Whitt Cemetery Directions

Whitt Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Carter County, but you have to go down through Elliott County and then go back up to Carter County to get to it. The old roads that led to this cemetery in Carter County were done away with when they built Grayson Lake.

Going south from Grayson on Route 7, go past the Grayson Dam & Park area, through the small town of Bruin, then on a place called Green. This should be around 17 miles. At Green, turn right at intersection on Route 504. At this intersection there is a store and gas station. On Rte 504, travel approximately 2.5 miles to an intersection. Right before this intersection, there is a bridge that crosses part of the Grayson Lake, then up a short grade.

This road has no name that I know of. Turn right at this intersection. Actually it is more than a right turn, as you will turn almost in the opposite direction. See Map.

Travel this narrow winding road approximately 3 1/4 miles. You will notice on the map that this road takes you through Ibex, although there is nothing there anymore. When the paved road ends, at the Elliott and Carter Co. lines, there is a house on the left. Continue on past this house, a 100 feet or so, there is a barn, on past this barn, on the left is the cemetery, about 50 feet from the road. If you are familiar with this area, you should have no problem finding this cemetery. I am attaching a map of the area from Green into the cemetery. If you have a hand held GPS unit, it would make this cemetery a little easier to find. The GPS coordinates are N 38 11.2359 - W 83 3.0831.

As you can see by this attached map, there are many other small cemeteries located near this one. Many of these cemeteries have other Whitts and Skaggs buried there.

Topo map (large)

Submitted by: Don Meenach