McFerren Cemetery

Submitted by: Mary Littleton

McFerren Cemetery is located between Three Pine and Corey, in the Olive Hill area.
You will notice that Dr. John H Steele and Sarah McFerrin Steele have two monuments.  
The newest one also included George and Nancy B Steele on the opposite side.
James Lochard Steele (unmarked) 1877-1922
Laura Steele  (unmarked) 1861-?
These are photos of Steele-McFerrin graves taken in the 1980's.   

McFerren-Cemetery Sign

McFerrin, Addie 1866-1895

McFerrin, Eliza Everman2 1833-1891

McFerrin, Eliza Everman 1833-1891

McFerrin,James F. 1829-1896

Steele, George D. 1873-1901 Nancy B. 1878-1904

Steele, John H 1830-1907

Steele, John H 1830-1907 Sarah Frances McFerrin 1836-1895

Steele, Sarah McFerrin 1837-1895

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