1838 Map of Greenup County

Deed Index Book 1

1803 - 1868

Deed Books A through P

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From 1803 to 1838, what is now northern Carter Co. was part of Greenup Co., Ky.
This deed index coveres that period of time. Early Carter deeds transferred property
that was originally purchased using a Greenup Co. deed.


Individual Deed Images and Transcriptions

Note, other than for a few of my known Carter Co. families, it's very difficult to identify which Greenup Co. deeds
are for properties that became part of Carter Co. after 1838. One may note that, in this period, almost all deeds
reference the town of Greenupsburg, a creek or a river. The interior of the county was apparently still sparsely populated.

Early Greenup Co. deed index entries don't make any reference to identifiable landmarks that would
facilitate identifying them as eventual parts of Carter County.

I compared the names on the 1830 Greenup Co. census with the names on the 1840 Carter Co. census. Where I found
matching names, I placed a "star" next to the name on the 1830 census image. Where there were obvious groupings of
"starred" names, I assumed that these individuals were living in a part of Greenup Co. that was absorbed into Carter Co.
when it was created in 1838. I then imaged the deeds associated with these matching names, as well as the deeds for the
names of people living near them at the time of the 1830 census. I am analyzing those deeds for Carter Co. landmarks.
I will also compare the Greenup Co. deed property descriptions for properties owned by people with the same surname
among the early Carter Co. deeds, to see if there are any property description matches. The ideal outcome would be to
be able to trace property ownership from early Greenup Co. deeds through to current day Carter Co. deeds.

1839 Carter County Tax List

Probable Carter Co. People on the 1830 Greenup Co. Census

Probable Carter Co. Deed Landmarks Cited Brush Creek - Greenup Co. Barretts Creek - Carter Co. Camp Branch - TBD Evermans Creek - Carter Co. Little Sandy River - Greenup & Carter Co. East Fork of the Little Sandy - Greenup Co. Little/Big Sinking Creek - Carter Co. Upper/Lower Sinking Branch - Carter Co. Smiths Branch - Greenup Co. (also Smiths Creek in Carter Co.) Soldier Branch - Carter Co. Stinsons Creek - Carter Co. Straight Creek - Carter Co. Trough Branch - Greenup Co. (also a Trough Camp Branch in Carter Co.) Tygarts Creek - Greenup & Carter Co. South Fork of Tygarts Creek - Carter Co. Williams Creek - Carter Co.

Note from Patricia Myers:

"The earliest I could find mention of land transferred from Grayson to others was 1805:"

1805 Grayson to Amose Kibbe - A24
1805 Grayson to Jacob Everman - B79
1812 Grayson to Amos Kibbe - B82
1812 Grayson to William Lowry & wife Betsey - B85
1816 Grayson to Moses Kibbe (Barrett's Creek) - C94
1816 Grayson to Moses Kibbe - C96
1816 Grayson to John Everman - C98
1816 Grayson to Jacob Everman - C100

Early Property Surveys and Deeds Recorded by George James

Submitted by: Patty Townsend

George James was born 16 September 1797 in Fleming,Co., Ky and died 16 January 1855 at Tygarts Creek, Carter Co., Ky.

1803-1810 - Deed Book A is missing








1846 - 1848 (no Deed Book I? Deed Book J is missing)