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Regulators and other Offenders Offered Clemency by the Governor

Contributed by JC Porter

Executive Orders of the Governor, February 12, 1881 (PDF format)

Carter County Regulators Offered Clemency by the Governor

February 2, 1881

Hon. Luke P. Blackburn

Governor Kentucky

Dear Sir

I herewith enclose copy
of two indictments, and appended thereto, the
names of 390 persons out of the number
which I recommend to your Excellecy for
executive clemency. In that way, That May
to Jan, same just and right. There are a few
names in the indictments, not on this list.
While I don't know that they can be convicted.
yet their conduct in the premises does not address
itself to me in such a way as to merit executive
clemency at this time. All the list hereto
appended, I cheerfully commend to your
consideration. The most, if not all the number,
voluntarily surrendered to the civil authorities
and are now under bond. True none of
done so until after I had ordered special
term of the Criminal Court last May, and
had assurances from your excellancy that
I could command the military force of the
State to compel a surrender. Peace and
order has prevailed in this county since the
calm that followed the surrender so
for as the organization of so called "Regulators
or Vigilance" is concerned - Not so in the
Counties of Carter and Elliott.

In extending executive clemency,
you can make it a condition that the
beneficiaries shall give the civil authorities
all their aid and informtion in their power in
prosecuting those who have not surrendered
and you can further make the pardons to
take affect at the end of a given number
of months on condition the parties come
into court in the meantime and accept the
conditions of record. When so accepted
they shall stand forever pardoned on the conditions
named. This course is a guarantee of
future good behavior.

While I freely and
willingly recommend a pardon or amnesty
to all the persons named on the list, I am
fully of opinion that there ought
to be conditions in it to secure good behavior
and aid to civil authorities.

What ever you
determine to do, let me know as early day
as possible, at least by 14 inst as that is
first day of our court.
Yours Truly
James E. Stewart
State Judge Criminal Court
16th Judicial District of Ky.

List of the names recommended for pardon. February 2, 1881

Note: Judge James E. Stewart was one of the special judges appointed in an attempt to bring peace
and order to the counties of Carter, Elliott and Lawrence.

List of Pardons, Etc., granted by Governor Luke P. Blackburn
Note: These men were pardoned for "Kukluxing"

Submitted by: JC Porter