Past events recorded by J. W. Kegley. They will serve as future record.


Kegley Diary Begins



"The diary has been transcribed twice from the original source.

It is a personal journal, and it could contain some errors."


Contributed by Mike Barker





Deliah, J. W. and Nancy Kelgey, Polly Kegley, and Manerva Greene went to Jesse Lyons home on Little Fork of Sandy River, Elliot Co. KY, Friday March 26


Jesse Lyon moved to Greenup Co. KY, Nov. 5


D. G. Kegley and S. G. Greene went to Greenup Co. KY with team Nov. 12




John Harrison began a singing school at Mt. Pleasant school house Jan 30.1898.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1900


Fdmmd Whitt died Oct. 18, 1900 age 74 yrs. 11 mos.




Wm. Pennington, my grandfather, was born 6/23/1815: died 6/20/1901. Funeral by R. F. Rice.


Rev. R. F. Rice began a 10 day meeting at Stark Oct. 2


Ida Leedy, daw. of Jim Leedy died Oct. 8, buried Oct. TO: age 25 years, 8 mos. and 12 days. Funeral by R. F. Rice.


Vina Music, wife of Grant Music, died Oct. 30


Alice Barker, wife of Johnnie Barker and Daughter of H. and Laura Kelly died Dec. 31.




Belle Robinson, wife of Jessie Robinson arxi daw. of J.B. and Susan Whitt, died Jan. 10


Jerry Lewis & Emma Green, daw. of Judge S.L. & Mary E. Green were married Jan 21


Jordan W. Carter, Evangelist, began a 10 days meeting at Stark, Jan 29


Daniel Skeens, son of James Skeens, married Feb.9


Allen Brown died Feb. 11, buried 14


R.K. and Minnie Green married Feb. 15


Willis Harper and Pearl Leedy married Feb~ 18


Gus Lambert, son of Eli Lambert, died March 23


Julia, wife of J. A. Harper, died March 24


Susan Green, wife of Wm. M. Green, died April 25


Mary, wife of John N. Lawson, died April 28


Bird, daw of James A. Harper, married to Dallas Skaggs April 28.


Wick, son of James A. Harper, & Lucy Nickels, daug. of John Nickels, were married May 29th.


Lee Holbrook, son of Amos Holbrook, killed by Bob Crockett June 28th


D. T. Gray & Minnie Sparks, daw. of Joel W. Sparks, were married Nov. 14th


Henderson Flannery's house burned Nov. 19th


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††1903


Manerva "Puss" Skeens died Jan. 19th


Jim.Sparks, son of Levi Sparks, and Mary Lyon, daw. of John R. and Amanda Lyon, were married Jan 25th


Ruth, wife of John K. Pennington, died Jan 26th, buried 28th


John "Piny" Kegley died April 5th


Bob Johnson, son of Dr. W.W. Johnson, was shot May 24th at Beartown


Sam Sparks son of Wm. H. Sparks & Ida McGill were married June 10



Rosa Curnette, wife of R. H. Curnette and daughter of Rev. R.L. & Sarah Rose died July 3rd, buried July 4th.


J.W. Kegley began a singing school at Mauk Ridge School house July 4th. My first singing school


Susan, wife of Jourdan Waddell & sister to my grandfather Wm. Pennington died Sept 9th.


John M. Waugh made a political speech at Stark Oct. 13th


Rev. R.F. Rice began a 10 day meeting at Stark Oct. 15th


Oscar Whitt S/o J.B. & Susan Whitt and Jane Leadingham d /o Peter M. and Malissa Leadingham, married Oct. 18


Watt, son of Peter & Malissa Leadingham, & Lucy d /o Fred and Anise Mauk,

married Oct. 18 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Tabitha, wife of Ben Oakley & d/o George & Mama Tackett died Dec 4th


Lucinds, wife of James Maggards/o Silas & Sabra Maggard) and d/o Annias and Pop Skaggs died Dec. 29th




Will s/o Chas. McMillon died Jan. 26


Tubal Manning,.father of Mary Leedy, died Feb 4th


John J. Kegley, s/o Abraham Kegley & brother to my grandfather Joel Kegley died Feb. 10th


Wm., son of Peter and Julia Sparks died March 12th


Lucretia, d/o Solomon Debord & Frances Debord, married to Covey Middleton, son of Amos Middleton March 12


Nancy Lyon d/o Jesse Lyon (my uncle) died March 15th


Elmer s/o Amanda Elliott, died March 17


Belle Brown, widow of Allen Brown, married to Henry Skaggs April 10th


Covey Sparks wife died April 12th


Louverna, wife of Tom Mauk, died April 25th


Ed Sparks died May 25th


Charley kitchens wife died May 27th


Benton Barker died June 23rd


Santa Fe Goodman died June 25th


Sarah Cox d/o H.G. & Ellen Cox married to Hugh Boggs Aug 25th...


Marion King died Aug. 26th


S.L. Green & family went to Worlds Fair at St. ‑Louis, Mo. Oct. 20th


Mink Middleton, wife of Joseph Middleton, died Oct. 21st.


Sol Carroll knocked in the head by Wade Flannery Oct. 27th


John "Chuck" Flannery died Oct. 27th


Butler Barker died Oct. 30th


Wm M. Green married Nanny Flannery (2nd marriage) Nov. 5th


Sam Kegley, s/o Abraham Kegley & a brother to my grandfather Joel Kegley, died Nov. 11th


Lizzie Kendall, d/o Jake Kendall Married to Geo. Tabor s/o Steve Tabor Dec. 7th


Reese D. Leadingham s/o Jesse Leadingharn died Dec. 8th


†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1905


J.C. Kegley moved to Boyd Co. Feb 7th


Mollie, wife of Chas. Kelley died May 6th


I.O.O.F. marched at Geo. Ross grave May 21st (Independent order of odd Fellows)


Tom Mauk & Mary Holbrook were married June 25th


John Holbrook & Sarah Skeins were married July 9th


Augustus Kegley, s/o Abraham Kegley & brother to my grandfather Joel Kegley died July 15th


I.O.O.F. marched on Little Sandy above laurel Bridge Sept 9th.


D.M. Holbrook moved to Morehead, Ky Sept. 9th


Reese D. Leadingham's Masonic funeral Sunday, Sept. 10th


J.A. Leedy moved to Wisconsin Oct. 23rd.


Eliza Foster, wife of Bill Foster died Nov. 12th


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††1906


Florence, wife of R.R. Leedy, died Jan. 26th


Andrew & J.W. Kegley went to Greenup to church Sunday Jan 21st in their shirt sleeves


Powell, Arm & Hammer soda man, at Ibex, 7ft. 10 in tall Feb 27th


Tan Skeins died May 6th


Jim Porter killed by Henry Kegley May 7th †††††††††††


J.W. Kegley closed a Singing school at Plum Grove School House July 15th


Nancy, wife of Levi Sparks died Sept 10th


Snow Storm Oct. 10th


Virgie Rucker had an exhibition at Rocky Branch School House Oct. 20th


Harve Fraley killed by Cleve Goodman Oct. 21 st


Carrie Skeens died Dec. 1st.


Whitt Howard killed by Chas. Tabor Dec. 3rd


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1907


Kate Porter married Henry McMillon Jan 8th


Issac Mabry M. Vada Fouch Jan 10th


Chas. Mabry m Iona FouchJan. 10th


Virgie Rucker d/o Elza Rucker, m John Howerton Jan. 23


Mary Furnish m. Will Barker Feb 7th


Myrt Moore died Feb 28th


Rowdy Bear died March 20th


Rufus H. Flannery, ex. Elliott Co. Sheriff died March 23rd.


Ed. Porter shot by John Holbrook & Henry Skeins May 4th died May 9th


Mrs. S. 0. Parson's died May 9th


Mary Moore, d/o Mack Moore married May 29th


Ben Ridgeway got hurt at S.L. Green's saw mill May 29th


J.H. Maggard s/o Silas Maggard accidentally shot himself July 1st


Nora Sloane poisoned herself July 21st


Jim Boggs s/o Wash Boggs, wife died Nov. 21st


Bob Flannery s/o W.R. Flannery "Gen Bill" shot by Harlan Ross Nov. 24


J.W. Kegley stayed all night with T.W. Hudgins on Bruin Saturday night, Dec. 7th while teaching Singing school


J.W. Kegley closed a Singing School at Upper Bruin School House Dec. 8th


John Milton Johnson married to Stella Adkins Dec 23rd.


Sam Oakley died Dec 26th


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1908


Abigail Carter, wife of George Carter died Jan 6th


Jessie Mays d/o Lan Mays died Jan 8th while they lived in Lawson Bottom on Little Caney Creek.


Mary d/o Dr. W.W. & Ann Johnson & wife of Rufus Flannery died Jan 12th.


Dr. H.T. Sparks & Sarah Green m. Feb 7th


Nancy, wife of W.R. Flannery "Keen" died Feb. 28th


Jim Boggs child died March 1st


Elvina wife of L.T. Harris died March 2nd


Susan wife of Henderson Flannery died May 30th


Susannah Mauk, wife of Dink Mauk died June 3rd.


J.W. Kegley went to school at Morehead Ky 1908.


Etta Kegley, wife of Henry J. Kegley died June 15 in New Mexico


Mollie Tackett came on visit to Elliot Co. from Lewis Co. Aug 23rd.


Elliot Co Teachers Institute at Sandy Hook Aug 24th. Went with Mollie Horton through the Institute.


Rilda Sparks married to Tim Skaggs Oct. 14th.


Meeting at Beartown by Zimmerman & others Nov. 7, closed Nov 15.


J.W. Kegley went to Bruin (N.H.) Nov. 26th


Belle Harper Kelly m. McConnell Nov. 30


Mollie Tackett went home from Elliott Co. Dec. 28th


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1909


Rufus Flannery, s/o J. H. Flannery m. Nancy Stafford Jan. 7


J.W. Kegley went to Dayton VA to Music school Jan 20th. Returned May 13th


J.W. Kegley closed Free school at Mauk School house Jan 7th. began July 21, 1908


Richard Johnson, son of Hugh Johnson died Feb. 19


James Kinser son of Jake Kinser Sr. died Feb 27th


Delphia Cox m. Charlie Bear March 5th


Elizabeth Mauk m. Cleve Leadingham May 7th,


Bunyan Whitt died June 22nd


Robert Holbrook died June 30th


Henderson Flannery died July 10th


Sunday School Convention at Stark July 28, 29, & 30th


Nancy Kegley m. Calvin Cox Dec. 12th


John Barker & Margaret Sparks married Dec. 19th


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1910


J.W. Kegley & Ada McDowell marr. Tues Jan 4th


Tom Skaggs m. Mary Sparks Jan 20th


Will Cox & Florence Kinser Sparks m. Jan 20th


Pearl Green m. Fred Landrum Jan 27th


Mona Green m. Ora Pennington Jan 27th


J.W. Kegley taught a singing school at seminary school House at Mouth of Ison Creek Feb 7th


J.W. Kegley moved into his house April 11th


Frank Lyon s/o Uncle Jesse Lyon died Aug 17


J.W. Kegley began a singing school at Cliffside school house Sept. 3rd


Ell Johnson's funeral at Newfoundland Church house the 4th Sunday in Sept.


Began a singing school at mouth of Clifty Oct 1, closed Dec 4, 2 schools


J.C. Kegley came up from Greenup Co. on a visit Nov.







J.W. Kegley opened a singing school at Flat Rock school house Jan. 7th, closed Jan. 30th


Logan Johnson began a 10 day meeting at Ibex Feb 6th


Aunt Betty Green, wife of Martin Green died Feb 19th, buried 21st


Bob Waggoner, s/o Betty Waggoner Kegley died Feb 18, buried 19th


S.L. Green & wife Ora Pennington, started to Florida Jan 24th


Logan Johnson began a meeting at Gimlet Jan 24th


Boiler explosion on Bruin Jan 31st


Jane Holbrook wife of Pleasant Holbrook died March 12th


Pleasant Holbrook died June 27th


Clarissa Barkerís (twin) baby died March 17th


Reese Bowling was buried March 24th


Riley Conn was buried March 25th


Willis Sparks marries Ella Boggs March 5th


Dayton Kegley was born March 21st


J.W. Kegley closed a singing school at Slab Chapel April 30th


Aunt Dicey Creech died May 6th, buried 8th born march 10, 1833


Rain April 30, none until May 20. Sunday following a shower Monday following no more until May 30th


Earnest Ward s/o Bascum Ward died at Charlie Thompson's at Stark of Typhoid fever, June 16th buried 17th


Adeline Whitt, wife of John J. Whitt, died June 21, buried 22nd.


Jacob McDowell died June 28th buried 29th


Joel Green came up from Ashland July 8th went back 16th


Lizzie wife of John Cornett and daughter of R.L. Rose and Sarah died Sept 2nd of Typhoid fever


Aunt Peggy Nickols wife of Shelby Mickols died Sept 11


Samantha Waddell daughter of Alf Waddell married on September 24


Joseph Hounsell brother to my grandmother Deliah Kegley died Oct. 15 at Ulytheville VA


Levi Wilson died at Bob Wilson's at Gimlet Oct 19


Grant Music's barn burned Nov. 10th


Joel Green married Eliza Stanley


Elihu Barker's girl died Dec. 12th


James Skeens father of Frank Skeens died Dec 17th


Rev. Levi Sparks died Nov. 20th


Pete Mauk son of Joe Mauk paralyzed on Nov. 22nd. Died December 25th.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1911 Later Entries


Charlie Johnson & Ethel Brown m. June 28th


Willis Skaggs & Jane Sparks m. July 4th


Delilah Kegley helped cook her 82nd birthday dinner July 2nd. She picked the beans and vegetables from the garden


S. L. Green had a ten day sale beginning July 6th


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1913


James McFarland hurt at a saw mill in Morgan Co. Jan 2nd


Jack Thompson of near Limestone died Jan 1st


Mrs. Wilhoit died at Dovey Riggs Jan 7th


J.W. Kegley had an exhibition at Open Fork School House Jan 15th


Will Thanpson & Goldie Harper m. Feb 10th


Chas Cox s/o J.E. Cox m Glen Howard's girl Feb 25th


Eva Sloan d/o John Sloan m. Mr. Chriswell Feb 24th


Paul Waddell s/o Jesse and Mary Waddell born Feb 25th


Oscar Whitt's boy died March 8th


Tide in Sandy River got up in Andy Branham's House. Above Great House Bridge


Phoebe Hutchinson, wife of Boone Hutchinson, died March 20th


Corbin Lyon died April 12th


John Rose's child died April 13‑th


Leonard McDowell m. Cynda Ann Roe April 12th


Bob "L.C. ", Tackett was born May 13, 1848


Sam Johnson s/o Will Johnson & Lena Rose d/o J.W. Rose m, April 22


Shelby Nickols died May 2nd born May 21, 1832


J.W. Kegley closed singing school at Isonville May 4th


Syd Gray, wife of James Gray died May 6th


Gerti Leedy buried June 26th

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1912


Bill Carroll husband of Livena Carroll died Jan 1st


Hugh Johnson died Jan 5th


Joe Ely died Jan 16th


Dayton Kegley died Jan. 22nd


Roy Flannery son of I. L. Flannery died Jan 27


Renda Mauk, 2nd wife of John Mauk died Jan 28th


Lazarus Bare son of Avery Bare died Feb. 8th


J.C. Kegley came to grandmothers & gave her a little knife March 2nd


Willis Sparks' baby died March 13th


Millard Sparks & Lula Leedy were married March 10th


Chas Miller died March 19th


Jesse Waddell & Nancy Kegley My sister married March 20th


Jerry Conn & Josie Skeens married March 25th


John Hannah s/o David Hannah drowned April 3rd, found 4th, buried 5th


Allen Bryant died April 20th buried 21st


Lucy Johnson m. Henry McMillan April 28th


Wert Maggard m April 28th


Sarah Binion wife of Lester Binion died June 3rd, buried 4th


W.R. "Keen" Flannery died June 14th buried 15th


Old Bill Binion died June 14th buried 16th


Jordan Waddell died July 17th age 85 yrs 10mos and 4 days old


Ora Pennington was born Aug 5 1887


Charles Holbrook Lillie's husband born Oct 31, 1872


Chas Bowling son‑in‑law of Dink Mauk died Sept 5th age 22 yrs, 7 mos, 1 day


Jane Wells, wife of Jasper Wells & daw. of Annias Skaggs died Sept 15th


Lillie Holbrook, Charles wife was born May 20, 1878

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1915


Wm "Bill‑Hen" Whitt s/o Edmund & Mary Jane Whitt died Jan 2nd


W.T. "Red Headed Bill" Hillman stayed all night with me Jan. 12th J.W.K.


Johnnie Skaggs Baby died Jan 11th


Dr. W.W. Johnson died Jan 12th


H.G. Green s/o D.C. Green & Mollie Mobley d/o H.T. & Laura Mobley m Jan. 10th


Charlie Dickerson s/o J.R. & Victoria Dickerson m Jessie Harper d/o Willis Harper Jan 2nd


Vena Carroll died Jan 27th†††††††††


S.L. Greens house burned Jan 27th


R.L. Rose paralyzed Feb 8th


Susie Whitt wife of J.B. Whitt died Feb 12th†††††††


James H & Lilly Barker's baby died Feb 12th


Tom Walton Stock man stayed with me Mar 13th


Cecil Thornsberry kill John Thornsberry, his uncle with a club March 20th


James Lafayette Kegley was born Aug 26 1849


Sarah McFarland wife of James McFarland & d/o Wm & Ellen Rose died Apr 14th


Tom Harper s/o Allen And Elizabeth Harper died May 1915††††††


Jim Porter (Greasy Jim) died June 7th


G.W. Casteel of Louisa, Ky candidate for Commonwealth atty. of 32 Dis. spoke at Gimlet, Ky June 17th


Uncle Jesse & Aunt Nan Lyon stayed with me June 17


Belle wife of Wm. Holbrook died & d/o Rev R.L. & Sarah Rose died June 18th


J.S.K. closed singing school at Newfoundland June 20th


The colored preacher preached at Gimlet Saturday night and Sunday June 26‑27


Willie s/o Lum Cox & Mollie Gray d/o Robert L. Gray m July 3rd


Fannie wife of Willie Flannery & d/o Luke & Manerva Skeens died July 11th


Jim Nickels s/o Bob Nickels m Bertha Stephens July 15th


Adam Waggoner's wife died Sept 23


Cleveland Rowe & Ada Johnson m. Oct 25th


John Conn s/o, A.J. Conn died Dec 6th


Omer Brown s/o Allen Brown died Dec. 1915††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1916


Aunt Emma Harper w/o John B. Harper & m/o Dr. J.H. Harper died Jan 25th


Amanda w/o J.R. Lyon & s/o Rev R.L Rose died Feb 5th buried 7th


Chas. Rose s/o James Rose m Ellen Mobley d/o T.T, Mobley Jr. Feb 3rd


Uncle Bill Mauk s/o Joe Mauk died Feb 29th


Willis Harper was baptized May 21st


Josie Gonn w/o Jerry Conn & d/o James M. Skeens baptized May 28th


John B. Mauk s/o Sam Mauk baptized May 28th


Masonic March at grave of D.G. Kegley Sunday June 4th


Allen Cline died June 23rd


Ethel Mauk d/o A.J. Mauk died June 23


Masonic march of grave of J.H. Flannery June 25th


Funeral of James Stuart Baptist Preacher Sunday July 2nd.


Nathan Flannery Killed Milford Linville July 7th


Uncle Jim Gray's funeral was preached Aug 13th


Joel W. Sparks & son Ireland stayed with me Aug 14th


John s/o David Whisman & brother of P.J. Whisman died Aug. 12th


Mary Jane Whitt w/o Edmund Whitt & sister of C. "Ben" Rice died Sept 13


Old Uncle Jimmy Clay of Sinking died Oct. 3rd


Coon Morre's baby died Oct 2nd


J.P.‑ "Jack" Whitt merchant of Cora KY died Oct 4th


John J Rose s/o Henderson Rose died Nov 30th


James H. & Lillie Barker's baby died Dec 13th


Murrell McDowell & Les Bear married Jan 5th†††††


Rosa Mauk's baby died Jan 8th


May d/o Ellington & Lucy Johnson m Jim Gearheart Jan 21†††††††††


Rev. R.L. Rose died Jan ‑ 29th buried 31st


Kendall Harper s/o Willis Harper & Mona McDowell were m. March 6


Bulah Stone d/o G.W. Stone & Bethel Gearheart m March 10


R.N. "Dick" Whitt s/o Edmund Whitt died March 25th


Snowing Easter Sunday April 8th


Juda w/o Alfred Holbrook & d/o Rev Levi Sparks died April 29


Mahala w/o Uncle John Cline died April 18


Granville Kegley s/o Michael Kegley m Myrtle Mabry April 22


Maggie d/o Chas & Julie Whitt died April 28


Austin Clark's house burned May 1


A.J. "son" Mauk's child died May 4


Ellen Rose w/o Bill Rose & d/o Samuel Leedy Jr. died May 16










††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1917 ††††††††††††††††††††††


No dogwood blossoms in Spring 1917


Bob Rose & Jerry Sparks stabbed each other Sunday June 17


Ellen McFarland w/o Bill McFarland & d/o Dr. Aus Kegley died July 5, buried 7th


Clabe Holbrook s/o Robert Holbrook died July 21st


Sam Mauk s/o Joe Mauk died July 19


Rev R.F. Rice preached Daniel Kegley's funeral Aug 26. Also James M. Skeens funeral same‑day


Mark s/o B.F. Cox & Viola Bear d/o Frank & Alice Bear m. Dec 22


Elliot Porter s/o James & Lucinda Porter m. Ruth d/o Robert & Missouri Rose Dec 25




Jack s/o Sam "pointer" Kegley & Eliz. Catron Kegley died March 31


Mona Harper w/c, Kendall Harper died May 9


Ida d/o Robert & Missouri Rose m. Ed Goodman Sunday June 9


W. H. Sparks f/o Dr. H.T. Sparks died June 9


Kendall Harper & Missouri Dickerson m. Saturday July 13


Washington Lemaster was baptized Sunday July 21≠


Owen Cox & Georgia Cox m. Sunday July 21††††††


Funeral of Rev R.L. Rose Aug 18


Joe Conley son‑in‑law of J.C. Kegley died Oct. 26 "flu"


Robert Harris s/o L.T. Harris died Nov 5th flu


Oliver Leadingham s/o T.R. Leadingham Sr. died Nov 6 "flu"


Rebecca Sparks w/o Henry Sparks & d/o Phoebe, Bear died Nov. 9 "flu"††††††††


Frank Leedy's baby died Nov 11


Old Aunt Betts Sparks w/o Daniel Sparks died Nov 11 "Flu"


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1919

Cinda Kinser, 2nd wife of Jake Kinser died Jan 2


J.F. Mauk & J.W.K. went to Huntington W.Va with Mauk's tobacco Jan 5


Minta w/o Watt Middleton & d/o Wm Boggs died Jan 20


Mary w/o Maurice Smith & d/o Dr. Rabb (a German) died Jan 23 "flu"


Chas Smith s/o Marris & Mary Smith died Sat. Jan 24 "flu"


America Mauk w/o Wm. Mauk died Sunday Feb 9 "paralysis"


Sarah Bear w/o Geo. Bear & sister of John E. Sparks died Feb 12


Cordilla Wilson sister of Lum Cox died Feb 12


D. F. Gray bros of John A. Gray & H.C. Gray died Feb 10


Gladys d/o W.A. & Sarah Thompson died Feb 12 or 13


Pearl w/o Willis Harper & d/o Samuel & Susan Leedy died Feb 15


Martha w/o James E. Cox & d/o Joel Creech died May 8


Adeline w/o A.G. Kegley & d/o Parrish Brickey died June 10††


Maggie w/o Ben Boggs & d/o Ida Cox shot herself dead July 1


Grant Music died Dec 10 "pneumonia fever"††††††††††


Delila Kegley w/o Joel Kegley died Dec 29 "flu"


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††1920

Olive d/o Robert & Missouri Rose m. John s/o Ed Dickerson


Hazel d/o Frank & Rosa Skeens m. Beecher Music Wed. Feb. 11


Willis s/o John Whisman m. Edna Kinser Sat. Feb 14


Alice w/o F.M. Mauk Jr. & d/o James Cox died Sun Feb 15


Jessie w/o Chas. Dickerson & d/o Willis Harper died Sun Feb 15


Laura d/o, John & Julia Nickels died Feb 24


Norman s/o Sam Kegley m Ethel d/o Coon & Sarah Moore April 14


George Garris died April 17 Saturday


Leonard Mc Dowell s/o, Jacob & Sarah Mc Dowell died May 13 "Typhoid fever"


Old Uncle Jim Skaggs died May 13


J.W. Rose s/o Perry Rose & proprietors of "Rose Hotel" Sandy Hook Ky died July 11 "Blood Poison"


Jesse Johnson s/o Hugh & Barbara Johnson died Aug 18 paralysis


J.W. "Jack" s/o, J.A. Harper died‑‑Buried Sept 1


Tyler Whitt died about Nov. 1


Gabe Parsons died Nov 1


James A. s/o Allen & Eliz. Harper died Nov 3 buried Nov 7


Hazel w/o Beecher Music, d/o Frank and Rosa Skeens died Nov 17


Jesse s/o Robert Rose "old Bobby" & bro to Rev. R.L. Rose died Nov 18


Lee s/o Nelson Sparks died Nov 19


Infant of J. S. Barker died Dec 12


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1921


Infant of Chas. Johnson died Jan 6


Barbara Middleton died Jan 11 (Tan Middleton's mother)


Tola d/o J.B. & Amanda Sparks m. Willie Barker April 10


Ida d/o L.C. (Bud) Sparks m. Dempsey Barker April 16


Martha w/o Jim Cox & s/o James Manning & Mary Leedy died April 25 bur. 28


Oscar s/o J.T "Jake" & Nancy Harper kill Bob Nickels Sunday May 22


Hansford s/o J.B. & Susie Whitt killed by Binion Mobley & Sloane Oct. 14


Dr. Biggs killed by Chas. Duvall at Olive Hill Nov 21st


Michael Dillon killed at Rodburn, by Bartley Boyd Dec 12


Dollie w/o Sam Harper & d/o, J.M. Waggoner died Dec. 18, born June 20, 1875


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1922


Jeff Middleton s/o, James Middleton died Feb 17


Dr. James Harper s/o J.B. Harper died April 1, buried April 2


John Gray attny died April 4†††


Geo Day died April 4


Margaret Barker died April 14


Rebecca Middleton d/o, Joe Middleton died April 30


Lou Clark d/o, Austin & Rosa Clark taken to Olive Hill for an operation


Hannah Fugate w/o Monroe Fugate died April 23rd


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1923


Polly Arm Nalte w/o Fred Nalte & d/o, S.G. Green & Manerva. Green died Jan 2†† Fred Nalte Died Jan 5††††††


Singleton s/o Ison & Lizzie Flannery of Olive Hill died Jan 18


Alfred Waddell s/o Jourdan & Susan Waddell died Jan 19


Sam s/o, J.A. Harper died Feb 14 Born Sept 26, 1866


Marris Smith died Wednesday Feb 21


Hattied d/o Frank Leedy died March 5 "Typhoid Fever"


Ex Sheriff John Milt Flannery hung himself at Grayson June 15


Milford s/o Edmund & Mary Jane Whitt died July 8


Sarah w /o John M. Catron died July 10


Cecil Conn killed by Walker Ross July 13


Chas. Brewster s/o Martha Brewster & grandson of Hugh Johnson died July 14


Granville Kegley s/o, Mike Kegley died Aug 10


Newton B. Gillum died Aug 11


Anise Mauk w/o F.M. Mauk Sr. died Aug 28


Jim Barker shot by Jms Tackett Dec 25 died Dec 26


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1924


Floyd Lowe died Wed Dec 26


Ida Barker w/o Millard Barker & d/o John E. Sparks born 12/14/1873


Howard Hanshaw killed Herman Cline March 30


John N. Pelfry died April 2 (Pneumonia)


Lue Clark d/o Aus & Rosa Clark died June 7††††††


Frank Jacobs died June 13


Geo. Catron hurt by mule June 13, died Wed June 17


Sophia Leadingham w/o Dee Leadingham & d/o G.W. Stone died June 28


J.W.K. closed the Singing School at Fairview church Sunday July 27


Asa Hay & Worley Hall began a meeting at Mauk Ridge Aug 4 closed Aug 10


Ola w/o Mark Cox took poison but did not kill her Aug 10


W.A. Thompson son‑in‑law of Samuel Leedy Sr. died Oct. 4


Tommie Manning f/o Sam Manning died at Olive Hill Oct 4


Went to Fairview in Joe Greens ca Oct 26


Jack Phillips took Thanksgiving dinner with me Nov 27


Ottie d/o J.W. Kegley & Ada Kegley was born Dec 30


J.B. s/o D.C. & Pop Whitt died Dec 30





†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† 1925

E.C. "Ben" Rice died Jan 13††††


Feb 2‑14 cloudy, no sunshine


James S. Manninge s wife was buried at Soldier Feb 15


Mary Maggard, w/o Jesse Maggard buried Feb 16


Pearlie, w/o Leslie Littleton died Feb 9


Abel Waddell, s/o Jourdan & Susan Waddell died March 16


Samuel Leedy s/o James H. Leedy, G.S. of Samuel Leedy Sr. got killed by a train in Chicago Ill. Monday July 20, buried 25th at Soldier Ky.


"Sis" Clerinda Cox w/o B.F. Cox died July 18, buried 19


Chas Lemaster kicked by a mule Monday Aug 10, died Aug 18, buried Aug 20


Isome L. Flannery s/o W.R. Flannery died at Olive Hill Aug 20 buried 21st


A.T. Redwine Atty, Sandy Hook died Oct 31st Buried Nov. 2 "Pneumonia fever"


Will Mobley, s/o Buck Mobley died about Nov 2 or 3 of pneumonia


Nancy w/o J.A. Leedy & d/o J.B. Harper died Nov 19, buried 21 of heart failure


††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1926


Sarah w/o Jesse Rose Sr. & d/o Alf Catron was born in Wythe Co. Va 1839, died Feb 1, age 87 yrs, 4 mos and 18 days


John Kelly Pennington my uncle died Feb 3 of heart failure


Ailsy Blair w/o John Blair died Feb.††††


Dock Click died Feb


James Lafayette Kegley, s/o Abraham Kegley died May 7 (flu)


Joseph Skaggs s/o Amias Skaggs died June 1 (T.B.)


Joseph Catron s/o Wm & Rebecca Catron b. in Va Nov 23 1859, died May 31, heart failure


Eli Lambert was born Sep 16, died 1926


John Henry Binion was shot from ambush June 11


Ja Leedy s/o Samuel Leedy Sr. m Lula Loomis Sun. June 27


Bob Rose s/o Bill Rose & nephew's of R.L. Rose shot & killed by Allie Binion July 4th (Sunday)


Jake Click died July 8


Juda. Knipp w/o George Knipp died at hospital Ashland Ky July 9


Joe Carter killed Tuesday Nov. 9 by Willie Ferguson


D.B. Renfroe s/o Bert & John Lancaster came to my place on a hunting trip Nov 14


Golda Lemaster m. Earl Wilson Sat. Nov 13


A.G. Kegley my uncle Gordon, was born Nov 12, 1858


Bruce Sparks hit by a train, Enterprise Ky Nov 26


Walter Jones shot himself about Nov 23


Bob Whisman's girl burned to death Nov 30


J.W.K. & Frank Leedy went to Slagle W. Va. Dec 3


Cecil Hunnicutt killed from ambush Nov 16


W.B. s/o J.P. "Jack" Whitt mayor of Ashland, Ky shot & killed himself Sunday Dec. 19


Lys Sparks children burned to death Friday Dec. .31st.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1927

Elizabeth, w/o James Kinser died Sunday Jan 23


Phil J. s/o David Whisman, was 74 yrs old when he died Jan 24


Elihu Barker's barn burned Thursday night Jan 27


Lizzie Lemaster d/o Chas. Lemaster, taken to hosp. at Ashland for operation for appendicitis, Friday Feb 18


Barbara Johnson w/o Hugh Johnson died Fri. Feb 18


Flood in Elliot co, washed out the bridges at Sandy Hook, mouth of laurel, Howerton Bridge by Cliffside


School house and Great House Bridge Sunday morn May 29


A.J. Mauk "Son Mauk" was born July 6 1862


P.N. Clark blacksmith at Slagle W.Va. gave me hued axe June 19


Raleigh Riggs, Hal Walters & myself (JWK) drove through Slagle W.Va to Grahn, Ky June 30, July 1 st Thurs & Fri.


P.N. Clarks birthday Nov 13


Ten days meeting at Morehead Ky 7‑15 Stayed R.V. McClure Friday night; Sam Caudill Sat. night, Melvin Hamm sun. nite. D.M. Holbrook Mon. nite, Fri nite with Sam Caudill, Sat nite with Worley Hall; Sun nite with Melvin Hamm


Alex Patton& family killed by train 27 Mon July 18 2 miles west of Morehead


Meeting at Ison Creek church began Fri nite July 29


I sung for O.N. Pennington taught a singing school 6 nites


Joe Skaggs funeral Sunday Aug 7


Chas. Flaughter fell over cliff on Big Caney Creek Sunday Aug 7, found Aug 11


Mollie Skaggs w/o Jerry Skaggs died Sat. Aug 13, buried 15


Nancy w/o Lum Cox died Thurs nite Aug 18, buried Sat. Aug 20


Dee Carroll died Fri Aug 19 buried Sun Aug 21


Ison Haywood killed Nancy Crockett then shot himself Sun Sept 4


C.W. Whitt s/o Edmund Whitt died Mon nite Sept 12 buried 14


Ted s/o Chas& Mary Rose died Mon Sept 19 Typhoid Fever


Paris Underwood & Bowens shot Wed Sept 21 then Underwood killed himself


Church & school house at Ibex burned Fri night Sept 2


Charlie Kegley s/o, Dr. Aus Kegley was born Apr 1 1869


Estill s/o John Adkins, enlisted in army Jan 28, 1926


Eva w/o W.T. Holbrook & d/o Tyler Whitt died Sat Oct. 1 "dropsey"


Maude Mabry's funeral was preached Sunday Oct 2


Newt Howerton s/o Ambrose Howerton died Sun Oct 2


Rebecca w/o Bobby Nickols & d/o J.C. Porter died Tues Nov 1 (Tuberculosis)


J.W. Kegley taught singing school at Portsmouth beginning Mon Oct 10 closed Thurs night Oct 20


Logan McDowell & Evert Comedown from Mich. Sat Nov 5

Logan McDowell & J.W.K. went Around cliffs Sun Nov 13


Logan McDowell went home Fri. Nov 18


Henry Mays wife died‑‑‑buried Nov 24


Shaw Gearheart Buried Nov 24


Bill Harris s/o Lit Harris was born Aug 10 1870


Millard Barker s/o Butler Barker was born July 17 1870


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††1928


Ida Cox w/o Bige Cox died April 14 buried Sun Apr 15


Ella w/o Willis Sparks died April 20


Isaac Rowe s/o Jesse Rowe hung himself Sat nite April 21


Ben Cox died April 30 buried May 2


J.W. Green shot & killed Autie Whitt Sun May 6


Nobe Elam died May 31 "Pneumonia"


Began a singing school at Haldeman, Sat nite May 4, closed Sun July 1


Began a singing school at Soldier Sat nite July 14


Sarah w/o Wilson Cox & d/o Dr. Aus Kegley died Sun Sept 30


Shelia Green wife of Nerva, aunt Nan Lyon, Pollie Kegley, Gordon Kegley's wife ‑‑‑‑ with me Thurs Oct 25


D.C. "Dave" Green died Tuesday Oct. 30 age 85 yrs, 9 mos, 12 days


Henry Barker on Soldier died Tues, Nov 6 election day "T. B."


Mrs. Ruth Manning d/o Houston & Mollie Flannery died Dec 1 buried 3


Dempsey Harris & Lizzie Lemaster married Wed Dec 5


Estill Harris s/o A.C. Harris shot himself Tues Nov. 6, lost his leg


Vica Cox died Dec 30



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† 1929


Liz Kegley w/o Gordon Kegley (Aus' son) died Jan 1


Bige Cox died Jan 11


Duke Parsons died Jan 10


Jimmie Howerton died Jan 10


Watt Sloneís wife died Jan 5


Bill Evan, Drew Evans, father died Jan 10


Martha Bowling w/o Ballard Bowling died Jan 11


Milt Johnson died Jan 21


John R Lyon was born Feb 17, 1843


Dr. M.W. Armstrong died Feb 15


W.F. 'Vat" Rice died Feb 17 buried Feb 18


Cora Skaggs w/o Franks Skaggs died Feb‑≠


Geo. Proctor died March 3


Frank Skaggs died March 6


Millard Lawson drowned Sat. March 23


Rose Walker died Sunday March 24


Wm. McFarland died Mon April 15


Marie Rose d/o R. Belle Rose died April 18


Russell Harper & Fey Cox M. June 27


Geo Dean died Thursday May 9


Belle Whitt w/o C.C. Whitt died May 10


Rev. Sydney Jones died Mon. June 10


Wilson Cox m. Stella Johnson Thurs Aug 8


Jim Walker shot & killed Jonathan Branham Aug 12


Gordan Kegley m. Lucy Henderson July 6 1929


Gearheart died Friday Sept 27












††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1930


Ida Kegley died Thurs Nov 7 buried Nov 8†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


James Gray s/o Bob Gray was shot and killed Jan


Betty Clark died Thursday Jan 22 buried Jan 24


Millard Clay died about Jan 23 buried 25


Ellen Green w/o S.L. Green died Sat Jan 25


Chester Harris m Vesta Catron Sat. June 7


Wes Moore m. Amanda Rose June 5


J.C. Kegley died Aug 31


Roscoe Skaggs died Sept 11


Millard Campbell shot & killed Will Frazier Sun Oct 5


Carrie Harris died Oct 13


H.G. Cox was paralyzed Tues, Oct 28 died Nov 2


Clyde Holbrook & Mary Leedy m. Sat Nov 1


Russell Terry m. Nov 26


Aunt Nan Lyon died Dec 16


Aunt Catherine Sparks broke her hip Dec About the 17


Russell Harper killed by Ed Nickels Sun 21st


Burley s/o John Hamilton died Dec 23


Henry Skaggs died Dec 24





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1931

John Leedy's wife (Luke) died Jan 5


G.E. Lyon, Arthur James & myself went to Lexington with our tobacco Jan 26


John Skaggs died Mon April 12 (Typhoid fever)


Little Joe Middleton killed Willie Blankenbeckler Apr 19


Johnnie Barker died April 30


Cegar Conn & Walker Ross shot each other May 8, Ross died May 29


Bruce Rose m. Gladys Holbrook June 8


Bruce Rose, Charlie Carroll & Ernie Adkins all shot June 26


Dr. G.R. Logan was born July 4 1865 died Jan 19, 1938


J.A. Leedy died July 22 buried July 23


Willie Kilgore died July 31 buried Aug 1


Oney Nickels died Aug 21


Mollie Jones died Aug 20


Belle White died Aug 24, Marion White's wife


Kendall Whitt m. Eva Lemaster Thurs. Aug 27


Ada Barker & Thurman Baker m. Aug 8 "Carter Co Herald"


Dave Rowe m. Ben Barnettís widow Oct 14


Ballard Adkins was shot by Earnie Adkins Nov 1


I closed singing school at Happy Ridge Dec 23


Beecher Scaggs m. Blanche Sparks Dec 24


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1932


Bruce Rose's child burned to death Jan 7, died Jan 8


Mary w/o C.C. Porter died Jan 22, age 42 yrs 6 mos. & 12 days


Walter Mauk was shot near Olive Hill, Jan on Wed nite


Ollie Jones m. Sue Lewis Jan 27


Mrytle Brown closed her school Jan 29


Claude Harris m. Barbara Leadingham Feb 26


Prof. D.M. Holbrook was struck by a motorcycle at Olive Hill Friday nite, died At Lexington, Thurs March 10


March 7, zero weather


Bill Harper died May 12, buried 14


Eli Lambert was born Sept 16, 1836, died March 22, 1926, Manerva, his wife was born Aug 19, 1841


Tobias Lambert was born April 19 1879


Mona Whitt m. Mattie Flannery Sat June 4


Eliza Whitt Garris died June 7


Lewis Holbrook was born June 15, 1864


Adam Parker died Tues July 19


Arthur Smith died Wed July 20


L.C. "Bud" Prichard died July 7, 1930. age 65 yrs old


John J. Whitt was born Dec. 23, 1852


Charlie Greenhill died Nov 15


Chas Jacobs was born Nov 22, 1851 died July 7


Willie Skaggs m. Sarah Mitchell Thurs Aug 18


Hohn B. ‑‑of Olive Hill died Mon Aug 15


Martha Holbrook w/o Jesse Holbrook died Sun Aug 14


Chris Whitt m. Bill Harper's girl Aug 7 or 8


Noah Cox s/o Calvin Cox m. Nola Lemaster Sept 22


Dr. Wales Scottland Brown died Oct 9


D.V. "Doc" Gearheart Sr. died Nov 14 1932 at olive hill Ky age 61yr, 9mos 1 day


Anyx Mays died Nov 18


George Sparks died Nov. 27 Sunday


J.W.K. began a singing school at Unity Church House, Mon nite, closed Nov 30th (Ten nites)


Emma Rice died Nov. 14, age 83 yrs, 6 mos, 12 days


Sal Skaggs died Dec 17 age 60 yrs


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Pennington History

‑‑‑ Pennington was born Feb 24, 1845, died Oct 15 1875, m. Jesse Lyon


Their Children:


1. Nancy Jane Lyon b. 5‑27‑1866

2. Lucinda Lyon b. 12‑14‑1869 m. James H Green

3. Elizabeth "Betty" Lyon b 1‑27‑1871 m. Chas Hart

4. Oscar Lyon b. 4/21/1873

5. Fanny S. Lyon b. 9‑15‑1875 m. Flem Yates

‑‑‑ John Kelly Pennington b. 6‑3‑1848 d. 2‑3‑1926. M. Rebecca Grizzle 2‑17‑1870

b. 2‑11‑1847 d. 11‑14‑1877

1. Cynthia Alice Penning ton b. 12/8/1870

2. Nancy Ellen Pennington B. 6/6/1872

3. Wm. Thomas Pennington b. 8‑16‑1874

4. Mary Elizabeth Pennington b. 3‑23‑2876

5. Norman Lee Pennington b. 11‑11‑1877

J.K. Pennington's 2nd m. to Rutha Gallion 3‑7‑1878 b. 3‑24‑2856 d. 1‑26‑1903

6. Chas B. Pennington b. 11 ‑11‑1878

7. Harmon C. Pennington b. 2‑13‑1880 d. 9‑26‑1881

8. Jonathan D. Pennington B 4‑24‑1882 d. 6‑23‑1882 >twins

9 Mintie Susan B. 4‑24‑1882 D. 7‑27‑1882

10 Sara Bell B. 8‑7‑1884

11 Ora Nelson B. 8‑5‑188

12 Effie May B. 12‑11‑1893 D. 2‑26‑1909

13 John Walter B. 12‑11‑1893††††††> twins

14. Frank Pennington b. 8‑22‑1895††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† >twins

15. Jesse James Pennington b. 8‑22‑1895 d. 8‑22‑1895

‑‑‑ Elizabeth Pennington b. 10‑16‑1852 d. 11‑10‑1884 m. WM. D. Kegley on 8‑25‑1877

b. 6‑26‑1853 d. 12‑17‑1888

Their Children:

1. Joel Wm. Kegley B. 7‑28‑1878

2. Gordon Kegley B. 11‑14‑1879

3. Nancy Delila KegleyB. 10‑10‑1881

4. Mary Elizabeth Kegley b. 11‑10‑1884 D. 9‑15‑1891

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† End of Pennington History


Isaac Pennington, cousin of my mother, 72 yrs old in 1932, b 11‑18‑1876 died Jan 1, 1931


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Sparks Family

Frederick Mauk Sparks & Elizabeth Catherine Kegley were m. 1‑21‑1875. Fred

M. Sparks b. 5‑1‑1853, d. 5‑20‑1906. Elizabeth B 4‑20‑1855

Their Children:

1. Joel Washington Sparks b. 11‑29‑1875 m. Viola Morris 4‑19‑1899

2. Wm. Nelson Sparks b. 12‑16‑1877 m. Susan Binion 1‑27‑1901

3. Laura Belle Sparks b. 11‑19‑1879 m. James Alpha Musser 3‑39‑1899

4. Minta Ella Sparks b. 11‑10‑1881 m. James Waller 4‑17‑1901

5. Lizzie Ann Sparks b. 10‑15‑1883 m. Albert Caudill 12‑25‑1902

6. Mary Frances Sparks b. 11‑15‑1886 m. Winston terry 1‑20‑1906

7. Lucy Lavina Sparks b. 8‑29‑1889 m. Grover Creech 6‑13‑1908

8. Leonard Roy Sparks b. 7‑18‑1892

9. Delila Margarett Sparks b. 9‑23‑1893

10 Sarah Jane Sparks b. 11‑12‑1896 m. Chas E. Hanks 12‑23‑1932






††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1932

Rev. James Fraley "Blind Jim" was born 7‑25‑1813, died 3‑7‑1892 Jemima Waggoner Fraley his wife b. 4‑15‑1820 d. 8‑18‑1889


Adam Collard Fraley b. 3‑9‑1840 D 7‑17‑1921, Lizzie Gallibue Fraley wife b. 8‑18‑1843, d. 9‑11‑1931


Zachary T. Rice was born Jan. 24 1847


Lewis Lyon, Bud Lyon's father was born 4‑21‑1831, d. 10‑1‑1926, Polly Lyon, his wife was b. 11‑3‑1834, d 2‑7‑1908


L.L. "Bud" Lyon was b. 1‑30‑1859, Rachel w. b 3‑14‑1859, d 8‑9‑1906


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1933

Rev. Andy Pennington, cousin to my mother, d. 1‑11‑1933


S.J. "Jack" Peters died Jan 2, 1933


Josie Flannery & Clyde Hall m. 1‑13‑1933


Belle Mauk was b. 3‑16‑1870


Chas Holbrook died Sun. Feb 5th "typhoid Fever"


Shelie Leadingham & Richie Carroll m. Mon Feb 6


Sunshine Mon Feb 12


Cloudy all day Feb 14


Elijah Horton brother to Curly Bill Horton d. Sat Feb 11


Bill Murray, Emory Murray's, father died Mon Feb 13


Alex Sparks, child burned Feb 21, died 23


Curt Cox died March 1


Nelson Nickels s/o Belle Nickolsf died March 9. 1933, 21 yrs, 8 days "Typhoid


Chas Kegley s/o Aus Kegley b. 4‑1‑1869, d 3‑21‑1921


Jim s/o Aus Kegley b. 8‑25‑1858


Vesta w/o Will Porter & s/o Dock Foster b. 4‑2‑1893, d 3‑31‑1933


James E Cox b. 3‑21‑1861, d 6‑10‑1933 Sat.


Emory Stewart "Bud" Leedy b. 2‑22‑1858


Mary w/o E.S. Leedy b 1‑22‑1854


G.W. Slone b 10‑21‑1858


Sam Leedy father of E.S. Leedy b‑‑‑‑ d.‑‑‑


Herman Haywood's boy killed June 18


R.L. Stafford "Bob" died


James Hyscal Green died Fri June 23


Park Wilson died Sun June 25


Ross Cox Ben's son died in the steel plant at Portsmouth OH June 28


Mark Carroll m. Bess Lemaster June 30


J.W. Green of Sandy Hook died Wed Aug 23


John Will Horton fell over the cliff f on Sandy Aug 24


Uncle Shelah Green, Aunt Nerva, his wife ate dinner with me Oct. 12


Aunt Ann Johnson w/o Dr. W.W. Johnson died Oct 19


Curly Bill Horton died Nov 11


I began a singing school at mouth of Clifty, Sat Oct, & closed Dec 30


Jake Harper & Orville Barker m. Dec 23



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1934

Cecil Pennington was sworn in as sheriff of Elliott Co, Mon Jan 1


Estill Adkins m. Lizzie Clark d/o Austin Clark Jan 3rd


Charley Brickey, D.S. Elliot Co. died Jan 1


Lavina Leedy died Feb 1


Tillman Conn died Feb 5


John Conn died Feb 5


Manerva Green died March 12


Eliza Kelly died March 12


Jim Rowe's wife of Newfoundland died March 13


Will Thompson s/o Bill Thompson died March 23


Ida w/o John of Elliotsville died March 24


Emma Mauk d/o, America & Wm. Mauk died March 30


Henry Kinser Died March


James McFarland was paralyzed April 9


Snow April 11 & 29


Glen Skaggs s/o Joe Skaggs died May‑≠


Rebecca Catron w/o Henry Catron died June 2


Dora Lyon d/o John R. Lyon died June 4


Judge Andrew McConnell,January C. ‑died Thursday 6‑12, judge of Eastern district of Ky.


Masonic march at Ross Cox's (Ben's son) grave Sun June 17


JWK went to Summitt near Ashland, Sun July 1 began a singing school Wed. nite July 11th close Sat night July 21


Abel Pennington my uncle was born Nov 14, 1840, d.4‑11‑1931


James Pennington & Alice Sloane m 1‑11‑931


L.L. Lyon "Bud Lyon" was born Jan 30 1859



W.L. Pennington b. 4‑26 1853, d 1‑19‑1932 m. Thurza Lyon in 1875, Children

Abia OshaPennington of Tilden Ky, Ossie Ola Pennington of Tielden My, Mrs

J.D. Greene of Culver Ky & Mrs. E.M. white of Wayne W.Va Also survived by

25 grandchildren & 15‑great‑great‑grandchildren

Thurza Pennington w/o W.L. Pennington was b 1‑25‑1857


Cas. Gallion was b. 1‑25‑1858


Lewis L. Lyon a brother to my uncle Jessie Lyon, was b. 4‑21‑1830 d 10‑1‑1927


Ossie Pennington was born Aug 26 1877


James Nelson Sparks was born Sept 29, 1855 "Little Fork Nelson"


Jame P Hay born Jul 21 1875, his mother Mary Hay b. 1836


Bob Kinser s/o Lucinda Kinser died Fri April 8


Closed a singing school at Hurricane School house Sun April 10


Abie Binion wid /o, Isaac Binion died Thurs Apr. 14 buried 16


Nelson Sparks s/o Tommie Sparks died March 31 age 69 yrs, 2 mos, and 5 days


Eliza Sparks, Jay Sparks, wife was born Sept 9 1853


JWK took a ride in an airplane, Ashland Ky, Sat July 21 James A Douburgans was the pilot. Jr. Hanks & Sarah Sparks Hanks was present


I went to Sandy Hook, Ky from Summitt near Ashland Fri July 20


Ireland Sparks, Ollie & Eliz Masser & Anna Leadingham were with me July 20


Bruce Rose's child died Wed Aug 1, buried 2


Willis Sparks s/o Tom & Mona Sparks died Aug 2 "Appendicitis"


Harry Green m. Nora Whitt Thursday Aug 8


Flood in Elliott & Carter Co's Washed Limestone bridge out, Olive Hill bridge (town bridge) out Fri July 10, 1934


Alpha Terry s/o Vinton & Marry Terry m. Dorthat Donta Aug 4 1934. Kinsfolk of me


John Holbrook, Patty's John died Tues nite Aug 21, 1934


Willis Cox died Sat. Sept 1 buried Sept 2


Will Porter & Lizzie Catron m. Thurs Sept 19


Ham Carroll died Sat or Sun Oct 6 or 7


Amanda Sparks Ashby's wife was 64 yrs old Feb 1934


Cydonia Catron Offill d/o Cane Catron. died Mon nite Nov 25


Lizzie Clark Adkins d/o Austin & Rosa Clark & w/o Elliot Adkins d. Fri Nov 30


Chas Debord s/o Solomon Debord died Fri Nov 30, born 10‑22‑1866


Earnes Skaggs s/o Frank Skaggs died Tues nite Dec 4
















†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1935


J.H. "Bud" Pelfrey killed at Olive Hill, Ky Mon Jan 14 by brick falling on him at General Refractories Brickyard buried in Fairview Cemetery Jan 16


Boyd Brown hurt by Grist Mill at Bairtown Mon Jan 7


James Rose s/o Old Bobbie Pose & brother of Preacher Bob Rose died Fri Jan 18 buried 21st


Bernard Jesse Killed at Olive Hill Mon Jan 21


John Holbrook Patty's John wife died Mon Jan 21st


Rebecca w/o Tom Lowe died wed, Jan 23, sister to John & Peter Mauk


Belle Brown Skaggs s/o, Henderson Rose died Sat Jan 26


Boyd Smith s/o Arthur Smith died Mon nite Feb 4


Ray Johnson s/o Eli & Lucy Johnson died Tues nit Feb 5, he was born 6‑11‑1901


Sat. Feb 12, the sun shined


Feb 14 was cloudy all day, no sun


Belle Holbrook w/o, John Milt Holbrook died Wed Feb 13, bur. Feb 15


H.C. "Cam" Whitt died Mon March 4th 1935, age 69 yrs, 4 mos 10 days


Noah Cox's baby died Fri March 29th (Calvin's Noah)


April 15, snowing, Mon nite April 15, snow on ground on 16th morning


Ellen Conn w/o Jack Conn died Sun May 6


Clarence Salyers was drowned in Sandy at Cliffside Ford Thur July 4, 1935


Martin Ison, brother of Dock Ison & s/o Charles Ison died Mon nite July 8 of Typhoid fever. Frances his wife died Mon night, July 8 of Typhoid fever. They died almost 4 hours apart


Roy Whitt, Jonas I son began a meeting at Gimlet Wed. nite July 3rd


Virgil s/o, S.S. & Ellen Rose Mauk shot & killed James Parsons Sun July 28


Began a singing school at Access Ky Sun Sept 15


Nancy Cox w/o Willis Cox died Wed Sept. 25 "Consumption"


Lan Mauk s/o Bill & America Mauk died Sun morning 2 o'clock Oct 6


Charlie Biggs of Limestone was shot & Killed by Ison Oct.‑≠


Ballard Sparks died Mon, Oct‑‑ of cancer B. 1‑3‑1885


Henry Meyers Catron s/o Wm. & Rebecca Kegley Catron was b. May 12, 1867


Pollie Ann Kegley d/o Rev Joel & Delila Kegley died Dec 15, 1935 age 75 yrs 4mos, & 25 days


H.S. Greene, Vessie died Tues Dec 16 1935. Son of Martin & Betty Guillenwatts Green


D.B. Skaggs was born March 4 1863


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1936

Mary Helen Stone w/o Geo Stone was born Set. 18 1856, d 1‑16‑1936


Milt Waggoner died ‑Tues; March 24


Merdia Waddell died March 29


April 4th the ground was frozen hard & snow on the ground


Rev Asa Hay closed a meeting at Mauk Ridge Church Sun Apr 12 began March 24


April 17 snow flakes in the air††† April 18 snow flying in the air


April 18 Lowell Cos s/o Calvin & Correne Cox d/o Willis Harper were m. Sat


Ham Seagraves died Sun April 26


Kenday Williams Circuit Court Clerk at Sandy Hook, Ky died Wed nite may 13


Samps Mauk s/o Joe Mauk died Thurs May 14


Frost Fri. morning May 15


Jim Dickerson s/o Old Geo Dickerson died before June 30


Ellen w/o Lewis Binion & sister to Will Reynolds died Tues June 30


Rain July 10 first of any amount since in April


Shelby Nickells s/o Shelby Nickells killed himself Mon July 20


Minerva Barker d/o Annias Skaggs & s/o Henry Barker (of Sinking) died Aug 25


We had rain on Tues & Tues nite Aug 25 a rain & storm


A big rain on Thursday Aug 27


Alf Harris s/o Lit Harris died Sat Aug 29 Supposed to be heart dropsy


Wm. Thornsberry died Sat Aug 29


Jim Whit s/o Nelson Whits & son‑in‑law of Dave Green died Fri Sept 4 Typhoid


Sim Holbrook died Thurs Oct 22, supposed paralysis


Oct. 27 ice & ground frozen


Oct. 28 ice frozen in wash pan in kitchen, ground frozen


John Hamilton (nee Baldridge) died Sat Nov 23


Snowing Nov 14


Mary Gearheart Boggs' house burned Sat Nov,7


Grant Pelfrey died Nov 11th, buried 12th


R.B. Kegley went to Ohio Sept 13 & came home Sun Nov 15, went back Nov 20


Amos Middleton died Sat nite Nov 14 of stomach cancer


James David Bear s/o, Reuben & Mary "Pop" Bear was born 1‑24‑1871, d Dec 16


Geo, Bailey on Tick Ridge born in Magoffin Co Sept‑‑died Dec 6, 1936, s/o Albert Bailey


John D. Creech, s./o, Joe Creech was born Feb 28 1871



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††1937


Howard Flannery s/o Jake Flannery was killed on Sandy Hook Bridge Mon nit, Feb 1 1937


School closed Fri, Feb 1937 at Mauk Ridge School, Emory Horton teacher


Tide in Ohio Valley‑ ‑ high water Jan 1937, that anyone knows up to this time


Elizabeth Sparks w/o, John E. Sparks was born Dec 1 1852


John E Sparks was born June 22 1847


Arthur Raybourn "Red" died Mon Feb 8th results of Whiskey


John Martin Catron or J.M. s/o Wm & Rebecca Catron died Mon Feb 8, born in Wythe Co, Va


Cecil s/o, Wallace & Lila Brown, fell over the cliff Feb 10, found Feb 12


Hannah w/o Bruce Sparks died Feb 21, 1937 age 70


James Duvall of Sandy Hook died Tues Feb 23


I served on Grand Jury at Sandy Hook March 8‑13


Sarah James McDowell died Sun eve at 7:30 3‑14, buried 16, 88yrs, wife's mother


John Nickels s/o Shelby Nickels died Wed March 24, buried 26


JJC (Crittenden) Johnson died April 8, buried 10 (lines marked through parts of entry)


I began a singing school at Upper Bruin school house Sat Eve April 10, closed May 2


Silar s/o Cecil Fraley died March 29


D.M. Fraley s/o Collard Fraley died in Texas April 3


Missouri d/o, Jeff & Laura Rose died Fri eve April 16 of TB


Nina d/o Paris & Nellie Johnson died at Mrs. J.M. Whites Wed April 27


I closed Singing School at Upper Bruin Sun May 2


Kendall Harper's boy was buried Wed May 5


Minnie Cornette Flannery w/o Ison Flannery was buried near Cliffside May 5


Sterill Sparks m Grace Wilson Sat May 8


Jennings Robinson died ‑‑‑‑‑‑ buried Sun May 17


Newt Salyer s boy died Wed May 5 buried Sat May 8


Sarah Mauk w/oP.W. Mauk died Sun May l7 buried 18


Millard Sparks' girl Tom Click's girl & Burt Riggs all killed by a truck near Limestone on Rte. 60 Midland Trail


Clark Adkins was killed on Middle Fork Sunday by threshing machine Sat July 10 Lived on Wells Creek near Sandy Hook


Walker Flannery was born Feb 8 1855


Melvin Wells was born Dec. 5 1885


Johnnie Wells, father of Melvin Wells b. June 20, 1829


Bill Burton lived on Burton Branch, b. June 3 1867


Bill Keaton, cousin to mother.. born Jan 29,


John Henson, that lived on the Ridge at the head of Rocky Branch was born May 12, 1873.


Jeff Becker, who lived on Newcombe was born 1860


Daniel Alonza Lewis, was born Dec. 15, 1878


Dannah Fields, who lived near Fielden Post office & mother of Pres. Fields was born 1848, age 89 yrs old in 1937


B.F. "Frank" Holbrook was born June 11, 1863


Oskie A Pennington s/o W.L. Pennington died Monday Aug 16 Appendicitis


Amanda Mauk Sparks d/o Bill & America Mauk died Thurs. Aug 16, buried Fri. Aug 17, born 1870


Irvin s/o Bill & Dollie Kinser, died Wed. nite Aug 25, buried 27


Billie Boy went home with Ollie & Bernie Sun Aug 29


W.H. "Wint" Porter died Fri, Sept. 9, buried Sun Sept 11


Willie Gray s/o Bob & Eliza Gray & half brother to Mollie Cox, shot & killed Geo. Wagoner, a grandson of Joe Wagoner, Thurs. Oct 7th


Aunt Pollie Kegley's funeral was preached at Stark, Sun Oct. 31, by Henry Catron & Chas. Cecil


Elliot s/o Richard Holbrook m. Edna s/o Lige Skaggs (Jerry's son) Nov 18


Henry Lyon M. Bertha Mitchell s/o J.M. Mitchell Fri Dec 3.


Jim Carroll & Gertie Leadingham m. Tues Dec 7


Cecil Thornsberry got burned out Sun. nite Dec 5.


The Pennington generation that lived on Ruin & Laurel Children of Ligah Pennington

1 . Nelson

2. Abel‑Will & Trig Carter's wife's father

3. Elijahal‑Pear Murray's father

4. June

5. Eli

6. Jim

7. Diadane‑Eli Mabry's mother

8. Fannie

9. Sarah‑Nelson Egans wife

10. Linda‑Mat Deharts wife

11. Dans‑was crazy


Roy Reynolds, girl died Sunday Dec 26 of T.B.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1938


James McFarland was paralyzed the second stroke, Sat Jan 8, died March 1


Dr. Geo. R. Logan of Enterprise died Wed Jan 19 of Pneumonia Fever


Gordon Kegley, Austins son died Tues Jan 25 at King's Daughter Hosp. Ashland, Ky from an operation for goiter, age 51yrs, 9mos, 11 days


Sarah Mabry w/o Jim Mabry & sis to John Mauk, died Sun Feb 6 B. Feb 4, 1872


James McFarland died March 1


Rosa w/o John Andrew Green of Summitt Station 6mi west of Ashland died Sat March 2 at Kings Daughter Hospital


Saturday night April 12, ice frozen in the tubs, peach trees in bloom


Snowing Sat April 9


Farmers voted on tobacco cut Sat April 19


Beulah w/o, Bethel Gearheart died Sat night April 30, d/o Geo. Stone


Dan Cox died Mon May 9. He lived below Limestone


Albert s/o Granville Mabry, died Wed June 22 of appendicitis


Chris Whitt died June 10 of heart failure age 74yrs. was born in Lee co. Va


Myrtly Lemaster was m. to Glen Eldridge Tues Aug 2.


A.J. "Son Mauk" died at Slagle W.Va. Fri. nite Aug 5 of dropsy. 76yrs, and 29 days.


Clif Middleton s/o, Allie Middleton was stabbed by his father. Sun Aug 14, he died Thurs. Aug 25, buried Sun Aug 28


M.C. Moore was born Feb 7, 1858


Billie Robenson was born July 7, 1866


Harve Gray born Jan 4, 1870


Cina Green w/o Jim Green and a cousin of mine, died Tues nite, Aug 30 of asthma. Buried Fri, Sept 2, at Levi Sparks graveyard


Amos Middleton's funeral was preached Sept 4, also Jineva Garnis & Roy Reynolds girl's funeral


Nancy Aim Sparks w/o Andy Sparks died Fri Sept 9 of dropsy


Elmer Harper's baby died Mon Sept 12


Sam Proctor found dead Tues Sept 13


Hegrkigh Kelly died Wed. Sept 14, buried 15 ape 88 yrs, 2 mos, 20 days


Wm. Martin Green s/o Martin & Eliz. Gilliam Water ‑Green, died Mon Sept 12, buried Wed 14th


The Marshall & Sheriff caught Glen Lawson & Walter Mauk making whiskey Sat Sept 24


Loval d/o Mark & Ola Cox m. Haskel s/o Lillie Dean Barker Sat Sept 24


Ollie Middleton was sentenced to the pen Oct 5


Bill Harper Maggard‑died Oct 7


First frost Sat. Oct. 8


The following entries in the journal were recorded by Mrs. JW Kegley.


J.W. Kegley taken suddenly sick Wed Oct. 26, taken to hospital at Winchester, Oct 27, operated for appendix rupture, enflamed gall bladder the 28. Died Oct. 29 at 6 a.m.


June Evans s/o Drew & Lucy Thompson Evans killed in car wreck Nov 4, buried 6. He was cashier for Peoples Bank in Sandy Hook, Ky


First snow fell Nov 24


Joel Sparks spent the night with us Thurs. Nov 24


Aunt Eliza Sparks, Joy's wife died sometime in Dec.




Barbara Kinser Garris d/o Bill & Dolly Kinser died Tues, Oct 13, bur. Sun Oct 18 at home cemetery


Twin girls were born to Maxine Harris Sun. Oct 18


Nola d/o, Elick Sparks, died in N. Mexico & was brought back & buried Jan 30


Cinda Sparks w/o Geo Sparks died & buried Feb 5


Nannie Skaggs, Daniel Kegley's mother died sun Feb 5, bur. Tues Feb 7


S.L. Green died Feb 20 at Portsmouth, Oh brought home & buried Thur. Feb 23


G.W. Stone died


Ethel Mauk was b. July 17, 1925


M.C. Cox died Sat. May 6, buried Sunday


Boyd Clark, s/o Aus & Rosa Clark was shot & instantly killed Sat. night May 13, by Floyd Barker


Clara May Bowling Mann died Mon. May‑‑at Whitman W.Va brought home bur. Wed


Aunt Mary Adkins died May (could not read rest of entry)


Nancy Harper Johnson was killed by a car


Eliker Barker died Mon May


Lloyd Clark s/o Austin &,Rosa Clark & Ada Clark d/o Charlie & Hattie Waggoner was m. August


Logan McDowell & Son Jarrett from Ortonvill, Mich. visited me Aug 31


Albert Mabry's funeral preached Sun Sept 3


Lizzie Green w/o A.J. Green & d/o, R.L. Skaggs died Oct 3, at Ashland, Ky and buried at Skaggs Graveyard Fri. Oct.≠


Robert Gray Jr. drank carbolic acid in Court House & died Fri Oct 6, was awaiting trial for horse stealing


Russell Garris died Wed nit Oct. 25, hemorrhage of lungs and nose


Rosa Smith w/o Edd Smith & d/o James & Sara McFarland died Sun, nite Nov 1st, at her home in New Castle


PA, brought back her & buried beside her mother Wed Nov 15


Edith Harris m. Jack Fraley Dec 1939


James Mauk m. Emma Lee Lowe Dec 19, 1939


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1940

Mike Clarck m. Myrtle Lee Cox Jan 4


John Lyon died Sat. nite Jan 23, age 98


Jennie Nickels w/o James Nickels Sr. died Jan 23


Lloyd Clark's baby died March 1


Willard Skaggs m. Bertha Stone Feb 27


Perlina Green w/o J.B. green & d/o Lewis & Alice Holbrook died Wed. Apr 11


Alice Whitt w/o Cam Whitt died June 14


Hannah Sparks w/o Nelson Sparks died Oct 28


Ransome Kegley died Nov. 11 1940


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1941


The infant boy of Bill & Maggie Harper died Feb 3


Ona Waggoner w/o J. Waggoner died Feb 8


Elmer Bear died June 27



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 1944‑‑1945


Aunt Lizzie Sparks died May 22


Charlie Cox s/o Owen Cox & James Cox s/o Myrtle Cox was killed Sun June 10 1945 by Homer Mauk, Major Cox was in the same, but not seriously


Homer Mauk was . killed by the law on Tues, June 12, after opened fire on officers


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Continued by Darris Kegley 1947

Emory Smith at Gimlet s/o P.A. Smith was killed in car wreck near Tip City, Oh Feb 14, 1947


Noah C. Cox of Gimlet & Family moved to Ohio Feb 24


Bernie C. Lemaster of Gimlet & wife Opal moved to‑‑on E.B.B. Parish farm Feb 16


Charles Lemaster, Gimlet, and wife came back from Mansfield Feb 9


Snow fell Feb 3, Olive Hill


George Millers wife of Olive Hill d/o Mr. & Mrs. D.E. Burchett taken to Kings Daughters Hosp. Feb 26

I began work at brickyard at Olive Hill Feb 8


Today in Chicago hogs sold at $30 per hundred, Feb 26


Wyle Sammons s/o D.R. Sammons began work at Mansfield Ohio Feb 5

Grace and myself went home Feb 7


Lloyd Lemaster baby son of Mr.& Mrs Bennie Lemaster died Dec 5, 1947


This is the end of the Journal




Note: Metta Rose (Kegley) Leadingham, daughter of Will Kegley died in April 2002.