Christine Roberts Harr on Erie School

Submitted by: Joel L. Carter

  The year was 1941. The war began while I
was in my freshman year. I remember the day.
My aunt Lelia Forrest was a teacher in Olive
Hill public schools. She was responsible for me
going there. My cousin Gilmore <...> Huff was
a student there.
  There four girls to a room, two of which 
slept on the sleeping porch, two in the room.
We all had a chore to do before we went to school.
The dining room was big enough for all of us to 
eat at the same time. Each group of girls had a special
table. Everything was very orderly. We learned they
  The teachers were from different parts of the County + 
many had been there for many years.
   We all went to church on Sunday. We marched
down the hill to the Methodist Church where
Rev. Murrell preached.
  At night we had stdy hall in the building
where we lived.
  We washed our clothes on a was board. There were 
wringer type machines for bed linen. The water was 
heated on a huge stove top in the basement, unless you
were fortunate enough to have an electric one.
  There were a few boys who stayed in a 
house across the road, called neighborhood
house. We saw very little of them.
Aiken Hall School was important to me as a 
place where I learned many things that young
girls should know. Also the friends from
around the area. The faces come to mind even if 
the names won't come. I found these in an autograph book.
   Some of my school mates were
Ella Mae Reynolds         Wila Jean Barker
Aileen Parker                Bettilou McGuire
June Everman               Myrtle McGlone
Madge Rice                   Jewel Irwin
<......>                           Irma Thomas
Cora Mae Knipp
Gladys Roach
V<...> Smith
Evelyn Slegs
Vanetta Stanley
Dolly McDonald
Myrtle Hamon
Aileen Parker
Charles Wood
Apple Jack Hale
Gene Calihan
Bill Thompson
Alice Henry

Transcription by: John W. Grace

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