Church-Gollihue Cemetery, Carter County, Kentucky

Submitted by: Michelle Gollihue

The Church-Gollihue Family Cemetery is located on Stonewood Dr., which is actually a private road that leads to the homes of Joe and Louise (Gollihue) Church, Norman and Gail (Gollihue) Colley and Loraine (Yates) Gollihue. On top of the hill behind the home of Joe and Louise is the cemetery.
The very first grave in this cemetery was the son of Joe and Louise Church, John David Church in 1990.

To get to this cemetery from Grayson head north on KY State Route 1, go through Willard and turn left onto KY Rt. 1496 (Lost Creek) go about a mile to the first black top road on the left (EK Mines Branch) and turn left, travel this road until you pass the bus turn around and turn right up the gravel road before going up the hill towards Davy's Run. At the top of the hill there is a cattle crossing and a brick home.
From here you can look up on the hill behind the house and see the fenced in cemetery.

Beecher Gollihue
Son of Bazil and Malissa (Wilson) Gollihue

Footstone for Beecher Gollihue

Donna Canterbury
Daughter of Gail (Gollihue) Colley and Doug Branham

Eliza Holbrook Browning.
Daughter of Anna May Kitchen Holbrook and Brice (Hunter) Gollihue

Georgia and Norman Colley.
Parents of Norman Colley and Rose (Colley) Gollihue.

John David Church son of Joe and Louise (Gollihue) Church

Stone at the head of this flower bed belongs to Leonard Franklin Gollihue Jr.,
Son of Leonard and Natalie Gollihue. He died moments after birth.

Footstone for Norman Colley

Wetzel Van Browning
Husband of Eliza Holbrook

View of the Church-Gollihue Cemetery.

Church-Gollihue Cemetery

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