Karl Kiser Sr.
							3rd great grandfather of Ulysses S. Grant Kiser (husband of Jesse Burton Ross)

Karl Keyser Sr.		b. 1702  at Stuttgart, Wurltemburg, Germany	d. 1778 at Luray, Page Co., Virginia	buried Keyser Cem., Luray, Page Co, Virginia
   married (unk) Shelly in 1750 at  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania	b. 1730 at Manheim, Lancaster, PA	d. at Luray, Page Co., Va	buried at Hawksbill Creek, Page, VA  
  			d/o Christian Shelly and Magdalene (unk)
Charles Keyser	b. 1702 in Wurttemberg, Germany  near Stuttgart	d. 1778 in Shenandoah Co, Va, 
	 	His body was interred 1778 in Shenandoah Co, Va.  on his farm, now (1997) Lynn Strickler's, Route 648, Luray, VA 
		Charles immigrated, 19 Sep 1749. Destination: Philladelphia, Pa.  He arrived on Sunday, 19 Sep 1749, aboard the ship PATIENCE in the Port of Philadelphia, Pa.  He took the Oath of 
  		Allegiance to Pennsylvania	on he same day.
    married ELIZABETH GROSSGLOSS in Wurttemberg, Germany.     aka Elizabeth Gorsclose   b. in Germany. 

	?    (one of the above)
	|-Charles KEYSER Jr.	b. 1752  at Lancaster, Pennsylvania 		d. Sept. 12, 1796 at Page Co., Virginia   buried at Keyser Graveyard, Shenandoah,  Virginia 
	| 		or d. 1799 in Page Co, Va, at 47 years of age.  He died of Yellow Fever along with several of his children, per Ann Hart Stewart. 
  	|		His body was interred 1799 in Keyser Cem., Luray, VA.  He is 	|	buried in the Old Keyser Farm in Page Co., Virginia.
	|   married ELIZABETH BAKER.  (Elizabeth Baker is #12.)  Elizabeth was born in PA 1747.  d. before 1843 in Johnson Twp., Champaign Co, OH. 
  	|		buried in Kizer Cem., Champaign Co, OH.
	|	|
	|	|-JOSEPH DAVID Keyser
	|	|   married EVE NEWMAN 24 Jun 1806  in Shenandoah Co, Va,.  Per Mead Relations by Pritchard (Eve Newman is #5821.) 
	|	|
	|	|-PEGGY Keyser
	|	|-Mary Keyser
	|	|
	|	|-Charles Keyser      d. 1799 in Luray, Shenandoah Co, Va.  d. 1799 “of  Yellow Fever along with his father and three of his siblings, per Ann Hart Stewart.  
  	|	|	His body was interred 1799 in Keyser Cem, Luray, VA. 
	|	|
	|	|-CATHERINE  Keyser
	|	|    married CHRISTIAN MILLER 
	|	|
	|	|-ELIZABETH Keyser	d. 1799 in Page Co, Va.  She died of Yellow Fever along with her father and three of her siblings   Buried in Page Co, Va, Keyser Family Cem..
	|-Andrew KAISER 	b. Dec. 16, 1758 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania 	d. Nov. 23, 1833 at Page Co., Virginia 
	|    m1. SARAH MARGARET "SALLY" RINEHART 23 Nov 1784    b. Shenandoah Co, Va 17 Dec 1770     d/o Hans Michael "Michael" Rinehart Jr. and Elizabeth (unk)   
   	|		 d. 7 Apr 1820 in Page Co, Va,	She was a sister to Catherine who married John Keyser. 
	|    m2. ELIZABETH GROVE Strickler 8 Oct 1820 	b. 1769     d/o Christian Grove and Ann Rhodes.  She married DAVID STRICKLER circa 1784.       d. 13 Jul 1845 
	|		After the death of her second husband, Elizabeth went to live with her daughter Mary (Mrs. Abraham Heiston), on Dry Run, Page Co., Virginia, and is buried there. 
	|                  Andrew reported for active duty in Virginia, 1780.  Andrew enlisted in 1780 for 18 months as private in Captain Conway Oldham's Company, Colonel Richard Campbell's 
   	|		Virginia Regiment.  He  engaged in the battles of Guilford, Camden, Ninety-Six and Eutaw Springs, per DAR records.  Numerous other writings show him as a Major in 
 	|		the Virginia Troup.  In his application he stated he was  born 16 Dec 1758  He served as an officer in the military in Virginia, 1780.  He bought property in Shenandoah 
  	|		Co, Va, 9 Dec 1790.  The following individual is also linked to this event: Charles Keyser Jr (Grantor). Per Mead Relations by Pritchard:  "Charles Keyser, Jr., and 
  	|		Elizabeth, his wife, by deed of 9 Dec 1790, recorded in deed book "I" page 265, conveyed unto Andrew Keyser a parcel of fifty-seven acres of land in Shenandoah Co.,   
	|		Va., on the north side of the South Branch of the Shenandoah River, described as part of land conveyed to Charles Keyser, deceased, by Lewis Rhinehart, Mathias 
     	|		 Rhinehart and Elizabeth, his wife, by deeds of lease and release dated the 6th and 7th days of April, 1765, and recorded in Frederick Co., Va. The conveyance recites that 
 	|		Charles Keyser, deceased, dying intestate, the land descended to his eldest son, Charles Keyser."   He bought property in Shenandoah Co, Va, 29 Dec 1793.  The 
  	|		following individual is also linked to this event: Charles Keyser Jr (Grantor). On 29 Dec 1793, Charles Keyser and Elizabeth his wife executed a deed to Andrew Keyser   
 	|		for 57 acres of the aforesaid tract, (see Charles Keyser, Sr.) stating among other  things "and the said Charles Kyser deceased dieing intestate the same descended to his   
 	|		eldest son charles Kyser".  Shenandoah Co. Deed book 1-265.  Data from Shenandoah Co. Will Book E, pages 160-162; Russell Co, Va Will Book 3, page 175; Page 
  	|		County Will Book A, page 98; Keyser Family Descendants by Charles S. Keyser, page 153; Forerunners by Strickler, page 120. 
	|              		He bought property in Shenandoah Co, Va, 1 Sep 1808.  The following individual is also linked to this event: Elizabeth Baker (Grantor). On 1 Sep 1808, Elizabeth Kyser 
 	|		widow and relict of Charles Keyser, deceased, Joseph Kyser, one of the sons and heirs of the said Charles Kyser dec'd and Katy his wife, Peggy Kyser and Mary Kyser, 
  	|		daughters and heirs of the said Charles Kyser dec'd, deeded to Andrew Kyser two tracts (50 acres and 25 acres) on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River, "formerly 
  	|		patented to Joseph Kyser and David Kyser" - Shenandoah Co, Deed Book T-292 & 366.  
	|		Strickler's Forerunners page 120.  Also see "Some Descendants of John Counts of Glade Hollow (Southwest Virginia) 1722-1977" by E. J. Sutherland. 
	|                  	Andrew applied for a military pension 1832.  Andrew Keyser applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War service in 1832.  He stated he enlisted in 1780 for 18 
  	|		months as private in Captain Conway Oldham's company, Colonel Richard Campbell's Virginia Regiment.  He engaged in the battles of Guilford, Camden, Ninety-six and 
  	|		Eutaw Springs. 	Note.  The following letter has been received from the Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. 
	|		September 8, 1931 	|	Dear Sir: 
	|                 	You are advised that it appears from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, S. 5651, that Andrew Keyser, Senior, was born December 16, 1758, place not 
 	|		stated.  While a resident of  Shenandoah Co., Virginia, he enlisted in 1780, served as a private in Captain Conway Oldham’s and Lieutenant Robert Jouett’s company, 
  	|		Colonel Richard Campbell’s Virginia Regiment, in the battles of Guilford Court House, Camden, Ninety Six and Eutaw Springs, and was discharged January 14, 1782, 
  	|		having served eighteen months.  He was allowed pension on his application executed July 23, 1832, while a resident of Page Co, Virginia.  There is no data on file of his 
  	|		family.  The above history is that of the only soldier of that name, under any spelling, found in the Revolutionary War records of this office.  In order to obtain date of last 
 	|		payment of pension, the name of the person paid, and possibly the date of the soldier’s death, you should address The Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, 
 	|		Records Division, Washington, D.C., citing the following data:  Andrew Keyser, Certificate No. 170, issued August 4, 1832, rate $60.00 per year, commenced March 4, 
 	|		1831, Act. June 7, 1832, Virginia Agency. Very truly yours, |	A. D. HILLER  Assistant to Administrator. 
 	|		Andrew Keyser, Sr., joined the church and was baptized in the Shenandoah River by Elder Ambrose C. Booten on the 10 Oct. 1832, just a little more than one year before 
 	|		his death, according to the notes of Isaac C. Dovel.  Per Meade Relations by Pritchard. In Kercheval's History of the Valley, 4th Ed., page 37, he relates an incident in 
 	|		relation to which "Major Andrew Keyser also informed the author that an Indian once called at his father's in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, appeared to be much agitated, 
  	|		and asked for something to eat. After refreshing himself he was asked what disturbed him.  He replied, 'The Southern Indians have killed my whole nation.'"  Note by A. 
  	|		M. Pritchard in his Mead Relations:  "This indicates clearly that Charles Keyser lived in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, before he settled in what is now Page Co., Virginia. 
	|		Per a letter from Adam Strickler to Andrew's grandson, E. A. Keyser on 28 Oct 1892:  A year or two before his death he was baptized and received in to the Big Spring 
 	|		Church -- lived an exemplary member until his death.  He was a strong Democrat of the Jefferson and Jackson stamp, and from him I imbibe my Democratic principles 
 	|		without warning. I have never given any other vote in my life except a Democratic vote.  Your grandfather was a great provider for his family, and abundance of all the 
 	|		necessaries of life for both white and colored.  He was handy with tools, coopering and 
	|             		shoemaking.  He was a splendid marksman and fond of a gun as long as he lived.  He learned to read and write and keep his accounts without a teacher. He was a kind  
  	|		stepfather to me and all the 
	|		Keysers treat me with marked respect wherever I see them. Show this to cousin Sudie Brumback with my love to her, please write to me as soon as you get this. I am 
 	|		more poorly today than usual, bad cough and trouble with my lungs.  I was 80 years old the 5th day of last March.  Goodbye.  Adam Strickler. 
	|		(Major Andrew Keyser referred to in the above as "your grandfather" married Adam's widowed mother and became his stepfather.  "Sudie Brumback" was Miss Keyser.  
 	|		She married (1) ABRAM ROTHGEB; (2) THOMAS BRUMBACK.  The above article appeared again in Page News May 23, 1922, and was taken from same paper of 
  	|		date Oct 20, 1905."  See Forerunners by Strickler page 120-121.  Note:  Adam Strickler was born 5 Mar 1812 and died 12 Mar 1894, was a schoolmaster for more than 40 
 	|		years. Andrew Keyser's bible was inherited by his sons, and has been posted to the Library of Virginia web site where it can be viewed by all.  I have a copy of that 
  	|		record. 
	|	|
	|	|-PETER Keyser 
	|	|-NOAH Keyser	b.  2 Jan 1786 
	|	|-GEORGE  Keyser	b. 2 Oct 1789 
	|	|-SUSANNAH Keyser	b. 25 Sep 1791 
	|	|-MARY Keyser "POLLY"		b. 28 Jan 1795 
	|	|
	|	|-MARGARET  Keyser	b.  7 Aug 1798
	|	|     married John REEDY  26 Apr 1812
	|	|
	|	|-SARAH Keyser	 "SALLIE"		b. 5 Jun 1800 
	|	|-LYDIA Keyser	b. 10 Jul 1801 
   	|	|-ANDREW Keyser	b. 30 Mar 1804 
	|	|-CHARLES Keyser	b. 2 Sep 1806 
	|	|-MICHAEL Keyser	b. 1 Jan 1809		d. 14 Oct 1815. 
	|	|-ABLE Keyser	b. 29 Dec 1811	d. 1815 . 
	|	|-ESTHER W. Keyser	b. 2 Sep 1816
	|-John KEYSER	b.  1754 in Page Co., Virginia 		d. at Christianberg, Montgomery Co., Virginia 
	|  married married Catherinw  "Caty" Rinehart  30 August 1791 in Shenandoah Co, Va,    b. 13 Mar 1776 in Shenandoah Co, Va.  d/o  Hans Michael "Michael" Rinehart Jr. & Elizabeth.  
  	|		d. 1870 in Page Co, Va, . “The following exerpt is taken from a letter written by Charles Keyser Urner, 306 D. St., N.W., Washington, D.C., October 21, 1916 as printed in Mead   
  	|		Relations page 214: 
	|         		"John Trumbo, a son of Jacob (whose sister married MATHIAS RINEHART and two of their daughters married John and ANDREW KEYSER), lived in Pendleton Co., Va (Now West 	|	      Va).  He married Esther Davis and they had nine children.  Their third child, Sarah, married Hiram Taylor of Grant County.  They had a child, Milton Taylor, who married 
  	|			Caroline Keyser, grand-daughter of John Keyser and his wife Katherine Rhinehart. “
	|	|
	|	|-ALEXANDER Keyser 
	|	|-ELIZABETH Keyser	b. 12 Dec 1792 
    	|	|-CHRISTOPHER	b. 19 Mar 1799
	|-Anna KEYSER	b. 1756in  Page Co., Virginia 		d. 1833 at Page Co., Virginia 
	|   married Philip Counts on 22 August 1785 in Shenandoah Co, Va,.  Their marriage bond was signed by mark as "Philip Couts", and the whole record is in that name.  
     	|		The bondsman was his brother-in-law Jacob Rasnake (Rersneck). (See E.J. Sutherland's "John Counts" book Counts B-2) who signed in German.  
   	|		A certificate, filed with the bond, is in the following words:  "Shenandoah Co. and  beckford in Virginy.  
  	|		"Philip Couts and Anna Kiser is a go to git marred and his father John Couts and mother is will that they shoud git mared And Anna Kiser friends is all will that she 	
  	|		should get mared to Sad Couts ---- August 22 1785."  This paper was endorsed by "Any Kiser," and "John Couts," both by mark, and in person by 
   	|		"Andrew Kiser." (Philip Counts is #14.)     Philip was born about 1765.  Philip was the son of John Counts Sr. and Mary Magdeline.  Philip died 1843 at 78 years of age.     
  	|		Philip Counts remained all his life on his father's farm on Hawksbill   Creek in Shenandoah and Page Counties. In 1802 his parents, in Russell Co., 
   	|		executed a deed to him for the remainder of the John Counts tract of land in that section.  Shenandoah County Deed 	
  	|        		Book N, pp 162-3.  On January 25, 1808, Christian (Chrisley) Bumgarner and wife conveyed to Philip "Countz" 2-3/4 acres 
  	|		on the west bank of Hawksbill, adjourning said Couts' land.  Deed Book Q, p 212. On 16 Oct 1817, Philip Counts (Kountz) 
   	|		(and wife Anna is mentioned but did not sign) deeded to Robert Carter 79 acres on the west side of Hawksbill, a part of the tract deeded by John 	
	|         		Countz and Magdalene to Philip Countz. The 1830 Census lists Philip "Kountz" between 50 and 60 years of age, living alone, except for four slaves. 
  	|		On December 10, 1833, Philip "Kountz" (by mark) executed his last will and testament, and it was probated in the Page County Court on January 23, 1843 
  	|		(Will Book B-274), with Frederick A. Marye as executor and William S. Marye, Frederick A. Marye and Mary Marye as witnesses.  
  	|		He named as his beneficiaries his son Jacob, and his daughter, Elizabeth Carter (wife of Robert Carter), his nephew Jonas Gray, and his "black woman Judy.". He 	
  	|		does not mention his wife's name and it is presumed she was dead at this time.  Philip and Anna are both probably buried in the old Counts graveyard 
   	|		on the west side of Hawksbill Creek. (E.J. Sutherland's "John Counts" B-7 pg 296.  Per A. M. Pritchard in his Mead Relations:  
  	|		"Note: As John Koontz gave his written consent to the marriage of his son, Philip, and Anna Keyser in 1785, it would seem that 
  	|		Philip may not then have been quite twenty-one years of age, and that his birth likely occurred about the year 1765.  
   	|		This would distinguish him from another Philip Koontz who lived in Rockingham Co., Va., 
    	|  		and who was the holder of Revolutionary War Pension Certificate No. 12437.  The U. S. Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners listed Philip Koontz 
   	|		as 95 years of age, and head of his family in Rockingham County on 1 Jun 1840.  This would fix the year 1745 as the date of his birth, and place him in the same 
   	|		generation as John Kountz, who was probably his brother, since  John Koontz named his son, Philip.  
   	|		This John Kountz is not to be confused with the Rev. John Koontz of Mill Creek. "The census of 1785 shows the following heads of families in Shenandoah 	
   	|            		Co:  John Countz, George Countz and Jacob Countz.  The 1792 list of tithables in Rockingham County shows the following assessments in the vicinity of 
   	|		Smith Creek:  Phil. Counze; Peter Counze Sr., and son Phil.; 
    	|		Peter Counce, Jr., and Martin Counce; and, in the neighborhood of Keezletown, appears the name of John Counce." 
	|	|
	|	|-JACOB Counts	b. ca1797
	|	|  married Elizabeth  (unk) 	b. ca1796.
	|	|       	The following is taken from E. J. Sutherland's book "Some Descendants of John Counts of Glade Hollow":  
  	|	|	Jacob lived on his father's farm on Hawksbill Creek, probably at his grandfather Counts' homeplace on the hill near the graveyard. 
   	|	|	His father, by will directed that the surplus of the proceeds from the sale of his personal property be paid to Jacob, and in addition he 	
  	|	|      	 stated "the whole of the farm or plantation, together with its appurtenances, on which I resent reside, to be held and enjoyed by said son 
  	|	|	Jacob Kountz, for and during his natural lifetime,  and after his death I hereby direct that public auction, by a Commissioner to be appointed for that 
   	|	|	purpose by the County Court at Page, and that the money arising from such sale be qually divided amongst my grandchildren, that is to say 
  	|	|	the Children of my said Son Jacob Kountz, and the children of my daughter Elizabeth Carter (wife of Robert Carter)". 
	|	|        	It is said that Jacob Counts imbibed rather freely at times.  One such occasion, he met with two men driving a sheep along a road in 
   	|	|	his neighborhood. these men liked liquor also and they  Counts to hold the sheep while they went after more liquor.  
   	|	|	Before they returned, the irate owner of the sheep appeared and claimed the sheep had been stolen.  
  	|	|	A warrant was issued for Counts for the theft of the sheep.  In order to get sufficient funds to defend himself from the charge, 
   	|	|	he had to give a deed of trust on his interest in the land, as above stated, which was Kemp? done on March 7, 1844. (Results of trial?)  
   	|	|	On October 25, 1844, Jacob conveyed his life estate in this land to Thomas B. Kemp. The Census of 1850 shows the family of "Jacob 	
  	|	|          	Counts" to consist of:  Jacob Counts, 52, no real estate; Elizabeth Counts, 53; Patsey Ward, 46; and Louisa E. Toinette, 13.  
   	|	|	The Census of 1860 shows "Jacob Countz, Labourer," in the  family of William G. Keyser.   In 1871, John R. Wilson (grandson of Elizabeth Counts Carter)
   	|	|	filed his bill in chanery in the Page County Court against David Wilson and others, alleging the provisions of Philip Counts' will as to the disposition of the 
   	|	|	portion of his real estate in which a life estate was given to Jacob counts.  "Your orator further represents that 
	|	|         	the said Jacob Kountz has since died and that he died without issue."  The court appointed a Commissioner to sell the land and the Commissioner 
  	|	|	reported the sale of the land to Isaac M. Hite for $921.00 on September 16, 1871.  In 1936, 
   	|	|	E. J. Sutherland visited the homesite of Jacob Counts (near Luray, Page County) and interviewed Mrs. Hamp C. Cameron who had lived on this farm since 1881. 
	|	|
	|	|-ELIZABETH Counts	b. ca1799
	|-Kate KEYSER 	b. ca1753 in Page Co., Virginia or Lancaster Co., Pa		d. at  Page Co., Virginia 
	|	“Kate never married and nothing is known about her other than what we have, provided by A. M. Prichard in his book Mead Relations.”
	|-Esther KEYSER	b. ca1764 at Page Co., Virginia 	d.  4 Oct 1846 in Lawrence Co, Oh,  
 	|    married GEORGE AUSTIN in Shenandoah Co, Va, 9 May 1797.  
	|	 	Per A. M. Prichard's Mead Relations:  Esther Keyser and George Austin married in Shenandoah Co., Virginia and moved to Lawrence Co., Ohio.  
   	|		The Rev. James Gilruth, in his letters referred to in the sketch of Mary Keyser, No. 6, said:  'About this time Stephen Colvin, of Rumley, Va., 
  	|		entered all the bottom from Luke Kelly's section to the French Grant.  George Austin bought and settled on this farm.  
   	|		His wife's maiden name was Esther Kiser.  Their children were:  Isaac, Mary and Rebecca.  Mary married George Trumbo. Isaac married Lydia Kiser.  
  	|		Rebecca married William Gilruth. Austin was an industrious farmer and valuable citizen.'         
   	|		Note:  In 13 Penn. archives (2nd Ser.), page 616, may be seen the muster roll of Capt. Isaac Austin's Fourth Company of the First 	
	|        		Battalion of Pennsylvania Militia of Foot, in the service of the United States, commanded by William Bradford, Colonel.  
  	|		It is dated the 12 July 1777; and besides the name of Isaac Austin as captain, it shows the names of Nicholas and Michael Keyser as private.  
   	|		What, if any, relationship may have existed between this Captain Isaac Austin and George Austin has not been considered." 
	|	|
	|	|-MARY Austin	 "POLLY"	b. 12 Oct 1798 
     	|	|-ISAAC. Austin		b.  about 1800 	per http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/4612/page2a.htm
   	|	|-REBECCA  Austin	b.  20 Sep 1816	“Information on this second generation was provided by Julie Voyles and Harvey A. Kiser, and compiled by Julie Voyles” 
	|-Philip KEYSER	b. before 1768 at Page Co., Virginia 
	|-Elizabeth Kiser	b. 1762 at Frederick Co., Va, America 	d. Aug. 10, 1832  at Breathitt Co, KY 	buried Hagin Cemetary, Breathitt Co, KY 
	|          HENRY HURST in Shenandoah Co, Va, 20 Jan 1784    b. in Frederick Co, Va 27 Oct 1762    s/o  John "Mill Creek" Hurst & Nancy Ann Nunn     d. 2 Nov 1844 in Morgan Co, Ky,
	|	  	Elizabeth and her husband moved to Russell Co., Virginia along with her sister Mary who married Luke Kelly and her brother Joseph who 
  	|   married Susannah Stacy.  Later, Elizabeth and her husband moved to Ky..  Mary and her husband moved on to Ohio.  Per Pam Hurst Collins. 
	|	|
	|	|-HARMON Hurst	b.  23 Aug 1785 
	|	|-ANDREW Kiser Hurst	b.  about 1788 
    	|	|-ELISHA Hurst	b.  about 1791 
  	|	|-ESTHER Hurst	b.  Feb 1794 
    	|	|-ELIZABETH Hurst	b. 1797 
	|	|-SAMUEL Hurst	b.  9 Sep 1799
	|-Mary KAISER (KEYSER)	b. May 8, 1760 at Germantown, Philadelphia, PA  or 5 Aug 1760	d. Aug. 10, 1824 at Haverhill, Lawrence Co., OH   buried at Lawrence Co, OH
	|   married LUKE KELLY in Shenandoah Co, Va, 1 February 1782 in Shenandoah Co., VA. The certificate of their marriage, as recorded in the clerk's office, is as follows: 
	|	 	"1782 Feby 1st  I do hereby certify that Luke Kelly & Mary Keaser are lawfully married by publishment.  Given under my hand this above date. Anderson Moffitt." 
	|            	Per A. M. Prichard, author of "Mead Relations": Under the law, as then existed, marriage was performed either by license issued by the clerk of the county court; or, 
   	|		without such license, by "thrice publication of banns" by the minister; and, in both cases, the certificate of the minister recorded by the clerk was evidence of the marriage.  
  	|		It was a matter of economy to be married by publication of banns, because it saved a few pounds of tobacco which was charged by the clerk for issuing license. 
	|		Luke was the son of Joseph Kelly and Nancy Powell.  Per A. M. Pritchard's Mead Relations:  From Shenandoah Co., VA they went first to Russell Co., VA on the western 	
	|             	border of Va, where some of their children were born; and, thence, to the vicinity of what is now Hanging Rock, in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  
   	|		Judge E. J. Sutherland (author of Some Descendants of 
	|            	John Counts of Glade Hollow) provided the following taken from the records of Russell Co., VA, viz: "Luke Kelly purchased 50 acres from 
  	|		Abram and Elizabeth Childress on Clinch River, the deed bearing date of August, 1797.  
   	|		(Deed Book 2, pg 342.)  Luke Kelly and wife, Mary, executed deed to William Dollarhide for 50 acres on Clinch River on July 24, 1798 (Deed Book 2, page 518)."  	
   	|		NOTE: Abram and Elizabeth Childress were the parents of Mary Childress who married Joseph Kiser (see Kiser Family Group 8.1). 
	|               The following information was obtained from the General Land Office of the United States, at Washington, D.C.:  
  	|		"A patent issued to Luke Kelly, November 3, 1803, for Sections 9 and 14, in Twp 1 north of the Ohio River Base, of Range 19 west of the State Line, containing 662.25 acres.  
  	|		The record of the patent is found in Miscellaneous patent record, Vol. 3, at page 8." 
	|           	The patent itself, which is signed by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, and James Madison, Secretary of State, is in part as follows:  
  	|		"KNOW YE, That Luke Kelly, having deposited in the Treasury a Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Chilicothe, 
  	|		whereby it appears that he has made full payment for the Lot or Section Number Nine and Fraction Number Fourteen of 	
  	|     	Township Number One of Range Number Nineteen of the Lands directed to be sold at Chilicothe by the Act of Congress entitled 'An Act to amend the Act, 
   	|		entitled An Act providing for the sale of lands of the United States in the Territory North West of the Ohio, and above the mouth of the Ky. River,' 
  	|		THERE is granted by the United States in pursuance of the Act aforesaid, unto the said Luke Kelly the Lot or Section and fraction of land above described." 
	|              Thus they then lived and died in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Per the Reverend James Gilruth, in a series of letters to Mr. W. H. Kelly, prior to 1872, described the first settlers 
  	|		on the Ohio River between Storm's Creek and the lower extremity of Lawrence Co., in Ohio; and between the Little Sandy River and a point about 
  	|		opposite the mouth of Storm's Creek in Ky..  These letters were 	
	|		published in "The Ironton Register" in 1872 and reprinted in "the Ironton News" in 1929.  In them Mr. Gilruth spoke of Luke Kelly and his family as follows: 
	|         	"About 1802 or 1803 Luke Kelly settled on the lower point of a run known as Kelly's Run.  His wife's name was Mary Keyser.  
  	|		Their children were: Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Charles, Polly, Joshua and Reuben." 	
  	|		"Mr. Kelly having entered a section of land where he lived, settled all his sons on it along the river as follows:  Reuben on the homestead, then Joshua, Charles, Joseph, John, 
	|         	all practical farmers and useful citizens.  On the upper point of Kelly's Run was located the first grave yard ever used by white men in these parts.  
   	|		Afterwards on the lower point of this run was located  the first still house built between Big Sandy and Big Sioto.  Mr. Kelly, having become the owner of Stump's float mill, 
   	|		manufactured the proceeds of this mill into whiskey for the people, and swill for his hogs.  Up this run at the foot of the hill, on Kelly's, was the first meeting house built in   
  	|		Lawrence County.  It was a round log structure, one story high, with a clap board roof, puncheon floor, split log seats, and about 18 or 20 feet square.  
    	|		It was truly a rough building, but equal to the necessity of the times." 
	|     	"Mr. Kelly had a brother, an old bachelor named Darby, who lived a short time with him, and who was a Baptist preacher.  
  	|		If my memory serves me he preached once or twice while here.  If I am correct, 	
  	|		to the Kelly's belongs the credit of preaching the first sermon, and building the first meeting house in Lawrence County." 
	|            	Per A. M. Pritchard's Mead Relations:  "This anecdote is one concerning General Kelly's grandmother, Mary (Keyser) Kelly.  
  	|		I give it as I heard it.  Mrs. M. Kelly, with some other women and Joseph Crank, of whom I have made mention in a former letter, 
  	|		were crossing the Ohio River in a canoe; and when they were about the middle, by some mishap, the canoe was overturned.  
  	|		The water was deep and none on board could swim but Mrs. Kelly.  She caught each one as they were sinking, and made them lock hands across the bottom of the canoe.  
  	|		She brought up Crank and bade him climb up and sit astraddle of the canoe.  She then swam out and got a paddle that was floating near and gave it to him, saying: 
  	|		 'Now paddle for the shore,' which he did and brought all safe to land." 
	|	|
	|	|-JOSEPH Kelly 
	|	|-CHARLES Kelly SR. 
	|	|-REUBEN Kelly 
	|	|-ELIZABETH Kelly	b. 11 Mar 1784 
  	|	|-John  Kelly	b. 3 Jun 1786 
  	|	|-JOSHUA Kelly	b. 1789 
  	|	|-MARY Kelly	"POLLY"	b. 6 Jul 1793
	|-David Keyser	b. ca1764	 
	|-Joseph Kaiser (Keyser)		b. 1756 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania	d. Oct 1816 at Russell Co., Virginia or Jan. 1816   buried Carbo, VA
	    married Susannah Stacey/Stacy ca1781 Possibly in Frederick Co, Va,	“Sukie”	b. 10 Jul 1754 in Stafford Co, Va	d. in Russell Co, Va. 
			d/o Stacy Jr. and Elizabeth Ashby 
			Joseph was a plaintiff in a court case in Shenandoah Co, Va, 8 Oct 1778.  He purchased land 10 Oct 1782 Washington Co, Va (now, Russell Co).  On October 10, 1782, the Commonwealth of Va. 	             granted Joseph Keyser 88 acres of land on the south side of the Clinch River.  At page 90 of the Washington County Surveyor's Entry Book No. 1, it appears that on October 10, 1783, Joseph Keizer 	        entered 88 acres on the south side of Clinch River and adjoining Edward Kelley.  Marginal notations show this entry marked "void" and "Survd. 50 acres".  The same record shows that on December 18, 	               1783 he had surveyed 50 acres at the same location.  In 1786 this territory became a part of Russell Co., and Joseph Keiser spent the remainder of his life in this county.  The area he settled became 	          known as Keyser Station, today known as Carbo.  He served on a jury in Russell Co, Va, 22 Apr 1789.  He served on a jury in Russell Co, Va, 26 Jun 1792.  He bought property in Russell Co, 		Va, 18 Mar 1793.  On 18 Mar 1793 he purchased 70 acres of land on Becks Branch of Russell Co.,Va from John Frost and others. 
			He sold property in Russell Co, Va, 24 Nov 1801.  On 24 Nov 1801, Joseph and his wife, Susannah, conveyed to Jacob Burch 50 acres of land on the waters of Clinch River on the north side of Copper 	         Ridge and adjoining Edward Kelly, "it being fifty acres which land was granted by the Commonwealth to said Keiser bearing date the 21st day of November 1792".  Both grantors signed the deed. 
			From Mead Relations by A. M. Pritchard:  "Note. The following deed, relating to the 50 acres of land mentioned above, copied from the records of Russell County (Deed Book 4, pg 355), will serve    to  show that the compiler's (A. M. Pritchard) more remote ancestors were living in close proximity in Russell Co., Va., before they went to Ky. where their descendants intermarried.  Luke Kelly 		        and Joseph Keyser were brothers-in-law.  Edward and Luke Kelly were probably related, while the grantors in the deed, whose descendants have been listed in a little book issued by the compiler in 	 	             1911, are the parents of Lewis Prichard who married Lucy Toler, No. 36, of the Mead Family, to which refer. 
			"this Indenture was made September the Fourth One thousand eight hundred and ten between William Pritchet of Russell county & commonwealth of Virginia and Dorcus his wife of the one part and 	 Robert Stinson of county and State aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said William Pritchett for and in the consideration of the sum of Two Hundred Dollars to him in hand paid the receipt 	                                   	      whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell to the said Robt Stinson a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in russell 	        county on the waters of Clinch River, which land was conveyed from Jacob Burch to said Prichet, it containing fifty acres and bounded as followeth to wit:  Beginning at a large whiteoak and double 	                 	beach sapling on the top of a spur Edward Kelly's corner and with his line S 67 degrees W 76 poles to two Lynns on the side of said ridge thence S 44 degrees w 60 poles to two dogwood N 57 degrees E 	                  	149 poles to the Beginning. Which land was granted to Joseph Kizer by this Commonwealth bearing date 1792.  Together with the appurtenances thereunto belonging.  To have and to hold the said tract  of 	land with all its appurtenances to be the sole use & behoof of the said Robt Stinson and to his heirs and the said William Pritchet & Dorcus his wife, and their heirs will warrant and forever defend the said 	tract of land with all its appurtenances to the said Robt Stinson and to his heirs or assigns against the claims of all persons whatsoever.  In witness whereof the said William Pritchet and Dorcus his wife have 	hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals the day and year written above.  His  William X Pritchet (Seal)  mark  Her  Dorcus X Pritchet (Seal) Mark VirginIA:  At a court held for Russell 	County the 4th day of September, 1810.  This indenture of bargain and sale from William Pritchet and Dorcus his wife to Robert Stinson was acknowledged in court by the said William & Dorcus the said 	Dorcus having been first privily examined as the law directs and ordered to be recorded. 		 Teste, James P. Carroll, D. C." 
	           	Joseph's will was probated in Russell Co, Va, 6 February 1816.  Joseph's estate was appraised by Abraham Childress, James Sutherland, Jacob Blair and William Kelly, and the 
    			appraisal was recorded 	    6 Feb 1816.  The sale bill for the same was recorded the same day and it shows that His widow, Susannah, as well as his sons Ephriam and 
  			Nimrod, among others, were purchasers at the sale. In 1780 		Joseph explored the Clinch River Valley with his friend, Edward Kelly.  Finding the area rich in 
  			forest, game, fresh water, fish, lumber, etc., they returned home enthusiastic about the area.  They are 		believed to be the first settlers in this area of Virginia. Joseph 
 			was one of the signers of the Petition to Form Russell County - December 1785.  Russell County was formed in 1786. 
			Joseph was allowed 12 shillings, 6 pence for killing one old wolf on February 22, 1791.  Per E.J. Sutherland's Some Descendants of John Counts. 
	                Note:  Mark Kiser states "I have located in a book titled, "Bird-Samuels Paper" that a Joseph Kiser, along with Charles Kiser (Jr.) are listed in Michael Reader's Company of 
  			Dunmore Co., Virginia 			during the Revolutionary War.  (Dunmore County eventually became Shenandoah County.)" Mark has written to the National 
 			Archives to obtain records but they were unable to locate any. 	On 6 Feb 1810 he (or his son Joseph) resigned as Lieutenant in the 72nd Regiment. 
		|-Susannah Kiser	b. 1792 in  Va 	d. Jul y 23,1860 in Page Co., VA. 
		|-Mary Kiser “Polly”	b. ca1794 in Page Co., VA.
		|-Joseph Kiser Jr. 	b. ca1782 in Page Co., VA. 	d. ca1859 
		|-Elizabeth Kiser 	b. 6 June 1782 in Va.
		|-Nimrod Kiser 	b. ca1788 in Va.		d. ca1852 in Page Co., VA.	 
		|-John KIZER	b. 8 August 1786  in Russell, Va.		d. ca1852
		|-Charles Kiser	b. ca1796 in Russell, Va.		d. June 5, 1880 in Russell, W, Va.
		|-Susan Kiser	b. 1797 in Russell Co., VA.	d. July 23, 1860 in Wise, Va.                         
		|-Ephriam Kaiser	b. ca1790 in Russell Co., Va.	d. Oct. 11, 1885
		|   married Mary Sutherland ca1815	 “Polly”	b. ca1802 in Botetourt, VA	
		|	|-Joseph Agustus Kiser		b. ca1832 in Russell, VA 		d. ca 1899
		|	|-Elijah Kiser 		b. ca1831 in  Russell, VA 
		|	|-Rachel Kiser		b. ca1836 in  Russell, VA
           	|	|-Elihu Kiser		b. ca1838 in  Russell, VA
		|	|-Jeptha Kiser 		b. ca1840 in  Russell, VA
		|	|-Daniel S Kiser 		b. ca1842 in  Russell, VA 
		|	|-Noah Kiser 		b. ca1844 in  Russell, VA
		|-Abedgnego Kiser	b. 1784 in  Page Co., VA		d. Oct. 4, 1814 in  Norfolk, VA	buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
      			Source: Materials provided by Lois Sutherland Wark, 12/1/1997. "On August 2, 1814, Abednego Kiser enlisted as a private in Capt. John Hamons company 
   			of the 6th regiment of Virginia Militia commanded by Col. Henry E. Coleman. He was sent to Norfolk, Va. 
   			Abednego Kiser died in a military hospital in Norfolk Oct 4, 1814. He was in the War of 1812.
    			Source: "Some Sandy Basin Characters" by Judge E. J. Sutherland and other legal documents relative to the War of 1812.
   			He was a Baptist Minister and organized the Washington District Baptist Association in 1811. 
 			This district included nearly all of Western Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. He  
   			 volunteered as a chaplain in the War of 1812.	Abednego Kiser's estate was ordered appraised by the Russell Co. Court on 15 Oct. 1814. A neighbor, James Sutherland,
  			 was one of the three appraisers. John Jessee, Abednego's father-in-law was appointed administrator.
  			Source: Posted on Russell VAGenWeb [www.rootsweb.com/~varussel/, 3/16/2001.
    			War of 1812 Pension Application of Polly Kizer, widow of Abednego Kizer-Russell County Law Order Book 5, Page 354, 08 November 1816.
			On the application of Polly Kizer widow of Abednego Kizer deceased in order to make the necessary proof to entitle her and the children of the said Abednego to the 
  			pension     allowed by law: John Hamon this day personally appeared in court and being duly sworn deposeth & saith that he was in the United States service at Norfolk in 
   			this state with a    	detachment of militia from the county of Russell as a Capt. That the said Abednego Kizer was under his command as a private soldier and served as a 
  			private soldier at the time of his death in the 6th Regt. commanded by Lieut Col Henry E. Coleman, that the said Abednego Kizer died of sickness on the 4th of October 
 			1814 and that the said Polly Kizer his 		widow together with the said children resides in the said county of Russell & is yet unmarried. The said Polly Kizer 
  			being duly sworn deposeth & saith that the following are the 	names & age of the children of them the said Abednego & Polly: Frances 12 years old next February - 
  			Martha 10years old next Feby, Noah 8 years old next Feby and Elihu six 		years old next Feby. A register of the marriages kept by the clerk of this court 
  			pursuant to law shows that the said Abednego & Polly were lawfully joined in marriage the 8th day 	of Septr 1803.	Source: Vivian Bales wrote, 8/2002, these 
  			undocumented notes for Abednego Kiser. Abednego Kiser Estate Appraisal by Jesse Fuller, James Sutherland, Thomas Francis, 2 May 1815. John Jessee administrator. 
			1 Bay Horse $50.00
			1 Black Mare $42.00
			1 Black Colt
			1 Brindle Cow and Calf
			7 Head of Sheep
			8 Hogs
			8 Geese
			Axes, Tools, Utensils
			12 Dozen Oats
			TOTAL $244.00
		   married Mary Jessee    “Polly”  “Morning Star” on Sept. 8, 1803 in Russell Co.,Va.	b. 1785 at Cobbs Creek, Caswell Co., Virginia	d. at Reeds Valley, Russell Co., Virginia
			     d/o John Jessee & Frances Lee (Lea)     “Franky”	also married  James Chafin
  			|-Frances Kiser b: FEB 1805 in , Russell Co., VA	d. 18 FEB 1887 in Carbo, Russell Co., VA 
  			|   married Abraham CHILDRESS in Russell Co., VA		b: 1800 in , Russell Co., VA
  			|	|-Mary Anne "Polly" CHILDRESS 	b: 21 OCT 1822 in , Russell Co., VA
    			|	|-Elizabeth CHILDRESS 		b: 13 JUN 1824 in , Russell Co., VA    more on these lines on WorldConnect
  			|	|-Martha "Mattie" CHILDRESS 	b: 23 JAN 1826 in Carbo, Russell Co., VA
  			|	|-John Harvey CHILDRESS 	b: 26 OCT 1827 in , Russell Co., VA
    			|-Martha Kiser 	b: FEB 1807 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA	d. 18 OCT 1839 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA 
   			|   married Joshua COUNTS 	b: 27 SEP 1801 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Sylvia "Sib" COUNTS 	b: 5 OCT 1826 in Cleveland, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Elijah Shelby COUNTS 	b: 10 FEB 1828 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Mary "Pop" COUNTS 	b: 12 NOV 1829 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Noah COUNTS 	b: 26 APR 1831 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Margaret COUNTS 	b: 12 MAR 1833 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Joshua T. COUNTS 	b: 23 OCT 1835 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|	|-Martha F. COUNTS 	b: 2 MAR 1838 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
 			|-Elihu Kiser 	b: 15 FEB 1810 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA	d. 1900 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA 
  			|	Note: Source: 1850 Russell Co., VA Census, # 488 lists Elihu Kiser, 40, Baptist Minister, Farmer, and his wife and nine children. 
  			|  married  Jane "Jennie" SKEEN 15 APR 1832 in , Russell Co., VA	b: 1811 in Reeds Valley, Russell Co., VA
  			|	|-Elizabeth "Eliza" (Mary Elizabeth) Kiser 	b: 1832 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Abednigo Abner Kiser 			b: 7 SEP 1833 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Elizabeth "Mattie" Kiser 		b: 9 JUN 1835 in Castelwood, Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Mary Kiser 			b: 14 FEB 1837 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Noah Kiser 			b: 31 JUL 1839 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-George Lee Kiser 			b: 15 AUG 1840 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Martha Kiser 			b: 16 MAY 1842 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Jefferson J. Kiser 			b: 31 OCT 1844 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Nancy Kiser 			b: 2 DEC 1846 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Frances "Frankie" Kiser 			b: 6 MAR 1849 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Elihu Kiser 			b: 3 MAR 1850 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Archer Kiser 			b: 13 JUL 1853 in , Russell Co., VA
   			|	|-Ladora Jane Kiser 			b: 26 APR 1855 in , Russell Co., VA
			|-Noah Kiser	b. Feb 1809 at  Reed Creek, Carbo, Russell Co., VA     d.  Aug 1884 at  Carter Co., KY    buried at Fiser Family Cemetery at Kiser Hollow
  			     		Source: 1850 Russell Co., VA Census, #590 by B. Ball lists Noah as age 43, farmer. 1, 200, B. russell co., and his family is listed there. 1870 Carter Co., KY Census    
  			      	lists Noah as age 64, b. VA.	Photo
  			     		Source: Vivian Bales, Marion, IN, writes (10/96): " Noah and Dicy were parents of 17 children. At least two of their daughters md. in VA and remained there, but
     			      	 most of the children went to Carter Co., KY. Noah and Dicy went to Carter Co., KY after the Civil War. Noah Kiser and Dicie wer both alive in 1880. Since there
  			      	was no Census saved for 1890. At the first Kiser Reunion in July 1982, those who lived near the site of the Reunion said Noah and Dicey lived will into the 1880s."
   			       	Source: Materials provided by Linda Kiser, based on data provided her by Vivian Evans (9743 Cheshire, Sunbury, OH 43074). "Wesleyville, KY is the site of the old
   				 	homestead where Noah and Dicy, and their children Ab and Eliza [and grandchildren, including Ephraim] are buried."
			    married Boadiceia Thompson about 1829	    “Dicie”	b. 1811 in Russell Co., Va.	d. 1880   d. Aft 1880/1895 in , Carter Co., KY
  					Note: Source: Vivian Bales, Marion, OH, (23 Dec. 1996). " At the the Kiser Family Reunion is 1982, some of the Kisers who lived in the area of where
   					 Noah and Dicie lived, and had dates for them, said Dicie Thompson Kiser, died in 1895, and that Noah died shortly before she died."
				|-Dale Carter Kiser	b. 14 FEB 1854 in , Russell Co., VA 	d. 1942 in , Carter Co., KY 
				|-James Edward Kiser		b. 15 april 1849 Carter Ky 		d. 4 Feb 1925 buried Carter Caves St park Kiser cemetery
				|   married Elizabeth Skeens  5 Nov 1869 Carter co Ky
  				|	|
				|	|-George Kiser 	b. 26 Nov 1870	d.  7 Sept 1943    Photo
   				|	| 	1930 census,Carter Co.,Ky.,Pleasant Valley,ED #12: George Kiser,59,25,Ky,Va,Va,farmer;  Ellen,55,17,Ky,Ky,Va;  Charlie,28,Ky; 
    				|	|		 Mary,17,Ky;  Lucile,9,Ky 
  				|	|  married Martha Ellen Erwin
   				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Carrie Kiser 	b. 10 Sept 1899 Carter KY	d. 21 July 1979  Photo
  				|	|	|        1930 census,Carter Co.,Ky,Olive Hill,ED #8: Nathan Harria,40,30,Ky,Ky,Ky,farmer;  Carrie,30,20,Ky,Ky,Ky;  Madge,7,Ky; 
   				|	|	|	 	Juanita,6,Ky;  Pauline,3,Ky
    				|	|	|  married Nathan Harris Oct. 21, 1921 in Carter Co.,Ky	b. April 5,1890	d. May 13, 1960 in Carter Co.,Ky   
    				|	|	|	    burial at McFarren Cemetery, Carter Co.,Ky..	Photo
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|-Madge Harris	b. ca1923 in Ky.  per 1930 census   Photo
				|	|	|	| married Sabel Applegate
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|-Juanita Harris	b. ca1924 in Ky.  per 1930 census  Photo
				|	|	|	|   married (unk) Nimmo
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|-Pauline Harris	b. ca1927 in Ky.  per 1930 census  Photo
  				|	|	|	   married (unk) Mason
   				|	|	|		|
  				|	|	|		|-Regina K. Mason
   				|	|	|		   married (unk) Martin
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Charles Kiser     b. 6 Feb 1902    d. 15 May 1955  never married     Photo
   				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Myrtle Kiser	b. 9 April 1908 	d. 31 Jan 1987 bural at York Cemetery Carter KY
   				|	|	|           1930 census,Carter Co.,Ky,Olive Hill,ED #8: Tom Armstrong,33,29,Ky,Ky,Ky,farmer;  Myrtle,21,19,Ky,Ky,Ky;   
  				|	|	|	 		Thomas,daughter,11/12,Ky;   Mary,19,sister-in-law,Ky,Ky,Ky
   				|	|	|   married  Thomas Armstrong  	b. ca1897 in Ky.  per 1930 census
 				|	|	|             living in Flat Woods, Carter Co.,Ky.  (1930 census)
  				|	|	|
  				|	|	|	|-Thomasa(?) Armstrong	b. 1929 in Ky.  per 1930 census
  				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Mary Kiser		b. 8 Dec 1912 	d. 9 Jul 1986 burial at Erwin Cemetery Carter KY 
   				|	|	| married Almo Patton
  				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Lucille Kiser	b. 26 Feb 1921     Lucille is still living in Olive Hill by Ross Chapel.
   				|	|	     m1. Clyde Jones      prob. b.ca1917 s/o Paria & Maggie Jones
    				|	|	     m2. Carl Nimmo 
  				|	|
    				|	|-John Kiser		b. 1871	d. 1927 
   				|	|  married Winnie Baker
  				|	|
  				|	|-Julia Kiser
  				|	|  married Charles Perry
   				|	|
  				|	|-Catherine Kiser
   				|	|  married Charlie Stallard
    				|	|
  				|	|-James Hugh Kiser
   				|	|   married Mae Jessee
   				|	|
				|	|-Lewis Kiser
   				|	|   m1. Lula (unk)
   				|	|   m2. Bell Stamper
   				|	|
  				|	|-Daisey  Kiser		buried at Bethel Cemetery Carter KY
   				|	|  married Charlie Owens
     				|	|
   				|	|-Newton Kiser	never married died in Orgeon
				|-Bridgett Elizabeth Kiser 	"Biddy"	b. March 1850
				|   married Henry MEADE
				|-David A. Kiser 		b. 14 FEB 1854	
				|  married Boedicia "Dica" (Broadica Colly) COLLEY  1870 in , Carter Co., KY		b: Abt 1854 in , Carter Co., KY
   				|	|
  				|	|-Albert Lincoln Kiser 	b: 26 SEP 1872 in , Carter Co., KY	d. AUG 1954 in , Carter Co., KY 
   				|	|    Source: : isabeli@citlink,net [mailto:isabeli@citlink.net] Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 8:01 PM
  				|	|    Al and Lucy kiser(keyser) are my grand parents. My mother's parents-her name was Ora Kiser. She married my dad Jasper Neace .. We lived in
  				|	|     Portsmouth Ohio-Minford Ohio and surrounding ares. My parents are past away now-but all 12 of we childern are alive-except Larry Neace. Mom
  				|	|    had 13 childern. I do have some info. not much. Was hoping to find out about Great grand pap. Lucy;s Dad. I was told he had married a Indian
   				|	|    woman.     But we kids have been trying to find out more, It seems we have run into a mountain. I know nothing about my own dad. Jasper
   				|	|    Neace.Strange as it seems -but true.So I'm trying to find more on him to.I have gone as far as the year 1550 on Al Kiser. But really not to much. I
  				|	|    have just begun to do this. for my grandchildern. I Would be interested in comparing notes and meeting you and your family? Now I'm getting
  				|	|     excited. : ) I pulled a lot of info from the net. Most of Mom's brothers and sisters are gone now. She is burried in Brown's Cemertary in Ky. We can
  				|	|      write if you like. Thanks Isabel Moore aka Neace
   				|	|  married Lucy HEDGE 4 OCT 1902 in , Carter Co., KY		b: Abt 1872
    				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Bessie Kiser 	b: 29 JUL 1903 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY	d. APR 1994 in Portsmouth, , OH 
  				|	|	|   m1. John OSTER b: Abt 1903
   				|	|	|   m2.  John BANKER b: Abt 1903
   				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Hattie Kiser 	b: 2 MAY 1905 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY  d. 4 JAN 1970 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH 
   				|	|	|    Source: Larry Rigley [nfn15473@naples.net] sent, 5/14/2000, information regarding the family of Hattie Kiser.
   				|	|	|     It is good to see the update you have done to the site. I have some additional info. Hattie's husband, Earl, was born 2/26/02 in Wayne
     				|	|	|    Co., W.VA. He died in 1975. They had 8 children: Albert (Dick) Vintson deceased; Earl Lloyd 10/20/32 - 8/24/92
    				|	|	|      Roger Burl Alexander Still living;  Boyd deceased; Daniel deceased; Gladys Marie still living; Joy Virginia still living;
   				|	|	|      Lydia Irene 1/8/35 - still living.       Lydia Irene Dillow married Ralph Calvert Rigley ( 12/30/31 - )
  				|	|	|      and had 3 children Ralph Randall ( 7/23/53) Larry Jay ( 11/19/54) Michelle Ann (5/20/69).;      Larry Jay married Patricia Ann
  				|	|	|       Turner ( 2/15/54). We have three daughters. Jessica Ann ( 9/02/75) Jennifer Aileen ( 8/03/77) and Julie Anna ( 2/20/81).
   				|	|	|      Jennifer Aileen had a son through her first marriage to Cary Berg. That son's name is Noah Christian Berg ( 6/21/96). She is now
  				|	|	|	 married to Joseph Manzoni.
    				|	|	|  married Earl Ray DILLOW  17 APR 1925 in , Carter Co., KY	b: 26 FEB 1902 in , Wayne Co., WV
  				|	|	|        8 children
 				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Theodore Roosevelt Kiser 	b: 30 NOV 1907 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY   d. 19 MAY 1987 in Sciotoville, Scioto Co., OH 
  				|	|	|	Burial: Memorial Park, Wheelersburg, Scioto Co., OH 
				|	|	|  married (unk) BURTON   		 2 children
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Luther Kiser 	b: 21 MAY 1910 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY  d. 13 MAR 1971 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY
   				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Ora Kiser 		b: 12 MAY 1912 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY  d. 29 FEB 1980 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH 
  				|	|	|  married  Jasper NEACE Abt 1930 in Portsmouth, , OH	b: Abt 1912 in , , KY    13 children
  				|	|	|	|-Jasper Charles NEACE b: Aft 1930 in , , OH	d. Abt 1932 in , , OH
  				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-(unk) Kiser
 				|	|	|-(unk) Kiser
 				|	|	|-(unk) Kiser
    				|	|
   				|	|-Thomas Kiser 	b: 1874 in , Carter Co., KY		d. 1902 
  				|	|  married Mary RAKER in 1898	b: Abt 1874 		2 children
				|	|
   				|	|-Dinah Kiser 	b: 1876 in , Carter Co., KY
   				|	|-Elizabeth Kiser 	b: 1880 in , Carter Co., KY
   				|	|
   				|	|-Noah Kiser 	b: 1884 in , Carter Co., KY
   				|	|         1930 census,Carter Co.,Ky,Olive Hill,ED #8:Noah Kiser,48,35,Ky,Ky,Ky,farmer;  Susie,51,33,Ky,Ky,Ky;  Lula,11,Ky;  Roxie,8,Ky
    				|	|  married Susan "Suzie" Jones 	b: Abt 1884 in , , KY   also married John York and had 1 daughter
   				|	|         living in Flat Woods, Carter Co.,Ky  (1930 census)
    				|	|	|
   				|	|	|-Lula Kiser 	b: ca1919 in Carter Co., KY
  				|	|	|-Roxy Kiser 	b: ca1922 in Carter Co., KY
   				|	|
   				|	|-Dan Kiser 	b: Aft 1884 in , Carter Co., KY
     				|	|   married Minnie Burton
   				|	|
   				|	|-Joseph Kiser 	b: Aft 1884 in , Carter Co., KY
   				|	|
   				|	|-Janette Kiser 		b: Aft 1884 in , Carter Co., KY
  				|	   married Herbert CONIFAX 	b: Aft 1884
   				|-Dale Carter  Kiser 	"Carter"		b. 1 FEB 1856
				|  married Mary Zornes			b. ca1856
				|-Hugh Thomas Kiser		b. 1830 at Russell Co., Va.	d. March 23,  1919 in Carter Co, KY	per LDS
  				|	Note: In 1889, Hugh and Vicie moved with their children, except Martha, to Jasper Co., IL to the Broom Corn Country. In 1896 they all moved back to 
   				|	Carter Co., KY. Hugh was a cooper (manufacturer of wooden casks and barrels) and a farmer. Hugh tanned his own leather and made his own boots. 
  				|	When he got real old he made hickory handles for axes and hammers. He brought them to the Brickyard in Olive Hill from Globe, where he lived, 
  				|	carrying the bundles on his back. Thomas J. Tackett, overseer of the brickyard, bought every one of the handles. He left a standing order that all Hugh 
  				|	brought in were to be bought because he made the best.
				|  married Lavicy\Louisy MCKINNEY  1 AUG 1850 in Russell Co. VA	 b: 1833 in Russell Co, VA
  				|	|  
  				|	|-Charles KISER 		b: 1852
   				|	|  married Susie WAUGH   23 Feb 1872 in Russell Co., VA
  				|	|	|-Nancy KISER
   				|	|	|-Vicie KISER
   				|	|	|-Brett KISER
   				|	|	|-Dicie KISER 	b: 1876
   				|	|	|-James KISER 	b: 1880
 				|	|
   				|	|-Noah KISER 		b: 1853		d. 1922
  				|	|   m1. Rebecca CARROLL   in Russell Co., VA
				|	|	|-Carrie KISER
    				|	|	|-Thomas KISER
    				|	|	|-Lark Dodge KISER
    				|	|	|-Vicie KISER
    				|	|	|-Stephen KISER b: 18 Sep 1877
    				|	|	|-Marion KISER b: 1880
				|	|	
				|	|   m2. Martha BAILEY  in Russell Co., VA
				|	|	|-Malinda Ann KISER
    				|	|	|-Hattie KISER
  				|	|
   				|	|-Melvina "Vine" KISER 	b: 4 Jul 1856 in Russell Co., VA		d. 19 Sep 1940 in Clay Co., IN
  				|	|  married Griffith A. DICKISON
				|	|	|-Hugh Alfred DICKISON
     				|	|	|-Mary DICKISON 			b: 1877
     				|	|	|-Noah DICKISON 			b: 1880
     				|	|	|-Lucy DICKISON 			b: 1882
     				|	|	|-Martha DICKISON 		b: 1886
     				|	|	|-Lavicey Vicie DICKISON 		b: 1888
     				|	|	|-John L. Ned DICKISON 		b: 20 Jan 1891
     				|	|	|-Shadrack Shade D. DICKISON 	b: 1894
     				|	|	|-Abrahan Abe DICKISON 		b: 1897
     				|	|	|-James DICKISON 		b: 1900
  				|	|
   				|	|-Nancy KISER 		b: 1859 in Carter Co.,KY
  				|	|  married Joe SALYERS
				|	|	|-Charles SALYERS
  				|	|	|-Visa SALYERS
   				|	|	|-Noah SALYERS
 				|	|	|-Mary SALYERS
				|	|
   				|	|-Frances KISER 		b: 1864 in Carter Co.,KY
  				|	|  married Rodney CARROLL
				|	|	|-Margaret Maggie CARROLL
        			|	|	|-Martha CARROLL
        			|	|	|-George CARROLL
   				|	|
   				|	|-Martha KISER 		b: 1866   
   				|	|        "Her husband was a gambler and her family did not approve.She did not live in the area and there is nothing known so far about her family."
  				|	|  married James Jarvis  
  				|	|
   				|	|-Moses KISER 		b: 1869 in Carter Co.,KY
   				|	|  married Victoria KISER
				|	|	|-Findley KISER
         			|	|	|-Myrtle KISER
         			|	|	|-Katherine KISER
         			|	|	|-Arabell KISER
  				|	|
   				|	|-George KISER 		b: 1871 in Carter Co.,KY
  				|	|     m1. Ellie OBERHOLTZER
  				|	|	|-Madge KISER
  				|	|
   				|	|     m2. Dicie KISER b: 1869 in Carter Co.,KY
				|	|	|-John Litton KISER
          			|	|	|-Jason KISER
          			|	|	|-Ethel KISER
          			|	|	|-Effie KISER
  				|	|
   				|	|-Dicie KISER 		b: 1873 in Carter Co.,KY		d. in Indianapolis, IN
  				|	| married John BUNCH
				|	|	|-William BUNCH
           			|	|	|-Harlan BUNCH
           			|	|	|-Harold BUNCH
           			|	|	|-Lillian BUNCH
           			|	|	|-Virginia BUNCH
				|	|
				|	|-Mary Ellen Kiser    b: 14 JUL 1861 in Carter Co., KY       d. 15 FEB 1924 in West Newton, IN Burial: 17 FEB 1924 West Newton, Marion Co., IN
				|	    m1. John Elbert SALYERS  30 MAY 1878 in Carter Co., KY
				|		|-William Elbert SALYERS 		b: 9 AUG 1879 in Carter Co., KY
 				|		|-Thomas Lemuel SALYERS 	b: 2 OCT 1881 in Carter Co., KY
 				|		|-Visa A. SALYERS 	"Vine"	b: 20 SEP 1883 in Meade Co., KY
 				|		|-Louvina SALYERS 		b: 15 NOV 1885 in Grahns, Carter Co., KY
 				|		|-Hugh Tiffany SALYERS 		b: 10 DEC 1886 in KY
 				|		|-Malinda Ann SALYERS 		b: 21 MAR 1898 in Newton, Jasper Co., IL
 				|		|-Samuel Solomon SALYERS 	b: 20 NOV 1900 in Jasper Co., IL
 				|		|-Nellie Leona SALYERS 		b: 18 DEC 1902 in IL
				|	    m2. (unk) Denny in 1917
				|	    m3. (unk) McCoy in 1918
				|-Margaret Kiser		b. 3 AUG 1837 in Va.	d. 9 OCT 1919
				|    married Joseph Augusta Kiser 3 MAY 1854 in Russell Co.	 b: 1 APR 1832 in Va.
				|	|-Asa Kiser
 				|	|-Melissa Kiser
 				|	|-Rachel Kiser
 				|	|-Francis Marion Kiser 		b: 1855 in Russell Co, VA
 				|	|-Ephriam Mexico Kiser 		b: 10 APR 1858
 				|	|-Martha Kiser 		b: 20 APR 1861
 				|	|-Dicey Kiser 		b: 1862
 				|	|-Hiram Ashbrook Kiser 		b: 1864
				|	|
 				|	|-Noah Winthrop Kiser 		b: 6 MAR 1865 in Russell Co, VA
				|	|	1930 census, Carter Co., Ky., Dist. #5, Ancestry.com image #12: Noah W. Kiser,63,Va,Va,Va,retail store merchant; Bettie,59,Va,Va,Va.
				|	|   married Bettie (unk)  ca1888 per 1930 census	b. ca1871 in Va.  per 1930 census
				|	|                lived on Smith Creek Road, Carter Co., Ky.  (1930)	
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Mildred Kiser	b. ca1910 in Ky. per 1930 census
				|	|
 				|	|-Major Allen Kiser 		b: 1867
 				|	|-William Thomas Kiser 		b: 1871 in Russell Co, VA
				|-Mary  “Polly”  Kiser			b. 1840
				|  married Noah K. Jessie			b. 1839
				|	|-Watt Jessie
				|	|-Susan Jessie
				|	|-Martha C. Jessie		b. 1860
				|-Francis Kiser		b. 1841
				| married Stephen Jones
				|-Melissa Kiser		b. 1843
				| married Hiram Ashbrook	b. 1830
				|-Andrew Fullen/Fulton  H. Kiser		b. 9 SEP 1841
				|  married Selina Childress aka Salina	b. 1853
				|	|
				|	|-Ed Kiser
				|	   married Maude CRAYCRAFT
				|		|
				|		|-Ellis Kiser
				|		    married (unk) HARDYMON
				|			|
				|			|-(unk) Kiser
				|			   married (unk) Hesson
				|-Jefferson Kiser			b. 1846
				|  married Sarah E. Fulton	b. 1852
				|-Joseph Augustus Kiser		b. 1832  or 1858  	d. 1897	
				|   married Elizabeth JUSTICE
				|-Nancy Kiser
				|    married Daniel JESSEE
				|-Martha Kiser 		b. 1834		d. after 1870
				|  married William GRIZZLE III	b: 1846 in Russell Co, VA
				|	|-Leonidas GRIZZLE 	b: MAY 1870
 				|	|-Lucinda GRIZZLE 	b: 1871 in Russell Co, VA
				|-Thomas Jefferson Kiser		b. Sept. 1846 at Russell Co, VA	d. in Rowan, KY	buried at Bethel Cem.
				|  married Minnie Stollard	
				|	|-Andrew F. Kiser 	b. March 31, 1887	d. Oct. 8, 1978
				|-Absaalom Abednego Kiser	b. July 7, 1832 in Russell Co., Va,	d. July 23, 1912  buried at Kiser family cem. on Ab Kiser Farm
  				|      "He established the Smokey Valley, Carter County Primitive Baptist Church in 1875. Both he and Eliza are buried in Oakland Ridge Cem., Carter Co."
   				|	Confederate Army service.
				|  married Ekizabeth “Eliza Ann” Couch MAR 1852 in Virginia 	b. Oct. 26, 1835	d. Feb. 12, 1925  buried at Kiser family cem. on Ab Kiser Farm
   				|	|
				|	|-Thomas Jefferson Kiser		b. 23 Mar 1854 in Russell Co., VA 	d. 4 Jan 1924 in Carter Co.,KY
  				|	|  married Winnie Ellen STALLARD b: 1851 in Scott Co., VA
				|	|  	|-Virginia Jennie Lee KISER
 				|	|  	|-Edward B. KISER
 				|	|  	|-Dora Helen KISER 		b: 25 Oct 1877
 				|	|  	|-Jerome Willis KISER 		b: 1878
 				|	|  	|-Mary Alice KISER 		b: 1882
 				|	|  	|-Martha Catherine KISER 		b: 1884
 				|	|  	|-Andrew Fulton KISER 		b: 1887
 				|	|  	|-Watt Robert Franklin KISER 	b: 1889
 				|	|  	|-Hiram Absalom KISER 		b: 1891
 				|	|  	|-Ada Dell KISER 			b: 1892	
  				|	|	
  				|	|-Richard L. Kiser	 	b. ca1856 in Russell Co., Va.		d. in Carter Co.,KY
				|	|  married Ardella MCCORMICK 17 Aug 1877		b: 1857 in Lawrence Co., KY
				|	|  	|-Mary KISER
  				|	|  	|-Martha KISER
  				|	|  	|-Ella KISER
  				|	|  	|-Della KISER
  				|	|  	|-Carter KISER
  				|	|  	|-Abednego Snood KISER 	b: 1878
  				|	|
				|	|-Henry F. Kiser 		b. 1858 in Russell Co., VA 		d. in Carter Co.,KY
   				|	|   married Mary BURCHETT b: 1896 in Carter Co.,KY
  				|	|	|-Cassie KISER
  				|	|
				|	|-Hugh Kiser 		b. 5 May 1860 in Russell Co., VA 	d. 30 Apr 1924
  				|	|   m1. Martha LITTLETON
				|	|	|-Mallie KISER
   				|	|	|-Ida KISER
   				|	|	|-Walter KISER b: 1883
   				|	|	|-Ollie KISER b: 6 Aug 1886
   				|	|	|-Edward KISER b: 1895
				|	|	
				|	|   m2.  Lizzie FRALEY
				|	|	|-Ralph KISER b: 1908
				|	|	
				|	|   m3. Mary PARSONS
				|	|	|-Clyde KISER
   				|	|	|-Stanley KISER 		b: 2 May 1916
   				|	|	|-Harold Harry KISER 	b: 6 Mar 1918
   				|	|	|-Carrie KISER 		b: 25 Nov 1921
				|	|
				|	|-Abendigo A. B. Kiser    “Gold”	b. 18 NOV 1863 in Russell Co., Virginia		d. 22 NOV 1950 in Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|		Burial: 24 NOV 1950 Kiser Cem., Carter Co., Ky
				|	|            1930 census, Carter Co., Ky., Dist. #5, Ancestry.com #1: Ab Kiser,66,Ky,Va,Va,farmer;  Mahala,64,Ky,Va,Ky.;  Jessie,11,Ky, great grad dau.
				|	|    married Mahala Jane Hallie Burton  ca1884  per 1930 census	b: 12 Nov. 1865  or 12 Oct. 1865
				|	|	    lived on Buffalo County Rd., Carter Co., Ky. (1930)
				|	|	|
				|	|	|-Margaret Genora Kiser 	  aka Genova    b: 21 NOV 1886 in Carter Co. Ky.		d. 11 MAR 1957 in Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|	|	Burial: 14 MAR 1957 Kiser Cem., Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|	|  married William Green MCGLONE  16 OCT 1904     b: 24 NOV 1876 in Carter Co., Ky	d. 9 JUN 1955 in Carter Co., Ky 
				|	|	|		Burial: 11 JUN 1955 Kiser Cem., Carter Co., Ky   s/o Ezekial MCGLONE  (b: 28 SEP 1838 in Carter Co., Ky) 
				|	|	|			&  Joannah (Hannah) STAMPER (b: 15 MAY 1844
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|-Mahala Hazel MCGLONE 	b: 27 NOV 1906 in Carter Co. Ky	d. 21 OCT 1984 in Cinncinnati, Ohio 
				|	|	|	|  married Chester D. MCGINNIS  in Flint, Michigan
				|	|	|	|	
 				|	|	|	|-Prudie MCGLONE 		b: 22 SEP 1922
				|	|	|	|   married Dennis Holbrook   in Flint, Michigan
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-James Hervie MCGLONE    b: 10 JUN 1911 in Carter Co., Ky Certificate #: 11-069-27528
				|	|	|	|		d. 25 OCT 1979 Burial: Kiser Cem., Carter Co., Ky 
				|	|	|	|   m1. Norma Fern Roe   b. January 28 1912,,Lewis Co,Ky.  	d. June 1981
    				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|   m2. Norma ANDREWS  30 AUG 1945
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Ezekial Raleigh MCGLONE 	b: 31 AUG 1905	d. 1 SEP 1984 Burial: Flint, MIchigan 
				|	|	|	|   m1. Alice Holbrook  9 MAY 1927	b: 1911  
				|	|	|	|                        may be: b. Feb 28 1911 in Carroll Co, KY d/o  Oakley, Minnie Certificate #: 11-015-05757
				|	|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|	|-Raleigh McGlone JR. 	b: 13 AUG 1928
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|   m2. Della PORTER 3 APR 1943		b: 1922
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Clarence MCGLONE 		b: 2 JAN 1919	d. 18 SEP 1952 Burial: Longwood, Florida 
				|	|	|	|  married Mary Naomi COLLETTE 	b: 29 APR 1920    d/o John F. COLLETTE  & Minnie Belle CHARLTON
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Eva MCGLONE 		b: 19 APR 1908
				|	|	|	|  married Frank MCGINNIS
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Marie Francis MCGLONE 	b: 3 MAY 1917 in Carter Co. Ky.	d. 29 MAR 1995 in Carter Co. Ky. 
				|	|	|	|   married Raymond Quin MCGLONE  21 SEP 1951    b: 24 FEB 1915	d. 5 SEP 1994 in Carter Co. Ky.
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Virginia ( Virgie) MCGLONE 	b: 18 DEC 1926
				|	|	|	|   m1.  (unk) HUMPHEYS
				|	|	|	|   m2. Cecil BURTON
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Bessie MCGLONE 		b: 10 OCT 1927 in Carter Co. Ky.	    b. 9 NOV 1964 in Flint, Michigan 
				|	|	|	|   married Herb ADKINS 
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Mae MCGLONE 		b: 7 NOV 1915	d. 19 NOV 1955 Burial: Kiser Cem., Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|	|	|   m1. Sherman MORGAN
				|	|	|	|   m2.  (unk) Kiser 
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Beatrice MCGLONE 		b: 8 NOV 1921	d. 19 SEP 1923
				|	|	|	|
 				|	|	|	|-Lottie MCGLONE 		b: 18 DEC 1909 in Carter Co. Ky	d. 3 JAN 1992 in Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|	|			Burial: 5 JAN 1992 East Carter Memorial Gardens, Carter Co., Ky. 
				|	|	|	    married Roy BURGE  28 AUG 1929 in Carter Co., Ky.		b: 11 JAN 1908 in Carter Co. Ky.
				|	|	|		|-Ruby Helen BURGE 		b: 8 JAN 1932 in Carter Co. Ky.			
 				|	|	|		|-Raliegh Junior BURGE 		b: 15 NOV 1930 in Carter Co., Ky.
 				|	|	|		|-Curtis Wayne BURGE 		b: 26 OCT 1933 in Carter Co., Ky.
 				|	|	|		|-Glenna Ruth BURGE 	b: 14 JUN 1935 in Carter Co., Ky.  more on all these lines on worldconnect.com
 				|	|	|		|-Roberta Yzonne BURGE 		b: 6 APR 1937 in Carter Co., Ky.
 				|	|	|		|-Phyllis Rae BURGE 		b: 7 AUG 1939
 				|	|	|		|-Clarence Raymond BURGE
 				|	|	|		|-Shirley Ann BURGE
 				|	|	|		|-Landis BURGE
				|	|	|		|
 				|	|	|		|-Carolynn BURGE
				|	|	|		|   married  Billy Clayton Brown  26 SEP 1965 in Ky. 
				|	|	|		|	|-Kelly Lynn Brown
 				|	|	|		|	|-Leannda Hope Brown
				|	|	|		|
 				|	|	|		|-Larry BURGE
				|	|	|
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Willie Kiser    	b: 24 JUN 1885
				|	|	|		1930 census, Carter Co., Ky., Dist. #5, Ancestry.com #1: Willie Kiser,44,Ky,Ky,Ky,farmer;  Edna,30,Va,Ky,Ky
				|	|	|    married Alice MCGLONE
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Mallassie Kiser 	aka Malissa	b: 18 SEP 1888
				|	|	|   married Sam MCGLONE
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Anna Kiser	b: 27 JUL 1904
				|	|	|   married Sam MCGLONE
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Henry Kiser 	b: 12 OCT 1890 in Ky.
				|	|	|		1930 census, Carter Co., Ky., Dist. #5, Ancestry.com #1: Henry Kiser,39,Ky,Ky,Ky,railroad laborer
				|	|	|   married Maude WATSON ca1910  per 1930 census
				|	|	|             lived on Buffalo County Rd., Carter Co., Ky. (1930)
				|	|	|	|
				|	|	|	|-Sallie Kiser		b. ca1911 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Jeff Kiser		b. ca1913 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Mable Kiser		b. ca1916 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Londa Kiser	  (male)	b. ca1918 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Frank Kiser		b. ca1921 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Pauline Kiser	b. ca1926 in Ky.  per 1930 census	“4  2/12” at 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-David Kiser		b. ca1928 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Carter Kiser 	“Cart”	b: 8 SEP 1892 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	1930 census, Carter Co., Ky., Dist. #5, Ancestry.com #1: Cart Kiser,37,Ky,Ky,Ky,farmer;  Edna,30,Va,Ky,Ky
				|	|	|   married Edna FRAZIER  ca1919	b. ca1900 in Va.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|           lived on Buffalo County Rd., Carter Co., Ky. (1930)
				|	|	|	|-Hord Kiser		b. ca1919 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Lilian Kiser		b. ca1920 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Mart Kiser		b. ca1922 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|	|	|-Maggie Kiser	b. ca1927 in Ky.  per 1930 census	“3  1/12” at 1930 census
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Wallie Jacob Kiser 	b: 1 DEC 1894
				|	|	|   married Matilda MCGINNIS
				|	|	| 	
 				|	|	|-John Wesley Kiser 	b: 17 SEP 1896
				|	|	|    married Audrey FRAZIER
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Bessie Kiser 	b: 6 SEP 1898
				|	|	|   married Jack MEADOWS
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Benjamin Harrison Kiser 	b: 28 AUG 1900
				|	|	|   married Eliza PARKER
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Goldia Jewell Kiser 	"Goldie"		b: 9 AUG 1902
				|	|	|   married Albert PARKER
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Harvey Kiser 	b: 25 JUL 1906	d. 23 SEP 1984
				|	|	|   married Ann FULTZ
				|	|	|
 				|	|	|-Frank Kiser 	b: 28 SEP 1908 in Ky.  per 1930 census
				|	|
				|	|-John Kiser 		b. ca1866 in Ky. 
				|	|-Malissa Kiser		b. ca1870 in Ky.	d. ca1942									
  				|	|-Josephus Higgins Kiser 	b. ca1873 in Ky.
				|	|-Charles Kiser		b. ca1875 in Ky.	d. ca1959
				|	|-Ephraim Kiser	“Epp”	b. ca1878 in Ky.
				|	|-Amanda Kiser		b. before 1880 in Ky.    “died young”
				|	|
				|	|-Noah Kiser	     b. Aug. 15, 1869 in Carter Co, KY	d. April 30, 1924 in Carter Co, KY  buried at Kiser family cem. on Ab Kiser Farm
				|         married Sarah Ann Biggs on Feb. 13, 1891	b. 13 Feb. 13, 1868  in Ky. d. Sept. 12, 1934 in Stinson,Ky. 
				|			buried at Rose Hill Cem. At Ashland, KY.    “died Of  Typhoid Fever	d/o Henry A. Biggs &  Martha Elizabeth Burchett 
    				|		|	
				|		|-Artie Mae Kiser 	b. May 11, 1892 in Ky.	d. April 17, 1955   buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Ashland, KY. 
				|		|-Coy Vares Kiser  	b. Jan. 31, 1894 in Ky.    d. Jan. 15, 1961 buried at Damron-Waggoner Cem. at Oak  Grove 
				|		|-Claude Everett Kiser 	b. Sept. 21, 1895 in Ky.	d. July 29, 1963  buried at East Carter Memorial Gardens, Grayson, KY 
				|		|-Burrell Kiser	b.  in 1897
				|		|-Vurla Arcel Kiser 	b. Nov. 30, 1898 in Ky.	d. Jan. 22, 1977 buried at  Zoar Cemetery, Coal Grove, Ohio 
				|		|-Lula Murel Kiser 	b. Dec. 21, 1899 in Ky.	d.  Feb. 5, 1971  buried at Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, Ohio 
				|		|
				|		|-Dorothy Livona Kiser	b. Jan. 1, 1904 in Ky.  	d.  May 20, 1981 buried at Memorial Park, Wheelersburg, Ohio 
				|		|   m1. Charles Lewis MOLAR	b.  in Mar 1884 in . christened about 1940. 
				|		|   m2.  Joshua "Kelly" JONES	b. 25 May 1911 in 	d.  25 Jul 1978.
				|		|
				|		|-Donnis Laura Kiser 	b. Jan. 20, 1907 in Ky.	d.  May 8, 1969   buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Ashland, KY. 
				|		|-John Arvel Kiser 	b. Sept. 30, 1909 in Ky.	d.  March 22, 1976 buried at High Lawn Memorial Park, Oak Hill,  Wva. 
				|		|-Murbal Ebnell Kiser 	b.  June 12, 1911 in Ky.	d.  March 29, 1936   “ Died From Child Birth”   Rose Hill Cem., Ashland, KY
				|-Francis Marion Kiser		b. Oct. 30, 1835 in Russell Co. Va. (LDS says Oct. 11)	d. Feb. 19, 1921 in Carter Co., Ky.	  "farmer"
  						1920 census: Carter Co., Ky.,Plesant Valley, ED #66: Marion Kiser,widow,84,Va,Va,Va;  Jennie Everman,Dau.,46,Ky,Ky,Ky;      
   							Tina,grandau.,21,Ky,Ky,Ky;    Mable,grandau.,16,Ky,Ky,Ky;   Naomia Kiser,21,grandau.,Ky,Ky,Ky
				     married Elizabeth Maude Mead 17 JUN 1858, Russell Co. VA	“Eliza ”     b. Dec. 22, 1838/1844    d. May 20, 1918   "housekeeper"  
						buried at K. H. Kiser Cem., Carter Co, Ky. 
						d/o Richard Lewis MEADE  & Laticia HIGGINBOTHAM per http://www.oblevins.com/Blevins/D0016/G0001662.html
						& http://members.nbci.com/gdweb/gedweb/html/shrged/nindex.htm
						“In 1863, Elizabeth Meade and Frances Kiser moved to Carter Co., KY. Source: John Wallace diskette “
						1870 Census Carter Co, Ky. Precinct 5 date taken July 26, 1870  Written page 15 dwelling no 105 family no. 96 Francis Kiser was 35  
    						 afarmer, real estate value $350 personal property value $350 born inVa. Living with Elizabeth, age 30 a housekeeper born in Va.,
   						 William,age 11 born in Va.,  in school but could not write. ,   Rachel, 7of Va, Richard 6, of Ky; Henry 4, of Ky, and Grant 1, of Ky.  
					|-Fletcher Kiser	b. 11 Oct 1874 in Ky.		d. 15 or 18 Jul 1953  in Carter Co., Ky.
					|   married Minnie Everman 3 Mar 1897 in Grahn, Carter Co., Ky.
					|	|-Ollie Kiser
					|	|-Sammie Kiser
					|	|-Nellie Kiser
					|	|-Marion Kiser
					|	|-Edna Kiser
					|-Richard L. Kiser		b. 8 Nov 1864 inCarter Co., Ky.	d. 28 Jun 1954 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|  married Louisa D. SEAGRAVES   “Luka”	"sister of America B. Clay, who was wife of C. M. Clay, had daughter Elsie W. Clay (!?)"
					|	|-Nellie E. Kiser	b. July 11, 1899	d. Feb. 28, 1900 
					|	|-Chester W. Kiser 	b. May 29, 1902	d. Jan. 28, 1903	buied at K. H. Kiser Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. 
					|	|-Ethel Kiser		per http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00448.html
					|	|-William H. Kiser	per http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00448.html
					|	|-Ruth J. Kiser	per http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00448.html
					|	|-Milton J. Kiser	per http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00448.html
					|	|-Ulysses S. Grant Kiser		b. 8 Sep 1892 	d.  Sep 1950	per http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00448.html
					|	|-E. G. Kiser	b. 1910		d. 1937  	<= Correct???
					|	|-H. P. Kiser 				<= Correct???
					|	|-Grace Kiser	b. June 5, 1897    	<= Correct??? buied at K. H. Kiser Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. 
					|	|-Marion Kiser Jr	b. Dec. 22, 1903	d. Sept. 11, 1967 buied at K. H. Kiser Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. 
					|-Thomas S. Kiser   “Tom ”		b. 31 Mar 1875  in Carter Co., Ky.	d. 6 Jan 1963 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|   married Martha  J.Howard 30 Jul 1898 in Carter Co., Ky.	b. 11 Jun 1879	d. 20 May 1945
  					|	|
					|	|-Edith Kiser
					|	|   married Lytton Moore
  					|	|
					|	|-Elizabeth Kiser
					|	|-Lulu Kiser
					|	|-William Kiser
					|	|-Hazel Kiser
					|	|-Kathryne Kiser	b. 19 Feb 1916	d. 16 Mar 1945		
					|-Alili Kiser		Allie Lee Kiser?
					|  married Lucy (unk)
					|-William Kiser		b. June 10, 1858 in Russell Co., Va	d. Jan. 17, 1923 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|  married Kisaiah Bell Waugh 9 NOV 1882	b. April 12, 1861	d. March 1, 1920    d/o William Waugh & America WilliamS
					|	|-Abb Kiser
					|	|-Elizabeth Kiser
					|	|-Susie Kiser
					|	|-Tabitha Kiser
					|	|
					|	|-Wanda Kiser
					|	|   married Oscar Salyers
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Lillian Salyers
					|	|	|  married  Glen King		b. 24 Sep 1918	d. May 1985
					|	|	|	|
					|	|	|	|-Steve King
					|	|	|	    married Ruth Duncan
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Kenneth Salyers
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Troy Salyers	b. 20 Oct 1918	d.6 Nov 1995 in  Louisa, Ky.  
					|	|	|    married Odette MASENIA	
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Nadine Salyers	
					|	|	|    married Nelson Stegall
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Emma Gene SALYERS
					|	|	|    married Hubert Roark  
					|	|	|
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-May SALYERS
					|	|	|   married Coy Tackett
					|	|	|  
					|	|	|-Millie SALYERS
					|	|	|  married  George RAYBURN	
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Billy Ray SALYERS
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Phyllis Ann SALYERS
					|	|	|   married Bill BRYANT  
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Betty Sue SALYERS
					|	|	|  m1.  Jenning Tackett
					|	|	|  m2. Chuck SISK
					|	|	|
					|	|	|-Roger Dale Salyers
					|	|
					|	|-Ida Kiser
					|	|  m1.  Dick Wilburn	b. 16 Jul 1891	d. Feb 1969 in Columbus, Ohio  
					|	|  m2. (unk) Mabry
					|	|
					|	|-Eva Jane Kiser			b. 29 Aug 1880	d. 2 Feb 1950 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|	    married Milton Gilliam 28 May 1906   b. 23 Jan 1887  d. 3 Mar 1951 in Grahn, Ky s/o James GILLIAM & Sophia Hollingsworth
					|		|
					|		|-Verna Mae GILLIAM			d. 13 Aug 1978
					|		|-(unk) GILLIAM	b.19 Oct 1907 	d. 19 Oct 1907 
					|		|
					|		|-Estill GILLIAM	b. 1 Oct 1908		d. 30 Jul 1958 in Carter Co., Ky.  
					|		|   m1. Emel  (unk)
					|		|   m2. Bess BRANHAM  
					|		|   m3. Loula CARROLL  
					|		|
					|		|-Nina GILLIAM	b. 1911 in  Grahn, Carter Co., Ky.  	d. 14 Aug 1957 in  Greenup Co., Ky.  
					|		|   married Walter Roar  				
					|		|
					|		|-Sofa Bell GILLIAM	b. 23 Jan 1912	d. 10 Feb 1915      
					|		|
					|		|-John Milton GILLIAM	b. 6 Jul 1913  	d. 3 Nov 1980 in Olive Hill, Ky.  
					|		|  married  Lyda Jane Stout  
					|		|
					|		|-Owen GILLIAM	b. 13 Feb 1915 in Pleasant Valley, Ky  	d. 14 Jun 1959 in Weirton, West Virginia
					|		|  married  Gaythel Roberta June Johnson  14 Nov 1936      at: Olive Hill, Ky.
					|		|
					|		|-Althel G. GILLIAM	b. 20 Aug 1916	d. 14 Aug 1937 in Carter Co., Ky.  
					|		|   married Stince VALANDINGHAM  	referenced by www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00105.html
					|		|
					|		|-Sybil Irene GILLIAM	b. 18 Apr 1918	d. 15 Sep 1986 in Greenup Co., Ky.  
					|		|   married Ollie Kermit Valandingham  	b. July 15, 1914	
					|		|		Obit: OLIVE HILL Ollie Kermit Valandingham, 85, Wurtland, formerly of Grahn, retired Chesapeake & Ohio 						|		|	Railroad worker, widower of Irene Gilliam Valandingham, died of cancer Saturday. Services 2 p.m. Wed., 							|		|	Globe Funeral Chapel. Visitation 8 a.m. today.  Published Tuesday, October 26, 1999, in the Herald-Leader
					|		|                        s/o A. B. Vanlandingham (b. Nov. 11, 1883 d. Dec. 22, 1954) 
					|		|	           & Pearl P. (unk) (b. Sept. 15, 1897 d. Dec. 29, 1950)	“I am in constant contact with Irene and 						|		|	Kerm's children. I can get other information if needed.” Jeanne VanBrinky@aol.com
					|		|
					|		|-Othell GILLIAM	b. 10 Jan 1920	d. 28 Jun 1950 in Carter Co., Ky.  
 					|		|   married Melvin Roar
  					|		|
					|		|-Charles Everett GILLIAM		b. 1 Nov 1921       d. 10 Jul 1979 in  Greenville, Ohio  
 					|		|   married Cloma BURKHART  
					|		|
					|		|-Roy Junior GILLIAM	b. 20 Oct 1924    	d. 9 Jun 1975 in Carter Co., Ky.  
					|		|    married Helen L. Kiser
  					|		|
					|		|-Russel L. GILLIAM	b. 26 Feb 1928  	d. 12 Jan 1992 in  Olive Hill, Ky.  
					|		    m1. Pauline SHUMATE 
					|		    m2.  Betty C. ONEY 	Oct. 10, 1973 in Carter Co., Ky.   	b. Nov. 3, 1938 
					|				more at http://www.gilm.org/geneology/fam00003.html
					|-Ulysses S. Grant Kiser	“Grant”	b. 21 Oct 1858 in Carter Co., Ky.	d. 25 Nov 1961	
  					|		1920 census: Carter Co.,Ky, Eagle Hall Twp., ED #62: Grant Kiser,60,widow; Ky,Ky,Ky,brickyard laborer;   Thelma,16,dau.,Ky,Ky,Ky;
  					|		   Daisy,15;    Richard,12;   Garnett,7;   Goldie,5
					|   m1. Jessie Burton Ross	b. Nov. 8, 1874	d. April 19, 1898 buied at K. H. Kiser  / Grahn Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. 
					|	|
					|	|-Windom R. Kiser 	b. March 14, 1897     d. July 16, 1897 buied at K. H. Kiser Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky. 
					|	|
					|	|-Naomi Kiser
					|	   married Ernest Sparks						
					|   m2. Genoa Cooper	 aka Geanora Cooper		b. June 5, 1882 in Ky.	d. Feb. 9, 1918
					|	|-Eugene Kiser  aka Manuel Kiser  “Doc”	       b. July 6, 1910		d. Sept. 22, 1911 buied at K. H. Kiser Cem., Carter Co, Ky. 
					|	|-Daisey Kiser		b. ca1905 in Ky.
					|	|-Barbara Kiser
					|	|-Grant Kiser
					|	|-Richard Kiser		b. ca1908 in Ky.
					|   m3. Thelma Garnet     aka Bickers per Thelma Hillman?
					|	lives in Florida				
					|	. 
  					|	.-Thelma Kiser		b. ca1904 in Ky.
  					|	. -Garnett Kiser		b. ca1913 in Ky.		<=  not sure who the mother was of these three
  					|	.-Goldie Kiser		b. ca1915 in Ky.
					|-Dica Mead Kiser		“Dicie “	b. 1878 in Carter Co., Ky.		d. 1942 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|  married George J. Everman    b. Jan. 5, 1876     d. July 22, 1932  "farmer & minister of the Christian Church"  buried at Everman Cem.
					|	|-Gladys Everman
					|	|-George Everman
					|-Rachael Catherine Kiser     “Kate ”	b. 4 SEP 1861 in Russell Co, VA		d. 10 Jun 1943 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|       m1.  John  Jordan		b. 1859 in Ky.
					|       m2. John SAGRAVES ca1884 in Carter Co, KY	b. ca1856 in Johnson Co, KY
					|	|-Hettie Elizabeth SAGRAVES 	b. 1885 in Carter Co, Ky>
					|-Henry F. Kiser	b. in Oct 1857 in Russell Co, VA.  or ca1866 in Ky. (per 1870 census)  or 1858	d. 1882 or 1866
					|   married Mary Ann Burchett	b. 28 Apr 1865 in Carter Co., KY	d.  7 Nov 1951 in Greenup Co., KY.	
					|	|
					|	|-Edward Easterling Kiser 	b.  in Sep 1891. 
					|	|-Cassie T Kiser 		b.  13 Jun 1897	d.  in Nov 1971
					|-Mary Kiser			b. 9 Nov 1870 in Carter Co., Ky.
					|   married Alamande KELLEY	b. 1866 in Ky.
					|-Abednego Kiser		b. 12 Mar 1872 in Carter Co., Ky.	d. 11 Nov 1951 inCarter Co., Ky.
					|   married Lucy Applegate in Carter Co., Ky.
					|	|-Culey Kiser
					|	|-Letia C. Kiser
					|	|-Cassie Kiser
					|	|-Jessie Kiser
					|	|-Catherine Kiser
					|	|-Mary E. Kiser	b. 20 May 1907	d. 20 May 1907
					|	|-Opal M. Kiser
					|-Virginia Lauson “Jennie “ Kiser (also spelled “Lawson”     b. 10 May 1873  in Carter Co., Ky.	d. 27 Mar 1959 in Carter Co., Ky.
							1920 census: Carter Co., Ky.,Plesant Valley, ED #66: Marion Kiser,widow,84,Va,Va,Va;  Jennie Everman,Dau.,46,Ky,Ky,Ky;      
   								Tina,grandau.,21,Ky,Ky,Ky;    Mable,grandau.,16,Ky,Ky,Ky;   Naomia Kiser,21,grandau.,Ky,Ky,Ky
				          m1. John Everman		b. March 25, 1940	d. Nov. 16, 1942   <=  dates are bad!

					    m2. Anthony Wayne Everman	b. March 5, 1891	d. May 14, 1904
						|-Mabel Frances Everman	b. ca1904 in Ky.  per 1920 census
  						|-Naomia Everman		b. ca1899 in Ky,  per 1920 census

					    m3. John W. Harris		b. June 1, 1878	d. Oct. 21, 1936
					    m4. Maylem (sp?) Williams

Also, have you been in contact with Harvey A. Kiser? He's also from that line. His e-mail is pp01177@ppp.kcc.edu	Our Web Site is: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/4612/

Charles took an oath of allegiance in Philadelphia, Pa, 19 Sep 1749.  He bought property in Frederick Co, Va, 6 Apr 1765.  By deed of 6 Apr 1765, recorded in Frederick Co., Va., Deed Book No. 10, page 248, Lewis Rhinehart and Mathias Rhinehart of Frederick Co., Va., conveyed unto Charles Keyser, of the same place, a parcel of land on the South Fork of the Shenandoah, being the lower end of two tracts of land granted to Mathias Rhinehart by deed of 8 Feb 1764, from the Proprietor's Office of the Northern neck of Virginia.  (Mead Relations by A. M. Pritchard, 1933) 
 Charles's will was probated in Shenandoah Co, Va, Will Book A-179, 28 Aug 1778.  inventory (509 lbs 15 shillings) 10 children, 50 lbs 19 sh 6 pence each   In Mead Relations by Prichard, published in 1933, he states on page 178:  Isaac C. Dovel, son of No. 11, a great grandson of Charles Keyser, compiled some records of the family in 1876 from which the following is cop-ied:   "Charles Keyser, father of Andrew Keyser, Sr., and John Keyser, was born in Germany in the year 1702, came to America while under the British Government.  He was a butcher by trade; had no relations in this coun-try; married a lady in Philadelphia by the name of Shelly.  He died in 1774 at the age of 72 years.  On the 9th of October 1876, the grave was opened by Peter and Henry Keyser, sons of Andrew Keyser, Jr., in the presence of Charles Keyser, one of the grandsons, and I. C. Dovel, Capt. Joseph Keyser, son of Noah Keyser, Joseph W. Key-ser, son of Peter Keyser, and Uphemia Richardson, daughter of Andrew Keyser, Jr. The skull, teeth and hair were found to be in a wonderful state of preservation after having been buried 102 years." 
 (Note: The paragraph above makes reference to Thomas and Eli Kiser of Clark Co., Ohio.  These would be the grandchildren of Charles Keyser, Jr. whose surviving children and his Widow later moved to Ohio.  It is not known at this time to which of Charles, Jr.’s sons these children belong.) 
 "Peter J. Keyser, No. 57, who is now (1932) probably the oldest surviving member of the family, recollects when the grave was opened, as above related, and said that it was done purely through curiosity." 
 "The following also is copied from the notes of Isaac C. Dovell:  "The grandfather of Joseph and David Kiser, and great grandfather of Thomas and Eli Kiser of Clark Co., Ohio, was named Charles Kaiser.  He was a native of Wurtemburg, near Stuttgart, Germany.  His wife' name was Elizabeth Grossgloss, also a native of Germany.  He was a soldier in Braddock's unfortunate campaign in 1755, but returned unharmed." 
 Note:  Isaac Dovel makes reference (above) to two wives.  Either he made a mistake, or he was quoting from the 1889 Kiser book that has been in dispute by Kiser genealogists for years and years. So far we have not been able to find any documentation to substantiate a second marriage, and seem to have enough proof the marriage of Charles Keyser and Miss Shelly is another line entirely. 
 We have received e-mail from Edward Barnes, (5 Jul 1998), a descendant of the Dutch Keyser / Kiser line, not at this time affilliated with our line.  He says:  "I do have a reference to Charles Keyser who married a Miss Shelly.  My information is that she was the daughter of a Dr. Shelly of Philadelphia. 
 "The information says that after they married, they moved to Page Co., Virginia.  I don’t have specific dates, except that I show that Charles was the son of Johannes Keyser (who was born July 25, 1721 in German-town) and Barbara (Funk) Keyser.  I don’t have a birth or marriage date for Charles. 
 "HOWEVER -- although the family line from Johannes (showing Charles and __ Shelly) is documented in the 1889 Keyser Family History, more recent research by William Hires of Penn Valley, PA, casts considerable doubt on the whole line beginning with Johannes’ children.  As I recall, there were two different lines that some folks claim descended from Johannes.  He says that the 1889 history is incorrect based on data that he has found in Pennsylvania.  He was, by the way, the official genealogist for the most recent Keyser Family Reunion (300th anniversary) in Philadelphia in 1988." 
 SO, IN SUMMATION, we do seem to have enough information to determine that the Charles Keyser who married a Miss Shelly is NOT in our line. That Charles father, Johannes, was born 1721.  Our Charles was born in 1702. 

 Several books have been written on "Kisers", "HURSTS IN SHENANDOAH COUNTY VirginIA", author Mrs. June Hurst Childers, 949 Mason Headley, Lexington, KY 40504, phone (606)252-6271, cost $50 in 1998;  "FORERUNNERS" by STRICKLER; "MEAD RELATIONS" by A. M. PRICHARD, published by The McClure Co., Printers, Staunton, Virginia in 1933; Kiser FAMILY DESCENDANTS by CHARLES S. Kiser.  The most information was provided by E. J. SUTHERLAND, Judge in Dickenson Co., VA, in his book "SOME DESCENDANTS OF John Counts OF GLADE HOLLOW (Southwest Virginia) 1722-1977". (E. J. was a great-great-grandson of ABEDNEGO Kiser).  He states in his book: 
 "Charles Keyser purchased a tract, 198 acres, from Lewis and Mathias Rinehart of Frederick Co., Vir-ginia, near the mouth of Hawksbill in Frederick Co., VA by deed dated 6 Apr 1765 where he lived until his death (Charles Keyser, Jr., Shenandoah County Deed Book 1-265 where they conveyed unto Andrew Keyser a parcel of 57 acres of land, etc.).  On 28 May 1778, the Shenandoah County Court appointed Bryant Breeding, Martin Comer, Matthew Mattocks, and Peter Ruffner to appraise the estate of 'Charles Kizer, Dec'd,' and Charles Kizer was granted administration of this estate, and posted a bond of 1,000 pounds (Kizer and Comer signed the bond in German) (Shenandoah County Will Book A-179).  On 28 August 1778, Martin Comer, Matthew Mat-tocks and Peter Ruffner returned the appraisement to the court, large inventory, his estate being valued at 509 pounds 15 shilling 0 pence.  Attached to this appraisement is the statement:  'There is Ten Children, 50 pounds 19 shillings 6 pence Each share'." 
 "The old Keyser house, built of logs, still stands (1923) slightly above a point opposite the mouth of the Hawksbill, near the mansion house on the old Keyser farm, now owned by Raymond Strickler, son of McKendra Strickler.  The old house is used for an out-house.  Someone told Harry M. Strickler, author of Forerunners, there was a large staple driven into one of the logs on the inside to which two prisoners were chained until they could be conveyed to Woodstock.  This was before Page County was formed.  Here Charles Keyser lived, according to Adam Strickler (son of Andrew Keyser's second wife), and I understand that Major Andrew Keyser, of Revolu-tionary fame, lived here, as well as his son, Col. Andrew Keyser, of the Civil War.  Charles Keyser, brother of Col. Keyser, lived several hundred yards south of the Major's home.  The old graveyard is south of the latter home and about midway between the two.   See Forerunners pg 121." 
 >From "A Short History of Page Co., Virginia" by Harry M. Strickler, page 61:  "In each bend of the river (Shenandoah River) on this original Massanutten patent is at least one combination fort and dwelling.  Be-ginning on the west side of the river opposite the mouth of the Hawksbill where Raymond Strickler now (1952) lives; here we may visit an old log house once the home of Major Andrew Keyser, of the Revolution, and just a short distance farther up the river is the old home of Charles Keyser, now occupied by the venerable David A. Kibler (etc.).  Proceeding farther up the river we come to Fort Rhodes where John Rhodes and members of his family were killed by the Indians. (See Andrew Keyser, Jr's wife - Ann Rhodes).  This is a log house built over a fortified cellar from which flows a spring.  In the next bend is Fort Egypt.  In the next bend is Fort Massanutten, and in upper Massanutten is an old Long home built of stone which we will call Fort Paul Long to distinguish it from Fort Long on the rightbank of the river.  (Charles Keyser's son Joseph's son John married a Long).  Cross-ing the river to the right bank we first come to Fort Long where the pioneers Paul and Philip Long located, now (1952) owned by Charles D. Price. 
 "All these old homesteads or forts have fortified cellars and are built in much the same manner, constructed of stone with arched ceilings.  Some have an outer cellar also strongly constructed through which one must pass before entering the vault.  Several of them have running water.  These old homes are all built on the Massanutten patent and a number of them are still occupied as dwellings.  They were all substantially built and together form the most interesting group of old homes in Northern Virginia, and in fact, in all Virginia.  These homes were built, probably from 1750 to 1790." 
 The first settlement in the Shenandoah Valley was made at Massanutten in 1726 or 1727 in Page County long before Page County was established.  The Massanutten patent extended for ten miles up and down both sides of the river from the mouth of the Hawksbill to the mouth of Stony Run, near Alma, the White House Bridge and the pioneer monument (erected in 1929) being near the center of the patent.  Canada's Peak in the Massanutten Mountains marks the northern limits. 
 The Massanutten settlers had land troubles.  Lord Fairfax (Scotchman) had a grant of all the land between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers the western line to be run from the head waters of the Potomac to the head waters of the Rappahannock. This line was supposed to begin at the head waters of the present Rappahannock River opposite Front Royal, crossing the valley in the neighborhood of Toms Brook.  But Fairfax claimed the head waters to be at the head of the south branch, Rapidan. This would require the line to run twenty-five or more miles further south.  If the northern line were accepted, then the Massanutten settlers would find their title good as their grant was from King George II, while if the southern line were established, as it finally was, they would find themselves living on the domain of Lord Fairfax from whom they had no grant.  So these settlers had to obtain two deeds, one from King George II, and one from the legal owner, Lord Fairfax. 
 The French and Indian War (1754-1763) changed the way of life for the early Shenandoah Valley settlers.  Until this time the settlers in the Massanutten (Shenandoah) Valley had lived in peace with the Indians.  Many evidently had lived in close proximity with the whites.  At the beginning of this war, western Indians induced the Valley tribes to join them in this war, so that in the Spring of 1754 the Indians suddenly and unexpectedly moved off, and entirely left the Valley.  As a result of their strife many settlers in the Shenandoah Valley went east of the Ridge, others to Pennsylvania, but many remained and prepared forts.  For ten years or more the frontier set-tlements were harassed by Indians often led by French officers.  Bounties were offered for scalps.  It was ten years of bloodshed, massacre, of plunder, violence and burning all along the frontier.  There were two massacres on the Massanutten Patent:  The Stone family in 1758 and the Roads Massacre in 1764. The Roads (Rhodes) had 13 children, 6were massacred.  Of the seven who survived, Joseph Roads married Mary Strickler and one of their grandchildren, Ann Roads        b.1790, married in 1808 to Noah Keyser, born 1786.  Noah Keyser was the son of Major Andrew Keyser who served in the American Revolution in the Virginia Troup.  See Andrew Keyser, Indi-vidual 6. 
 Shenandoah County was organized on March 24, 1772, and called Dunmore in honor of John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, Governor-in-Chief, 1771-1776, who was a popular Governor until the approach of the Revolution, when he not only remained loyal to the King, but committed under-handed acts to cripple the Colony in the on-coming storm.  He appeased the Indians in Dunmore's War, seized the gun powder at Williamsburg, aroused the slaves against their masters, and finally burned Norfolk before fleeing aboard ship.  The people of Shenandoah County registered their indignation by changing the name of their county to Shenandoah. 
 The new county of Page was established by an Act of the General Assembly March 30, 1831, named for John Page, member of the first U. S. Congress in which position he continued until 1797 and Governor of Vir-ginia, from 1802 to 1805, and Lieutenant Governor during the Revolution.  The county seat was soon thereafter fixed at Luray which had been formed by an Act August 21, 1812, in Shenandoah County.  Most of Page County was taken from Shenandoah County.  It lies wholly between the Massanutten Mountain on the west and the Blue Ridge on the east. 
 Page Co., while one of the younger counties, has the distinction of having within its borders a spot whereon the first settlement west of the Blue Ridge in Virginia was made.  This settlement was made at Mas-sanutten, an Indian Village, surrounded by Indian Old Fields, on the Shenandoah River, in 1726 or 1727, six miles west of Luray, by settlers from William Penn's Colony.  A pioneer monument was erected by the Mas-sanutten Society in 1927 in honor of these settlers on the hill at the famous White House Bridge. 
 Extract from a letter dated 5 February 1988 from Vivian Bales:  "Long ago in the Pennsylvania archives I found the Keysers whom I descend from, in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania (which also you descend from).  I read the deposition ANDREW made about an Indian who came to their house and asked for food, etc., and about JOSEPH being accused of stealing a sheep.  The Keyser - Kiser's were German Deutsche.  My grandmother told me this. They clung to their language right down to my grandmother." 
 Kercheval's "History of the Valley", 4th Ed., page 37, relates an incident in relation to which "Major An-drew Keyser also informed the author that an Indian once called at his father's in Lancaster Co., Pennsylva-nia, appeared to be much agitated, and asked for something to eat.  After refreshing himself he was asked what disturbed him.  He replied, 'The Southern Indians have killed my whole nation.'"  (per A.M. Pritchard in his Mead Relations "This indicates clearly that Charles Keyser lived in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, before he settled in what is now Page Co., Virginia.") 
 E. J. Sutherland says in his Some Descendants of John Counts of Glade Hollow, that Charles had an old German Bible, which went to his son Charles upon his death.  When his son, Charles, Jr. died his sons took the bible with them when they moved to Ohio. 

 In Esther Kiser's Sandy Ridge Kiser-Powers Kin, she states:  "It is believed that Charles had two brothers who also came to America.  Jacob Keyser arrived in Philadelphia on 16 September 1751 aboard the Edinburgh from Rotterdam, Holland. Andreas Keyser arrived in Philadelphia on 29 September 1753 aboard the British ship Brothers.