Submitted by: Vanessa Farnsworth

Go east from Morehead toward Olive Hill on SR-60 for 5.8 miles. Turn right on 174, go 7.3 miles to 955 and turn right 
for .7 miles. There is a single wide on the right hand side of the road on a little hill with #461 on the mailbox. 
The May Cemetery is beside the single-wide. Anything in parenthesis has been added by Vanessa Hyatt Farnsworth.

Thomas May--1868-1882

Emma E. Bailey--Jan 31, 1870  Aug 22, 1890 wife of G. M. Bailey (daughter of William Miles May and Mary Johnson May)

Clyda Bailey--Aug 4, 1890  Sep 4, 1890 son of G. M. and E. E. Bailey 

Claude May--1894-1912

Everett May--1902-1904

Maud May--1892-1893

W. M. May--1835-1903

Mary May--1828-1904

R. Agnes Gearhart--Nov 1, 1904  Nov 22, 1904 dau. Of Herbert & Dolli Gearhart 

Sarah J. Gearheart--Jan 8, 1862  Apr 22, 1893 wife of Z. Gearheart (daughter of William Miles May and Mary Johnson May)

Geo. E. Gearheart--Apr 18, 1893  Aug 6, 1893 son of Z and S. J. Gearheart

W. P. May--Oct 16, 1866  Sep 30, 1934 (son of William Miles May and Mary Johnson May)

Mary May--Feb 6, 1872  Jan 24, 1966 (wife of W. P. May)

Sylvia Jean Ingram--Mar 6, 1941  Mar 26, 1942

W. O. Osborn--Feb 2, 1866  Sep 8, 1939

Amanda Osborn--May 16, 1868  Nov 17, 1905 wife of W. O. Osborn (daughter of William Miles May and Mary Johnson May)

These children are on the same marker with their mother Amanda Osborn: James 1899-1899

Ollie and Audie (twins) 1905-1905

John M. Boggs--1900  1959

Anna May Boggs--Dec 27, 1928  Aug 14, 1932

Violet Boggs--Jan 20, 1934  Jan 20 1934

Vivian Boggs--Jan 20, 1934  Jan 20, 1934

Several graves marked with just stones. 

"If you are interested, I think it is within a mile or two past this cemetery you go around a curve to the right and the road goes over a culvert and there is a driveway just immediately after that. We stopped at this house to inquire about the cemeteries we were looking for, as it had been probably 18 years since I had been there. The man told us about a cemetery on top of the hill just where the road goes over the culvert on the right. In the winter you would probably be able to see the headstones from the road. It is very overgrown and probably 70+ graves. No one has been buried there since 1975 with many old graves. This cemetery will be lost if someone does not index it. I went through it just to see if I recognized any of the names. I did not. In the summer it was very grown over and dense, so if someone could find it while the leaves were off the trees, it would be easier to index."

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