Lewis County Ross Homeplace 1865-1869

Research Chronology

- Reference to John Nelson Ross "of Lewis County" discovered on Carter County Deed Book C Page 240

- References to John Nelson Ross found in Lewis County Deed Indexes

- Referenced deeds imaged and platted

- PVA property maps for the Cabin Creek area Cabin Creek area imaged

- Several days are spent searching for a Cabin Creek parcel (or combination of parcels) that matches the description of the Ross homeplace farm

- Candidate properties are identified as being parcels 16 and 16.05 on PVA parcel map 21

- Deed references to "state road" and "crossroad", the peculiar shape of the eastern boundary and the angle of the northern and southern boundaries confirm the identification

Photos of the Ross homeplace located west of the intersection of Simmons Road and Ribolt-Epworth Road, near Tollesboro, Kentucky

Nothing remains of the old Ross family homeplace.
No simple dwelling, no well, no henhouse, no wifely vegetable garden, and no bright and lovingly cared-for flower patch that was surely once outside Nancy's kitchen window