1850 Carter County Census Statistics

Population Statistics
Total Population 6241
White Males 3122
White Females 2838
Male Slaves 128
Female Slaves 129
Male Free Colored Persons 14
Female Free Colored Persons 10

Educational Statistics
Libraries 0
Universities or Colleges 0
Public Schools 16
Teachers in Public Schools 16
Students in Public Schools 696
Academies and Other Schools 0
Teachers in Academies and Other Schools 6
Students in Academies and Other Schools 0
White Males Attending School 347
White Females Attending School 295
Free Colored Males Attending School 0
Free Colored Females Attending School 0
Native-born Attending School 642
Foreign-borns Attending School 0
Adults Who Cannot Read and Write 958
% of Total Population Who Cannot Read and Write 15.4

Occupational Statistics
Persons Involved in Manufacturing 211
Number of Farms 654
Acres of Land on Improved Farms 28234
Acres of Land on Unimproved Farms 218630

Religious Statistics
Total Number of Churches 6
Number of Baptist Churches 4
Number of Methodist Churches 2

Vital Statistics
Births in Year Ending June 1850 235
Marriages in Year Ending June 1850 N/A
Deaths in Year Ending June 1850 54

Miscellaneous Statistics
Number of Dwellings 944
Persons Born Out of State But in the US 1487
Persons Born Outside of the US 40

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