This indenture made and entered into this the 20th day of August 1880 by and between 
John Armstrong and Lucinda Armstrong his wife, J. H. Armstrong and Eliza Armstrong 
his wife W. H. Everman & Martha Everman his wife James Dehart and ???? his wife 
W Henry Armstrong & ????, his wife John Armstrong and Emma Armstrong Austin Ross & 
Lucinda L. Ross his wife the first parties and the Contracting & Building Company 
the second parties Witnesseth that said first parties for and in consideration of 
three hundred dollars ($300.00) cash


in hand paid, have bargained and sold and hereby grant and convey to said 
company the property herein after described together with the right for the 
County Road to run on the said route through their land as now ???? Said 
company agrees that the first parties may occupy the house and the land 
herein conveyed till the contractors give them possession of the houses 
south-west of the old road & that the use of water from the spring or 
from the sink hole above it shall be preserved & kept cnvenient of access 
for the use of persons on the part of the land not hereby conveyed and said 
Company farther agree that they will not allow the branch to be filled and 
obstructed enough to damage any neither back into the land of the first 
parties west of the old County Road, the land hereby conveyed is bounded as 
follows viz, Beginning at an old stump in Cory Creek corner to Wm. Stamper's 
land and with his line due west 6 1/2 poles to a stake west of old road, 
then leaving Stamper's line and with the west edge of old road S 28 E 8 
poles to a stake South 19 E 15 poles to a stake S 14 E 15 poles to a stake 
near the west edge of Cory Creek and in the east edge of new road 
N 81 E 11 1/2 poles crossing the creek to a stake 50 ft west of  R. R. 
center line and 58 ft west of it S 14 E 17 poles to a stake, S 23 E 8 poles 
to a stake on Young's line and with Young's line N 76 E 8 1/3 poles 
N 10 W 40 1/3 poles to an old stump N 35 E 38 poles to a small ash and 
Hornbrain(?) in a deep ravine, then down the ravine N 66 W 18 1/2 poles to 
a small black haw S 55 W 11 poles to an old stump S 67 W 16 1/2 poles to a 
stake in Cory Creek S 20 E 7 poles to the beginning. Containing 9 1/2 acres 
more or less & the first parties hereby warrant generally the title to said 
property and the said Eliza Armstrong Catherine Armstrong & Eunice Armstrong 
convey their right to dower


in the same. The first parties not having a deed for one acre of the land ??? the above 
boundry, said acre being on he ???? west - 15 Stampers land but only possession & are 
equitable claim there except that acre from the general warranty & only convey such right 
and interest in ??? to it as they may really have In testimony of which they have hereto 
subscribed their  names

								John Armstrong
								Lucinda Armstrong
								H(?) Armstrong
								Eliza Armstrong  (her mark)
								Austin Ross
								Lucinda Ross  (her mark)
  								James Dehart  (his mark)
								Amanda Dehart  (her mark)
 								John Armstrong
 								Emma Armstrong   (her mark)
  								W. H. Armstrong
 								Catherine Armstrong (her mark)

			(County Clerk's certification follows)