Bell County, Texas

Submitted by: David Tucker

Sena Bays, daugther of Samuel Logan Bays and Lucinda Jane Counts.

Sena married James Harris in Carter County in 1872 and they are shown in the 1880 census index of Carter County.

This photo is from the Greathouse Cemetery in Bell County, Texas. It shows that Seny Harris,
wife of James Harris was born on January 20, 1857 and died on July 26, 1894.

Jesse Harris was the son of Willis Harris and his wife Harriet (Newman) Harris. Jesse was born in Carter County, Kentucky.

These tombstones are for the parents of James Harris who married Seny Bays, daughter of Samuel Logan Bays and Lucinda Jane Counts.
Willis and Harriet lived in Carter County for a number of years and are shown on the 1860, 70 and 80 census records.
Birth dates and places of birth indicate that the Harris family moved to Texas between 1882 and 1884.
Other researchers show that Willis was born in North Carolina and that his wife Harriet Newman was born in Lee County, Virginia.

Sons of James Harris and Seny (Bays) Harris, daughter of Samuel Logan Bays and Lucinda Counts.
Roy was born after the move to Texas but John and Logan were born in Carter County.
Logan was named after his grandfather Samuel Logan Bays.

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