1870 Carter Co. Kentucky Federal Mortality Schedule


This is a list of people who died in Carter Co. KY June 1st 1869 to June 1st 1870.


Name, age, sex, condition (married or widowed), birthplace, month of death and occupation.




Levina Akers         70  f m     KY   Jun

Mary Blevins         40  f m     KY   Aug

Louisa Boggs         67  f m     VA   Apr (mother of foreig birth)

Jacob Brenagar       83  m w     KY   Jul

Cynthia Canard       37  f m     KY   Oct

Calvin Caurfa?       67  m m     KY   Mar  farmer

Mary Clark           92  f w     TN   May

Mildred Cook         45  f m     TN   Feb

Hannah Dean          66  f w     VA   May

Leroy Duncan         91  m w     VA   Nov

Mikiel Herald        25  m m     KY   Mar  farmer

Evaline Humphrey     20  f m     KY   Jun

Emily Johnson        52? f m     KY   Aug

Sarah Justice        62  f m     KY   Jan

John Kelley          99  m m     PA   Oct

Jacob Kibby          67  m m     KY   Mar  farmer

Martha Lawson        42  f ?     VA   Jul

Rachel Mannin        67  f m     KY   May

Louisa McGuire       12  f       KY   Aug

George Nifcfe?       80  m m     VA   Sep  farmer

Melvina Nolen        30  f m     KY   May

Sarah Patton         35  f m     KY   Aug

Jesse Stamper        26  m m     KY   Oct  farmer

Rufus Stephens       11  m       KY   Feb

Nancy Stewart        16  f       KY   May

Elizabeth Stollard   48  f m     Va   Jan

Stephen Tacket       14  m       KY   Dec  farmer

Hiram Whitely        40  m m     KY   Jun  farmer

Lash Wilcox          74  m m     NC   Feb  farmer

Samuel Zornes        29  m m     KY   May  farmer


I have omitted the columns for color, illness or cause of death and number of days ill.  This transcription is only of those over the age of 10 years.  More than half the names on the schedules are children  under 10.


A copy of the microfilm may be found at the Boyd Co. KY library in Ashland, KY.


Contributed by Scott Wiesman

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