Carter County Cemetery Listings

Compiled by Donald Meenach and Charles Crawford

Contributed by Donald Meenach

Cemetery Listings and Locations

Cemetery name range
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Abbott-Caudill through Ash-Qualls (1)
Bagby Memorial through John Bayless
Bear through Bethel
Biggs through Bowen Chapel
Bowling #1 through Burchette-Daily
Burchett-Plummer through Burton Farm
Callihan through Clark
Clay through Counts-Reid
Crawford through Crisp
Damron through Denton
Eagle Hall through Erwin
Erwin on Erwin Ridge through Everman
Fairview (old) through Fultz, Barney
Garvin through Garvin Ridge
Gearhart through Grayson Area-Kitchen
Grayson Memorial
Grayson (old)
Greasy Creek through Grubb
Hale through Henderson, Alexander
Henderson, Perry G. through Hylton, D. A.
Iron Hill through Junior O. U. A. M.
Keffer through Knipp-Tackett-Ash
Lambert, Lowell Farm through Lyon
Mabry through Masters
Mauk through McGlone
McGlone Creek through Memorial Gardens
Mennix/Meenach through Mountain Top
Newell through Owens-Lawhorn-Smokey
Parsons through Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Valley
Plummer through Purnell
Queen through Russell
Salusbury through Swint
Tabor through Taylor
Thompson-Nesbitt through Tussey
Underwood #1 through Vincent (old)
Waggoner #1 through Walnut Grove
Watson through Wells Branch
Whitt through Zornes-Carver
Abbott-Caudill through Zornes-Carver (all listings in one LARGE file!)
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