Lawrence County Deeds

Lawrence County, Ky. was founded in 1822. Until 1838, much of todays Carter County was part of
Lawrence County. When I started rsearching old deeds in the Lawrence County Courthouse I was hoping to find many
references to Carter County creeks, rivers and people. I found very few. This would seem to indicate
that the Carter County lands that were then part of Lawrence county were very thinly settled.
I'm now guessing that most Carter County families were living in the part of Greenup County that was
sectioned off in the creation of Carter County.

My original plan was to post all of Deed Books A and B, but the the Lawrence County Clerk
would not permit it, so I have posted a few deed images that may be relevant to Carter County
people or properties, along with the Deed Book Index images for the relevant books (A and B).

Lawrence County Deed Book A and B Index Images

Lawrence County Deed Images

Deed Book A Page 1 - Richard Chambers to James M. Lee

Deed Book A Page 2 - Power of Attorney

Deed Book A Page 3 - Price to Moure(?)

Deed Book A Page 4 - Heirs of James Cornault

Deed Book A Page 5 - Power of Attorney

Deed Book A Page 6- Henry Skidmore to Elisha Wellma

Deed Book A Page 19 - William Graves to James Howe, Feb. 16, 1823

Deed Book A Page 57 - William & Mary Ross to William Vrinada, Aug. 13, 1824

Deed Book A Page 206 - Thusan and Sarah Moss to Isaac Hays, July 31, 1827

Deed Book A Page 324 - James Friend(?) to James Kitchen, Sept. 23, 1829

Deed Book A Page 347 - John Ross to Joseph Leakins(?), March 5, 1828

Deed Book A Page 385 - John Ross to Joseph Leakins(?), March 25, 1828

Deed Book B Page 414 - Samuel Ross to Augustus Damerill, Feb. 18, 1837

Deed Book B Page 456 - David Ross to Thomas F. Williams, March 1, 1838