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William Lee Brumfield, a leading farmer of Middleville township, was born 

on his father's homestead in section 10, November 11, 1875, son of 

William Henry and Nancy (Jordon) Brumfield. William Henry Brumfield was 

born in Carter county, Kentucky, March 3, 1821, and as a boy received but 

meagre opportunities. He married Nancy Jordon (born July 1, 1828), and 

located on a farm in his native state, where the children, Green, Hattie, 

Allie, James, George and Nan, were born, There were also three more 

children in the family, Mary, born in St. Paul, and Noah and William Lee 

born in Wright county. In 1871 the family set out for Minnesota. They 

reached St. Paul by steamboat, and came to Middleville township, where by 

trading a good pair of horses they obtained the homestead-rights to 

eighty acres of land. An old shack and a straw barn stood on the place, 

and about an acre had been broken. With the aid of an ox team the family 

cleared the land, and in time ereted suitable buildings. Mr. Brumfield 

was a member of the Christian church and helped to build the church at 

Sylvan, in Middleville township. He died December 28, 1888. His wife died 

October 29, 1899, aged about seventy-one. William Lee Brunfield was 

reared on the home farm and attended the district schools. After the 

death of his father, he and his brother, James, took over the home place. 

Later William Lee bought his brother's interest. A few years later he 

sold out, and bought the place of his father-in-law, W. H. Hutchinson. 

This tract consisted of eighty acres. Four years afterward he bought the 

old Levi VanNorden place of 160 acres. This was in 1905. The place was 

but partly improved, and the only residence on it was the homestead log 

cabin. Mr. Brumfield has developed the farm, and has erected a new nine-

room house, a new silo, and several roomy sheds. He carries on general 

farming and raises good stock, marketing his cattle through the Stock 

Shippers' Association of which he is a member. At the present time he is 

supervisor of the township and clerk of the school board. He belongs to 

the Modern Brotherhood of America and to the Odd Fellows. Mr. Brumfield 

was married March 27, 1901, to Effie M. Hutchinson, daughter of W. H. 

Hutchinson and Helen A. (Dean) Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Brumfield have 

three children: Russell, born March 24, 1904; Dorris, born September 8, 

1908; and Evelyn, born September 22, 1911. W. H. Hutchinson came from 

Canada to the United States and then to Middleville township. 


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