Hall Genealogy

By Velva Kinney Justice
(Jan. 5, 1907 - Nov. 3, 1993, Carter Co., Ky.)

Submitted by Lydia Justice Edwards

"These pages are my mother's family record. She typed them on her own typewriter 20 years ago from her records and memory.
She was our family historian, with almost total recall."

"Certain branches of our family married into the Bolling and Osborne families who are descended from Pocahantas.
I have that record as she and her cousin Pauline had it, however she was not descendend from Pocahantas."

Page 1
Silas Hall and Janice Smith
Page 13
Fritz, Underwood
Page 2
Tackett, Orsborn
Page 14
Howell, Bentley
Page 3
Henson, Martin, Keel
Page 15
Jones, Newsome, Johnson, Martin
Page 4
From the Virginia Historical Magazine
Page 16
Page 4a
Newsome, Lambert
Page 17
John M. Bentley
Page 5
Milford Hall
Page 18
White, Newsome, Jones
Page 6
Davis, Logan
Page 19
Bentley, Henderson
Page 7
Page 20
Orsburn, Reynolds, Dick
Page 8
Taylor, Randell, Kent
Page 21
Reynolds, Caudill, Howell
Page 9
Armstrong, Conley, Newsome
Page 22
Frasure, McCall
Page 10
Howell, Jones, Collins
Page 23
Hat Kinney biography
Page 11
Howell, Jones, King
Page 24
Baptist Preachers and members, Orsburn, Bentley, Wilburn
Page 12
Frasure, Orsburn, Newsome
Page 25
Bentley, Hamilton, Orsburn
Page 26
Birt Newman and Fannie Vanderpool

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