O'Neal Cemetery

"The O'neal cemetery is on RT.60 near Stinson. If you are going from Ashland to Grayson on Rt. 60 it is on the right side in 
Stinson up on a hill between 2 houses. The property owner has a white house with out buildings and that is where you park.

There appears to be 19 or 20 graves of those 20, 4 have unmarked stones and 
one grave appears to have 2 stones for the same person. This cemetery is on the property which was owned by my 
Greatgrandmother Barbara Ellen Oneal. The marked stones are Barbara Ellen O'neal 1859-1943 and (my Grandfather) 
Willard O'neal her son 1899-1946. They share the same stone. Bob Oneal 1-20-1882 and what appears to say is 11-17-1908. 
This too is Barbara Ellens son. I am sure of the birthdate and month and year he died but not positive of the day of the 
month but a family member is checking that out and will let me know. Henry Ferguson born and died 6-13-1924. 
On the same stone is Helen Louise Ferguson 6-13-1924 to 7-18-1927. This appears to be the same person but 2 stones 
Freddie Hale 1949 to 1982 and Freddie V. Hale 12-26-1949 to 5-27-1982. Hazel Oneal 5-6-1925 to 7-26-1926. 
Kathleen O'neal 6-20-1926 to 6-12-1967.James Robert O'neal 1956 to 1958. Toshie Komori O'neal 1-27-1930 to 6-5-1961. 
Darrell Rupert 1951 to 1977. Kathleen Sexton O'neal 1927-1967. Willard Odell Hale 1916 to 1951. 
Beverly Janis Hale 1953-1955. Noble E. Lemaster 12-20-1916 to 6-14-1927. Gaylord R. Ferguson 3-2-1917 to 11-8-1919. 
It appears to be 1919 but I am uncertain of the last 9 so I will have that checked also. This cemetery is on a hill and 
quite a trip by foot up there. The path is cleared and as of now you need to park at the property owners and take the 
path behind the house along side the hill then up. As I said I will get you better directions tomarrow. 
On the stones some have ' in the name O'neal and others did not. You will see that in my spellings. 
Getting a picture of the entire cemetery was difficult because of the hill so hopefully one of these will be fine."

Contributed by Robin Lambright

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