Garvin Ridge Cemetery, Carter County, Kentucky

Submitted by Janet Barras

This is the headstone of Uncle William Sherwood Tackett,
who was married to Aunt Magnola Wells Tackett who is buried next to him.

This is the back of the headstone of Stella Wells.
Stella was the wife of Willard Franklin Wells.

Mary Cornett Eldridge Holbrooks and Sarah Alice Hicks.

Mary Ann Hicks Tackett.

W. S. Tackett.

Lillian Pearl Wagner b. July 24, 1923 d. July 24, 1990.
Daughter of Albert S.Wagner & Lacy E. Davis

James Edward Wagoner, son of Albert Sidney Wagner & Lacy E. Davis

James Edward Wagoner b. June 29, 1926 d. Sept 10, 1991 (son of Lacy E.Davis & Albert S. Wagner).

Albert Sidney Wagner.

Albert Sidney Wagner, b. Jan 10, 1890, d. Apr. 30, 1953,
son of James Wagner & Minnie Pelfrey &
Lacy Ellen Davis, b. May 28, 1899, d. Jan 30, 1970, daughter of Levi Davis & Martha Malory

Infant dau. of Mr & Mrs Othel Tackett, born & died Aug 14, 1951.

Alta b. Sept 10, 1922- & Othel V. Tackett b. May 16, 1916, d. June 3, 1979. Married May 12, 1946.

Cleo Tackett Fredricks B.Nov 5, 1915, d. Feb 2, 1958.

Anna M. 1906-1985 & Ottis C. Tackett 1904-1954.

Eva Tackett 1904-1988 & Rev. G. J. Tackett, 1901-1958.

Robert F. Tackett b. Feb 14, 1928, d. May 10, 1952.

Roy E. Tackett 1904-1973.

Bertha b. 1892 - d. 1964 & Reece H. Tackett b. 1888 - d. 1961.

Christine b. May 29 1918, d. Mar 8, 1978 & Vernon Tackett b. Oct 15, 1913, d. Mar 18 1967

Just a large stone that has W..S.Tackett on the top of the stone.
Think it might be William Sherwood Tackett, husband to Magnola Wells Tackett, who is buried nearby.

Magnola (Wells) Tackett, b. Jan 1, 1887 d. Oct 12 1944.
Was married to William Sherwood "Charmin" Tackett, son of Thomas Jeffrson Wilson Tackett.
Maggie was the sister to Claude W. Wells. William, her husband, was Thomas Henry Tackett's brother.
There is also a stone in the same cem. with W.S.Tackett on the top of the stone.
Wonder if this is her husband William Sherwood?
I heard he is buried elsewhere.

Magnola (Wells) Tackett, b. Jan 1, 1887 d. Oct 12 1944.
Araminta Serena Viars Wells, b. Sept 1 1862 d. Aug 8 1954,
mother of Claude W Wells, Willa Tackett's mother-in-law.

Rosie B. Tackett b. Dec 22, 1869 - d. Dec 31, 1945.

Stella Wagner Wells standing behind the grave of Margaret E. Wells Sundys & Billy Sundys.
Mother & Son. This grave is located next to Willa Tackett & Claude Jr. Wells grave.

Willa Mae Susan Tackett Wells ( 1896-1983) & Claude Jr.( 1923-1991). Mother & Son.
Notice the grave of Claude. The caretakers cannot get any grass to grow on his side.
It is totally barren and they have tried everything.
Even weeds won't grow there.
Claude Jr also has his name on the stone with my dad in San Deigo, Calif, where he was to be buried.

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