Genealogy of the McDavid family

Contributed by Eleanor Brewster


First Generation


James McDavid born 1680 Glinsk Castle, Ireland. Died 1748 Cub Creek, Lunenburg County Virginia. It is believed he came to America about 1727 with his wife and family. He was married to Mary Ann Allen. She died in Greenville, South Carolina. Known children were:


John McDavid.


George McDavid born 1715 Antrim, Ireland and was dead by 1778. The last place I found him was in Rockbridge Co. Virginia.


(female) McDavid first name unknown born 1718 Antrim, Ireland. She married James McLaughlin


Patrick McDavid born 1720 Antrim, Ireland. Died at 68 years in 1788



Second Generation


John McDavid son of James and Mary Ann Allen, born about 1712 in Antrim, Ireland married Isabelle ? John died 1782 in Greenville, South Carolina at 70 years. They had children:


David McDavid born 1761 died 1808 at 67 years.


James McDavid born 10 February 1766 died 5 June 1853 in South Carolina. Married 1786 Penelope Rogers.


John McDavid born 1 May 1774 died 3 April 1838.


Jennie McDavid born 1782 died 1822 at 40 years.


Patrick McDavid


Rosanna McDavid



Patrick McDavid, (McDavitt, McDavett)


Not much is know concerning Patrick, but I did find where he had an illegitimate child:


1. Patrick Agar who was bound out in the Virginia courts. His mother was Mary Agar who was supposed to have been killed by Indians when she was on her way to South Carolina. The courts of Virginia had bound this child out to a family in Virginia.


George McDavid son of James had sons:


Patrick McDavid born 1752 in Virginia, died about 1810-1820 Scott Co. Va. married Martha Wilson.


James McDavid


? Michael McDavid born 1765 there is a question as to which McDavid family Michael belonged. I am going on the assumption of he is in the 1810 census for Scott Co. Virginia and so was George and Patrick in the same census.


Third Generation



Patrick and Martha Wilson, McDavid



Patrick McDavid and Martha Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson and Martha ? married 20 May 1779 in Staunton, Augusta Co. Virginia.


They had the following children:


David McDavid born ca. 1782


John "Jack" McDavid born ca. 1784


George McDavid born 1788 died 14 February 1875, Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Jane McDavid born ca. 1790, never married but had one son.


William E. McDavid born 1792 Scott Co. Virginia died 14 February 1866 Montgomery Co. Ill. Married Elizabeth Johnson in Lincoln Co. Tenn. Later they lived in Montgomery Co. Illinois.


Elizabeth McDavid born ca 1794, married Robert Dugan lived in Somerville, Fayette Co. Tenn.


Samuel McDavid born 1796, Scott Co. Va. Married Harriet (?Sykes?) lived in Dyer County Tennessee.


Fourth Generation


George McDavid and Mary Blevins, McDavid



George and Mary were living in Scott Co. Virginia in 1827 when they had a visitor Col. Andrew Kitchen, from Kentucky, who was looking for a place to lodge for the night on his way to Greenbrier Co. Va. where both had lived and were friends. Col. Kitchen stayed all night at George’s home. He told George and Mary of the rich bottoms lands, rolling lands, and hills with plenty of timber, plenty of wild game and buy cheap land. They listened carefully and decided a man could have all he wanted.


When Col. Kitchen left the next morning to continue his journey to Greenbrier Co. he told George and Mary if they wanted to go to Ky. to be prepared on his way back, they could travel with him. Col. Kitchen departed on his journey. George and Mary began packing what they needed to take with them and prepared the children. They built a raft to float down the Big Sandy River and loaded it with their household and clothing. When Col. Kitchen arrived back in Scott Co. George, Mary, George’s Mother, Martha Wilson, McDavid, seven children and the bear dog were waiting for him. (George’s father Patrick McDavid was already dead). They floated the raft and the family rode George’s through-bred horses along the river to keep a watchful eye on the raft.


They settled at Cherokee, Lawrence Co. Ky. on a large farm containing over seven hundred acres. In 1838 Carter Co. was developed a portion was in Lawrence County, and the rest in Carter Co. In 1868 Elliott Co. was developed and the farm was now in three counties where he remained for the rest of their lives.


George, his two sons James, John and with the help of the Kitchen family they soon had a their two room Log Cabin built, one room downstairs and one room upstairs.


It was heavy forest and they could not allow the children to roam outside for fear of their becoming lost or endangered by wild animals, which were always near by.


George soon built a fence of tree limbs standing high on their ends and tied together with raw hide.


The land was cleared, Game was hunted, garden and crops were planted, greens were picked and cooked over open fire. The wild game killed for personal consumption was hung from the rafters in the loft. Panthers and wildcats would roam and scream near by because they could not get to the fresh meat.


The noises terrified the children.


This farm purchased for $500.00 from John and Mary Lester who soon left for Illinois and promised to send George the deed for the farm. After some time became anxious, since George’s brother, William lived in Montgomery Co Illinois near where John and Mary Lester lived. George decided to go to his brothers in Illinois. George and William made a plan to drive John Lester into the Ohio River if he did get his deed. The two approached Mr. Lester and told him of their plan. There was no other alternative but to kill him.


Needless to say George got his deed. It was dated 25 January 1832, made in Montgomery Co. Illinois.


George was the son of Patrick and Martha Wilson, McDavid. He was the grandson of George McDavid in Rockbridge Co. and Lunenburg Co. Virginia. His great grandparents: James McDavid and Mary Ann Allen, McDavid of Lunenburg Co. James, his wife, and sons Patrick, John, George, and one daughter name unknown, immigrated from Ireland about 1728. James born 1680, Glinsk Castle, Ireland died 1748 at Cub Creek Lunenburg County. His will was probated 1748.


George’s maternal grand parents were Samuel and Martha Wilson. Samuel Wilson’s will was probated May 1760, Augusta Co. Virginia.


Mary Blevins a Cherokee Indian Indian, was the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Blevins. So some of the family told me.. Mary had brothers Daniel, Langhorn, James and one sister Sarah "Sally" who married Jacob Ramey.


George born 1788 in Greenbrier Co Va., died 14 February 1875, Elliott Co. Ky. married 1812 Mary Blevins born 1800 in Tennessee, died 14 March 1860, Elliott Co. Ky.


Their issue as follows:


Lucinda "Lucy" married John Armstrong.


James married Nannie Eastham.


John married Millie Armstrong.


Mary Elizabeth "Betty" married Jesse Sloas.


Samuel Wilson married Elizabeth Eastham, sister to Nanny.


Nancy married Benjamin Sturgill, he died she married second Archie Griffith,


Daniel married Elizabeth "Betty" Sturgill, sister to Benjamin Sturgill.


Martha married William Bush, he died she married second Jacob Porter.


These children all lived in Carter and Elliott Co. Ky. and died there.


George was a man of honor and his descendants have followed his ideals.


George, Mary and all their children except Lucy and Samuel are buried in the McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. across the road from George’s house. The house is now gone.


Lucy is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery near Olive Hill in Carter Co. and Samuel was buried on Deer Creek but moved to Grayson when the Army Corps of Engineers were building Grayson Lake.



George as a Hunter



George loved to hunt. He would lie out all night, under a tree on a bed of leaves under a tree with his feist dog nearby, waiting for daylight to kill a raccoon.


While hunting one cold morning at the head of a hollow, Cliffs all around, walked upon a panther. It was cowed down, hair raised, George hollered. It set back this gave George an opportunity to shoot it. It measured nine feet from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.


On one of George’s bear hunting trips he shot a bear. It didn’t die but crawled off into a thicket. While George was looking for it with his feist dog, tracking the blood he got his foot caught in some vines. He almost fell in a ravine on top of the bear. It raised up and could have killed George, but the dog saved George’s life by barking and biting the bear causing it to turn on the dog. This gave George the


opportunity to get far enough away to load his muzzle gun and to shoot the bear again.


Other Stories


George and Mary kept a heavy quilt hung over the doors and windows in cold weather to keep the cold air from coming in through the cracks around the doors and windows. The feist dog lay on the quilt at the bottom of the door to keep anyone or anything from entering.


Grandpa Frank McDavid slept with his grandfather, George, when he was a small boy and said, "George was a spare made man, had deep blue eyes, black hair and nice looking."


George died at 87 years even in his eighties would go to the creek to wash the year around. During the winter when the water was frozen he would take an ax and chop a hole in the ice to wash.


Mary took her homespun clothing to the creek to wash them the year around by beating them with a stick and washing by hand.


George kept sheep under the rock cliffs for shelter. He was a farmer,


hunter, and a hat maker. He spun wool into a cone shape, then block out the crown and brim. For a century after George was dead men were still wearing his hats.


Fifth Generation



Lucinda "Lucy" McDavid was the oldest child of George and Mary Blevins, McDavid was born 30 October 1813 in Scott Co. Virginia. Died 12 December 1891 Rosedale Ky. (on Deer Creek) at 78 years. She married in Lawrence Co Ky. 1836 John Armstrong born 1811, died 1886, Cory near Olive Hill Ky. Both are buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, near Olive Hill, Ky. Their graves can be found at the east end of the cemetery. If you are traveling west on U. S. 60 the are close to the corner area of U. S. 60 and the gravel road turning into the cemetery.


John and Lucy had the following children.


Virginia Armstrong born 1838, Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


Mary Elizabeth Armstrong born 1840, Deer Creek


William Henry Armstrong born 1842, Deer Creek


Nancy Virginia "Duck" Armstrong born 17 April 1844, Deer Creek


Martha Armstrong born 1846, Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


Amanda Armstrong born 1848 Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


Sarah C. Armstrong born 1850 Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


Lucinda Francis Armstrong born 4 October 1853 Deer Creek


John M. Armstrong, Jr. born 3 October 1856, Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


George Armstrong born May 1860, Deer Creek, Carter Co. Ky.


Lucy was 14 years old when George and Mary made the trek from Virginia to Ky with her father, mother and her siblings.


When Lucy married John Armstrong he was a widower, and the father of two children by his former marriage to Eliza Jane Green, 31 December 1829 Scott Co. Va. John and Eliza had two children:


1st Haskell "Hike"Armstrong. He married Eliza Watson daughter of William "Billie" Watson and ---------Kitchen.


2nd Scenia Armstrong married George Wilhoit.


Lucy was the mother of and raised twelve children. Ten of her own and two of John’s by his former marriage. This family first lived on Deer Creek about half mile down the road from Lucy’s brother Samuel, and about a hundred yards form where her nephew Samuel McDavid, Jr. would live and raise his family.


After the family was grown and the two oldest were married, John and Lucy sold their property on Deer Creek and moved to Cory Branch just east of Olive Hill, near Counts Crossroads. Here they remained for the duration of their lives. John died in 1886. In 1891 Lucy decided to visit her brother, John McDavid. Knowing he was very ill she saddled a horse and made her way to his home on upper Little Fork. On her way home she stopped on Deer Creek to visit her daughter and her husband, Elizabeth and Frank Sammons. She had also stopped to visit her brother Samuel, Sr. on Deer Creek, here she became ill. She was taken to her daughter’s home and died within a few days, within a mile of where she and her husband had lived and raised their children.


She was taken to Pleasant Valley by wagon and a team of horses and laid to rest beside her beloved husband, John who had preceded her in death by five years.


John and Lucy’s descendants are numerous and living in many parts of the country. Her descendants consist of Attorneys, Doctors, County Attorney, County


sheriff, Teachers, and wife of a U. S. Senator two terms.


James McDavid and Andromache "Nannie" Eastham


James McDavid, born 1815 Scott Co. Virginia, the second child and first son born to George and Mary McDavid . He died 1892 Lawrence Co. Ky.


Married 1 March 1849 Carter Co. Kentucky, Andromache "Nannie" Eastham born 1828. She was the daughter of William Edward Eastham and Judith Ladd.


James bought a portion of the George McDavid farm in Lawrence Co. Kentucky.


Their children are as follows:


Mary McDavid born 1850 Lawrence Co. Kentucky.


Elizabeth McDavid born 1851. Married 3 March 1890 Thomas B. Rose, a widower. No children. She did not live long only a few years after they married.


Samantha Judith McDavid born 8 June 1852 near Willard, in Lawrence Co. Kentucky, died 3 April 1930 Ozark, Arkansas. Married 21 July 1872 James Sheppard.


Martha McDavid born 19 February 1855, per Lawrence Co. Births, married Alfred Murphy.


Matilda McDavid born 1858 married William Lewis.


Herbert "Buddy" McDavid born 1861 died at 14 years of Typhoid Fever.


Nancy McDavid born 1864 Lawrence Co. died 7 March 1944.


Rosetta McDavid born 1868 Lawrence Co. Ky.


John McDavid and Permilia "Millie" Armstrong



John McDavid the second son and the third child of George McDavid and Mary Blevins. Born 16 February 1816 Scott County Virginia, died 6 January 1890 Carter County Kentucky. John married 11 January 1843, Carter County, Kentucky, Permelia "Melia" Armstrong a sister to John Armstrong who married Lucy, Johns sister. Melia born 23 December 1890, died 4 January 1890 two days before her husband died. They are both buried in the McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Their children are as follows:


Samuel McDavid born 1 November 1844 Carter Co. Ky. killed in the Civil War. 11 March 1864.Buried in the McDavid Cemetery, Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Amanda Elizabeth McDavid 18 October 1846 Carter Co. Kentucky. married Mac Porter


Sarah Jane McDavid born 27 August 1847, Carter Co. Kentucky married James "Jimmie" Porter.


Perlina McDavid born 1 December 1850 Carter Co. married George W. Yates.


William Allen McDavid born 4 July 1853 Carter Co. married Rebecca Pennington.


James M. McDavid born 27 December 1854 Carter Co. Kentucky. Died 3 November 1857 Carter Co. buried in the McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Jessie R. McDavid born 16 May 1857 Carter Co. Kentucky, married Nancy Wells.


John H. McDavid born 27 October 1859 Carter Co. Ky. died 7 April 1868 Carter Co. buried in the McDavid Cemetery, Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Nancy Virginia McDavid born 24 December 1861, Carter Co. Ky. married Benjamin J. Webb.


Mary Elizabeth "Betty" McDavid and Jesse Sloas



Mary Elizabeth "Betty" McDavid born 1820 Scott Co. Virginia, died 1909, Brushy Fork and buried in the McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. across the road from where she was raised. She married 14 April 1840 Carter Co. Kentucky, Jessie Sloas, born 1820 Virginia died 19 May 1884 Brushy Fork, Elliott co. Kentucky. He was buried on the hill across the road from where he lived by himself.


The following children were born to this union:


John Sloas born 12 April 1844 Carter Co. Kentucky, died 9 May 1913 Brushy Fork. Buried in the McDavid Cemetery. He married #1 Mary Wells after her death he married Amanda Whitt.


Margaret Ann "Pollyann" Sloas born 1846 married Robert Griffith.


Nancy Virginia Sloas born 1849. Married William R. Wells son of Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Wells and Nancy Robinson, Wells.


Martha Jane Sloas born 1849. Twin to Nancy. She never married


James Sloas born 1852. He died young.


Lucinda "Lucy" Sloas born 1854.


Amanda Elizabeth "Liz" Sloas born 1854. Twin to Lucy. She married Sirus Turner


Sarah "Suz" Sloas born 5 June 1856 Brushy Fork. Never Married.


Samuel "Buck" Sloas born 12 May 1858, Brushy Fork. Died 21 September 1944 Brushy Fork buried in the McDavid Cemetery, Elliott Co. Kentucky. He married Margertta Wells.


Malissa Sloas born 1862 married Sherman Boggess.


Samuel Wilson McDavid and Elizabeth Eastham



Samuel Wilson "Sam" McDavid born 7 May 1822, Scott Co. Virginia died 3 April 1904 Rosedale, (Deer Creek) Carter Co. Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Eastham born 10 February 1834, she died 25 January 1893, Rosedale Carter Co. Kentucky. She was the daughter of William Eastham and Judith Ladd, Eastham. Both were buried in the McDavid Cemetery on Deer Creek. During the construction of the Grayson Reservoir Project, in 1960-62 The Army Corps of Engineers exhumed the bodies, and they were reentered in the East Carter County Memory Gardens, Grayson, Kentucky. Sam and Elizabeth lived on the other side of the Deer Creek hill from his brother Daniel in a huge white house that sat beside the road at the mouth of Deer Creek. When I was young this was known as the Watt Horn house. At that time Watt horn lived there.


Sam and Elizabeth had the following issue


William Edward McDavid born 21 February 1852 Deer Creek, Rosedale Post Office, he died 15 November 1913.


Mary Judith McDavid born 4 October 1853, Rosedale Carter Co. Kentucky.


John Constantine McDavid born 18 March 1856, Rosedale, Kentucky.


George W. McDavid born 25 October 1858 Rosedale, Carter Co. Kentucky. He died 5 January 1864 Rosedale, Kentucky.


Samuel Wilson McDavid, Jr. born 6 September 1864 Rosedale, Kentucky.


James Lafayette "Lafe" McDavid born 1 April 1869 Rosedale, Kentucky.


Dora Belle McDavid born 27 March 1875 Rosedale, Kentucky.


Nancy McDavid and Benjamin Sturgill



Nancy McDavid, born 7 January 1825, Scott County Virginia the third daughter of George and Mary and the sixth child. She was barely 2 years old when her father and mother came to Kentucky. She died 29 May 1913 in Stephens, Elliott Co. Kentucky. She married about 1847, Benjamin Franklin Sturgill about 1847 in Kentucky they had two sons and Benjamin died about 1853. Their children are as follows:


George Washington Sturgill born 7 February 1849 Willard, Carter Co. Kentucky


William Lafayette "Lafe" Sturgill born 23 April 1852 Willard, Carter Co. Kentucky.


Benjamin F. Sturgill and Nancy lived on Meadow Branch it flows into the Little Fork Creek. Benjamin had worked in the field plowing one hot summer day. After his day of labor he decided to go to the bend in the Little Fork Creek for a swim. He was very hot and jumped in the creek the blood rushed to his head causing a stroke and died instantly leaving a wife and two infant boys. My father never stopped talking about this. My great grandmother, Betty McDavid was expecting her first child in November. Betty was so distraught when her baby was born it was a boy. She named him Benjamin Franklin McDavid, a namesake for Benjamin Sturgill.


Nancy married second Archibald "Archie" Griffith



Archie Griffith born 23 March 1829 in Elliott Co. and died 8 May 1904 in Elliott Co. Kentucky. He married Nancy 23 March 1854 in Carter Co. Kentucky.


Archie and Nancy had the following children:


Daniel M. Griffith born 8 October 1855 Carter Co. Kentucky.


John M. Griffith born 27 May 1858 Carter Co. Ky.


Mary Margaret Griffith born about 1862. Carter County Kentucky.


Samuel Griffith born about 1868.


Daniel E. McDavid and Elizabeth "Betty" Sturgill



Daniel E. McDavid born 5 September 1827 Lawrence Co. (Later after the counties were developed in 1838 this area was Carter Co. Then in 1868 it was Elliott Co. They lived in Elliott Co. Ky. Daniel married 12 January 1851, Willard, Carter Co. Kentucky Elizabeth "Betty" Sturgill at her home. Betty was born 17 January 1834, Lee Co. Virginia. She was the daughter of Solomon Sturgill and Rebecca Tompkins, Sturgill. Betty was the granddaughter of John and Jemima Wells, Sturgill of Wise Co. Virginia and Harlan Co. Kentucky. Her maternal grandfather was Benjamin Tompkins. Daniel bought his father George’s farm in Elliott Co. lived there and George continued to live with his son with exception of a short time he had lived with another woman after Mary died. He was living in Elliott Co. until 1779 when he bought a farm on lower Little Fork in Carter Co. near Willard, Kentucky from Henry Morris. Daniel married Betty under protest by Solomon Sturgill. Solomon said Daniel was the baby son of the family and that his sisters had pampered him and she would never live the life with Daniel that she was accustomed to at home. After much persistence she persuaded Solomon to let her marry Daniel. The copy of permission for their marriage, and given by Solomon is on this site. Daniel worked at the Savage Furnace cutting staves, walked from Elliott Co. to Willard and crossed the hill in back of the Missionary Baptist Church to Savage Furnace and back in the evening. He was industrious he started early in life buying sheep, chickens and whatever he could trade in and farmed. Elizabeth was a good manager and helped to preserve vegetables and picked berries, wove cloth from the sheep and flax. After Daniel bought the farm in Carter Co. in 1779 he built a new two-story house for his beloved Elizabeth. They had already moved to Carter Co. in 1779 into a log home.


Daniel and Elizabeth had the following children:


Benjamin Franklin "Frank" McDavid born 5 November 1853 Carter Co. Kentucky.


Rebecca McDavid born 7 December 1856, Carter Co. Kentucky. She died 28 December 1856 Buried in the Old McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. Kentucky.


William Solomon McDavid born 16 December 1858, Carter Co. Kentucky.


John E. McDavid born 27 April 1861 Carter Co. Kentucky.


Henry Harrison McDavid born 16 September 1863 Carter Co. Kentucky.


Mary C. McDavid born 27 November 1868, and died 10 September 1875 Carter Co. Kentucky. Buried in the Old McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. Kentucky.


Daniel E. McDavid born 6 August 1870 Carter Co. Kentucky, died in 22 March 1891 Lower Little Fork in Carter Co. Dan had been thrown from a horse, and family have said he died as a result of being thrown from the horse. My father told me that Grandpa, Frank told him that Dan had appendicitis. A Dr. was called and said he had appendicitis, but it was too late to help him. Some of the family says he died as a result of the horse throwing him off and others say he had appendicitis. Daniel and Elizabeth buried him across the road on a point in front of their house. Thus this was the first person buried in the Daniel McDavid Cemetery. This Cemetery is at the intersection of Kentucky Route no. 1496 and 1122.


Martha Elizabeth McDavid born 30 December 1873 Carter co. She died 16 April 1959 and buried in the Daniel McDavid Cemetery.


When Daniel died in 1906 he owned 1500 acres of property in Carter Co and in Elliott co. and it was divided in equal amounts between his five children who were living at his death.


Martha McDavid, the youngest of George and Mary Blevins, McDavid



Martha McDavid was born June 1930 Carter Co. Kentucky. She died 13 June 1908 in Elliott Co. Kentucky, and buried in the Old McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. Kentucky. She married first 29 September 1853 William Bush born 22 August 1832 and died 22 November 1856. They had two children.


Samuel Bush born 24 June 1854, Carter Co. Kentucky married Louise Fannin


Mary Elizabeth "Sis" Bush born 13 November 1938 married 22 December 189 James O. Ratliff.


Martha married second Jacob Porter born 15 December 1837 Russell Co. Virginia. He died 22 February 1873 Elliott Co. Kentucky with Typhoid Fever. He was the son of John H. Porter and Sarah "Sally" Shew of North Carolina, Virginia and Elliott Co. Kentucky.


The had the children as follows:


Sarah Etta Porter born 13 June 1860 Carter Co. Kentucky. Married James Miles Dobbins


William "Little Bill" Porter born 15 March 1862 Carter Co. Kentucky.


Nancy Jane porter born 1864 Carter Co. Kentucky, married Winfield Wheeler.


Rebecca Porter born 1866 Carter co. Kentucky married Andrew "Andy" McBryer (McBrayer).


Lucille "Lucy Porter born 1868 Carter Co. Kentucky.


George Porter born 1870 Elliott Co. Kentucky (Elliott County was developed in 1869. Martha and Jacob were still living in the same place. Elliott was developed from Lawrence, Carter and Morgan Co.)


Lavenna "Venna" Porter born 1872. She married Jasper McBrayer.


My Uncle Jim McDavid told me that Jacob Porter and Daniel McDavid both had Typhoid Fever at the same time. Both families had sent for the same Doctor. He was on another call. Betty sent Frank for another Dr. for Daniel who came soon. Martha chose to wait for the original Dr. she had sent for. Daniel lived and Uncle Jim said Jake would have lived also if they had gotten the same Dr. that came to see Daniel.


Martha is buried in the Old McDavid Cemetery in Elliott Co. I am not sure where Jake Porter and William Bush are buried.



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