Talma (Fitzpatrick) Ross' trip to Olive Hill, June 15, 1968

Talma Virginia (Fitzpatrick) Ross was the wife of Dempsey French Ross.

Dempsey was born in Carter County, the son of Jeremish Jacob Hunt Ross and Sarah Alice Campbell.

This diary entry mentions:

Wayne Jacob Ross - Dempsey's son by his first wife, Charlotte Grizzell, who was born in Carter County. Charlotte died soon after they moved to Ohio.

Addie Hensley - I'm not sure who this is. There is an Addie Hensley buried in Plummer Cemetery.

Neta Hensley

Vernon Dehart - I believe Vernon was a neighbor of Dempsey's aunt Amanda Katherine (Ross) Moore, the wife of Ira "Hop" Moore.
There is also a Verner Dehart who married Addie Sparks

Clarence and Mary Lyons - Clarence was the son of Jesse Lyons and Eba (Grizzell) Lyons. Eba was the sister of Cintha Grizzell.
Cintha Grizzell was the mother of Charlotte Grizzell. As noted above, Charlotte was Dempsey Ross' first wife.
The visit with Clarence (Eba had died in 1947) was no doubt prompted by Wayne Ross. After Dempsey (Wayne's father) married Talma Fitzpatrick in 1918,
Wayne remained close to his Carter County family, often spending summers with his grandfather, Jeremiah Jacob Ross.
As a young girl, Wayne's sister Isabelle (who was a daughter of Charolotte Grizzell) often visited her aunt Eba and stayed in her home on Clark Hill.

Marguerite "Reite" (Lewis) Ross - Was the wife of Wayne Jacob Ross

Submitted by: John W. Grace (grandson of Dempsey and Talma Ross).