Kenton Co., Ky.

Submitted by: Phyllis Waddell

"This photo sent to me by Roy Ames Grizzell (born 1918) whose line of descent goes through Solomon Grizzell (Born 1787) to William Grizzel (born January 1,1754).

A number of years ago, Roy Grizzell and others who were researching the Solomon Grizzell line had found the cemetery where Solomon and some of his family
were buried. I have a copy of a letter in which there is a discussion of this cemetery and its location in Kenton County Kentucky.
Apparently, even at that time, there were only two stones standing: one of Solomon and one of a member of the McCullom family.
According to the YMCA people who had watched over the cemetery, it seems that city kids from Cincinnati had vandalized the cemetery;
however the YMCA had a record of all the people buried there, and it was passed on to Roy."

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