Submitted by: Michelle Gollihue

Wilson Cemetery is located on property owned by Jim Allen. I believe he lives up in the Paintsville area, he also owns the Willard Speedway that is located across the road from this cemetery. Directions to the cemetery from Grayson would be to travel north on State Route 1 go through the small town of Willard and turn left on Rt. 1496 (also known as Lost Creek) travel about 1 mile until you come to the first road on the left (EK Mines Branch). The cemetery is located up on top of the hill, behind that first trailer on the right. "If anyone is ever in the area and would like to go back I don't have a problem taking them to it. They just need to contact me and make sure they have good walking shoes on!" As you can see from the photo's I have taken this cemetery is almost lost! I am hoping to work on it this summer with my husband and children to try and clean it up. My husband was able to find where the old fence once was that contained all the graves and measured out on the south side it ran 95 feet, west 123 feet, north 110 feet and the east 185 feet. Although after walking the grounds there are some unmarked graves outside of this fenced in area. There is over 50 unnamed graves all marked with large rocks. Many of the graves have tree's growing on top of them. There are only 4 gravestones in the whole place and I have attached photo's of those as well. This cemetery is located up a hill off of Lost Creek. Other then just through research I am not sure how to find out who all is buried there and then we still wouldn't know the location. There is no road so it is quite a hike, I am hoping to get a 4-wheeler trail to it to help get work tools into it. No one may ever visit it but I will be happy to know it's not completely lost.
Headstone 1- Our Baby Violet Napier Dec. 6, 1942 - Dec. 12, 1942 Headstone 2- Gollihue Sam Rachel 1896-1954 1921- **Note- Rachel is not buried here! Headstone 3- In Loving Memory of Mother Goldie Gollihue Sept. 3, 1916 - Nov. 29, 1945 **Goldie's plot ones had a nice wire fence around it at one time, now it is broken and has fallen over the grave. Headstone 4 - (Front) (Back) (footstone) Our Darling When we learned to love C R Clarence Ruggles him best Christ came and Oct. 23, 1914 - Nov. 12, 1916 took him back to rest Baby


Violet Napier   Sam Gollihue



Goldie Gollihue   Clarence Ruggles

Unknown burials marked with stones





Wilson Cemetery


"I have learned through the daughter of Henry and Laura (Cook) Gollihue that both of her parents are buried there along with her brother Freeman Gollihue. Bill Yates has a daughter buried unknown mother, unknown years Goldie Mullins Gollihue also has a baby buried here, unknown sex, unknown years Malissa Stevens - daughter of Nora Alice Gollihue and Miriam Stevens. Malissa was about 2 when she stepped on a needle, got blood poisoning and died."

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