Richard Denton

Richard Denton		b. 1517 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England		d. in England
      married Gennett Banyster September 10, 1547 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England	b. 1527 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England      
	|-John Denton
	|-Janet Denton
	|-Samuelis Denton
	|-Sir Richard Denton		b. 1557 in Worley, Yorkshire, England	christened on 17 Sep 1557 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England	d. Dec. 9, 1619 in Hertfordshire, England
	        married Susan “Sibella” (unk)  in 1581 in Worley, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
		|-John Denton		b.16 Jul 1582.
		|-Thomas Denton		b. in 1584.
		|-Alice Denton 		b. 14 Nov 1585.
		|-Susan Denton		b. 22 Sep 1588.
		|-Margaret Denton		b. 10 Jan 1590
		|-Sir Richard Denton  (II Rev)	b. 1603 in Yorkshire, England	Christening April 19, 1603	Halifax, Yorkshire, England	d. 1663 in Essex, England	
		           A graduate of Cambridge in 1623, and acknowledged by many as the founder of Presbyterianism in America, Rev. Richard Denton came to New England in 1635.  
                      Before coming he was  a preacher in Halifax England.    From England, the Cambridge University listing for Richard Denton says: "Sizar of St. Catherine's Easter, 1621        
                      b.1603 in Yorks, B.A. 1622-3, priest 8   June 1623.  Deacon at Peterborough 9 March 1622-3. Curate of Coleys Chapel, Halifax, for some years."  ("Sizar" is defined as an undergraduate student.)	 
                      From New England  Genealogical Reg. 11/241:  Rev. Richard Denton came to American from the Parish of Owram, North England on the ship "James."  He lived in Wetheresfield and Stamford, Connecticut.  
                      The J.S. Denton papers show baptismal records of Nathaniel and Timothy sons of Rev. Richard Denton "in Parish Church of Bolton, England." Rev. Richard worked first with the   
                      famous preacher, Cotton Mather. Rev. Mather speaks of Rev. Denton in his early memoirs:  "Rev. Denton was a highly religious man with strong Presbyterian beliefs.  He was a small man 	
                      with only one eye, but in the pulpit he could sway a congregation like he was nine feet tall." 	In his book, "The History of the Clergy in the Middle Colonies" author Weiss makes reference to the 
                      religious conflict of early Connecticut which resulted in Rev. Richard Denton moving on to Hempstead, Long Island, NY in 1644.  He settled there in the midst of a large Dutch colony.  
                      However, there were also many English settlers living in the area without benefit of religious guidance.  With these scattered members for a beginning, Rev.Denton established the first Presbyterian Church in America.  
                      This church was so successful that soon the Dutch neighbors were attending services there.  History shows some 	  controversy developed when Rev. Denton began to baptize some of the 
                      younger children of the Dutch who did not agree with all the Presbyterian beliefs. The history of Hempstead, Long Island makes many references to the Dentons and their marriages and big families.  
                      The men were active in the local militias fighting the Indians and they developed excellent military experience that prepared them for officer commissions when they moved on to the Virginia frontier.
				From "Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664" a letter to the Classis of Amsterdam from Johannes Megapolensis and Samuel Drisius dated August 5, 1657:  "At Hempstead, about 		
				seven leagues from here, there live some Independents.  There are also many of our own church, and some Presbyterians.  They have a Presbyterian preacher, Richard Denton, a pious, 
 				godly and learned man, who is in agreement with our church in everything.  The Independents of the place listen attentively to his sermons; but when he began to baptize the children of 	
 				parents who are not members of the church, they rushed out of the church."  From another letter dated Oct. 22, 1659 the same writers continue:  "Mr. Richard Denton, who is sound in faith, 		               
 				of a friendly disposition, and beloved by all, cannot be induced by us to remain, although we have earnestly tried to do this in various ways.  He first went to Virginia to seek a situation, 			
				complaining of lack of salary, and that he was getting in debt, but he hasreturned thence.  He is now fully resolved to go to old England, because of his wife who is sickly will not go 			
				without him, and there is need of their going there on account of a legacy of four hundred pounds sterling lately left by a deceased friend, and which they cannot obtain except by their 			
				personal presence."  Rev. Richard Denton II had the following children:
		      married (unk)
			|-Sarah Denton	b. in 1623 in Wiltshire, England
			|       married William Thorne
			|	|-William Thorne
			|	|-Denton Thorne
			|-Daniel Denton	b.  in 1626 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England.  He was christened on 10 Jul 1632 in Halifax, England.  He died in 1703. 
			|           Daniel  was the author of "A Brief Description of New-York: Formerly Called  New-Netherlands . . ."  (London: Printed for John Hancock and William Bradley 1670; New 					
                |          York: Gowans, 1845) This promotional tract was written to encourage English settlement of territories lately seized from the Dutch and gives an account of the geographical 					
                |       features and general economy of the country  surrounding New York, relates some customs of the native inhabitants and offers incentives and advice to prospective settlers.  It 			
			|             was reprinted in the New York Times in 1900.  It said: "A second, perfect copy of this book previously unknown to bibliographers came to light at the sale of Lord 		
			|            Ashburton's library in November 1900. Mr. Brayton Ives paid $525 for this copy.  When Ives collection was sold in March, this same copy resold for $615.  A copy of this 		
			|      book is in the possession of Columbia University library."   In 1650 he was made town clerk of Hempstead, where his father was pastor, and in 1656 he held the same position 				
        		|           in the town of Jamaica.When his father removed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Denton remained on Long Island and in 1664 he became one of the grantees of a patent at 				
			|      Elizabethtown, NJ. In 1665 and 1666 he served as justice of the peace in New York, appointed by Governor Nichols.  He married Abigail Stephenson who bore three children 				
			|        and from whom he was divorced in 1672.  The two elder children remained with their father, while the infant, Mercy, accompanied her mother, who subsequently remarried. 				
			|          Denton left New York for England in 1670 (which may have occasioned his divorce), and there he evidently participated in settlement enterprises and possible in the newly 	
			|          acquired  (by the English) fur trade. "A brief Description of New-York" is a twenty-five page pamphlet describing the topography, climate, soil, fauna and flora, settlements, 				
			|       crops, products, trades and occupations of the area between the Hudson and Delaware rivers and includes Manhattan Island, Staten Island and Long Island.  He also included 				
			|         in this pamphlet some anecdotal relations of Indian customs and society.  Quite understandably, he did not describe the Indians as a threatening presence, noting that: "It 				
			|          hath been generally observed, that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them; by removing or cutting off the Indians, either by Wars one with the 				
			|	other, or by some raging mortal Disease."
			|        married Sarah Whitehead
			|-Timothy Denton	b. 23 Jul 1627 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England	christened in Parish Church of Bolton, England.
			|-Nathaniel Denton  b. in Mar 1628 in Bolton, Lancashire, England.  He was christened on 9 Mar 1629 in Parrish Church of Bolton, England.  
  			|	Nathaniel was baptized later in life on 			
			|            March 9, 1682.  He died on 18 Oct 1690 in Jamaica, Queens CO, NY.  Nathaniel was the first Town Clerk of Jamaica, L.I., NY:  "Records of the Town of Jamaica, Long 	
			|         Island, vol. I, Page 1.  A Town Meeting head of ye Town ye 18th of February 1656.   Daniel Denton chosen to write & enter all acts and orders of public concernment of ye 	
			|            Town and is to have a daie's work a man for ye said employment.  It is voted & concluded by ye Town y whosoever shall fell any trees in yue highways shall take both top
			|          and body out of ye highway.  It is further voted and agreed upon by ye Town y whosoever shall kill a wolfe within ye boundary of ye Town shall have feiveteen shillings for 
			|          every woolf. Likewise it is agreed upon by ye Town that whereas they have the Little plains by purchase and patent within their limits to maintain their rights & privileges in 	
			|           ye said place from any such as shall goe to deprive y off it & soe to make use off it as they shall se cause. These taken out of ye ould towne book by me, Nathaniel Denton, 	
			|	Clerk."    Nathaniel applied for land at Elizabethtown, NJ in 1664 but probably died at Jamaica.
			|       married Sarah Smith
			|	|
			|	|-Nathaniel, Jr. Denton Jr.
			|	|        married Elizabeth Smith
			|	|	|-Nathaniel Denton III
			|	|	|-Catherine Denton
			|	|	|-James Denton
			|	|	|-Robert Denton
			|	|	|-Nehemiah Denton
			|	|	|-Timothy Denton
			|	|	|-Deborah Denton
			|	|	|-Martha Denton
			|	|
			|	|-Samuel Denton
			|	|      married Mary Brush
			|	|
			|	|-Richard Denton
			|	|       married Mary Foster Thurston
			|	|
			|	|-Phoebe Denton
			|	|      married John Foster
			|	|
			|	|-Maria Denton
			|-Richard Denton III	b.  in 1630 in Bolton, Yorks, England	d.  26 Dec 1658 in Dorchester, MA. lived in Dorchester, MA and also left many descendants in Long
			|	Island, NY.  His estate inventory, filed 6 Oct. 1659 by Abraham How and  John Minotte, totaled 57 Pounds, all left to his widow.
			|        married Ruth Tileston		also married Timothy Foster
			|	|
			|	|-Ceertje Denton	b. 1658 in Jamaica, Queens, NY
			|	|       married (unk) Losee
			|	|
			|	|-Phoebe Denton
			|-Phebe Denton 	b. 29 Sep 1634 in England		d. 18 Oct 1658 in Hempstead, LI, NY.
			|       married John Foster
			|-John Denton	b. in 1636.  Family notes indicate that John had a son named John who was born in 1664/1665and that this son went to Virginia later.
			|      married (unk)
			|	|-John Denton	b. 1665
			|-Adm. Samuel Denton		May 29, 1631 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England	d. March 20, 1713 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England
			             He was christened in Coley Chapel, Halifax, England.  Samuel was listed on the 1673 Dutch Census at Hempstead, NY and owned property in Hempstead from 1662 and 		
		                  lived in the area most of his life. Transactions in 1703 show that he owned slaves.  In 1685, he was reported to be owning 240 acres of  land.  The 1698 Census at 			
			             Hempstead, NY lists six of his nine children.   "New York Surrogate 8-305:Adm. Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead, intestate March 20, 1713 to his 				
                             sons Samuel and Jonas."  Papers filed with the clerk in Court of Appeals, Albany, NY named a daughter, "Hannah, wife of  Thomas Treadwell,"  also             
                             spelled Tredwell. From the "Tennessee Valley Historical Review:" Hempstead town records show that Samuel Denton and others took up land, 50 acres each, on                            
                             the same terms 	  as the first proprietors.  In 1663, jointly with Thomas Rushmour, Samuel Denton obtained all rights and privileges upon Matthew Garrison's Neck and at Mattinacock, from 	
		 Jeremy Wood of Hempstead.  On April 18, 1665, John Smith of Hempstead sold to "my son-in-law Samuel Denton" certain lands.  In 1698 he was called Samuel Denton, 	
		Senior.  A deed of gifts from Samuel Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman, in consideration of "paternal love and affection I have and do bear 	toward my well-beloved son 	
		James Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman" to land within the township of Hempstead.  December 16, 1710.    The date of Samuel's inventory was March 15, 1713 and was 	
		taken by Obediah Volintine and James Serion.  "March 10, 1713, Hempstead.  Mary Denton ye widdow and Relict of Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead in Queens Co., 	
		doth for divers good causes and consideration hereunto moving, refuses to administer upon the estate of her deceased husband, Samuel Denton."  So the administration was 	
		granted to Samuel and Jonas Denton, sons of said deceased.  The records pertaining to the administration of the estateclearly show receipts from the children calling each by 
		name. Therefore we have a definite list of the children of Samuel and Mary Smith Denton	.From Genelogical Data from Inventories of NY Estates 1666-1825 by 	
		Kenneth Scott and James Owne.  "Denton, Samuel of Hempstead, Queens CO., yeoman - Renunciation (20 March 1713/4) of Mary Denton of  her right to administer the 	
		estate of her dec'd husband in favor of his sons, Samuel and Jonas Denton.  Her renunciation was witnessed by Jacob Smith and John Sprague. Inventory (15 March 1713/4) 	
		taken and appraised by Obadiah Volentine and James Searing, by order of Col. John. Jackson, J.P.  The chief item was aNegro boy and girl (90 Pounds) and a Negro man 	
		listed as 'worth nothing.' Account of Samuel and Jonas Denton, administrators, records the following payments to heirs of the dec'd.:  to Mary Denton (Widow of the dec'd) 	
		to Peter Smith (Son of Mary Ellison, dec'd who was a daughter of the intestate), to Joseph Robinson and Jane his wife (who was a daughter of the dec'd., to Jonathan Seaman 	
		and Elizabeth his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Abraham Denton (son of the intestate, to James Denton (son of the intestate), to Thomas  Beadwell and Hannah his 	
			wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Robert Mitchell and Phoebe his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Ezekiel Smith and Martha his wife (a daughter of theintestate) and 
				to Jonas Denton (a son of the intestate)." 
			       married Mary Rock SMITH in 1656 in Hempstead, LI, NY. 1640 in Dorchester, MA.  or Stamford, CT	d. 15 Mar 1713 in Hempstead, Queens CO, NY.
					d/o John Rock Smith &  Elizabeth GILDERSLEEVE
				|-Jane Denton was born in 1664 in Hempstead, LI, NY.
				|-Samuel Denton II 	b. in 1665 in Hempstead, LI, NY.      d. in Feb 1719.  From Samuel's will:  "In the name of God, Amen.  I, Samuel Denton, of Hempstead, in 
				|                 	Queens Co., being in perfect health.  I leave to my well beloved wife, Abigail, all my houses, lands and meadows for her sole use for the maintenance of 				
   				|	our children during the time of her widowhood. Also the use of all such lands as may be |purchased by my executors.  But if she marries then she is to 				
				|	surrender up all said houses and lands to the use of my son Joseph.  I also give her one-third of all personal estate.  I empower  my executors to sell my 				
				|                meadow lying at a place called Far Rockaway in Hempstead and the proceeds are to be divided among my daughters.  I leave to my son Joseph all my houses, 	
				|                lands and meadows (except as above) and all such lands as shall be purchased by my executors.  I leave to my four daughters, Mary, Deborah, Jemima and 				
				|                 Anne, the other two-thirds of my personal estate when of age or married.  And because my land is but indifferently timbered, I empower my executors to sell 				
				|	any of my lands and meadows, at any time during my son's minority, and to purchase for him other lands better timbered.  I make my brother, Jonas Denton, 		
				|	and my loving friend, Samuel C. Emery, Jr. of Flushing, executors."  Dated February 14, 1717.  Witnesses:  George Cook, Thomas Kebble, S. Clowes.  				
				|	Proved, May 27, 1719.  "Samuel Denton of  Hempstead, Queens CO, yeoman:  Inventory dated 16 Feb 1719 taken and appraised by Isaac Smith and John 				
				|	Searing and exhibited on 10 Oct 1720 by Samuel Emery,one of the executors.  The largest item listed was two Negro men at 50 Pounds."
				|-Mary Smith Denton was born in 1668 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  She died in 1698.
				|-James Denton was born in 1670 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  He died in 1723 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  James was from Herrick in the Township of Hempstead, Queens CO, 			
				|                  Long Island.  On January 1697 he made a deed for land at Herrick which he bought from Samuel Williams.  There is dated December 16, 1710, a deed of gift 		
				|	from his father, Samuel Denton, Sr.	At a town meeting on April 1, 1708, James was chosen to see that the "highways and fences be kept in good order, 	
				|	for the North side of town."  From James' Will:  "In the name of God, Amen.  I James Denton, of   Herricks, in the town of Hempstead, in Queens Co., 				
				|	being very ill of body.  I leave to my wife, Jane, all of my moveable estate and household goods, 'and cattle and living creatures,' and use of my dwelling 				
				|                house, and one half of my barn and one half of all lands and meadows during her widowhood and after her death the whole is to go to my son James Denton. If 				
				|                he dies before he is of the age of twenty-one, then all my houses and lands are to go to Samuel Denton, son of my brother Samuel and to my brothers, Abraham 			
				|	and Jonas Denton.  I make my wife and my son James and my brother-in-law, William, executors." Dated the 7th day of  he 3rd  month, 1713.  Witnesses, 				
				|              Ezekiel Smith, Joseph Wood.  Proved at  Jamaica before Isaac Hicks, Judge, February 3, 1723.     "Queens Co., February 3, 1723,  there appeared before 	
				|                 me, George Clarke, authorized by his excellence, James Denton, one of the executors, who being a known Quaker, was duly attested to the execution of said 		
				|	will by me."
				|-Hannah Denton was born in 1673 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  She was buried in 1748 in Sunk Meadow, Smithtown, NY.  She died on 17 Aug 1748 in Smithtown, LI, NY.  		
				|                  The office of the Surrogate of the county of New York shows letters of administration on the estate of Hannah's husband, Thomas Treadwell, granted on 23rd 			
				|	of August, 1722.  The memorandum of her oath, taken on the same day in qualifying as administratrix, is on file in the office of the clerk of the Court of 				
				|	Appeals at Albany, NY. By an instrument she released to her son, Benjamin Treadwell, her interest in the property on Great Neck whereon her husband was 				
				|	residing at the time of his decease.  This homestead comprised 250 acres in the present town of North Hempstead.  After Thomas' death, Hannah moved to 					
				|	Smithtown and lived with her son Timothy until her death.
				|-Jonas Denton   b.  1677 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  He died in 1717.  Jonas, his family and cousin Jonathan Seaman moved west along an old trail from New York 					
				|                  through Carlisle, PA, crossing the Potomac River near where Peter Stephens ran a ferry.  Later Robert Harper established Harper's Ferry there.  From this 		
				|	point, the Dentons skirted over to Winchester. Jonas bought 3,100 acres from Joist Hite on March 26, 1735.  The other  Dentons probably made their 	
				|          settlement official by purchasing land from the Hites.  The new home was near the Great Road from the Carolinas to Philadelphia (now U.S. Highway 11), cut 			
				|             out by the Indians years before.Jonas, John Denton and Thomas Palmer bought 3,100 acres of bottom land along the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in 		  			
				|            the vicinity of Tom's Brook, VA from Joist Hite for 200 pounds, March 26, 1735. (Joist Hite of Lancaster, PA, of German descent, along with Robert McKay 					
				|             had taken 100,000 acres of land in the colony of Virginia, October 21, 1731. They  settled both German and Scotch-Irish families on the land.)  According to 					
				|              Deed Book, B, p. 544, Frederick CO Court, Winchester, VA, dated August 20, 1777, the deed to the 3,100 acres was not recorded until 1777 because of the 					
				|                 Joist Hite-Thomas Lord Fairfax litigation which began in 1749 and did not end until after the Revolutionary War.  It was settled in favor of Hite in 1786 -- 					
				|              twenty-six years after the death of Hite, and four years after Thomas Lord Fairfax's death.  Part of the Jonas Denton land was mentioned as being in Augusta 					
				|       	Co.. However, when Jonas and Jane Denton were in their advanced years, Jonas had turned his land over to his sons and was "just living on the land."  					
				|                 Evidently, the squabble between Hite and Fairfax took its toll; both Jonas and Jane Denton were reported to have been severely senile in their latter years.  					
				|                Interestingly, Lord Halifax lived his last years alone at Greenway  Court. No women were allowed!  His experience with a lost love affair in England drove 					
				|	him to despair!
				|       m1. Jane Seaman
				|       m2. Jane Hardenbrock
				|	|
				|	|-John "John,Jun" Denton {Capt.}
				|	       married Sarah O’dell
				|		|	
				|		|-John Denton Jr.
				|		       married Ann Margaret Weaver
				|			|
				|			|-John Denton
				|			       married Jane French
				|-Phoebe Denton was 	b. in 1679 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  She died in 1728.
				|-Martha Denton 	b.  in 1681 in Hempstead, LI, NY.
				|-Elizabeth Denton     b. 1683 in Hempstead, LI, NY.  In the records of the Reformed Church of Tappan, Orange CO, NY (now Rockland) we find the baptism records 		
				|	of some of the children, namely Jaconiah, Jane, Eamie, Jonas, Elizabeth and Jonathan.  The older children were evidently born before the family moved to 		
				|	Tappan and not included in the baptismal records.
				|-Hannah Denton
				|-Abraham Denton Sr.			b. 1675 in Hempstead, New Jersey		d. 1729 in Orange Co., New York
  				      married Martha THORNE in 1699 in Orange Co., New York

Abraham Denton  Sr.		b. 1675 in Hempstead, New Jersey (New York?)		d. 1729 in Orange Co., New York buried in Orange CO, NY.  Abraham was a private in Captain 
		Cornelius Haring's company from Orange, CO, NY during 1715. He had purchased land from Richard Volentine of Hempstead on March 3, 1700. The Orange CO, NY records show, "Abraham 
	Denton, Senr., of the Precinct of Haverstraw to son Abraham Denton, land.  Delivered in the presence of Jonas Denton and John Denton, and attested by Cornelius Herring, Jan. 10, 1729-30."
      married Martha THORNE in 1699 in Orange Co., New York	b. in 1679 in Woodstock, VA. 	d.  in 1730 in Orange CO, NY. 
	|-Martha Denton		b. 1704
	|-Capt. Abraham  Denton II		b. 1700, Hemstead, NY	d. 1774, Shenandoah CO, VA   buried Tom's Brook Plantation, Shenandoah CO, VA 	     BAPTISM: Aug 1774
	         His will was presented August 12, 1774.  He died at the Tom's Brook Plantation in Shenandoah CO, VA.  He was baptized on 12 Aug 1774.  He was buried in Tom's Brook Plantation, 
			Shenandoah CO, VA.  It is 	believed that Abraham, who was called "Captain" was a part of the militia used in defense of the settlers.  He was also referred to as Doctor when living 	
			on his plantation in the Shenandoah Valley.       "Abraham, according to sources in Orange CO, NY, had some problems with local law and soon after left the county for a new home
 			in the Shenandoah County of Virginia.  This was in 1729 or 1730.  Thus started the move westward, for his sons each moved in different directions into the frontier."
			Abraham's will was written August 20, 1774 and probated September 27, 1774 in Shenandoah CO, VA. "in the County of Dunmore, Colony of Virginia, being very sick and weak in body but perfect mind and 
			memory.  First leaving my loving kind and true wife Mary Denton and William Reno Executors.  I therefore will and bequesth my loving kind and true wife Mary Denton the lower part of my land and
			 plantation during her lifetime also the legal thirds of the moveable estate.  Also I give my well beloved son Abraham Denton
			my wearing clothes: two pr. boots, two coats, two vestcoats and one pr of breatches and as he has                         
			received his part of the land, I give unto him five pounds current money of Virginia to be paid to him out of my two daughters, Phebee Plumley and Martha Moore their parts of the 
			moveable estate and the land 	after my wife Mary Decrees the tract of land to be equally divided between them both that is to say Phebe Plumley and Martha Moore."  Signed Abraham Denton, Senr.  
			Witnesses: Mary Little, Dorothy (X) Clock, 	Elizabeth Smith, Mary Peerceson.
			From The Tennessee Valley Historical Review:  "Abraham Denton, Junior, became involved with the law in New York in about 1729-30.  He, along with some close relatives, left that state and headed for Virginia, 	
			crossing the eastern part of Pennsylvania and the  Northwestern part of Maryland. In the Valley of Virginia, then Orange County (later Augusta County) and the upper Virginia Valley,  (Frederick, later Dunmore, 	
			and still later Shenandoah County) we find Abraham and his family.  Also about the same time, Jonas Denton and others had reached the Virginia country.  Samuel, Robert, James and John Denton begin to appear 	
			in the same general locality.  The deeds in Frederick County clearly prove that the Dentonswere there as early as 1755 and became prominent citizens."
			Abraham left a deed dated August 12, 1774 which was signed by Mary Denton Little.   Dorothy Clock (Clark) Elizabeth Smith and Mary Pareson (Pearson) made their marks.   By this information, Mary Little was 	
			still living in 1774 and had enough education to sign her name. Abraham was a Captain in the French and Indian War in the Provincial Army of 1766.
			As the older generation died off, the younger ones became less rooted in the old lands and soon started departing for the southwest..
	      married Mary O'Dell in 1725 in Orange CO, NY	b. 1702 in Woodstock, Va.	d. 1779 in Shenandoah, VA	d. in 1777 in Shenandoah, VA.  d/o of Samuel O’Dell & Patience (unk)
			Will book A, page 200, Woodstock Shenandoah CO, VA pgs. 228-229. Administration and inventory of estate and apportionment.  
			Heirs: Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Smith and Daridea Clock (Clark).  These were probably Mary's sisters who took care of her in her old age as her 
			children had already moved on by the	time her husband died.  Capt. 	d/o Samuel O'DELL (b.  in 1670 in Westchester CO, NY. d.  in 1720) & Patience (unk) married in 1689)
		|-Ann Denton 
		|      married William Basel Hunt (after her death he married her sister Sarah)
		|	|-Vivian Hunt		b. 1787
		|-Sarah Denton
		|     married William Basel Hunt
		|-Nancy Denton 
		|     married Reuben Hunt 
		|-Joseph Denton	b. 14 Feb 1729 in Orange CO, NY. 	d.  in 1800 in Stockton Valley, KY 
		|  	From "The Denton Family" by David H. Templin:  "It seems that Joseph Denton moved about a great deal.  Joseph was a member of a militia company which was 
    		|	commanded by Captain John Tipton 		
   		| 	during 1775.  A Joseph appears briefly in Washington Co., NC and after a brief pause in the Cumberland settlements. 
   		|	 Joseph then moved north into KYand appears in the Stockton Valley of 	 		
  		|      	Ky." Apparently Joseph deserted from Col. John Tipton's company in the Revolutionary War and probably moved at that time to North Carolina. This was noted in a 
  		|	manuscript called the 	 	 	
  		|       	"Romney and Winchester Pay Roll," which included a list of Col. John Tipton's company. Joseph set up a Station north of the Cumberland River opposite what is now 
  		|	Nashville, TN in 1779.  He 		
   		| 	endured Indian skirmishes until about 1783. His name is on the Cumberland Compact of May 13, 1780.  At that time he was further west than any other Denton.  Later he 
  		|	would move northeast up 		
  		|  	the Cumberland into KY He received a grant for 200 acres in 1806 on the Alligator Fork  Creek of the Wolf River in Stockton's Valley, KYJoseph and Ann simply faded 
  		|	away with no documented 		
  		|  	final chapter. However, their children left their mark along the KYand Tennessee Border.  According to Dorothea W. Sargent, a descendant, Joseph was married first to a 
  		|	Patience who was killed by Indians along with his son. This may have been the reason for his desertion from Col. Tipton's company.
		|-Isaac Denton Sr. 	b. in 1733 in Shenandoah CO, VA. 	d. 14 Jul 1795 in Washington CO, TN. 
		|	 Isaac left his will in Washington CO, TN, Will Book Vol. 1, p. 34, 35. dated July 14, 1794 which lists his beneficiaries as wife
		|        married Anna  (unk)
		|	|-Isaac Denton		was killed by Indians
		|	|-Jeremiah Denton
		|	|-Martha Denton
		|	|-Agnes Denton
		|	|- Elizabeth Denton	
		|-Samuel Denton	b. in 1734 in Orange CO, NY. 	d. in 1811 in Pendleton District, SC.  
		|     Samuel was a Revolutionary War Soldier in the NC Continental Line and received bounty land in White CO, TN, as did his brothers James and Joseph. 
		|	He is in the DAR Patriot Index, Part 1, page 		
  		|   	1820.He was a private in the NC line. By 1769 both Abraham III and Samuel had joined a wagon train from the Shenandoah Valley to Lord Granville's land sale in North 
		|	Carolina. This wagon train  was made up of the then current younger generation of the Plumleys, Weavers, Moores, Hoggs, Dentons, etc.  
		|	This, the growing up children of the original immigrants to the Virginia frontier were 		
		|  	marrying and developing families of their own and hungered for land of their own. They could not afford the local land and family holdings were not large enough to divide 
		|	among all of the children.  When Lord Granville began to advertise his land for sale, it was a new frontier to these young families.  Tax lists and early censuses show that
		|           Samuel settled in what is now Granville CO while Abraham III settled in Caswell CO.  Each chose to settle near where their wives' relatives bought land -- the Moores around
		|	Samuel and the Hoggs around Abraham III's family.
		|-Martha "Mary" Denton	b. in 1736 in Shenandoah CO, VA.  	d. in 1794 in Washington CO, TN. 
		|        married John Tipton 	came with him to Washington CO, NC as his second wife.  She had 9 children by her first marriage as did Col. Tipton by his first marriage.  
		|	They added another to the total when they gave birth to Abraham in 1778.
		|-Phoebe Denton 	b. in 1737 in Shenandoah VA.
		|-Abraham Denton III	b. in 1726 in Orange CO, NY.  	d.  in 1827 in Obion CO, TN. 
		| 	From "The Denton Family" by David H. Templin, printed in the Smokey Mountain Historical Newsletter, Spring 1983:  "Abraham Denton moved to the Watauga settlements by 1775, 	
		|	and the family was forced back into Virginia by the Cherokee invasion during the summer of 1776.  Abraham was active in the affairs of Washington and Greene Counties.  Abraham 
		|              apparently was living in the section of Washington County which was formed into Greene County.  August 23, 1784, Abraham was a delegate from Greene County to the convention held 
		|	in Jonesboro and which  led to the formation of the State of Franklin.  Abraham was one of five grantees to 150 acres lying in the Fork of Big Pigeon and French Broad River.  This grant 
		|             was issued by North Carolina June 11, 1788.   The land is located in what is now Cocke Co., Tennessee.  The first church established in what is now Cocke Co., Tennessee was the 
		|             Big Pigeon Baptist Church.  Among the charter members is found Mourning Denton.  Abraham seems to have disappeared from East Tennessee by the time Tennessee became a state.  It is 
		|             said that he appears in White Co., Tennessee about 1809 and in Perry county in 1821. In her book, Edythe Whitely lists the children of Abraham and Mourning Denton.  The list seems 	
		|     to have been prepared from letters and other  papers collected from John S. Denton.  One letter cited in her book was from Holland Denton, grandson of Abraham and Mourning."  
		|     Abraham apparently fought with the North Carolina line in the Revolutionary War after he moved to the Yadkin river region.Abraham's movements:  1766 in NC; 1774 in Rowan   
		|	Co,NC; 1783 in Burke CO, NC then to Washington CO, TN (Sinking Creek); 1809 to 1821 in White CO, TN  and later to Hickman and Perry COs, TN.
		|-James Denton	b. 1735, Orange CO, NY		d. 1834, Fleming CO, KYor Bath Co., KY
		      	James was justice of the Washington CO Territory 'south of the River Ohio,' 1791.  (Now Tennessee)  He sold land to Isaac Denton, Henry Nelson and Jesse Whitson in 	
		    		1784.  In 1783 he bought land in Sullivan CO, TN (then NC) where he met the Hunts.  After his wife died he lived with his daughter Mary and her husband and then with 	
				some of his sons. Land Record:  "In obedience to his Lordship's order I have surveyed a tract of land for James Denton of Augusta CO., whereon he lives on the 		
		    	                branches of N. Shenandoah -- joining Abraham Denton.	Beginning at A two white oaks on a flat Ridge corner to Abraham Denton thence running No 60 degrees 			
	  	                           sixty poles to a red oak and a small hickory  at B, thence S 30 degrees W two hundred and eighty poles to a red -- two white oaks on a descent at C thence S 60 degrees E 			 
        		                        two hundred and eighty poles to three white oaks in the -- Denton at E thence with his line N 60 degrees west one hundred and eight poles to the beginning    
	               containing four hundred acres.  Chainmen, Thomas Grey and Joseph Langdon, Surveyed by John Baylis."  March 1, 1750.
		       	         James received a land grant for 403 acres on Sinking Creek near what is now Johnson City, TN.  (Recorded in Vol 1, North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, p. 11, 
    		       	           dated  3 April 1775.)  Grants were also obtained in this same area by his brothers Samuel and Joseph. James and Elizabeth moved into Sullivan Co., TN in late 				 
				1783 or early 1784.  In 1803 records of this family appear in what was then Wyoming, Bath CO, KY Family tradition says that James was crippled later in life 	
		      			and although he has no war record, he did assist in training men and furnished other help.  He was living with his grandson, William, at the time of his death.  It is said 
    				he died just three months short of his one hundredth birthday.
		         married  Elizabeth Harper SMITH  in 1765 in Shenandoah CO, VA.	b. in 1745	d. in 1798
 					Names: Denton, OVERALL posted by Lora Hunt Jeffries on Wednesday, December 6, 2000		<=  contact
SEE BELOW		|-Abraham Denton IV		b. 1776, Shenandoah CO, VA	d. Nov 1813, Bath Co, KY     buried in Bath CO, KY
			|-Ann Denton 		b.  in 1766 in Shenandoah CO, VA.  	d. in 1787 in TN.
			|     married William Basil Hunt	per Jackie Halterman letter					
			|-Mary "Polly" Denton		b. Oct. 13, 1769 in Shenandoah Co., Pa.		d. April 4, 1843 in Wayne Co., Indiana  buried in Huntsville Cem.Hunt  =>	
			|      married John Tipton Hunt	
			|-Nancy Denton 		b.  in 1770			d.  in Aug 1831 in Bath CO, KY
			|-Sarah Denton		b.  28 Oct 1770 in Shenandoah CO, VA.	   d. 26 Oct 1855 in Randolph CO, IN.  buried in Randolph CO, In.
			|     married William Basil Hunt	per Jackie Halterman letter					
			|-Benjamin Denton 		b.  about 1778 in Washington Co., TN.  	d. 1803	He was killed by indians in KYin 1803.
		 	|       married Deborah Hunt ABT 1802 in Fleming Co.,KY         d/o  John Tipton Hunt and Mary OVERALL)	Deborah then married Isaac HUTSON in 1803.
			|	  They were both killed by indians in 1812 at Fort Harrison  Isaac Hunt was killed at the same time.
			|	|
			|	|-John Hunt Denton 	b. 1803	 d: Dec 11, 1882 in Randolph Co., Indiana   buried in Maxville Cem.  per obituary
			|                  	“John Hunt Denton was raised by his aunt and uncle, Joseph and Dradena. He became very successful in adulthood in Randolph CO 
  			|		where he lived near Huntsville.”
			|	       married Julia Friar  on January 20, 1828		“seven children”
			|-Isaac Denton 		b.  in 1779			d. in 1812 or 1817
			|	Isaac was killed by Indians while a scout for a surveying expedition under General Hopkins near Ft. Branch, Gibson CO, IN.
			|-Joseph Denton		b. 4 Dec 1772 in Shenandoah CO, VA. 	d.  7 Aug 1823 in Fleming CO, KY 
			|	From "Ky. Explorer" Feb. 1996.  Story by Dr. William M. Talley, 110 Main St.  Lanceburg, KY41179:  "On May 12, 1800, Joseph Denton, Archibald 				   
	          	|	Glenn, William P. Ramey and Andrew Wills were appointed to view and mark out the nearest and best way for a road from the ford on the Licking River in the 	
			|	 Fleming CO, KYtown of Gath to intersect the road from Flemingsburg to Myers' ferry at or near Terhune's.  On July 14, 1800, they made their report stating 			
			|	that they had completed said order." Church records at Woodstock VA show that Joseph was baptized there  when he was eight months old.  He drowned in 			
			|	the Licking River near Sherburne, Bath CO, KY Joseph and Dradenna raised John Hunt Denton, the only child of Benjamin and Deborah Denton.
			|       married Dradenna Hunt about 1798 in Fayette Co., KY	b. 6 Nov 1772 or Dec 1781 in Shenandoah Co., VA.           d. 3 Sep 1844 in Benton Co. In 
			|	buried in Timmons Cem., Benton Co., IN. 		d/o  Rev. John Hunt Sr. and Mary Overall
			|	|
			|	|-Elisha Denton
   			|	|	info 1850 census, Benton Co., Indiana: Elijah Denton, 36, Ky; Mary Ann Denton, 18, Indiana; John Miller,18, Ohio
			|	|
        		|	|-William Denton 
        		|	|     married Elizabeth Botkin on 11 Feb 1834.
   			|	|	1850 census, Benton Co., Indiana: William Denton, 49, Ky; Elizabeth, 35, Tennessee; Mary Ann Denton,15, Indiana, etc.
        		|	|
			|	|-James Denton
   			|	|	1850 census, Benton Co., Indiana: James Denton, 39, Ky; Telitha, 31, Indiana; Esther Denton,8, Indiana, etc.
			|	|
        		|	|-Nancy Denton 
        		|	|      married George Smith 22 Sep 1830.
			|	|
        		|	|-Lewis Wilson Denton
			|	|
        		|	|-Joseph Denton
        		|	|     married Civilla Hoover		b. 2 1825	d. 3 1915.
   			|	|	1850 census, Benton Co., Indiana: Joseph Denton, 28, Ky; Civilla, 24, Ohio; Sarah H Denton,6, Indiana, etc.
  			|	|	| 
 			|	|	|-Sarah H. Denton	b. ca1844 in Indiana
  			|	|	|-Mary E. Denton	b. ca1846 in Indiana
        		|	|
			|	|-Esther Denton
			|	|       m1. Lewis Wilson Hunt. b. 2 1802 in Fleming Co., KY	d. 3  1869 in Gilman, Iroquois Co., IL buried in Barden Cem., Gilman?, Iriquois 	
			|	|		Co., IL.[Notes] 	s/o William Bazel Hunt & Sarah Denton
        		|	|
			|	|-Louis Wilson Denton	b. 9 Jan 1800.
        		|	|        married Malinda Alexander  28 Jan 1823 in Fleming Co., KY
        		|	|
			|	|-Basil Denton 	b. 1816	d. 1842
			|	|       married Matilda Hunt on 1840.
     			|	|
			|	|-Joseph Denton 	b. 1821
			|	|
			|	|-(unk) Denton
			|	      married (unk)
			|		|
			|		|-John Wesley Denton	b.  1838 IN.
			|		       married Elvira Hunt
			|-Martha Denton			b. Feb 1783 in  Sullivan Co., TN	d. Oct  14, 1875, Randolph CO, IN    buried Nettle Creek Twp. Randolph CO, IN
			|       married William VanLandingham  in 1799	b. 1780 	d. 1845 in Bath Co. or Fleming Co., KY         “this is my line”   per Bette Oden    <= contact
			|-William Denton		b. 1781 East TN or 1778	d. 24 AUG 1825 at: Bath Co.,KY 
				 buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY    s/o James Denton & Elizabeth Harper SMITH(?)
 			   married  Mary Hunt	21  June 1798 at Fleming Co.,KY      “Polly”	b. 1776, TN  	d. Feb 5, 1881 in Randolph CO, IN    buried in Randolph CO, IN
				    possibly: 1850 census, Randolph Co., In.Nettle Creek,: Mary Denton,71,Va; George W.,29,farmer,Ky; Sarah(?),25,Ky.;
				|-Sarah Denton	b. 18 Dec 1800 /1801 in Montgomery Co., KY  d. 7 Jul 1884 in Randolph Co., IN  buried in Huntsville Cem., Randolph Co., IN.
				|              in 1850 Sarah, the widow of Reuben Hunt, was living in Nettle CreekTownship, Randolph Co., IN  -sourc shows a birthyear as 1801
				|        married Reuben Hezekiah Hunt 10 Dec 1818 in Fleming Co., KY  b.24 Dec 1795 in Fleming Co., KY   
				|	d. in Huntsville, Randolph Co., IN on 27 Sep 1846   buried in Huntsville Cemetery, Randolph Co, IN.   Occupation: farmer.
				|-James Denton	b. 23 Jan 1806 in Fleming Co., KY		d. Jan. 1877 buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|      m2. Selina WALTON 7 Jun 1849	b. 11 Dec 1827     aka Salina Walton	d. 2 May 1860
				|	|-Raleigh Walton Denton		(1850-1924)
   				|	|-Mary A.  Denton		(1852-1853)
				|      m1. Duanna Rawlings in 1829    aka Hannah Rawlings	b: 22 JUN 1806	d. 27 MAR 1849 in Fleming Co., KY
				|		  buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|	|-William Denton 		1837, 1849
				|	|-BERTIS R. Denton		(1844-1926	
 				|-Elizabeth  Denton		
				|	Elizabeth is heir in will of William Denton - “an  old  maid daughter or a daughter-in-law.”     hummm
		 		|    	Elizabeth signed Bath Deed Book J Page 348 on July 19, 1836 as “Elizabeth Denton”
		 		|    	Elizabeth signed Bath Deed Book XX Page 389 on July 19, 1836 as “Elizabeth Denton”
				|	There are 3 Elizabeth Dentons on Bath County Deed Book M Page 401: Jonathans’ wife (1); Elizabeth Denton(2) and Abraham’s wife(3)
		 		|    	Elizabeth signed Bath Deed Book P Page 49 on Sept. 19, 1842 as “Elizabeth Denton”
		 		|    	Elizabeth signed Bath Deed Book R Page 227 on April 2, 1852 as “Elizabeth Denton”
				|	There are 3 Elizabeth Dentons on Bath County Deed Book M Page 401: Jonathans’ wife (1); Elizabeth Denton(2) and Abraham’s wife(3)
				|		“alias Elinor” per 
				|		“alias Elinor” per 
			     	|	info: 1830 census,  page 71, Eastern District, Fleming Co., Ky: Elizabeth Denton, males:1 (1-5);females 1 (5-9); 2 (20-29)  
  				|		(living next to John Denton (30-39)
 				.       married James Vanlandingham  in 1820 in Fleming Co., KY.	 	d. 8 Mar 1880 in Huntsville, Randolph Co., IN
   				.		The “William Denton” signature on this marriage bond appears to match the signature on John Nelson Ross’ marriage bond!
 				|-William Denton	“Billy ”      b. in 1810 in Fleming Co., KY  		d. Howard, Elk Co., KS in Feb 1886  <=  (doubtful)  
  				|	Note “William Denton” signed John Nelson Ross’ marriage bond.
				|	Signed Bath Co. Deed Book ?? Page 50 (27 acres) on March 4, 1865. Signature does not match J. N. Ross marriage bond (16 years later)
   				|	Signed Deed Book ?? Page 93 on March 26, 1853. Signature matches J. N. Ross marriage bond.
				|	Probably signed Bath Co. Deed Book ?? Page 88  on October 26, 1836. Signature seems to match J. N. Ross  marriage bond.
				|	1850 Bath Co., census: 30   23   22 William    Denton   40  M   W   $2000 Bath Cty KY   D535 
 				|		                      31   23   22 Catharine Denton   36  F   W         Bourbon Cty KY   D535 
 				|		                      32   23   22 Mary        Denton   15  F   W               Bath  Cty KY   D535 
 				|		                      33   23   22 James F.  Denton     9  M   W               Bath Cty KY   D535 
 				|		                      34   23   22 George    Denton     4  M   W                Bath Cty KY   D535 
 				|		                      35   23   22 W. W.      Denton    1  M   W           Fleming Cty KY   D535 
				|	1860 Bath Co. census: rec. #957: William Denton, 46, Ky; Catherine, 46; Mary, 21; Fountain, 18; John, 15; George, 16; Sarah, 8 
				|			            #953: S. Vanlandingham 32 Ky; Sarah 25; Emma  8; James  5; John  3;  (Stewart Vanlandingham and Sarah A. Burk/Davis)
				|			            #1588:William Denton,,42,Ky, Catharine, 36; Mary, 24; James, 19; George, 14;Margaret, 8	
				|			             #952: Elizabeth Denton 38 Ky; Edward 21; James 18; Permilia 15; Sarah 12
				|			             #951: James Byram 36 Ky; John Denton 60; Lucy 60; John 14 
				|           	1870 Bath Co. census: rec. #150, Wyoming Prct: William Denton 60, KY,constable; Catherine 55, Margaret 18 (help in house)
				|       m2.  Rebecca Lyons in 1857, Fleming Co., KY	aka Rebeca Lyons       per
				|       m1. Catherine BARBER 29 Jun 1831 in Bath Co., KY	   “Kitttie”   b. ca1814
				|		 LDS says she also married Abraham Denton Mar. 14, 1886 in Bath Co., KY  <= - prob. was Elizabeth Barber (see below)
				|	|
				|	|-James F. Denton    aka	James S. Denton	b. ca1841
				|	|	
				|	|-Mary Denton 			b. ca1835 in Bath Co., KY
				|	|       married Tolliver MOORE 		b: 1832
				|	|	
				|	|-George Denton 			b. ca1846 in Bath Co., KY
   				|	|-W.W. Denton			b. ca1849 in Fleming Co., KY
				|-Jonathan Denton	b. 13 Apr 1814 in KY	d. 28 May 1855 in KY or  25 MAY 1853 in Fleming Co., KY
				|	buried in Edens Chapel Cemetary,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KYJonathan's son was a Senator from Grenola, Kansas.
				|	1850 census,Bath Co., Ky:  3   32   32 Jonathan        Denton    35  M   W   Farmer  Bath Cty KY   D535 
  				|			 4   32   32 Elizabeth V.  Denton     28  F   W                 Bath Cty KY    D535 
  				|			 5   32   32 Edmund        Denton     11  M   W                Bath Cty KY    D535 
  				|			 6   32   32 Margaret J.   Denton       8  F   W                  Bath Cty KY    D535 
				|			  8   32   32 Amelia F.    Denton        2  F   W            Fleming Cty KY    D535 
				|			  9   32   32 Mary E.       Denton       1  F   W                  Bath Cty KY     D535 
				|	1870 census, Bath Co.,Ky, image #243: Elizabeth Denton,49,Ky;  Briant,25,Ky 
				|      married Elizabeth  “Betty”  PERKINS 13 Jun 1836  in Bath Co., KY	b: 25 DEC 1820	d. 30 OCT 1900
  				|	|
   				|	|-Permelia F. Denton
  				|	|       married (unk) Vanlandingham		b. Oct. 20, 1847 in Bath Co., KY	d. Nov. 17, 1914 in Fleming Co., KY  per DC
  				|	|
				|	|-MARY JANE Denton		(1833-1869)
				|	|-ELIZA ANN Denton		(1834-1904)
   				|	|-SARAH Denton		(~1837-)
  				| 	|-ALVINA Denton 		(~1839-)		note that these names do not agree with names on census
   				|	|-EPHRAIM A. Denton		(1841-1867)
   				|	|-William WALLACE Denton	(1843-1921)
   				|	|-REBECCA ELLEN Denton	(1844-1892)
   				|	|-CLAYSEPHINE  Denton 		(1846-1923)
   				|	|-GEORGE ANN Denton		(1848-1934
				|-John T. Denton    b. 18 Aug 1799 in KY   d. 7 July 1884 in KY buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery ,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|	Appears to be referred to as “Jonathan Denton” on Deed Book J Page 348 on 
 				|       married Sarah Iva PICKERELL 11 Dec 1823 in Fleming Co., KY  aka Sarah Iva Pickrell	“Iva”	b. 20 May 1801      d. 21 Feb 1874 or Feb. 2, 1874
				|                info: 1830 census,  page 71, Eastern District, Fleming Co., Ky: John Denton (30-39) males 2 (1-5);  females: 1 (5-9); 1 (20-29)
				|	   1870 census, Bath Co.,Ky,: John Denton,71,Tenn.(?),farmer;   Iva,70,Ky.;  John Pan,24,Ky, farmer;  Mary Ann,23,Ky;   
				|		Thomas A.,3,Ky;  Alfred L.,9,Ky;  Sally L,7/12, KY	<=  “John Pan” is probably John P. Denton, but birth dates do not agree...
				|	|
				|	|-James Denton	b. 1824
   				|	|-William P. Denton	b. 1826
   				|	|-ELIZA J. Denton	b. 1827		d. 1914
  				|	|-SARAH (Sally) Denton	b. 1828
   				|	|-John P. Denton	b. 1830
 				|	|-NEWTON Denton	b. 1832	
				|-Abraham Denton		b. in 1816 in KY	d.  in 1856 in Bath Co., KY buried in Edens Chapel Cemetary,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|	1850 Bath Co., KY census:  41  533  533 Abram      Denton      34  M   W   Farming   KY  D535 
 				|			  42  533  533 Elizabeth Denton        33  F   W     KY             D535 
 				|	 		    1  533  533 William    Denton      15  M   W    Kenty         D535 
 				|			    2  533  533 Jane           Denton       10  F   W    Kenty        D535 
 				|			    3  533  533 James W   Denton         8  M   W    Kenty       D535 
 				|			    4  533  533 Mary M    Denton           6  F   W   Kenty       D535 
 				|			    5  533  533 Eliza E      Denton           3  F   W   Kenty       D535 
 				|			    6  533  533 John T       Denton  11/12  M   W   Kenty       D535 
				|			  10  534  534 Bazel         Hunt           32  M  W   KY             H530 
				|			  11  534  534 Sarah         Hunt           28  F   W    KY            H530 
				|			  12  534  534 James W   Hunt           10  M   W   KY             H530 
				|			  13  534  534 Mary J       Hunt              7  F   W   KY             H530 
				|			  14  534  534 Harper       Hunt             5  M   W   KY             H530 
				|			  15  534  534 Sinderella  Hunt              1  F   W    KY             H530 
				|      m1. Elizabeth BARBER 14 Mar 1833 in Bath Co., KY	b: 2 MAY 1816	d. 9 FEB 1854
				|	         From Fleming Co. list for Eden Chapel Cem. on internet E.D.      IN MEMORY OF ELIZABETH CONSORT OF ABRAM Denton  BORN 		
				|	|
				|	|-Alfred A. Denton
   				|	|-Wellington Denton
   				|	|-Elizabeth Ellen Denton	b. 1848 in KY per 1850 census
				|	|
				|	|-William R. Denton 		b. ca1835 in KY per 1850 census  per
				|	|       possibly: 1870 census, Lewis Co.,Ky., image #195: Lewis R. Denton,35,Ky.,farmer;  Abraham,12,Ky.;  Marika J.,9,Ky.
				|	|
 				|	|-Matilda Jane Denton 	“Jane”	b. ca1840 in KY per 1850 census	per:
				|	|      married John JACKSON 
				|	|	|-Emma JACKSON 
   				|	|	|-Jesse JACKSON 
   				|	|	|-Martin JACKSON 
   				|	|	|-John JACKSON 
   				|	|	|-James JACKSON 
   				|	|	|-Price JACKSON
				|	|
   				|	|-James W. Denton 	b. ca1842 in KY per 1850 census	per
				|	|	   
				|	|-Mary Magdalene Denton 	   b. 1844 in KYper 1850 census	per
				|	|       married Henry JACKSON 
				|	|	|-Clemmie JACKSON 
				|	|	|-Charley JACKSON
				|	|
   				|	|-John T. Denton  aka John F. Denton	b. 1849 in KYper 1850 census    per
				|      m2. Eliza HICKS  15 JAN 1855
				|-Francis G. Denton		b. 1818 in Bath CO, KY		d. 8 May 1891 
				|       married Frances (Fannie) RAWLINGS 19 Mar 1838 in Fleming Co., KY	b. in Aug 1815 in KY  d.17 Sep 1889 in Fleming Co., KY
				|	           Francis and Fannie Denton were my great,great,great,great grandparents.My line goes through their grandson 
				|		Luther Thomas Denton. I have just  recently found info tracing Francis Denton and his father William Denton 
				|		back to England and to Reverand Richard Denton.I also know where Francis, Fannie, and some children are buried. 
				|		If you would be interested in any of this info please e-mail me, I'd love to share it with you or 			
				|	             anyone else who might need it. He and his wife Frances(Fannie) raised their grandson Luther Thomas Denton. 
				|		We dont know for sure which of their daughters is his mother but we believe it is Margarte Duanna Denton. 
				|		He was born out of wedlock.		 per tina chester
				|	|
				|	|-ASHER O. Denton		b. 16 MAY 1839 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 12 JAN 1880
				|	|       married Mary Ann KeithLY  18 NOV 1865 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Russell Harlen Denton    “Harley” 	b. May 23, 1869 in Fleming Co., KY	d. November 20, 1955 in Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.
				|	|	        married Minnie Hazel Dick
				|	|		|-Arthur A. Denton	b. July 2, 1911 in Newton, IN	d. August 20, 1977 in Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.
				|	|		|-Richard “Buzz” Denton	b. January 16, 1913 in Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.   d. Feb. 1, 1969 in Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.
				|	|		|-Ruth Denton	b. uly 5, 1915 in Newton, IN	d. June/July 2, 1979 in Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.
				|	|		|-Iola Denton		b. August 6, 1917 in Newton, IN
				|	|		|-Mary A. Denton	b. December 19, 1919 in Newton, IN
				|	|		|-Harlen Denton	b. February 2, 1922 in Newton, IN
				|	|		|-Charlie Denton	b. August 22, 1924 in Newton, IN
				|	|		|-Dora M. “Dodie”  Denton		b. September 30, 1926 in Newton, IL	d. 1930 Kankakee, Kankakee, Il.
				|	|
   				|	|-William Denton		b. 5 OCT 1840 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 18 SEP 1851
				|	|
   				|	|-MARTHA Denton		b. 1841 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 1902
				|	|       m1. (unk) MARKWELL
				|	|       m2. Moses W. THOMPSON  12 SEP 1865
				|	|
   				|	|-MARY C. Denton		b. 5 SEP 1842 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 26 FEB 1912
				|	|      married Wilson THOMPSON 22 JAN 1861 in Fleming CO, KY		b: 2 OCT 1835 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|-William THOMPSON 		b: in Fleming CO, KY
 				|	|	|-Arby Cecel THOMPSON 	b: in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Sherman Asher THOMPSON 	b: 1 JAN 1864 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 20 OCT 1942
				|	|	|      married Florence CRAWFORD
				|	|	|	|-Raymond THOMPSON	 b: 7 APR 1900	d. 23 APR 1906
 				|	|	|	|-Crawford THOMPSON	 b: 2 APR 1908	d. 3 FEB 1938
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-George Oliver THOMPSON 	b: 13 JUN 1867 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 26 OCT 1918
				|	|	|        married Linnie L. ROGERS  11 JAN 1896 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Elizabeth M. THOMPSON 	b: 17 SEP 1870 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 16 OCT 1916
				|	|	|        married James MARKWELL  17 MAR 1898 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Florence T. "Sallie" THOMPSON 	b: 12 NOV 1872 in Fleming CO, KY  d. 22 DEC 1946 Burial: Fairview Cem, Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|		Note: Sallie smoked a corn cob pipe.
				|	|	|          m1.  Ellis FAWNS
				|	|	|	|-Mary Alice FAWNS
				|	|	|
				|	|	|         m2. William ROGERS in 1903
				|	|	|   
 				|	|	|-Thomas THOMPSON 		b: 9 MAY 1874 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 22 DEC 1946
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Mary Margaret "Alice" THOMPSON 	b: 30 APR 1878 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 18 SEP 1903
				|	|	|         married Lawson THOMPSON  30 MAR 1898 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|	|     
 				|	|	|-Arzana THOMPSON 		b: 23 MAY 1881 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 26 FEB 1951
				|	|	          married John Monroe CRAWFORD  7 JUL 1897 in Fleming CO, KY		 b: 10 JUL 1876 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|		|
				|	|		|-Lloyd CRAWFORD 	b: 28 SEP 1897 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 16 MAY 1964
				|	|		|       married Maggie Ethel ADKINS  5 JUN 1918 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|		|	|-Cletus "Dick" CRAWFORD
				|	|		|	|
				|	|		|	|-Glyda Pearl CRAWFORD
				|	|		|	       married Thomas Johnson
				|	|		|
 				|	|		|-Orville CRAWFORD 			b: 21 JUN 1900 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|		|        married Centellia "Cindy" GARNER 8 MAR 1924 in Fleming CO, KY	b: 20 OCT 1904
				|	|		|	|-Marie CRAWFORD
 				|	|		|	|-Altha Jean CRAWFORD
 				|	|		|	|-Calvin CRAWFORD
 				|	|		|	|-Barbara CRAWFORD
 				|	|		|	|-Guy Melvin CRAWFORD
				|	|		|
 				|	|		|-Tilton CRAWFORD 	b: 11 NOV 1902 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 9 JAN 1988
				|	|		        married Grace Florence MOORE  4 FEB 1932 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|			|
				|	|			|-Nadine CRAWFORD
				|	|			|     married Ernest Barker   8 MAY 1951 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|			|	|-Randy Dean Barker
 				|	|			|	|-Debra Lynn Barker
				|	|			|	|
 				|	|			|	|-Myra Ann Barker
				|	|			|	         married Danny Ray DILLON  26 JUN 1976 in Mason CO, KY
				|	|			|		|-Dana Lynn DILLON
 				|	|			|		|-Jared Brenton DILLON
				|	|			|
 				|	|			|-Danny Mitchell CRAWFORD
				|	|			        married Linda Ruth Denton  7 AUG 1958
				|	|				|-Tammie Louise CRAWFORD
				|	|
  				|	|-James B. Denton		b. 8 APR 1845 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 26 FEB 1912
				|	|      married Lou Ann LYKES 1 SEP 1869 in Fleming CO, KY	b: 1847
				|	|
   				|	|-SAMUEL Denton		b. OCT 1847 in Fleming CO, KY	d.  16 MAY 1878
				|	|
  				|	|-MARGARET ANN Denton	b. MAR 1849 in Fleming CO, KY	d.  27 FEB 1881
				|	|       married Wesley EDDLETON   3 OCT 1878 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|
   				|	|-SARAH S. Denton	 	b. 23 AUG 1852 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 1889
				|	|
  				|	|-W. Ann Denton 		b. 8 AUG 1854 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 24 SEP 1922
				|	|       married Jeremiah ATKINS   26 MAR 1874 in Fleming CO, KY
				|	|
   				|	|-JONATHAN Denton	b. 8 MAR 1856 in Fleming CO, KY	d. 27 APR 1873 (more info on these children on D gedcom register in file)3
				|-George Washington Denton		b. 1821 in KY or 1819 in Bath Co., KY  per
				|        married Sarah Denton		b: ca1825 in KY
				|	    1860 census, Randolph Co., Ky:  Geo W. Denton,39,farmer,Ky;   Sarah,35,Ky;  William,10,Ind.; Wesley A.,7,Ind.;
				|		Mary J.,2,Ind.
				|	    1870 census, Randolph Co.,Ind.,Nettle Creek Twp.: George W. Denton,49,farmer,Ky;  Sally,45,Ky; Mary J.,11,Ind.;
				|		Benjamin,8,Ind.;  John W.,4,Ind.
				|	    1880 census, Randolph Co.,Ind.,Nettle Twp.: George W. Denton,58,farmer,Ky;  Sarag,56,Ky,Ky,Ky; Mary J.,21,Ind.;
				|		Benjamin,20,Ind.;  John W.,15,Ind.
				|	|
				|	|-William Denton		b. 1850 in Ind.  per 1860 census
  				|	|-Wesley A. Denton 		b. 1853 in Ind.  per 1860 census
   				|	|-Mary J. Denton		b. 1858 in Ind.  per 1860 census
				|	|-Benjamin Denton		b. ca1862 in Indiana  per 1870 census
				|	|-John W. Denton		b. ca1866 in Indiana  per 1870 census
				|-Hiram Denton		b. 5 Aug 1811 in KY	d. June 13,  1881
				      married Rebecca Royce  26 AUG 1831 in Bath Co., KY b. 9 Oct 1811 in KYd. Nov. 19,  1888 buried in Denton Cem., Ringos Mill, Fleming Co., KY
					|-MARY JANE  Denton				b. 4 DEC 1832	d. 1869
					|     married William M. JACKSON
					|-ELIZA ANN Denton				b. 27 DEC 1834 	d. 1904
					|-Sarah Ellen Denton				b. 5 NOV 1836
					|        married Barsford MCGREGOR 			b: 1838
 					|-ALVINA Denton 				b. 18 NOV 1838
					|        married Barna HUMPHRIES 			b: 1838
  					|-EPHRAIM A. Denton aka Ephraim O. Denton	  	(1841-1867)
					|        married Florinda STORY 			b: 1841
					|-William  WALLACE Denton			(1843-1921)
					|     married Josephine LYKES 			b: 1843
					|-REBECCA ELLEN Denton 			b. 1845		d. 1892
					|        married George W. HUMPHRIES			b: 1845	
					|-CLAYSEPHINE  Denton	  aka Classifine Denton	b. Feb 1844/1846 in  KY	d. 1923   buried Harris Denton Cemetery, Fleming CO, KY
					|       married Francis Taylor "Tuck" KISSICK Nov 1865, Hillsboro, Fleming CO, KY	b. 1846
					|	|-Mary E. R. KISSICK 
   					|	|-Santford D. KISSICK 
   					|	|-Hiram J. KISSICK 
   					|	|-Sylvester KISSICK 
   					|	|-William J. KISSICK 
   					|	|-Malinda KISSICK 
  					|	|-Eliza KISSICK 
   					|	|-John G. KISSICK 
   					|	|-Sarah L. KISSICK 
  					|	|-Benjamin H. KISSICK 
  					|	|-Ceniphine KISSICK
					|-Georgia Ann Denton		(1848-1934)
					       married Jacob LATHRUM 	b: 1848 


								Abraham Denton IV & Sarah “Sally” Hunt
									(continued from above)

			Abraham Denton	IV	b. 1776, Shenandoah CO, VA		d. Nov 1813, Bath Co, KY     buried in Bath CO, KY 
 			 	Much information on these lines from Jaime Lossing Potts, 1998.	 
		       		In the sale of Abraham Dentons goods, the following persons (amoung others) were named as purchasers of items: Wm Denton - one calf Sary Denton - one cow, 4 sheep, one 			       
			                    brake plow  John Hunt - one filley, one colt, one plowHiram Hunt - one colt  Reuben Hunt - one colt    William Denton - administrator of the will of Abraham Denton - on the 			
				6th day of April 1821.	Reuben Denton and family stayed in KY(Bath, Fleming and Mason counties).Celia Denton Perkins also stayed in KY.Three sisters 						
				and two brothers moved to Indiana (Randolph, White & Rensselaer counties, at least).
		        married Sarah "Sally" Hunt in 1793	b. 1779, Frederick CO, VA 	d. Sep 1831, Randolph CO, IN  (prob. went to Indiana with her son) prob. d/o John Hunt
					Probably living with Joshua P. Hunt (her son-in-law) at 1850 census of Randolph Co., Indiana
				|-Wesley (Westley) Denton 	b. 1798 in TN	d. in Randolph CO, IN	“farmer”   (may have been the oldest child)
				|	1830 Bath Co., KYcensus, page 209, line 3. 
				|         married  Margaret Ross 23 Nov 1818  or Sept.  26, 1818 in Fleming or Bath Co., KY		b. 1802		
				|	page 26	Westley Denton and Margaret Ross 23 Nov 1818	John Hedirck Jr. bondsman		(note late marriage date)
				|	moved to Indiana (Randolph Co)	may be listed as “Polly Denton” on the 1830 Bath Co., KYcensus,  page 209, line 4
				|	 was in Delaware Co., In. at 1850 census (see below)		 d/ o John ROSS & Susannah Piat (?)	
				|	1850 census 11  75   75  Denton , Wesly  age  52  Occ.  Farmer  bornn in  Tenn    12  75   75  Denton         Margaret       51   F    .    KY       
				|    	13  75   75  Denton         Elizabeth E    17   F    Ind     14  75   75  Denton         Bejnamin N     12   Ind      15  75   75  Denton      John W   11   Ind   X     .    		
				|   	 16  76   76  Denton         Abraham        27   M    .    Farmer   KY    17  76   76  Denton         Sarah J        23   Ohio  18  76   76  Denton     Margaret P     3  Ind                    
				|    	19  76   76  Denton         Henry R        1      Ind 	
				|	|
				|	|-Elizabeth E. Denton	b. 1833 in Indiana	may be Eliza Elen Denton referenced in Bath Deed Book XX Page 305
				|	|-Benjamin N. Denton	b. 1838 in Indiana
				|	|-John Wesley Denton	b. 1839 in Indiana	may be John T. Denton referenced in Bath Deed Book XX Page 305
				|	|
				|	|-Abraham Denton	b. ca1823 in KY  	“Farmer”  
				|		.-Sarah J. Denton 	b. ca1827 in Ohio		<=  Note: may be daughter-in-law, w/o Abraham Denton
				|		.-Margaret P. Denton	b. ca1847 in  Ind .		may be child of Abraham
				|		.-Henry R.  Denton	b. ca1849 in  Ind .		may be child of Abraham
				|-Elizabeth  Denton    b. 13 Mar 1799 in  Fleming Co., KYor Tn.		d. 12 Feb 1857 in Nettle Creek Twnshp., Randolph Co., IN
				|       		Elizabeth confirmed here per Bath County Deed Book K Page 94 & Minor Denton letter
				|		Note: Bath County Deed Book K Page 94 mistakenly refers to “JAMES Ross and Elizabeth Ross”
 				|        married Jacob Ross  26 Sep 1815 in Bath Co., KY	b. 8 Sep 1792 in Bath Co., KY		s/o John ROSS & Susannah PIAT
				|      	 d. 30 Jun 1880 in Randolph Co., IN  Buried in Huntsville Cem., Huntsville, Randolph Co., IN.   
				|		Uncle William Denton (1781-1825) signed their marriage bond because Elizabeth’s father had died in 1813.
				|		marriage bond signed by William Denton “my daughter”
				|	      1830 census,Bath Co., KY:  Jacob Ross males: 2 aged 5-10, 1 aged 10-15, 1 aged 30-40;  females: 3 aged 1-5, 1 aged 10-15, 1 aged 30-40
				|	      1840 census, Randolph Co., In., Nettle Creek: Jacob Ross: males: 1,2,2,0,0,0,1  females: 1,1,1,1,0,0,1
				|	      1850 census, Randolph Co.,In.,Nettle Creek: Jacob Ross,58,farmer,Ky; Elizabeth,51,Tenn; Wesley,18,In.; Loren W.,15; Perkins,12,In.; 	
				|			Matilda,10,In.;  Ellen P.,8,In.
				|		 living  next to Joshua P. Hunt at 1850 census of Randolph Co., Indiana		
				|	      1860 census, Randolph Co.,In.,Nettle Creek: Jacob Ross,65,farmer,Ky;  Ellen,18,Ind.  living in the household of William Oakerson at census
				|-Benjamin Norcutt/Northcutt Denton 	b. Jan 13, 1809       d. 1853 per Minor Denton letter   there is a Benjamin Northcutt on 1830 Fleming Co., Kycensus
				|		Ref. Bath County Deed Book K Page 94
				|       married Matilda Hunt  Sept. 10, 1833 in Randolph Co., Ind.	d/o Hiram Hunt & Nancy Hunt.	per Minor Denton letter
				|	|
				|	|-Louisa Hunt Denton 					b: 23 AUG 1835	d. 28 JUL 1893 
				|	|      married John Ingram POWELL  1859 in Francesville, IN		b: 1832
				|	|	|-Emma Retta POWELL
 				|	|	|-Morman Edward POWELL
 				|	|	|-John POWELL
 				|	|	|-Mary Alice POWELL
 				|	|	|-Matilda Ellen POWELL
 				|	|	|-William Ingram POWELL
 				|	|	|-Monroe Stockton POWELL
 				|	|	|-Blanch Louise POWELL b: 22 FEB 1875
 				|	|	|-George W. POWELL
				|	|	
 				|	|-Benjamin Franklin Denton 				b: 25 MAR 1837 in IN
				|	|        married Jammia MELLENDER  23 OCT 1863			b: 7 JUL 1841
				|	|	|-Ralph Denton
				|	|
 				|	|-Lydia Laminline Caroline Denton 				b: 30 OCT 1842 in IN	d. 12 JUL 1919 in St. Paul, MN
				|	|        married William Marion MARTIN	 1 JAN 1862	 		b: 9 DEC 1816
				|	|	|-Josephine MARTIN 				b: 1863
 				|	|	|-Ida May MARTIN 				b: 13 MAR 1865
 				|	|	|-Matilda MARTIN 				b: 9 APR 1866
 				|	|	|-Della Alice MARTIN 				b: 28 OCT 1867
 				|	|	|-Lucritta MARTIN 				b: 29 SEP 1870
				|	|
 				|	|-Melvina McCantyer Denton 			b: 30 OCT 1842 in Jasper CO, IN	d. 13 MAR 1880 in White CO, IN
				|	|        married John Smelcer MARTIN 25 AUG 1867 in Monon CO, IN	b: 3 JAN 1847
				|	|	|-William Monroe MARTIN 			b: 13 AUG 1868
 				|	|	|-[Infant boy] MARTIN 				b: 14 SEP 1871
 				|	|	|-[Infant boy] MARTIN 				b: 27 SEP 1872
 				|	|	|-Lula Evaline MARTIN 				b: 6 JAN 1874
 				|	|	|-Albert Mansing MARTIN 			b: 14 NOV 1875
 				|	|	|-Mary Louise MARTIN 				b: 6 SEP 1878
 				|	|	|-Claud MARTIN
 				|	|	|-Arthur MARTIN 				b: 12 MAR 1880	note death date of mother
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-George Washington MARTIN 		b: 26 JAN 1870 in White CO, IN	d. 12 JAN 1959 in Garfield CO, OK 1 
				|	|	          married Frances Eveline HAMMOND 25 OCT 1893	b: 18 NOV 1873 in Carrol CO, IA
				|	|		|
				|	|		|-Maggie Pearl MARTIN 			b: 3 MAR 1909 in Harper CO, OK
				|	|		          married Ivan R. WAGNER 20 MAY 1939	b: 15 JUL 1906
				|	|
 				|	|-Lafayette Washington Denton 	b: 23 JUL 1844 in Jasper CO, IN    d. 7 FEB 1926 in Lee, White CO, IN Burial: Osborn Cemetery, Lee, IN
				|	|           married Amanda Ann MARTIN 22 SEP 1874 in Monticello, White CO, IN		 b: 25 DEC 1853 in Chillocothe, OH
				|	|	|-Matilda Denton 				b: 20 FEB 1875 in White CO, IN
				|	|	|-Jesse Edward Denton 				b: 26 NOV 1876 in White CO, IN
 				|	|	|-Lafayette Washington Denton 			b: 6 JAN 1879
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Benjamin Ezekiel Denton  b: 2 OCT 1881 in Monon, White CO, IN    d. 9 AUG 1963 in Renssalear, White CO, IN Burial: Bedford Cem 
				|	|	|        married Ora Mae PEREGRINE  22 JUN 1904 in Monticello, White CO, IN	b: 25 JAN 1884 in McCoysburg, Jasper CO, IN
				|	|	|	|-Eva Marie Denton 			b: 12 NOV 1904 in Monon, White CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Ida May Denton 			b: 18 MAY 1906 in Jasper CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Owen Benjamin Denton 		b: 13 NOV 1907 in White CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Oscar Mearl Denton 			b: 11 DEC 1909 in White CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Lester Kenneth Denton			b: 31 JUL 1912 in Jasper CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Lloyd Truman Denton 			b: 17 SEP 1914
 				|	|	|	|-Living Denton 			b: 1920
 				|	|	|	|-Living Denton 			b: 1924
 				|	|	|	|-Living Denton			b: 1927
 				|	|	|	|-Ivan Carl Denton 			b: 20 AUG 1929 in White CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Mary Kathryn Denton 			b: 3 JUN 1931 in White CO, IN
 				|	|	|	|-Living Denton 			b: 1933 
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Effie Mae Denton 				b: 31 MAR 1884
 				|	|	|-Thomas Jefferson Denton 			b: 3 APR 1887
 				|	|	|-Carl Denton 				b: 24 MAY 1889
 				|	|	|-Charlie Denton 				b: 24 MAY 1889
 				|	|	|-Harry Nelson Denton 				b: 12 JUL 1892
 				|	|	|-Carey Oliver Denton 				b: 12 JUL 1892
				|	|
 				|	|-Monroe Stockwell Denton 				b: 5 NOV 1846 in IN	d. 13 DEC 1937
				|	|       married Emilie Susan MARTIN 26 NOV 1877 in Monon CO, IN	b: 16 OCT 1861
				|	|	|-Guy Denton 				b: 1 JAN 1879
	 			|	|	|-Myrtle Denton 				b: 31 JAN 1881
 				|	|	|-Robert Lawerence Denton 			b: 17 NOV 1889
 				|	|	|-Ethyl Denton 				b: 22 JUL 1897
 				|	|	|-Earl E. Denton 				b: 8 JAN 1901
				|	|
 				|	|-Thomas Jefferson Denton 				b: 30 JAN 1849 in IN	d. 12 APR 1901
				|	|         married Maggie ELDRIDGE  9 JAN 1882 in Rensselaer, IN		b: 1861
				|	|	|-Ortha Phyliss Denton 				b: 17 OCT 1889
				|	|
 				|	|-Lucricia Jane Denton 					b: 29 APR 1851	d. 1924
				|	        married Charlie KELLENBURGER 19 AUG 1875		b: 14 MAY 1855
				|		|-Ola Evelyn KELLENBURGER 			b: 26 JUL 1876
	 			|		|-Albert Nason KELLENBURGER 			b: 27 JUL 1883
 				|		|-Roy Edward KELLENBURGER 			b: 12 MAR 1886
 				|		|-Alford Ray KELLENBURGER 			b: 14 JUL 1890
 				|		|-Robert William KELLENBURGER 			b: 16 MAY 1894
				|-Eleanor Denton   “Nellie”	b. 1809	d. 1846	later moved to Vermillion Co., Ill.
				|       married Joshua Parker Hunt Aug. 22, 1828	John Hunt went Bond -  moved to Indiana, at or near, Farmland, Randolph Co.	
				|	 	s/o John Tipton Hunt &  Mary "Polly" Denton
				|	1850 census, Randolph Co.,In., Nettle Creek: Joshua P. Hunt,44,farmer,Ky; Rachel,24,Ind; John A.17,Ky; 
				|	       Cela Jane,15,Ky.;  Lemuel H.,10,Ind.; Jane G.,11,In.; Hamson P.,9,In.;  America R.,5,In.;   William A. C.,7/12,In.; Sarah Denton, 78, N.C.
				|-Reuben Denton 			b. Jan 2, 1801 in E. Tenn	d. 1862 buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY	
				|      married  Jane Perkins Oct. 1827		b. Oct 27, 1811	d. 1876 buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|		this couple may be the “Reuben and Jane”  mentioned in the Minor Denton letter   
				|		Ref. Bath County Deed Book K Page 94
				|	|
				|	|-Allan H Denton	“ son of Reuben & Jane, 1840, 1853		buried in Edens Chapel Cemetery,near Sunset, Fleming Co., KY
				|	|
				|	|-Oliver Bromley Denton 	
				|	|       married  Oleah NEWMAN
				|	|	|-Minor Denton	d. after 1927	   ref. Minor Denton letter dated July 18, 1927   “had family Bible”  	ref. WorldConnect
				|	|		“Minor owned and operated the Denton Mercantile Company of Hillsboro, KY. He had the family bible.”  
				|	|		   per
				|	|
				|	|-Edmond Parker Denton 	b. 1839, Hillsboro, Fleming CO, KY	d. 1922
				|	|      married Jemima WHITNEY	aka Jemiah Ellen Whitney
				|	|	|-Charles A. Denton  	of Butler, MO
				|	|	|-Henry K. Denton	of Hamilton, Ill.
				|	|	|-Edmond G. Denton	of Hamilton, Ill.
				|	|	|-Albert C. Denton	of Hamilton, Ill.
				|	|	| 
				|	|	|-Julianna C. Denton
				|	|	|      married (unk) Cole of Spokane, Wash. 
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Margaret B. Denton
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Elizabeth Denton	of Hamilton, Ill.
				|	|	|     married (unk) Wallace	
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Ellen Denton	of Chicago, Ill.
				|	|	      married (unk) Rontchler
				|	|
				|	|-Matilda Denton 
   				|	|-Allan H. Denton	b. 1840	d. 1853		
				|	|
				|	|-Abraham Denton
				|	|      married (unk)
				|	|	|-Samuel O. Denton 
				|	|	|-Simpson R. Denton		died by 1914
				|	|	|-Hunphrey Denton		died by 1914
				|	|	|-William Denton		died by 1914
				|	|	|-Samuel O. Denton		living in Oklahoma in 1914
				|	|	| 
				|	|	|-Mary J. Denton
				|	|	|     married (unk) Walton
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Ida Denton
				|	|	|      married (unk) Ostrum 
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Anna Denton
				|	|	      married (unk) Williams.
				|	|
				|	|-Allen Denton	d. before 1914
				|	|-Oliver Denton	d, after 1914
				|-Nancy Denton		b. 1804	d. 1874			Ref. Bath County Deed Book K Page 94
				|        married Jeremiah Vanlandingham  Sept. 22, 1830		
				|-Jane Denton    aka Jennie Denton	b. 1803 in Fleming Co. or Bath Co., KY		Ref. Bath County Deed Book K Page 94
				|     married Henry K. Reed or Reid  1 or 18 Oct 1831  	b. ca1799.	
				|-Cecelia D. Denton  	aka Cecelia      b.  Nov 1806 in Fleming Co., KY      d. in KYon 25 May 1882 Buried in Locust Cem, Locust, Fleming Co., KY
				       married Elijah Perkins Aug. or Sept. 11, 1828-  Ira Hunt went Bond    b. 1791 in Sullivan Co,  or 1794 in Tenn according to the 1850 Bath Co., KYcensus 
						d. 6 JUN 1864 in Fleming Co., KY  burried in Locust Cemetery	may have also married Lula (unk) per 1860 census
				           	1860 bath Co., KYcensus:  #1122  Parker Perkins, 25,Ky    Joshua Parker Perkins 
  					s/o Elijah PERKINS b: 1791 in Tennessee according to the 1850 Bath Co, KYcensus & Celia Denton b: 1809 in Fleming Co, KY   married Emily 
  					|	Emmons
					|-Joshua Parker Perkins		b. ABT. 1834 in KY
					|       married Emily Emmons			prob.  d/o Drury Emmons 
					|           1860 Bath Co., KYcensus : Parker Perkins 25 Ky;  Emily   24; Susan Ross  40<= NOTE is this the “blind” Susan Ross on 1850 census?
					|  	                                     #1120 George Crump 28 Ky; Mary 28; Henry  9; Jeremiah  7; Sarah 5; Nancy  3; Caroline 1; Mary Hunt 73
					|	       posted by Mary Bishop on Saturday, December 2, 2000
					|	|
					|	|-Eliza J. Perkins	b. ca1862		all per 1870 census, Record #73, Wyoming Precinct, Bath C., KY
					|	|-Lou Ann Perkins	b. ca1864
					|	|-Gillson Perkins	b. ca1866	
					|	|-Alfred Perkins 	b: 1868
					|-Reuben Perkins		b. ABT. 1842 in KY
					|           1870 census:Record #131, Wyoming Precinct: Reuben Perkins 30, KY, farm laborer;Lacy/Lucy 16 (keeping house), JoAnn 2, Ida 5/12 (born 				
					|		January); Frances Wilson 55 (house keeper)
					|         married (unk)
					|	|-JoAnn Perkins	b. ca1868
					|	|-Ida Perkins		b. January, 1870
					|-George Denton Perkins		b. ABT. 1848 		d. 9 FEB 1911 in Bourbon Co., KY
					|        married Mary Jane Jones  6 MAR 1870 in Fleming Co., KY
					|-Sarah Hunt  “Sally”  Perkins		b. ABT. 1837 in Bath Co., KY	d. 20 APR 1916 in Bath Co., KY
					|       married William Page CALVERT  10 FEB 1860	b: 27 NOV 1836 in KY
					|	|-Foster Parker CALVERT 		b: 3 JAN 1860 in KY
 					|	|-Lou Ann CALVERT 		b: 1862
 					|	|-James E. CALVERT 		b: 20 JUN 1864 in KY
 					|	|-Fenton CALVERT 		b: 1866
 					|	|-Nelson CALVERT 		b: 17 SEP 1867 in Bath Co., KY
 					|	|-Madame (Dame) Hortense CALVERT 	b: 1870
 					|	|-William L. CALVERT 		b: 12 JAN 1872
 					|	|-Charles Clifton CALVERT 	b: 15 OCT 1874 in Bath Co., KY
 					|	|-Ella CALVERT 		b: 12 JAN 1875 in Bath Co., KY
 					|	|-Laura Belle CALVERT 		b: 1876
 					|	|-Emma Florence CALVERT 	b: 1 MAR 1878
					|-William Morgan PERKINS 		b. 28 APR 1839 in KY	d. 27 MAY 1924 in Fleming Co., KY(burried in Locust Cem.)
					|       married Susan HARMIN AUG 1858 in Fleming Co., KY	 b: 25 JAN 1841 in KY
					|	|-Tillman Garfield PERKINS	b: OCT 1860 in KY
 					|	|-Mary C. PERKINS 		b: 25 MAY 1864 in Fleming Co., KY
 					|	|-James David PERKINS 		b: 16 SEP 1866 in Fleming Co., KY
 					|	|-Anna Elizabeth PERKINS 	b: 29 JAN 1869 in Fleming Co., KY
 					|	|-Samuel N. PERKINS 		b: 1872
 					|	|-Dora B. PERKINS 		b: 29 JAN 1875 in Fleming Co., KY
 					|	|-Celia Bertha PERKINS 		b: 1 OCT 1877 in Fleming Co., KY
					|-Martha Perkins		b. ABT. 1832 in KY
					|       married Irwin S. KINCAID
					|-Susan A. Perkins		b. prob. ca1851 per 1860 Bat Co., KYcensus
					|-Riley  Perkins	aka Rial Perkins	b. ABT. 1844 in KY		d. ABT. 1852
					|-Edwin Perkins		b. ABT. 1829 in KY
  					|-Armenia Matilda Perkins		b. ABT. 1845 in Bath Co., KY	
				        married William Lynam on Jan. 25, 1859 in Bath Co., KY
						 1860 census: William Lynam,21,Ky;  Arminda, 15; Joseph Pearce, 23; 
  							Susan Ross, 55; Nancy, 23, Mary,  3   				ß--- “blind”  Susanna Ross???
  						 1880 census: Carlisle, Nicholas, Ky: Wm. LYNAM ;     41   KY  Farmer   KY  KY;   
   							Armina LYNAM ,Wife,36, KY,Housekeeper   KY  KY 
        							 Celia Jane LYNAM   Dau   S   Female   W   19  Ky, Ky, Ky;   Absalom LYNAM   Son   S   Male   W   17   Ky, Ky, Ky;
    							John Dudley LYNAM   Son   S   Male   W   16   Ky, Ky, Ky; Blueford LYNAM   Son   S   Male   W   14   Ky, Ky, Ky;
    							Duleian LYNAM   Dau   S   Female   W   12   Ky, Ky, Ky; Hanson LYNAM   Son   S   Male   W   8   Ky, Ky, Ky;  
   						 	Willie LYNAM   Son   S, W   6 Ky, Ky, Ky;  Emma LYNAM   Dau   S,  W   4   KY     KY  KY;    
  							Meta LYNAM   Dau   S   Female   W   3  Ky, Ky, Ky; 
  								William Lynam    CD #43     Pin #241236 ,  married Armenia Matilda PERKINS     Disc #43     Pin #241196 


 joyce pinson  “I am a descendant of John Wesley Denton 1818-1873”

Dear Cousin: (copied from Minor Denton collection by me about 1953)DWD    "I am in receipt of a letter from one W. B. Denton who lives in Detroit, Mich., in reply to my letter to him.  
This letter is written from Colorado as you will note.  The letter seems to give the most substantial information of any that I have been able to procure.  You will note that he speaks of Reuben and 
Jane Denton having taken young
John to care for after he had lost his parents.  This you well know is a fact and therefore indicates that this man has correct evidence as far as it goes". (etc.)(There are 5 or 6 pages of this if you want it).
Edmund Parker Denton moved to and lived at Hamilton, Ill as well as several other members of this branch of the family.  Charlie lived there for a time, later moving to Butler Co., MO.
The following information concerning the Denton Family in KY, was dictated to Minor Allen Denton by his father, Oliver Bromley Denton, at Hillsboro, KYon March 30, 1914: 
Quote: "Grandfather and grandmother were Abram and Sally Hunt Denton.  The emigrated to KYfrom East Tennessee when my father, Reuben Denton, was two years old and he was born Januaryr 2, 1801.  
To them were born four daughters and three sons.  My father, Reuben Denton, and his sister Celia Denton, were all that remained in KY.  Celia Denton married Elijah Perkins. 
Three sisters and two brothers moved to Randolph Co., Indiana.  My two uncles, Wesley and Benjamin Denton, finally moved farther west and I do not know what became of them. 
Aunt Jennie Denton married Henry Reid-don't know what became of them. Elizabeth Denton married Jacob Ross and they had five sons, John,Fletcher, Dausey (prob. Dorsey), Waldo and Perkins.
Nellie Denton married Joshua Hunt and they had one son, John Abram Hunt.
Reuben Denton had four sons, 3 living, one dead (in 1914), Abram,Edmond, (Allen, dec'd) and myself, Oliver.
Abram Denton had four sons:Simpson R., Hunphrey, William (all three dec'd by 1914), and Samuel O., who is living in Oklahoma.  Three daughters: Mary J. Walton, Ida Ostrum and Anna Williams.
Edmond Parker Denton had four sons: Charlie A., of Butler, MO, Henry K., Edmond G. and Albert C., all of Hamilton, Ill.  Also four daughters:Julianna C. Cole of Spokane, Wash. , Margaret B. (can't read
this), and Elizabeth Wallace, all of Hamilton, Ill. and Ellen Rontchler of Chicago, Ill. (March 30, 1914)

1860 Bath Co., KYcensus Record #952: Elizabeth Denton, 38, Ky; Edward, 21; James, 18; Permilia, 15; Sarah, 12 
1860 Bath Co., KYcensus Record #957: William Denton, 46, Ky; Catherine, 46; Mary, 21; Fountain, 18; John, 15; George, 16; Sarah, 8 	
1860 Bath Co., KYcensus Record #1454: Wash VALANDINGHAM, 53, Ky; Harriett, 54
1860 Bath Co., KYcensus Record #1456: Reuben Hunt, 45, Ky; Bennet VALANDINGHAM 16; Cordelia, 12; Rodney, 6
1860 Bath Co., KYcensus Record #1588: William Denton, 42, Ky; Catharine, 36; Mary, 24; James, 19; George, 14; Margaret, 8  Gillie/Bettie A, 3mo 
1860 Bath      Co, KYcensus:   #952   Elizabeth Denton   38,  KY b: ca1822  ;  Edward  21  ;  James  18  ;  Permilia  15  ; Sarah  12
1870 Bath      Co., KYcensus, Record #265, Mudlick Precinct: James Denton 26, KY, keeping hotel; Caroline 25, George 1; George Ficklin 10 (farm hand) 
1870 Bath      Co., KYcensus, Record #149, Wyoming Precinct: Elizabeth Denton 49, KY, keeping house; Briant 25 (farmer); Elizabeth Barber 20 (house keeper), Clemons 1 
1870 Bath      Co., KYcensus, Record #152, Wyoming Precinct: John Denton 71, TN, farmer; Iva 70, KY, John Jr. 27 (works on farm), Mary Ann 23, Thomas A. 3, Alfred L. 2, Sally L. 7/12 (born November) 
1870 Bath  Co., KYcensus, Rec. #153, Wyoming Prct, image #244: James Denton 36, KY, farmer; Elizabeth 32, John B. 12, Allen 10, Kerby S. 8, Andrew A. 6, William F. 3, Eliza J. 4/12 (born February) 

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  IN  COUNTY:  Benton  DIVISION: District No five  REEL NO:  136  PAGE NO:  1b REFERENCE:  Enumerated 17th of August 1850 by Dan Mills
18  10   10  Denton         William        49   M         Farmer 1,500     KY
 19  10   10  Denton         Elizabeth      35 F                                  Tennessee
 20  10   10  Denton         Mary Ann       15 F                                  Indiana                 X
 21  10   10  Denton         Martha Jane    13 F                                  Indiana                 X
 22  10   10  Denton         John Wesley    12 M                                  Indiana                 X
 23  10   10  Denton         Nancy          10 F                                  INdiana                 X
 24  10   10  Denton         Joseph W       10 M                                  Indiana                 X
 25  10   10  Denton         James O        4 M                                  Indiana
 26  10   10  Denton         Rachel T       1 F                                  Indiana
 27  10   10  Wood           Miles H        22   M Farmer                   Indiana                 X
 28  11   11  Denton         James A        29   M Farmer         2,500     KY
 29  11   11  Denton         Selitha        31 F                                  Indiana                       X
 30  11   11  Denton         Esther         8 F                                  Indiana                 X
 31  11   11  Denton         Sarah D        6 F                                  Indiana                 X
 32  11   11  Denton         Rachel Ellen   2 F                                  Indiana
 33  11   11  Davidson       John H         49   M Farmer         600       Ohio
 34  11   11  Denton         John W         16   M Farmer                   Indiana                 X
 35  12   12  Sutton         Rinaldo        26   M Farmer                   Indiana
 36  12   12  Sutton         Virena C       17 F                                  KY
 37  12   12  Sutton         Hannah C       10/12 F                                 Indiana
 38  13   13  Denton         Joseph         28   M Farmer         1,000     KY
 39  13   13  Denton         Cevilla J      24 F                                  Ohio
 40  13   13  Denton         Sarah H        6 F                                  Indiana                 X
 41  13   13  Denton         Mary E         4 F                                  Indiana
 42  13   13  Chedle         Stephen W      22   M Farmer                   Ohio

Stephen Chedle is probably husband of Elizabeth Wood. Miles Harper Wood, brother to Elizabeth Wood These the offspring of Eli Wood, Jr. and Mary Hunt if I have this figured right
Mary Hunt is daughter of William Basil Hunt 1765 and Sarah Denton Sarah is part of the Denton clan from Fleming co.
Now if somebody would be so kind as to tell me who the rest of the Denton clan above belongs to...I would be MOST appreciative. If not, I may pull my hair out and go bald.
(Pass the sunscreen...LOL) Joyce

1830 Fleming Co., KYcensus, page 71:  John Denton;  Elizabeth Denton;  Samuel(sp?) Denton;  John McLeas

	History of the Town of Hillsboro and Its Inhabitants	by  William M. Talley, Vanceburg, KY, & Jean Rankin Denton (dec.), Flemingsburg, KY	[Published in the Fleming Gazette June 25, 1953] 
"When I was a very small boy", writes famous Methodist minister Henry Clay NORTHCUTT, "I sometimes visited a hatter shop kept by a very old man, by name FOUDRAY. He lived at a cross roads, one leading North to Flemingsburg, the other East and West ... This shop manufactured our hats, mostly of wool but some of fur." 
"I remember the old Bell crown stove-pipe style (hat) at least an inch in diameter, larger at the top than at the band. There were three sons of that family: William, James and Sacheverell. The first was a hatter; the second was a salesman in dry goods stores; the third, called Chev for short, was the first tavern and saloon-keeper of the village." 	It was this family of first settlers in that region, the FOUDRAYS, which gave the name Foudraysburg to the village. For some time the town was known as "the burg", but we are told that later, the citizens themselves named it Hillsboro. 	The incorporation of the town at Hillsboro, KYwas accomplished on February 7, 1839. At that time, the population was 250. According to the 1950 census, the population is now 150. The very first business in Hillsboro was, of course, the above mentioned hatter's shop, owned and operated by the FOUDRAYS and located facing Main St. where Minor Denton now has a tobacco patch. This was followed in 1836 or 1838 by Rev. Basil Hunt'S dry goods and grocery store. Rev. Hunt'S brick building, which housed the store, was constructed by Washington Vanlandingham, who made the bricks on a lot north of Hillsboro. The first salesman In the store was Henry PICKRELL, who finally bought the business.  Afterwards, Rev. D. S. BARKSDALE became a partner with Mr. PICKRELL, but they later dissolved partnership and Mr. BARKSDALE established a business of his own. Later Mr. PICKRELL moved to Carlisle, where he sold dry goods for the rest of his life. 
Prior to leaving for Carlisle, Mr. PICKRELL sold his store to Thomas M. CRAIN, eldest son of Mrs. Jane CRAIN. Humphrey CRAIN was a salesman in the store for many years, but did not live to be an old man. His brother James succeeded him, later owned the store, became Police Judge, and finally a member of the Legislature. It was this James CRAIN who, while in the Legislature, introduced the bill which made Fleming County dry. 
One of the earliest blacksmith shops was operated by David HEDGES and was located on the north side of town. However, before there was any idea of a village, Joseph Steel had a blacksmith shop at the corner of the south end of Main street. A Mr. John TAYLOR bought the house located opposite Joseph STEEL'S blacksmith shop and there made shoes. Mr. TAYLOR had never learned to write and Rev. H. C. NORTHCUTT, when but a boy, helped him post books once a week. Nearly all the business was conducted on credit. The shop of Joseph Steel was torn down and a much larger building was constructed. This was made a school, which will be discussed later. 
One of the early prominent residents of Hillsboro was Enoch G. SHIELDS, grandfather of Mrs. Renalin CRAIN, who married Rebecca ROBERTSON. Mr. SHIELDS and a brother-in-law, F. P. ROBERTSON, had a dry goods store in the village. 	William TURNER had a tailor shop next door to the old Foudray hatter shop. A shoemaker, named Robert FORD, also was in business there. James FARRIS, son-in-law of James DEERING, was an early barrel maker. 	The Hillsboro saloon was operated in the beginning by Sacheverell FOUDRAY, then by Washington Vanlandingham who, we are told, was called Flannigan for short. Afterwards, Lewis CRAIN, son of James CRAIN, Sr., acquired the place. Wrote Rev. NORTHCUTT, "The Hillsboro saloon drew the thirsty from afar, as well as near." .  A Mr. COCHRAN ran a tannery at what was known as "Cochran's Gap", located one mile East of Hillsboro where Claude and Noel SORRELL, with their families, now reside. This Mr. COCHRAN'S daughter was the wife of William TURNER, the aforementioned tailor. Further east lived James GORREL, another barrel maker who is buried at Eden's Chapel, and made lard kegs from linden tree timber during his little time. John KERNS owned and operated a store where Mr. and Mrs. C. E. JETT now live. In 1908, there was a creamery located where Pete McDONALD and Curtis TURNER now live. Capt. Marion GRAY and Humphrey DAY owned a store jointly in 1890, on the spot where Minor Denton'S store is now located. Capt. GRAY later sold out his part to a Mr. SAUNDERS. The store operated for a while as Day and Saunders. Then, SAUNDERS owned it alone until Oliver B. Denton and Humphrey DAY again purchased the business. For years the store was known as Denton and Day, until Oliver Denton'S son, Minor, eventually bought out the entire business. Humphrey Allen Marshall DAY was the husband of Mrs. Mary DAY and the father of Mrs. J. Paul HuntER of this city; of Mrs. A. W. FOELLGER (Reuby DAY) of Maysville; of Hubert DAY of Springfield, Ohio and of Mrs.H. H. HENDRY (Olive DAY) of Jenkins, KYHumphrey DAY also was the grandfather of Mrs. Robert CRAIN of this city. 	In 1874, John CLARKE, son of John and Mary Jane Morgan CLARKE and father of Mr. Johnny CLARKE, ran a hotel in Hillsboro. Then, in 1884, he opened a funeral home. It was this funeral home which had the first factory made caskets in the village. 	Charles NEALIS, a farmer who lived west of Hillsboro, made caskets himself and buried people. John EDWARDS was a cabinet maker and casket maker who moved to Hillsboro around 1875. He married Sallie TONER. Sam SHIELDS owned a grocery store and operated it in the same place where his father, Enoch SHIELDS, had been in business. Once, Hillsboro had a broom factory owned by a stock company and operated by a man by the name of Tom Jones. 
Commission House:  Hillsboro was once a wholesale (or commission) town for Eastern KY people, who came from West Liberty, etc. Three men operated a commission house in Hillsboro before 1878. They operated horse teams to Maysville, brought goods to Hillsboro, then hauled the goods by ox teams to the mountains. 
DOCTORS :The first doctor in Hillsboro was young Dr. Simpson RIGGEN who married Louisa, daughter of Mrs. Jane CRAIN, but Mrs. RIGGEN did not live long, and Dr. RIGGEN moved to Flemingsburg to practice after her death. He is buried either at New Hope Church or at Stockton Station. Other early doctors were Dr. R. Emmitt WINTERS, who moved from Minerva and first located at Grange City; 	Dr. W. E. CONWAY, who was a teacher and a "self-made" doctor; Drs. Richard KACKLEY and Jones who practiced in the 1870's. Dr. KACKLEY was the grandfather of Elizabeth KACKLEY and of Virginia Kackley SAUNDERS of Lexington. Dr. Jones lived on the corner where the DAVIS sisters now own property. 	Later doctors were: S. F. O'BRIEN; C. R. GARR (who occupied the residence of Mrs. Mary DAY) and who had two sons; Dr. Clyde L. GARR, prominent Flemingsburg physician and Dr. Charles GARR, Lexington physician. Dr. GARR originally came from near Louisville, and Dr. Clyde GARR was born in the DAY residence. 
Buying out Dr. GARR'S practice when the latter moved to Flemingsburg was Dr. HUFF, who practiced there for two years. He was later elected to the Legislature. The present Hillsboro physician is Dr. W. S. REEVES, father of Mrs. Estill Denton, Margaret REEVES, Victor REEVES, Mrs. Georgia HAVENS and Emerson REEVES of Akron, Ohio. 
The Bank: The Bank of Hillsboro was built in 1903 and dedicated in October of that year. Located where the postoffice now stands, it continued in business until 1914. The bank's first cashier was S. A. DOWD and 0. B. GRAHAM was the president. Mr. GRAHAM had three sons-Larue, Ernest and Curtis. Upon the death of his father, Larue became cashier. After 0. B. GRAHAM had died, his son, wanting to wind up his father's business, quit banking and the enterprise was taken over by the People's Bank. 
Two Great Fires: The first of Hillboro's two most famous fires occurred in 1874 and was started by robbers. Several buildings were burned, among them being E. G. SHIELDS' store, J. W. CRAIN'S store, the wholesale house of J.A.H. KERNS, and the drugstore of L. J. Jones. The buildings, however, were all replaced after the first fire. The second fire of some importance occurred in 1917. A huckster was using a light to candle eggs. Forgetting his business, he left it for a moment. The light exploded and the same territory which was burned in 1874, burned again in 1917. 
Library: Sometime after 1838 the Hillsboro Library Co. was organized. The entrance fee to this organization was $5.00, which gave the members right to one book at a time. There were about 40 members and Benjamin NORTHCUTT, Jr. was appointed to go to Cincinnati, select and buy the books. The Library was kept in the back room of Pickrell's Store and William Hunt was librarian. 
Among the various type books offered to the patrons were historical, scientific, poetical, and philosophical, but no fiction. The library was well patronized for several years, but the books were finally sold at public auction. 
Early Schools:
The blacksmith's shop of Mr. Joseph STEEL was converted into a schoolhouse and for several years was also used as a place of worship and Sunday School. Henry Clay NORTHCUTT taught school there for five years, beginning with 14 pupils and closing with 60. He was assisted in his last year by his wife. 	On the north side of Hillsboro was the Nelson FANT farm. Located here, was what came to be named Fant's School House. On alternate Saturdays it was used as a preaching place for the Southern Methodists. Interesting is the fact that Prof. BALDWIN, who also taught school at Elizaville and later founded the Baldwin Piano Co. in Cincinnati, taught vocal music at Fant Schoolhouse. 	Russell ZIMMERMAN now resides where a private school in Hillsboro once stood. The building was later moved and is now the little Methodist church near Shiloh. Miss Tippy HAINLINE, who later married Charles DAVIS, as once the head of a private school in Hillsboro. Another lady who had a private school there was Miss Betty Lyons. 
There was once a school located west of the present Hillsboro school. It was a one-room affair and was later moved to the present site of the brick building, then moved again over by the hotel. Land for a Hillsboro school was purchased from Turner ANDERSON and wife on February 6, 1884. 
High School:  In 1900 the Legislature amended the common school law by requiring each county to establish a high school within its boundaries. Miss Lutie Palmer, now Mrs. Lutie WilliamS, who was then county school superintendent, divided the county into six educational districts, and then into 62 sub-districts. As Flemingsburg declined to offer any inducements for the location of the proposed high school ( it already had a graded high school), Hillsboro was decided upon as the location. 0. B. Denton and son of Hillsboro donated three and one-half acres of land as a site for the school and, in return, the county agreed to furnish the dirt and land on which to make the brick. 	On June 22, 1911 the contract for a two-story building was let to Harding and Simons of Maysville for $7,232.75. With the completion of the building, the county board of education then decreed that all graduates of county schools must go to Hillsboro in order to get free tuition, provided their grade was being taught there. A year later, the county board agreed to pay two dollars a month for county graduates who found it more convenient to attend other high schools in the county. C.O. PIERATT was chosen the first principal of the county high school at the salary of one hundred dollars per month for the nine months term. The second year of the term was reduced to eight months and James MAYNARD became principal at sixty-five dollars a month. Petitioned by the citizens of Hillsboro, the county board decided to try it for one more eight-months term and C. C. EVANS was employed at fifty dollars a month. With the completion of this term, the county high school ceased to exist. 	Teachers Douglas I. WINN lived on a farm west of Hillsboro and was an exceptionally able and intelligent teacher there for many years. Another prominent teacher in Hillsboro, of course, was Henry Clay NORTHCUTT. Other early teachers were a HAMMON, a Mr. NORTHCUTT (Henry Clay NORTHCUTT'S brother), Mrs. Lizzie ANDERSON, who later married a Mr. MARKWELL, a Mr. KEERANS, Daniel ROBERTSON, who later became a Methodist minister, Susan YATES, W. H. GEORGE, S. W. MORRISON, Z. J. PHELPS and E. S. MORRISON. Another Hillsboro school teacher was HuntER, father of Mrs. Ruby H. WATSON.   The Temperance Society: The first chapter of the Sons of Temperance was organized in Flemingsburg, followed by one in Poplar Plains. Several Hillsboro people wanted to organize one there, but there was no suitable room. There had also grown up in Hillsboro, a wish for a Methodist church, so the Sons of Temperance and friends of the Church united and constructed a Methodist church with a hall above. This is where that group of Temperance people held their meetings.	The Methodist Church:  Before the Methodist church was built, there was frequent preaching in pleasant weather at a place called Alum Spring, one mile east of Hillsboro. The people of the village often went there to worship with no shelter but umbrellas or trees. Naturally, they sometimes got wet. One day, while several people gathered at Alum Spring to worship it rained and Henry SHIELDS approached Benjamin NORTHCUTT and said, "Sir, we must have a shed here." That was the beginning of the Methodist Church there.  Soon there was a neighborhood gathering and a shed 64'x40' was constructed, seated and fenced in with a nice pulpit. Later Alum Springs became a great resort.  Among the many eminent ministers who preached at the Alum Spring church were Benjamin NORTHCUTT, Isaac COLLARD, John C. HAVINSON, George W. MERRITT, D. S. BARKSDALE, Drummond WELBURN and Henry Clay NORTHCUTT. However, the building of the Methodist church at Hillsboro caused this place to go down. 
Church at Hillsboro. On October 18, 1848 John TAYLORr and wife Polly, sold to D. S. BARKSDALE, H. C. NORTHCUTT, Joseph B. EMMONS, John GRAY and Joseph B. NORTHCUTT, trustees, a lot for the sum of $37 to erect a building for the Methodist Episcopal Church South, in Hillsboro proper. The original Methodist church is not standing now. On February 27, 1868, James W. CRAIN and wife Martha J. sold to Joseph H. STORY, Silas T. Keith and Nelson STORY, Trustees of the Methodist church of Hillsboro, a lot lying on the west side of the pike coming from Poplar Plains. On this lot, the present Methodist Church now stands. 
Methodist Ministers  Some Methodist ministers were a Mr. DEARING, who boarded in Grange City; Mr. HOFFMAN, Mr. SMITH (1876), Mr. NEWTON, Mrs. CAYWOOD, Mr. Daniel George BROWDER, David ALLEN, Douglas Scorglin DEMAREE, Messrs POWER and HARRIS, E. C. BOSWELL (1891), Curnie SAVAGE (1894), and P.J. ROSS (1897); E. R. GARDINER (1899), father of the late Everett GARDINER and grandfather of Mrs. C. C. PATTERSON, Mrs. A. D. GORMAN and Miss Margaret Warren GARDINER); Rev. J. L. WEST(1903, who was 100 years old this December 24 and lives in Mt. Sterling. Rev. WEST was also pastor at Tilton for a time.); Mr. ELCAR (1906), Mr. POLLETT (1910), Mr.CROSBY (1912); Mr. Green, ALLEN and ARMITAGE(1913-1923); HOUSTON, WELLS, Gilbert, HARWOOD (1924-24); TANNER, BAUGH, KELLY and HILL; George BOSWELL (1929), and ROBERTS, the latter being the present pastor.  In the early days of the preachers of the Fleming Circuit of the Methodist church, the ministers preached alternately every two weeks at the residence of Mrs. Jane and Mr. Lewis CRAIN.  Basil Hunt, an early Methodist preacher, owned a large farm near Hillsboro and was an extensive wheat raiser, employing many hands in reaping his harvest. 
This Basil Hunt had a son who possessed great ability as a preacher and employed great originality with sound logic. He held a successful debate one day at Alum Springs with a Mr. SMITH, a Universalist. Rev. Hunt was the first man to recognize Hillsboro as a possible successful center of the southern part of Fleming County. By his first wife he had the following children: Miranda, Jane, Elihu, William and Fletcher. They all later went to Indiana. Rev. Hunt'S second wife was a Mrs. WILSON of Lexington. By this union they had one daughter, Alice, who married James W. CRAIN of Hillsboro. After the death of the second Mrs. Hunt, Rev. Hunt then married a Miss HEDRICK of the Poplar Plains vicinity and lived on his farm in this section for many years. However, he ended his days in Indiana.  Jeremiah Hunt, familiarly called "Uncle-Jerry" was another Methodist minister and was well-known. He lived on Licking River near Day's Mill and preached mostly in the mountainous parts of the county where he was very popular. Rev. Absolum Hunt was an extremely eloquent Methodist preacher of the Western conference and was a fine looking man. The first place near Hillsboro where the members of the Christian church congregated was at the James FARRIS home. A Doctor Vintan IRISHMAN was among the first of the early Christian ministers to preach there. His sermons lasted from 90 to 100 minutes. Also, at the FARRIS cabin, Asa MAXEY, another Christian minister, frequently preached. The people erected a stand and fixed seats in the woods back of the McROBERT'S farm afterwards. The land for the present Christian church in Hillsboro was purchased on November 9, 1859 from Alvin C. DAY and wife Priscilla. However, the present Christian church was not built until the 187O's.  Name of the carpenter who constructed the church was John SHEPHERD who received the sum of almost $1,000 for his work. He put the money in a sack and took off for St. Louis, Mo. on board a boat. But someone stole it.        Early Christian Preachers: 	J. W. McGARVEY, president of Transylvania College, Lexington, once preached at Hillsboro. Other ministers were Reuben McCORMICK, E. B. KIMBERLY of Poplar Plains, Rev. PANGBURN, E. D. YATES, Rev. HARKINS, Rev. BUTLER, Rev. Frank TINDER, A. BLEDSOE, Robert TEMPLEMAN, Acie MAXEY and Kern MAXEY. 
New Hope Church was a Presbyterian church of great influence and was in the midst of a settlement of Irish Presbyterians. Constructed of hewn Logs about 40'X50' with gallery and boxed pulpit, it was truly a product of their congregation, who contributed the logs and labor.  Officers in the church were David STRAHAN, Daniel WilliamSON and James S. HAMILTON. David WILLS was superintendent of the Sunday school and James K. BURCH preached the first sermon there. The church yard is large and many early graves are still to be found there. Among the names to be found there are SAUNDERS, DAY, WALTON, RAWLINGS, GRAHAM, DAVIS, STORY, SHEPHERD, CROW, ROYSE, Denton, CRAIN and NORTHCUTT. 
The train made its first trip from Johnson Jct. to Hillsboro in 1878 and one of its passengers on that occasion was Mrs. Mary DAY. the management gave everyone who wished to ride it on the first day a free ride, and the train was full.John MILLS was the first engineer on the train. He was the man for whom Mills Avenue here in Flemingsburg was named. Ed ANDREWS was the train's conductor. Later conductors were Harvey MYERS and John MORRIS. In 1880 a certain company bought the train and planned to run it to the coal fields at Pound Gap, Virginia, but, somehow, the plans failed. The last trip was made May 10, 1907. 
Worth relating is the story told by Minor Denton, to wit: Once, a man got off the train at Hillsboro and said, "I've traveled over almost all of the United States, but this is the first time I've ever come to the end of the railroad." 
Old Homes One of the out-standing historical dwellings enroute to Hillsboro is the house where John Arnold Denton and family now reside. The chimney and rock for the foundation were hauled from Virginia by ox-cart about 1817 by Francis Reno DAVIS, son of Elias DAVIS and grandfather of Mrs. John Arnold Denton. Elias DAVIS later came to KYand settled back of what is now the Denton home. 	Francis Reno DAVIS and family are buried at the New Hope graveyard. The story is related that during the Civil War, when soldiers camped near the Denton home, members of the family hid money and sugar in the little attic above the porch. The hill back of the house is called Sugar Camp Hill, as there used to be so many sugar maple trees there. 	On top of the hill, by the house, is a thorn tree, near which is a grave. The name of the man buried there is thought to be DEERING. This farm and home is the only one from Flemingsburg to Hillsboro that has not changed hands from the family who built it	.Sam SHIELDS, brother of Enoch, resided in the house where Raymond Denton now lives. The old house standing by Minor Denton'S store is part log. The chimney was constructed in the 1870's and the log part was built in the 1830's. 	Early Families : The James SHIELDS' family were among Hillsboro's early residents. They occupied a farm adjoining William CRAIN'S. There were 8 sons: Hezekiah, Alexander, John, Thomas, Sam, Jarvis, Henry and Enoch. James went west and entered official life. A near resident on the Northeast was Aunt Sally WALTON, widow of John WALTON, mother of Ben, John, Job, Mark, Parker, Matthew, Nancy, and Polly. She was celebrated for her large size and wonderful voice. It was said that when her sons failed to come home she did not need a trumpet to call them, she just yelled and they heard her. 	Zadok PAYNE'S farm was east of Hillsboro and ran into the foothills of the Cumberland mountains. The Lyons and NORTHCUTT families were near, and in these three homes, 39 children were reared. The PAYNES had 16, the Lyons had 8 and the NORTHCUTTS had 15. 	Another early resident was Old Billy DEERING, who in later life was a widower with 3 grandsons---Simpson, Allen and Alford. Simpson married Miss Ruth DILLON and Allen became a skillful carpenter. The FANT family first lived in Hillsboro before going to Sherburne. The family patriarch was Nelson FANT, a native of Virginia, who had two daughters, Louisa and Juliet and one son, William. Juliet married Selucius GARFIELD, cousin of President GARFIELD, and she is buried at Sherburne. William married a Miss SAUNDERS of Sharpsburg, and became a very prominent businessman in Sherburne. 	Jacob TRUMBO early settled near Hillsboro and married Mary NORTHCUTT. Their children were Elizabeth, Deborah, Sarah, Martha, Jacob and Asa. Residing east of Hillsboro was Planalyn HUMPHRIES, the son of Uncle Billy HUMPHRIES who, it is thought, became a preacher in the New Light Church. He later moved to Triplett Creek. Near this family lived the OVERTON family, natives of Virginia. Mr. OVERTON'S son, Creedwell, married Mary VANSANT, daughter of William VANSANT.  The GRAHAM family, sometimes called "GRIMES", were residents west of Hillsboro. The early family is buried at the New Hope graveyard. Old James GRAHAM lived on Locust Creek, and his house was used as a regular preaching place for Methodist ministers.   James GRAHAM had at least three sons: Robert, a salesman at Day's Mill; Alfred, who died young and William GRAHAM, who married Lydia Ann DEERING. At one time, the entire GRAHAM family lived at the old Tom RAWLINGS farm east of the old Locust meeting house.  Three brothers of the STORY family were Joseph, James and Elijah. Joseph STORY married a daughter of James GRAHAM. James emigrated to Indiana around 1836. Elijah had three sons and a daughter, and later owned and lived at Martha Mills. John Lyons followed James STORY'S daughter to Indiana and married her, bringing her back to Hillsboro. They both made the journey on horseback. 	West of Hillsboro, one and one-half miles, lived the family of Isaac and Rachael TERHUNE, who are buried at New Hope. They had no childen, but adopted a daughter who married Samuel Lyons, brother of John. The TERHUNES reared a boy named William MAUPIN. 	Other early settlers were around New Hope church and consisted of the prominent English families such as the DAYS and SAUNDERSES. Hillsboro By Durbin Nealis [assume these are from the local items. TB] 	Rev. and Mrs. KELLY and daughter of Ohio were here Thursday visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McKEE. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. HAWKINS and Robert HUTTON were in Maysville Friday. Mrs. HAWKINS went to consult a specialist. Raleigh BOYD of Louisville was here over the weekend visiting his mother, Mrs. Flora BOYD.  Mr. Berman Denton of Marmet, W. Va., visited his father M. A. Denton and other relatives here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene JETT and Mrs. William GORMAN were in Lexington Friday. Misses Anna and Pauline DAVIS are visiting their sister, Mrs. Charles PLANCK in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence RADER and children of Lockland,O., were week-end visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Roy PAYNE. Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn PAYNE of California were here the past week visiting his father and Mrs. PAYNE. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence STORY and three children of Springfield, O., were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Caleb RATLIFF Saturday and Sunday.  Rev. and Mrs. Randall HILL and daughter, Emily, left Saturday for Cynthiana and from there to Atlanta, Ga., to attend a summer school of the Methodist church. Rev. Paul GILLESPIE was a dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. JETT. 	Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Rice came over Saturday from Richmond where she is attending summer school. Re- turning Sunday evening.  Sunday was the longest day of the year, also the hottest, 98 to 100 in the shade. Mrs. M. R. HAWKINS has been on the sick list the past week. Robert HUTTON accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ogden STORY to Cincinnati Monday where Mrs. STORY will receive medical attention. Offered to the Fleming County KYwebsite through the generosity of Teddy Brock, and the work and courtesy of William M. Talley of Vanceburg (Lewis County) KY. We thank you and the late Jean Rankin Denton for your generosity. Subject: Re: Ross-Denton genealogy From: "Celeste H. Anderson"   
    John, as promised, I am sending you what I have in my Pedigree books on our Denton line.  My sister or Dave may have extended families that will interest you.  I've forwarded your e-mail to both.
 My 4th g'grandmother was  Nancy Mary DENTON, b. ca 1770 Shanendoah Co., Va, d Aug 1831 Buck Creek, Bath, Kentucky.  She married Rev. Reuben Solomon HUNT in 1786, in Washington District, Tennessee.Nancy was the daughter of James DENTON, B CA 1735 Orange Co., N.Y., d. ca 1834 Bath, Fleming Co., KY He was married to Elizabeth Harper SMITH, in ca 1764 in Shenandoah Co., Va.
 James was the son of Abraham DENTON II, b. ca 1700 Hempstead, Nassau, N.Y., d. Aug 1774, Shenandoah Co., Va.  He was married to Mary O'DELL in ca 1725 in Orange Co., N.Y.
 Abraham II was the son of Abraham DENTON, Sr., b ca 1675, Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y., d ca 1729, Orange Co., N.Y.  He married Martha THORNE in ca 1699, Orange Co., N.Y.
 Abraham Sr. was the son of Samuel DENTON, b 29 May, 1631 in Halifax, Yorkshire,  England, d 20 Mar. 1712/13, Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y.  He was married to Mary Rock SMITH in ca 1656, Hempstead, N.Y.
 Samuel was the son of Richard DENTON II, b 5 Apr 1603, Yorkshire, Essex Co., England, d ca 1662, Hempstead, Essex, England.  He was married to UNK.
 Richard DENTON II was the son of Richard DENTON, Sr., b. ca 1557 in Worley, Yorkshire, England, d. 9 Dec. 1619, Hertfordshire, England.  He was married to Susan (Sibella) ? ca 1581 in Worley, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
 Richard DENTON, Sr., was the son of Richard DENTON, b ca 1517 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, d ? in ? England.  He was married to Gennett BANYSTER 10 Sept. 1547, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

rom:  Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 18:49:02 EDT Subject: Re: Ross-Denton genealogy To: 
    I do have a Minor Denton born in 1879 in Fleming County, KYSon of Oliver Bromley Denton and Olleah Newman. May not be the same bird!  Dave

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