, Located, Rte 174 to Highway 955 to Greenbriar Rd. Turn on Greenbriar Rd. Go past Manning Cem #1 Rd to Manning Cem #2 Rd. Cemetary is at the top of the hill. (per James R. Ellis)
Manning Brinegar marker photo
Mauk-Leadingham Rt. 504)
May Information contributed by Vanessa Farnsworth
McDavid Dry Ridge Rd near Willard
McFerren Between Three Pine and Corey, in the Olive Hill area
McGinnis Newspaper article
McGlone Creek McGlone Creek Road
McGuire-Fairview Located in Hitchins, Kentucky
McKinney Located on Damron Branch.
Mell-Conn Henderson Ridge Rd.
Menix North northwest on Route 182 to Menix Road
Menix Photos contributed by Don Meenach
Messer-Rogers Messer-Rogers Cem. is on Huffs Run
Miller Photos contributed by Jolinda Belcher
Mitchell Henderson Ridge near Jacobs.
Old Mobley Under Grayson Res.
Mocabee (1) Brinegar Road
Mocabee (2) Mocabee Creek
Mosbey Photos contributed by Diane Pierce
Mountain Top Chapel Rt. 3298
Newell Nazarene Hollow Road near Grahn
Nipp-Ward Grayson, KY - Everman Road
Nolan Patch Work Lane
Nolen Take Rt. 59 to Rt. 1068. The Nolen Cem. is 3/10 of a mile on the right side of 1068 in Lewis Co., KY.
Oak Grove Located on Damron Branch, Grayson, KY
Oakland Route 182 near Olive Hill, KY
Oakland Photos
Offill Rt. 1 Box 318, Olive Hill, KY
Old Grayson Cemetery Names Listing
Old Grayson Cemetery Photos
Olive Hill .
Olive Hill Memorial Park Photos
Olive Hill Memorial Park Link to Tombstone Central
O'Neal Cemetery Route 60 near Stinson
O'Neal at Lower Stinson Photos contributed by Joel M. Carter & Don Meenach
O’Neal Cemetery at Lower Stinson (GPS: 38 degrees, 20.418 minutes N; 82 degrees 53.017 minutes W)--Approximately 4 miles east of Grayson on US 60 Tark Hill Road turns to the right just before US 60 begins to climb Cribbs Hill. On the left of US 60 just prior to reaching Tark Hill Road, on a hillside, is the O’Neal Cemetery. It is visible from US 60. Turn into the first driveway on the left after passing Tark Hill Road. Park at the lower house, out of the driveway, and walk around the hill to the cemetery. It might be good to advise Mrs. Carter, the landowner, of your intent to visit the cemetery. Map
Owens Located about 5 miles north of Olive Hill on Route 2 in Smokey Valley. It is almost to end of hollow, near Glen Owen farm.
Parker Square Lick Road
Parsons .
Patrick Ben's Run Road or Airport Road
Patton Photo contributed by Pat (Everman) Myers
Pennington Miller Lane
Pleasant Valley On Route 60, between Interstate 64 and Olive Hill
Pleasant Valley (partial) Photos contributed by John Cooper
Phillips, Wesley near Grahn
Plummer/Locust Rt. 7 north from Grayson, Left on Rt. 1947, continue 1.5 miles.
Plummer - Burchett Photos Sutton Road
Pope Route 1661 (Direction should read "west bound on I-64")
Porter .
Porter, W. A. Rt. 955
Rabourn/Raybourn Lawton, Ky.
Ratliffe between Lost Creek and Bellstrace
Rayburn Community Rose Ridge Rd.
Reeves Reeves Branch off Lost Creek
Reid US Rt. 60 between Olive Hill and Carter Caves
Reynolds Off of route 504 on a road that is (used to be?) called Rock Spring Road,
Rice, Campbell Thomas Lane in Willard
Riffe off Bellstrace Rd
Roar Church Ridge Road
Roar Photos
Rocky Bend Photos contributed by Pat Fannin
Roma-Webb Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Rose Rose Cemetery Rd.
Roseberry Located at head of Hurricane Hollow, off Rt. 773.
Ross Chapel Ben's Run Road or Airport Road
Ross Chapel Photos
Ross Family Ben's Run or Airport Rd.
Russell Ben's Run Road or Airport Road
Sallie ~ Salley Rt. 207 near Rush
Sammons Fields Branch
Scaggs-Wilson Rt. 504
Scott at Campbell's farm .
Sexton Freedom Rd. near Willard
Sloan Houatter Rd. near Grahn
Stallard Route 2
Stallard Photos
Stevens Pole Cat Branch
Stigall Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Sullivan AA Highway West to Wolfpen Road
Sullivan Photos
Tabor Route 1704
Tackett Enterprise, KY - Name Listing
Tackett Photos
Old Tackett Mushroom Rd.
Thompson Cemetery map Route 1910 off route 164. Contributed by Joel L. Carter
Thompson-Nesbitt Rt. 1626 between Soldier and Olive Hill
Tick Ridge Photos contributed by Dorine Dean
Triplette Mouth of Gollihue Branch
Trumbo Trumbo Hill Rd.
Underwood (1) Near the intersection of Rt. 182 and S. Sand Ridge Rd.
Underwood (2) Located on a hilltop between Lawton & Dry Branch
Valandingham Maggart Hill Road
VanHoose VanHoose Cemetery Road
VanHoose (unmarked graves info)
Waddell Near Jacobs, Ky.
Waggoner (1) None available.
Waggoner (2) Located on Damron Branch
Walker, David L. 1 mile north of Elliott Co. line off Rt. 7
Walker, Henry Near Grayson Lake campground
Walker, William Walker Cemetery Rd. south of Grayson
Walnut Grove Walnut Grove Road
Watson Link to Tombstone Central
Webb (1) US 60 & Rt. 2078 (Garvin Ridge Road)
Webb (2) Smith Run Rd.
Webb Photo
Wells Branch Head of Wells Branch.
Whitt Directions
Wilson Near Willard, Ky.
Carter County People Buried Outside the County
Eden's Chapel Cemetery Hillsboro, Ky.
Benjamin Messer Detroit, Michigan
Zorns/Zornes Wise Co., Texas
Underwood Sheridan Wyoming Municipal Cemetery
William Haney Oliver Haney Cemetery, Stacy Fork, Morgan Co., Ky.
Greathouse Cemetery Bell County, Texas
Kehoe Cemetery Greenup Co., Ky.
Grizzell Family Cemetery Kenton Co., Ky.
Millard Bryant Camp Nelson National Cemetery
Andrew Jackson Gorman Memphis National Cemetery, Shelby Co., Tenn.

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Cemetery Preservation

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