1880 Carter Co. Kentucky Federal Mortality Schedule


This is a list of people who died in Carter co. KY June 1st 1879 to June 1st 1880.


Name, age, sex, condition (married, widowed or single), place of birth, place of  birth of father, place of birth of mother.




Joses F. Adkins         17   f  m     KY    KY   KY
Elizabeth Alexander     13   f  m     KY    UNK  UNK
Hannah A. Allen         36   f  m     KY    KY   ??
Jacob Back?             94   m  w     VA    VA   VA
Jonathan Boggs          57   m  m     PA    unk  unk
L. Carrol               40   f  m     KY    KY   KY
Mary Carrol             55   f  w     VA    VA   VA
Martha A. Davis         39   f  m     KY    KY   PA
Easten Evons            74   f  m     NC    NC   NC
Mary Brownstat?         52   f  m   Bavaria unk  unk
William T. Forest       23   m  s     VA    VA   VA
Isaac Hall              62   m  m     unk   unk  unk
William Hall            80   m  m     NC    NC   NC
Mary Haywood            35   f  m     KY    KY   KY
Squire V. Holbrook      57   m  m     VA    VA   VA
John Hollingsworth      65   m  w     VA    VA   VA
Martha HOrten?          17   f  s     KY    VA   VA
John Huntman?           55   m  m     TN    TN   TN
Alice Jordan            22   f  m     KY    VA   KY
Matthew Madden          53   m  m     KY    VA   VA          
Cornelia Marshall       26   f  m     KY    PA   PA
Mary J. Masters         25   f  m     KY    KY   KY
Louisa May              38   f  m     VA    VA   VA
George W. McClave       65   m  m     unk   unk  unk
Laban T. McGuire        18   m  s     KY    KY   KY
Nancy Mead              64   f  m     KY    VA   VA
Stephen Nolen           96   m  w     VA    SC   VA
Lucy Porter             50   f  m     VA    VA   WV
William Rowan           66   m  m     unk   unk  unk
Mary Stamper            25   f  s     KY    KY   KY
Nancy Jane Stamper      35   f  m     unk   unk  unk
James P. T??eud         25   m  s     KY    KY   KY
Elverton Underwood      45   m  m     VA    VA   VA
Elvis Underwood         40   m  m     KY    VA   VA         
George W. Underwood     65   m  w     VA    VA   VA  
Jesse Underwood         35   m  m     KY    VA   VA
Ulysses Underwood       16   m  s     KY    VA   VA


This microfilm was very poor and many names I was unable to transcribe.  Over half were children under 10 years.  I have only transcribed those over 10 years. I would suggest you view the original and maybe you can get more names out of it.


I have omitted the columns for color, occupation, illness or cause of death and number of days ill.  Unintentionaly, I have omitted the month of death.  I hope to rectify this in the future as time allows.


A copy of the microfilm may be found at the Boyd Co. KY library in Ashland, KY.


Contributed by Scott Wiesman

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