Rocky Bend Cemetery, Carter County, Kentucky

Submitted by: Pat Fannin

Rocky Bend Cemetery cemetery is located on Rt. 1496 on top of a hill on the left side of Loss Creek Road (Rt. 1496). It is located exactly 3.4 miles from the junction of Rt. 1 and Rt. 1496 just outside of the community of Willard, Ky. Mr. June Bowling who lives within a quarter mile of the cemetery knows the precise location. A new gas or oil well was recently drilled at the foot of the hill where the cemetery is located.

"I was unfamiliar with this cemetery until recently. There are several families represented there including stones for: George & Freda Rice, Irene - wife of Author Jordan dated Oct. 9, 1898 - Feb. 1919 and many others."

"My interest had to do with the base of a monument that was erected for Benjamin Burchett, early resident of Loss creek. Only the base is left, as shown in two of the attachments to this email. The pictures of the base were taken on March 30, 2006. The upper portion of the monument was removed from the field below the cemetery some twenty years ago by Mr. Woodrow Burchett (deceased) and his son, Steven Burchett of Olive Hill,Ky. I saw the stone in Woodrow's garage when he lived on 13th Street in Ashland in the late 1980's. I photographed the stone at that time and have included the picture in one of the attachments."

"Could Mr. Steven Burchett, who now possesses the stone, be persuaded to part with it? Is there anyone locally who could arrange for the stone to be moved to the top of the hill at Rocky Bend? I could personally arrange for the re-attachment of the top to the base."

"Any assistance that you could offer would be most appreciated."


Pat Fannin (4th great grandson of Benjamin Burchett and Susannah Hearn Burchett of Loss Creek,Carter Co.,Ky.)
221 North Fifth Street
Ironton, Ohio 45638

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