The McGlone Book

by Bob & Tom McGlone

Welcome to the McGlone Book online. This is the first fruit of the McGlone e-mail discussion list. Initially the book is presented "as is" with very few editorial changes. Several people have e-mailed updates and corrections to me for the original book content, and I am still accepting them. My goal is to post these in another section here to be called something like "McGlones - The Next Generations". So if you have any changes or updates to your family information, you can e-mail them to me.

Many thanks go to those who have retyped the entire book to make it available in electronic format. Here is a list of the volunteers:
   Brenda McGlone - p.10-131
   Derre Maybury - p.132-143
   Brenda McGlone - p.144-190
   Theresa Kies - p.191-266

A significant advantage of having this in electronic format is the ability to search very quickly. To search a section of the book, go to the section and choose Edit-Find (or CTRL-F). This is much faster than searching the original hard copy.

I am the first to admit that this does not look very flashy. My first goal was to get all of the content online. Now that is finished, and I will attempt to make it look more attractive and easier to navigate. Any suggestions?

Soon I will make available a zip file of the entire book in HTML so that you can download it and browse it offline at your convenience without tying up your phone line.

Please e-mail any comments, criticisms, suggestions and/or wise cracks to me. This page will only be as good as you make it.

And now...
  Without any further delay...
    The McGlone Book...

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