"On the Counts Chart under Christopher S. Counts (photo on the Carter page), the eldest son of Philip Counts:
The chart shows a Col Counts, female, born in 1849. I have seen this before somewhere. Actually it is Eve Counts born in 1851.
She is not shown in the 1850 census and the 1860 census is apparently where the error originated.
In 1860 it appears to read Coe but a closer look at the original shows that the indentation of the "E" is very, very small and makes it look like a "C".
The "v" is almost closed at the top making it look like an "o". In the 1860 census the age is shown as 10,
but in the 1870 census the age is shown as 19 and the name is clearly Eve."

Submitted by: David Tucker

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