Duncan Cemetery

There is a cemetery on 64 West almost to mile marker 160 that I am unable to find any information on. At the edge of the guard rail there is a trail that leads up the hill to a fence line. Follow the fence line to the right and there is the Duncan Cemetery (at least that is what my family calls it). Buried there is James Withrow and his wife Etta Applegate-Withrow. Also there is a fairly new marker for Mollie Duncan. There are other stones there, but it was mid summer when I was there and the growth was very thick. I figured the snakes were just as thick, so I did not push my luck.

The story goes that the Duncan Family Farm was split by the highway. There is an old shack on the opposite side of the highway. My mother remembers the highway officials calling to see if my family wanted to move my great-grandparents' graves when the highway was put in, but my grandfather said "no". I have contacted the highway department and they sent me the names of the cemeteries that were affected and graves that were relocated. I did not find this one in the documents. No one seems to know anything about this cemetery accept a cousin of my mother that lives in the area.

Submitted by: Shawna Holland