Carter County 1904 Deaths

Name              Color AgeSexCondition  Occupation   Death Date                     Cause              Birthplace
                              Residence  Death Place  Parents                        Father Birthplace  Mother Birthplace
Alexander, Truly    Wh  31 M  married    farmer       March 19                       fever              Carter
                              Carter     Carter       Milly and C W Alexander        Greenup            Carter
Alexander, Milly    Wh  48 F  married    farmer       August 11                      fever              Carter
                              Carter     Carter       Giba and Wesley Fults          Carter             Carter
Buck, Gussi         Wh  34 M  married    farmer       January 20                     pneumonia          Ohio
                              Carter     Carter       Huy. and Eliza Buck            Ohio               Ohio
Glaso, G            Wh  20 F  married    farmer       January 9                      consumption        Franklin Co
                              Carter     Carter       Andrew and May Carr            Franklin           Woodford
McGlone, Lucy       Wh   1 F  single     farmer       August 27                      fever              Carter
                              Carter     Carter       David and Mrtle McGlone        Carter             Floyd
Mead, James         Wh  67 M  married    farmer       January 13                     paralysis          Scott Co VA
                              Carter     Carter       Drunosellia and Morris Neal    Lee Co             Russell
Rhoden, Mary A      Wh  67 F  widow      farmer       April 24                                          Carter
                              Carter     Carter       Amid and T Hale                Lawrence

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