Our World of 1940

Discovering the residents of Lick Branch hollow of a bygone era

My farm is in Lick Branch hollow, just northwest of Carter City. On this 1940 Magisterial map, each black square represents someone's home. There were many more houses in this hollow in 1940 than there are today. The nearby stone quarry probably had a larger payroll then. Our hollow is labeled "Rock Crusher" on this map. A name it carries among locals to this day.

There are actually more families listed on the 1940 census than there are little black squares on the above map. I know of one or two old homesites in one of my farm's side hollows that aren't shown on this map. So, I took the two pages of the 1940 Census that covered Lick Branch hollow and broke them into family groups. Below are my preliminary investigations into these families. Most interestingly, my neighbor Bertha (Parsons) Staggs, who was 20 at the time of the 1940 census, eventually returned to Lick Branch hollow sometime after this census. Bertha and her husband Henry O. Staggs had apparently moved away some time earlier, but the rest of the Parsons family was here in 1940. I hope to record some of Bertha's story some day. You wont believe this. Bertha had 17 brothers and sisters! God bless Nora Parsons!! ;) Bertha's present home is located just about where the black square is marked just to the right of "Poplar". I'll add more details to this page as time permits. Many of these families inter-married, and more than a few of my neighbors are related to these people, either by descent, marriage or kinship. Images of the original 1940 Lick Branch Census surveys are at the bottom of this page. I assume that the circled x next to some of the names indicates who the census taker spoke to.

1940 Census Page 8A

Minnie Melissa (Kiser) Hardymon/Hardyman (1896-1982) Laura May (Hardymon) Kiser (1914- ) Artty Elwood Hardman Jr. (1925- ) Mable Ailene "Lee" Hardymon (1920- )

John Arthur Kiser (1893-1979) Eva (Alexander) Kiser (1895-1992)

Ephrain Ogden Kiser (1890- ) Brother to John Arthur Kiser Ora (Lewis) Kiser

Elizabeth Rice and family - unidentified home owners

Mary Ellen (Davis) King (1865-1951) Harvey Davis (1907- )

Bender Hall (1897-1978) Nora M. (Davis) Hall (1902-1969) Georgia Marie (Hall) Parker (1925-2005), married Woodrow Parker

George Hobert T. Fultz (1867-1954) son of James Madison Fultz and Mary Stafford Melvina Taylor (Ash) Fultz (1871-1946) Ruth Fultz (unidentified) Lick Branch deeds for this family: 63-223 (1941) - 18 acres - land conveyed by Hobert Fultz and George Fultz to J. T. Fultz - cites Lyons neighboring tract - cites prior deed 51-639 (1927, "33 acres") "J. T. Fultz" is James Thomas Fultz (1888-1968), son of George Holbert Fultz. 66-452 (1944), Charlie McCoy to Dennis Fultz, 45 acres "Dennis Fultz" is John Dennis Fultz (1901-1963), son of George Holbert Fultz. Dennis was married to Almira "Allie" Staggs (1903-1984)

Thomas Fultz is James Thomas Fultz (1888-1968), son of George Holbert Fultz Mary (Jordan) Fultz (1906-1981) Their children are listed

John H. McGinnis (1904-1944), son of Thomas McGinnis and Ida Mae Parker Sarah Ethel (Staggs) McGinnis (1906-1988) Their children are listed Lick Branch deeds for this family: 61-160 (1939) - 75.5 acres - cites prior deed 15-145 (1909) which conveyed this tract from J. D. Hall ("D. H. Hall & Lillie B. Hall") to Amanda Parker also 35 acres - "Dan Hall Branch", cites Amanda Pitts & George McCay neighboring tracts, signed by Evert Davis, cites prior deed 44-161 (1926, W. F. Fultz to Amanda Pitts) 15-145 (1909) D. H. Hall & Lillian B. Hall, W. F. Cartee and Rebecca Cartee to Amanda Parker, 75.5 acres, "reserves a public road along the south hillside" Note "Dan Hall Branch" cited in deed text Probably: Danial Nelson Hall (1901-1961) & Lillie May (Mosier) Hall (1907-1989) William Franklin Cartee (1866-1952) Rebecca Lewis Cartee (1872-1925)

1940 Census Page 8B

George Hood, unidentified renter

William David McCleese (1889-1978) Melissa (Parker) McCleese (1901-1968) Forest McCleese (1918-1994) Their children are listed

Malon Litteral (1872- ) from Jackson Co., Ohio Bertha (Stephens) Litteral (1885-1945) Their children are listed

Everett Davis & family - unidentified renters

Vernon Plummer (1908- )- unidentified Note: there is a Vernon Leslie Plummer who was born in 1919 on Smith Branch

David Fletcher Lee (1910-1995) Louetta (Staggs) Lee (1912- ) James A. "Tudie" Lee (1932- ) David also married Mary Emma Staggs (1913- ) - James was actually Mary's son.

Davis Crockett Parsons (1882-1957) 18 children!!!! Elizabeth Nora (McGuire) Parsons (1890-1972) Bertha M. (Parsons) Staggs (1920- ) married Henry O. Staggs, lives in Lick Branch hollow today!!

At the time of this census, Bertha and Henry were renting a home on a farm on nearby Grassy Road.
Her young brother-in-law, Lafayette Staggs, was living with them.
Bertha was 20 and had been married four years already.

Full Images of 1940 Lick Branch Census Images, pages 8A & 8B

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